A scream ripped Scott from his sleep. He shot up from his bed only to find that he wasn't in his bed as his thighs hit the base of the desk, forcing him to sit back down again suddenly.

Scott blinked a moment then shot up again as another scream tore through the air. He reached Alan's room the same time a dishevelled Gordon did, accidently barrelling his younger brother out of the way as his socks made him skid.

He didn't have time to apologise and Gordon wasn't awake enough to worry about it. He hung back a little to let Scott do his thing. John materialised in front of him and helped him stand, and the two watched from the doorway.

Alan was still screaming, thrashing around in his bed, when Scott sat carefully on the side. He bit his lip and placed a hand on his baby brother's cheek, speaking gently to Alan as he brushed his thumb over the small, flushed cheek.

'Hey, hey, Alan. Alan, buddy, wake up.'

And Alan woke up with a last scream and sitting bolt upright. Scott immediately pulled him into a hug. His brother tightly curled his fists into his shirt and sobbed into his chest.


'I'm here, Sprout. I'm here!'

Alan sobbed harder and Scott began to rock him, holding him tightly while he readjusted his position to get more comfortable, swinging his legs up onto the bed. He looked over to John and Gordon, standing in the door. They nodded in understanding and John slung an arm over Gordon's shoulder and closed the door, leading his brother away and into his own room where they curled up together.

Their baby brother wasn't the only one having nightmares about their Father's death.

Eventually Alan's sobbing lessened and his grip slackened. Scott, still murmuring reassurances, tightened his hold as Alan's slackened, and before long her realised his brother was drifting off to sleep again.

Scott bestowed a kiss on Alan's forehead and sighed, resting his cheek on Alan's head. His brother was warm and he was beginning to feel drowsy himself.

'Thanks, Dad. Love you.'

Alan's barely-there words had Scott freezing in place. He had assumed when Alan had said 'Dad' earlier he was referring to the nightmare. Now he wasn't so sure.

He couldn't breathe.

Something of Scott's distress must have bled through to Alan, for he began to wake up again, and Scott knew he had to get himself under control. With a concentrated effort Scott forced himself to relax and as he did Alan drifted back off to sleep.

Scott wasn't sure how he felt about Alan calling him Dad. He really needed to talk to someone about that, it surely wasn't a good thing for Alan either.

But right now Alan was asleep and there would hopefully not be any more nightmares, tonight at any rate, and Scott, cheek once more resting on blonde hair, found his eyes closing once more.

He wasn't aware of Virgil, listening at the barely open door, creeping in a couple of minutes later and covering them both with a blanket. Or the small kiss his brother bestowed on his own head.

For once, since their Father had gone, Scott Tracy slept in a bed.