Whumptober Day 19: Floral Bouquet. This one is squarely Sineater's prompting and MariaShadow's egging on…not that I really needed much pushing… A Pen&Ink fic with some gratuitous Scott.

Please note that this is not a Movements-verse fic, it is canon that Penny and Dianne are best friends and I absolutely believe Gordon would ask Shore to do the honours.

This one owes much thanks for the Thunderfam who ultimately decided for me who gets shot…

Yes, this is also in the Whumptober 2023 collection

Characters: Gordon, Penny, Scott (and all the family)

Warnings: Gunshot, Blood

Gordon turned around. And stared.

Scott, his best man, and Alan next to him, had turned with Gordon, and he could feel his brothers break out into broad grins. A hand gently and briefly squeezed his shoulder. Alan let out a very quiet whistle of wonderment.

'Close your mouth, Gordon.'

The words were whispered for Gordon's ears only and he instinctively obeyed, closing his mouth with an audible snap.

Penny looked…god, there weren't enough descriptors in the English language to do her justice.

The dress was the creamiest off-white. Virgil would know what colour it was, but it was amazing. But what took Gordon's breath away was the hundreds of tiny pale pink and yellow freshwater pearls sewn all over her bodice and down in swirls about her skirt. To the untrained eye they made a pretty pattern.

Gordon knew better. The pearls were stitched into the shape of an octopus, its tentacles flowing freely in the water.

She walked serenely down the aisle to Virgil on the piano, playing the special piece he'd written especially for this occasion. Beside him stood John, his hauntingly beautiful tenor singing along in Latin. Her arm was gently linked into Parker's and he could barely contain his beaming smile.

Kayo followed behind, a knee-length midi dress with a slightly A-line skirt in cinnamon-rose pink dress with a pale pink sash that had pale yellow ends to complement Penny's bouquet.

Behind them came Dianne and Atlanta as the bridesmaids.

When they finally arrived at the alter Penny handed her flowers to Kayo and, taking Gordon's proffered hand, stepped up onto the small platform. The bridesmaids then made their way to stand on Penny's side as Scott and Alan were on Gordon's.

Commander Sam Shore conducted the ceremony as a treasured special favour and a nod to Gordon's past, and his rich voice echoed through the church. The small local place of worship had seen many Creighton-Wards wed under its roof through the centuries, and as rings were exchanged and vows made the two small bells pealed beautifully, announcing to the world the union.

The reception for Lady Penelope and the Honourable and Gallant Gordon Tracy-Creighton-Ward was held in the outskirts of Ashford. As the nearest large town Jeff had hired the entirety of Eastwell Manor and the large hall only just fit in all the guests. The place was pleasantly humming with the quiet noise of people chatting as they waited for the bride and groom to arrive.

Alan, as the Master of Ceremonies, ushered people to their seats after announcing Gordon and Penny's arrival at the reception. He had refused to wear the special costume, especially when Gordon called them 'frilly knickers' despite Penny assuring him that there was no such part to the outfit.

The speeches were a typically hilarious affair. Gordon made a special mention of Parker, thanking him for always looking after Penny. Scott, as best man, filled his speech with anecdotes of both parties when younger, keeping it only slightly risqué as befit an older brother, and only one picture of a naked baby Gordon appeared…Parker made a short one about how happy he was to see them finally tie the knot, and Jeff made everyone tear up by telling Penny how proud her parents would have been and how proud and honoured he was himself.

Dinner over and the dancing began, Gordon and Penny took to the floor as Virgil's special song played for them. Soon they were joined by Scott and Kayo and then Dianne and Paul, and pretty soon the party was in full swing.

Then the Master of Ceremonies came in and banged the sceptre on the floor three times and called for 'three cheers for the bride and groom.' As the room erupted Penny blushed and Gordon grinned, and the dance floor was cleared.

The cake was wheeled out to much applause. It was a four tier traditionally iced fruit cake – until one looked closer. The tiny pink and yellow dots that matched the pearls on Penny's dress were actually tiny octopuses and squids of all types. With a steady hand the cake was cut and taken away so that everyone might get a share.

Once everyone had finished eating and drinking it was time for the other highlight of the evening. The bouquet toss. As Penny took to the small platform she watched with growing amusement as her nearest and dearest joined their friends in the small gathering of single ladies. Dianne had needed no encouragement to be right in the middle of the group, but Kayo had balked until Scott had given her a gentle push. She still rolled her eyes at him but joined Dianne in the centre of the throng.

Scott stood to one side of the platform, watching Kayo with high amusement. As she looked at him he grinned wider and she blushed slightly. Maybe this was giving him ideas of his own, and he resolved to talk with Kayo once all the madness had gone.

Gordon stood on the other end of the platform, one eye on Penny drinking in how happy she looked, the other on the group of women. He couldn't wait to see who caught the floral bouquet. His money was on Kayo.

A glint from the rafters made him frown and he unconsciously took a step forward. He was vaguely aware that Scott had seen it too.

There! There it was again!

As Penny turned her back on the room she missed her husband and brother-in-law sprint across the stage and only knew about it when they both barrelled into her, knocking the wind from her and the bouquet from her hands.

The room was silent for a beat.

The flowers rolled away from her as Scott untangled himself from her and helped her to sit up. He looked her over but she was unharmed other than being winded.

But their attention was soon turned to Gordon. He too had stood up, but a hand clutched his chest. Red was spreading out from it, staining the white suit.


And the room exploded into action.