Itachi did not want to get up, he did not want to open his eyes, it had been so long since he had had such a wonderful restful sleep. With his life in the elemental nations he always had to be on the lookout, always only half asleep just in case an enemy stumbled upon him. This method gave him enough energy to continue his life, but he was never satisfied, he was internally tired, and combined with the disease that had been slowly destroying his body, he was always just barely hanging on. And so, when he was presented with this wonderful nap by whatever that being was, he was going to take full advantage of it. He was awake, but he kept his eyes closed. He knew that whenever he opened his eyes he would have to deal with whatever that god had done to him. Besides, even though he was awake, he couldn't even feel his body, so he just began to think.

"What was that being? I can only assume it was god, or at least a god, perhaps Kami? No it couldn't have been that. From the stories my mother used to tell me, Kami was a woman." (No one in the elemental nations knew much about the gods, but the one thing that was known about them was their gender.) "But it also referred to me as one of its creations. So it must be a god, but its voice was genderless, so it couldn't have been a god that I am aware of, and the power behind that voice. It was unlike anything I have ever felt before. I have never met Kami or the Shinigami before, but I doubt they could be that powerful. After all, the Shinigami can be summoned to the mortal plane, and he is on the same level as Kami. But, if that being were to appear in the elemental nations, there is no doubt that its mere presence would tear the world apart."

As Itachi thought about the mysterious being, he slowly began to regain feeling in his body. It started off as just feeling the temperature around him, then he felt the clothes on his body. He was glad that he felt this sensation, he was worried that he was truly going to be reborn, and as such regain consciousness within the womb, and have to feel his own birth, so the clothes on his body gave him peace of mind that he wouldn't have to go through such an ordeal. He decided that dwelling on what exactly that being was wasn't going to help him at all, so he continued to think, but this time about where he might be.

"Am I going to be reborn within the elemental nations? I doubt I would be sent anywhere where I could interfere with my past life, so perhaps I am in the far future, maybe even the distant past? That being was so powerful, I shouldn't be surprised if I am somewhere completely unfamiliar, different from my world in every way."

At this point Itachi had regained all feeling within his body, he could feel a slight cool breeze go across his face, he could feel that he was lying in long but soft grass, it tickled his hands and neck, the only parts of his body that were exposed. There must have been a small stream nearby as he could hear the quiet and soft flow of water. It rained recently, he could smell the lingering scent that a storm leaves behind, he was glad that the ground had dried before he arrived, he'd have hated to wake up in wet clothes. Overall from what he could tell, he had woken up in quite a peaceful little area. He silently thanked the being that brought him here. He was glad he was given a moment of rest in this peaceful place before he had to deal with whatever was in store for him, but he decided that he had rested long enough, and it was time to finally get up.

As he opened his eyes and sat up, he was met with just about what he expected. He saw that he was in a small clearing within a forest, the trees that surrounded him were dense, and he didn't recognize their species. He noticed that he had vision in both of his eyes, the being must have reversed the damage he caused by performing Izanami. His vision was clear as well, no blindness. He saw in the distance that there was a small spring which waterfalled down into a beautiful pond. There were even a couple animals drinking from it, he recognized them as two deer, a fox, and a few rabbits. Perhaps this was the elemental nations, after all the animals were the same. He looked down to see that he was still in his clothes from before he died, a semi-mesh shirt with Anbu pants and sandals, he still had his necklace, and when he looked to his side, he saw his Akatsuki cloak folded up nicely. He was glad, even though he hated having to be a part of such an organization, he always liked the way the cloak looked on him, sadly, he saw no signs of his straw hat, it would be missed.

As he began to get up, he realized that he body was not at all the same. He stood much shorter than what he was used to, much much shorter. He tried to walk forward, towards the spring, but he stumbled. It seemed as though he had forgotten to walk with this smaller body of his. It took some time, but he was eventually able to reach the pond that he had seen earlier by stumbling his way there. He did his best not to disturb the animals, but it seems like he didn't have to worry about that, as they didn't even react to his presence. They were either incredibly used to humans, or they hadn't encountered them in quite a long time, as they didn't even stop their drinking to look at him. An awful thought ran through Itachi's mind.

"I hope I was sent somewhere where humans actually existed"

He had to calm himself down, there was no point even thinking about that because there was nothing he could even do about it. So he just stumbled up to the edge of the pond to get a glimpse at what he looked like. Just like he had expected, he stared back at a version of his younger self that reflected off the pond's glassy surface. If he had to guess, he looked about twelve. He quickly poured chakra into his eyes, and confirmed that his sharingan was still there, all six tomoe accounted for. When he tried to push more chakra into his eyes, nothing else happened.

"I must have lost my mangekyo" he reasoned

It was at this moment where he also realized that he didn't have near the amount of chakra that he should have, even for a twelve year old version of himself, he figured he only had half his chakra.

"I'll have to be careful about what I do, my reserves are so small compared to what I'm used to, I could easily blow through all I have if I am not careful" He told himself.

He bent down and cupped his hands in order to get a drink of water, with everything that had happened he was quite parched. Once he was done, he sat down and began to think about what he had to do. He had no idea if there were other people anywhere near him, or if they even existed at all. He decided that his first course of action was to get used to his smaller body, as of now, he couldn't even walk correctly, so if he wanted to get anything done, he'd have to be able to move in his twelve year old body.

He stumbled his way back toward the middle of the clearing and got into a ready position. He figured the best way of doing this was to just go through all his taijutsu kata with his sharingan active, that way he could analyze and correct any mistakes he made, while also training his chakra by having his eyes active for an extended period. Taking a deep breath he began to move, just like he expected he could barely control his new body, he was used to a body about twice the size of what he currently was, and as such, all his movements were sloppy, but he persevered. He punched and kicked for what seemed like hours, it took time, but eventually he got to a point where he could at least move normally, he still wasn't where he used to be, but he had improved, so, at this point he summoned a water clone using the pond as his source, so he could have something physical to fight against. He would have summoned a shadow clone, but he didn't want to risk overusing his chakra. As he practiced, animals of the clearing would come up to him, observing him quietly. The fox was the most annoying of the bunch, it would come up to him, sniff him, then give him a quick nip, before running off into the forest, making a noise that he could only describe as laughter as it went. It made him smile, as it reminded him quite heavily of the prank loving brat from his village.

He continued like this until he saw that night was approaching. He had gotten used to this smaller body of his, his taijutsu wasn't at the level it used to be, but it was getting closer, plus the extra endurance he got from having a younger, disease free body more than made up for this in his opinion. He walked back to where he first woke up to grab his cloak, and then walked up a nearby tree. He found a sturdy looking branch and put on his cloak for some extra warmth before laying down and looking towards the sky. Night was fast approaching, and the stars were just starting to peak out. He didn't recognize any constellations from the elemental nations, but he didn't give up hope just yet. He would wait for a few more hours until the stars completely filled the sky. While waiting he began to think of a plan for the future, tomorrow he would search the forest for plants and berries that he may be able to eat. He didn't want to use hunting as his main source of food, as he had grown to like the animals of the clearing and the company the provided, so he would only hunt the smallest of animals such as squirrels.

After three hours he finally relented to the fact that this sky was not the one he had grown up under. When he was young he and Sasuke would stay up late and stare at the stars for hours, noticing and memorizing every little detail. This was not the sky that he and his brother used to observe for hours on end. It's possible that so much time had passed that the constellations changed, but he doubted it. Itachi let out a long sigh as he finally knew at least something about where he was, not in the elemental nations. It wasn't much, but he would take it over nothing.

After such a busy day, Itachi finally decided it was time to go to sleep. So, using a chakra control technique to stick himself to the branch for the rest of the night, he finally allowed his eyes to close, as he quickly fell into a deep, relaxing sleep.