Sineater asked: Day 20: Found Family | "You'll regret touching them." With Paul Metcalfe/Captain Scarlet

Characters: Paul Metcalfe/Captain Scarlet, Adam Svenson/Captain Blue, Patrick Donaghue/Captain Magenta, Richard Fraser/Captain Ochre, Jeff Tracy

Warnings: Kidnapping, Drugged, Restrained, Beatings

Scarlet looked across the desk to the men and women seated around it with him.

He'd had a solitary upbringing, an only child in a group of adults had resulted in him being 'much older than your years'. His first cousin didn't arrive until he was 17 and already away at college with a view to university and a role in the World Army as his father, grandfather and great-grandfather had all served. Paul had enjoyed Winchester University and then West Point, and the time spent with the WAAF had been great.

But only now, with Spectrum and what had happened to him, had Paul come to view his fellow Captains and Angels as the family he never had. Sure, he still had his real family, but they didn't know about what had happened.

The men and women around this table knew and accepted him as if he was the same man as before. Oh sure, he'd heard them iterate many times that he was the same man, but he wasn't. He never could be.

And he loved them all for that.

This mission was going to be difficult. Protect some high-ranking businessman giving a presentation at this year's World Fair. Nothing could persuade said businessman from not going ahead, and the auditorium promised to be packed, making protecting said man that much more difficult. The only thing they had been thankful fir was that this threat was man-made.

Scarlet, Blue, Magenta and Ochre were chosen, and the four set off for Vienna. They would have two days to prep and find any information out as to what the threat was going to be. Scarlet and Blue were assigned to the man himself, who would arrive the day before his presentation was due.

Everything in Vienna looked good that first day, with no one triggering any sense of unease with Scarlet – both in the physical sense and the Mysteron sense. Nothing at all happened until the second day, when they went to pick up the man from the airport.

Scarlet looked over his charge. He'd known of course who they were protecting, but he was unprepared for the sheer *presence* of the man. A firm handshake and the two climbed into the car Blue was driving. They drove in silence, the man already hard at work reading his notes and jotting things down on the pad beside the tablet until they pulled up at the hotel.

Another firm handshake and the man greeted Blue the same.

'Gentlemen. Thank you for your attention. Would you like to come up to my suite and continue this?'

Scarlet nodded, appreciating the man's subtlety. They were, of course, dressed in civilian clothes, and he'd just explained their presence nice and neatly. Not his first rodeo then. But of course it wasn't.

Magenta and Oche had already been over the suite – a suite that contained two extra twin bedrooms for all four captains, something the man in question had insisted on when the colonel had explained how they would be protecting him. Such luxury was almost unheard of, most of the people they had protected had been either ungrateful or had not considered their needs in any way.

His opinion of the businessman went up several notches, even if he'd refused to do the sensible thing and call it all off.

Mags and Ochre were waiting for them and they had a quick conflab while the man settled in. He wasted no time in dumping his bags and getting straight back to his presentation. He must have called room service because as he settled there was a knock and room service was there, coffee and pastries for all of them.

The trolley and the person delivering it checked out, and the four of them went over their plan of action for that evening's dinner and tomorrow's presentation.

The trolley and the delivery man may have been totally above board, but as they talked the air seemed to get thicker and more difficult to breathe. Scarlet looked around as his colleagues all slumped over unconscious along with the man they were supposed to be protecting.

The coffee.

The curse he would have uttered about how stupid they had been never made it past his lips as he joined them.

The next thing Scarlet knew was a hard slap that snapped his head back. Someone laughed, and it wasn't a pleasant sound.

'Wakey, wakey.'

He blinked in the harsh light and looked around. He couldn't see much, but there were three shapes that could be the rest of the team. Where their charge was Scarlet didn't know, but first things first, he needed to get them free.

Eventually their captors left, but not after giving them all a thorough beating. Whatever the drug they had used had disagreed with Magenta, he was really sick and hadn't coped with the beating at all. Scarlet had screamed at them to leave Mags alone, and in turn they had gone back to him. That was exactly what he wanted – his retrometabolism was already chewing through the drugs and repairing the damage. Blue was only minorly better off and Ochre was between the two.

The only good thing about the beatings was that it proved what Scarlet had begun to think. This group was not quite the professionals they appeared to be on paper. Not exactly amateurs, but not in the league Spectrum were used to dealing with.

Didn't make the beatings any easier to take, and as the zip ties snapped Scarlet made it over to his team to check them over. Despite getting off lightly compared to the rest of them Magenta looked the worst, and Scarlet was frankly worried by his breathing.

They needed to get out of this room.

Before they had the opportunity to do anything the door opened and their captors re-entered. They looked around the four captains before they set their sights on Magenta, leaning heavily on Blue sitting beside him. Scarlet immediately stood between them while Ochre tried to stand. The five men paused.

'You will regret touching them.'

Scarlet's voice was quiet and deadly. His next moves were even more so.

In less than five minutes there were five unconscious men on the ground. They used the zip ties found in pockets to restrain them. Ochre stayed with Magenta until Scarlet and Blue could rescue their businessman and then they would all make good their escape.

Blue and Scarlet crept through the building. They came across only two other people on the lower levels and easily dispatched them. There was only the top floor to explore.

A sudden commotion sounded ahead, and the two captains looked at each other before speeding up the stairs. And stopping dead at the open doorway.

Their businessman was currently being helped by two men, one a tall brunet and the other a sandy blonde who was much shorter. Scarlet held the gun he'd liberated on the taller of the men.

Both men froze at their appearance, but the businessmen was quick to put his arms around the men before stepping forward.

'Captains Scarlet, Blue, may I introduce to you my oldest and fourth-born boys. Scott, Gordon, these two men have been safeguarding me.'

While speaking Jeff Tracy had looked over the two men. They had obviously borne the brunt of the kidnapping, all he had was sore wrists from them being bound too tightly.

'Scott, there are two more captains somewhere in the building, and if they are as damaged as these two then they are going need some help. Virgil? We have four men needing treatment. Scott's going with Captain Scarlet to go get them.'

'FAB, Dad.'

Scarlet and Blue looked at each other. Blue shrugged. This was not the weirdest mission that they had been on, but certainly they had never been rescued by the person's sons…wait – did that man say FAB?!

What the hell?