I am sorry guys but this story is going to be put on a massive hold. I literally had over 60k words written out, I had just started getting all the stats in the right places, characters where I wanted them, and my sister IN ALL HE FUCKING MORONIC-NESS THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO JUST RIP MY FUCKING THUMB-DRIVE I HAD ALL MY WORK SAVED OUT OF MY COMPUTER WITHOUT EJECTING IT...


Basically, I lost everything because she doesn't give af about anyone but her selfish ass. I'm sorry, that put a huge damper on my want to write THIS story. I'll try and write every once in awhile but...god I'm so pissed off about this. I started putting the stats at the end of every other chap like a curtain reader said was a good idea and it was fucking great.

Haaaaaa...sorry guys I mean I am writing another story but it doesn't have the passion I had for this one put into it so it will definitely come out very slow. I am so sorry for disappointing all of you but I promise The Last Gamer is not dropped. I WILL write more, I WILL finish this even if it's in the future because I need to have this put into a story so I can read it because it'll go exactly the way I want and hopefully you guys want.

Until then peace out,