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Ch. 25

There may be a few out there who would say I let a woman weaken me, and that I was no longer a cold-hearted killer. I would disagree with their analysis. My family still ruled as one of the strongest mob families. I still never hesitated to take down anyone who challenged me.

The Cullens now ruled in not one but three cities: Boston, New York, and Providence. The cities were close enough together that it was easy to travel between the three, even without Bella's powers. I mainly took charge of the Boston area, and had a few clubs, as well as handled the ports for our shipments.

However, I would admit that I had a softer side, which was mainly due to my mate, and I wasn't ashamed of it. Kitten and I had a home only known to family in Southern Vermont. This made Bella very happy since she was able to enjoy her country home away from the city and violence. The house had several acres and a pond deep enough to swim.

I finished my work for the day and closed my laptop and was barely on my feet when Bella transported me to the house. I smirked at her and shook my head.

"You know, Kitten, one of these days my secretary is going to wonder how I keep leaving without her noticing." I snickered.

She rolled her eyes at me. "Victoria is too busy lusting after James to notice. Besides, I don't think I was the one to do it." She rubbed her round stomach.

"How?" I was perplexed since the baby wasn't born yet.

Bella shrugged and smiled in adoration. "Wouldn't it be something if she's more powerful than me?"

"I think I might be the first vampire to actually get gray hair," I muttered then scowled when I was shocked.

Bella glared at me. "Not funny."

"How…" I tilted my head to the side, hearing a third voice in the room. I glanced down at her belly in amazement. I knelt beside her, placed my hand where our baby rested, and felt a kick. "I can hear her."

"See, she wanted you home fast and couldn't wait." Bella covered my hands with hers. "She has your patience."

I kissed her bump. "Sounds like she's ready to make an appearance. Shall we get the others?"

Bella shook her head. "No. I wanted this time to be the three of us. Most everyone will be fine with it, and Alice will have to get over it."

I smirked. Alice still wasn't happy that Bella wore a purple dress for our wedding. But my bride wouldn't be swayed to wear white. Her gown was three shades of purple with a bouquet of pink roses, and we were married on the cliffs in Ireland at sunrise. We then spent two months jumping around the globe, exploring until Kitten was content. We walked The Great Wall, saw the pyramids, scuba dived around The Great Barrier Reef, danced a late night away in the Eiffel Tower, undetected, and those were just a small amount of our adventures.

"The three of us it is." I stood and kissed her cheek.

I led her to the rocking chair that was her mother's and helped her sit. Bella rocked back and forth while preparing the room with a small bathtub filled with water and towels and blankets.

I grabbed one of the receiving blankets in my hands. "How do you want to…"

I had to very quickly catch the small form that appeared in my arms. My daughter gazed up at me with her mother's brown eyes. I was going to have the same trouble as I did with her mother, with saying no.

"I told you she was impatient; she didn't even wait for me to help her. Is she okay? She's not crying. Aren't babies supposed to cry?" Bella asked in concern.

"She's perfect, Kitten, just like her mother." I chuckled that we didn't even need the bath since the little pixie cleaned herself. I brought her to Bella and placed her in her arms.

"She is perfect," Bella cooed. "She has your hair and your scowl."

"I don't scowl." I huffed.

"Look in the mirror, dear." Bella giggled and tilted her head as she studied the baby thoughtfully. "Oh, I didn't expect this."

"What?" I bent down to examine our daughter. Everything seemed in order, ten fingers and toes. She had a steady heartbeat, but…it wasn't like Maggie's the other hybrid we'd met. In fact, it sounded like…

"She's all witch," Bella said in amazement. "I thought she would be a hybrid."

"You didn't foresee this?" I was surprised she hadn't looked.

Bella shook her head. "I saw what she'd look like and her having magic. But I didn't want to watch my baby drinking blood, so thought I'd leave that task for you."

"Well, I guess we shouldn't be too surprised with who her mother is," I surmised. "I wonder what power she'll get."

I swear our daughter smirked at me as she shot out of her mother's arms and started to fly around the room. Bella jumped to her feet with a worried expression.

"Edward, get her down. I can't fly, and she's blocking my magic," Bella said nervously.

"Actually, you should be able to now. Since you seemed to collect any power you come in contact with," I reminded her.

"Right, she just took me by surprise."

Bella bit her lip as she paused for a moment before rising off the ground. She floated through the air to our daughter. The little pixie grinned as Bella gathered in her arms then landed softly on her feet.

"She's going to keep us on our toes." Bella nuzzled her head then passed her to me. "And her name is Renée Elizabeth after both our birth mothers, not pixie. I think we should nickname her Rey like a ray of sunshine."

I held Rey close to me and she curled into my chest, yawned, and closed her eyes. "I like the name. However, pixie or imp is still going to be fitting since she will keep us on our toes with her antics. Just like her mother."

"Please, you love us both and wouldn't have it any other way." Bella curled into my opposite side.

"That I do, Kitten. That I do." I kissed them each and started to dance them around the room.

The End

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