CODEX : Pre-History of Midgard .

Doctor Manhattan :

Origins :

Jonathan Osterman was born in 1929, to a Jewish German-American family. He planned to follow in his father's footsteps, as a watchmaker, but when the U.S. drops the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, his father declared his profession outdated, and forces Jon to work toward a career studying nuclear physics.

Jon attends Princeton University, and graduated with a Ph.D. in atomic physics. In early 1959, he moved to a research base at Gila Flats, where experiments are being performed on the "intrinsic fields" of physical objects which, if tampered with, result in their disintegration.

Here he meets Janey Slater, a fellow researcher. With them eventually becoming lovers. During a visit to an amusement park in New Jersey, Janey's wristwatch breaks and Jon promises to fix it.

A month later, Jon realizes he left the repaired watch in his lab coat that's inside a test chamber. When he goes inside to retrieve it the test chamber door closes behind him locking him inside. Researchers outside are unable to open the door or override the countdown, and the force of the generator tears Jon to pieces.

A series of strange events and ghostly appearances occur over the next few months, leading researchers to speculate that the area is haunted. After a series of partial bodily appearances, it becomes apparent that Jon is progressively re-forming himself. Each time, the appearance lasts for only a few seconds:

First a disembodied nervous system including the brain and eyes. Then a circulatory system. And then a partially muscled skeleton.

Jon eventually reappears as a tall, muscular, hairless, naked, blue-skinned man, glowing with a "flare of ultraviolet."

Before Watchmen :

Jon gradually becomes a pawn of the U.S. government. They give him the code name "Doctor Manhattan"—a reference to the Manhattan Project—and a costume that he begrudgingly accepts. Doctor Manhattan chooses a representation of a hydrogen atom as his emblem. He declares that its simplicity kindles his respect; accordingly, he painlessly burns the mark into his forehead.

This preference for material mechanisms marks the beginning of his declining humanity. Over time, he sheds uniform bit by bit. By the end of the 1970s, he refuses to wear anything at all except during mandatory public appearances.

Dr. Manhattan's presence tips the balance of the Cold War in the West's favor, and as a result, U.S. foreign policy becomes more militaristic. At President Richard Nixon's request, he secures an American victory in the Vietnam War, which allows Nixon to repeal the 22nd Amendment and serve up to five terms. Far from solving underlying international tensions, Manhattan's presence exacerbates them while stifling their expression, which inevitably builds toward disaster. The entire plot of Watchmen occurs during the countdown to a nuclear war.

Manhattan spends much of his time conducting research. He is single-handedly responsible for the shift to electric-powered vehicles, and Adrian Veidt credits him with causing a huge leap forward in a myriad of science and technology sectors.

As a result, the technology of the alternative 1985 of the Watchmen universe is far more advanced. During the only meeting of the Crimebusters group, Manhattan becomes attracted to Laurie Juspeczyk, the second Silk Spectre. His relationship with Janey ends acrimoniously and he begins dating Laurie.

Events of Watchmen :

At the start of Watchmen, Manhattan works at the Rockefeller Military Research Center, where he lives with Laurie. Rorschach informs them of the murder of Edward Blake, aka the Comedian, and warns them that all former costumed adventurers are being targeted by a "mask killer." Because he works for the U.S. government, Manhattan is exempt from a federal law outlawing costumed heroes. Manhattan dismisses Rorschach by teleporting him outside and encourages Laurie to go out with Dan Dreiberg, the second Nite Owl. A short time later, Manhattan attends Blake's funeral with Veidt and Dreiberg. He reflects on his association with Blake during the Vietnam War, and senses the presence of former villain, Moloch.

During a talk show appearance, a reporter ambushes Manhattan with allegations that he caused cancer in his former associates, including Janey. Seeking solitude, Manhattan transports himself to Mars.

The Soviet Union exploits his absence by invading Afghanistan, sparking an international crisis.

The Original Doctor :

Based on the fan fiction "Life on Mars" by "War Journalist". But more "inspired by" then a direct sequel.

The 11th Doctor, of this universe, appears on the planet... and has a casual, philosophical discussion about the human race with Jon. A talk that strangely, doesn't go as Jon predicted it would.

The Doctor explains, what with him being a time traveller, he muddies "Psychics" visions of the future.

That the future is not actually fixed. But rather "psychics" normally can't see passed their own choices. So it always looks llike its a set progression. That it is better to avoid looking at your own history, or you get stuck in a time loop.

The Doctor then touches Jon's forehead, and uses a psychic technique, to help the blue man out of the habit, of looking at his own history. Allowing Jon to see all of reality, while becoming blind to his own part in things... he now sees the infinite paths of history, and can properly help shape it to where he wants... but can never be sure if what he does will directly result in that better future... he is forced to live in the present.

Jon openly weeps, at no longer being trapped by fate. The Doctor gets uncomfortable, but thankfully Jon is able to recover quickly.

Jon later ask the Doctor, if he's ever loved a human. And the Doctor hesitantly admits he has... and that he probably will again. That losing them is always painful, especially when they merely grow apart, due to aging at different rates... but he never regrets loving them, especially on the nights he does.

With Laurie on Mars :

After his meeting with the Doctor, Manhattan brings Laurie to Mars to discuss why he should aid humanity. Laurie inadvertently wins the argument after the shocking realization that her father is Blake, a man she despised for sexually assaulting her mother.

Manhattan is amazed by the improbable events that occurred to result in the birth of Laurie, a chain of events he sees as a stunning "thermodynamic miracle." Realizing that such a miracle can apply to any living thing on Earth, Manhattan is persuaded to return to protect humanity, rather than disregarding it as insignificant.

Framed :

Once back on Earth, it's discovered that Veidt framed Manhattan. It was part of his plot to avert World War III. By attacking New York and other key cities around the world, with an engineered bomb, based on Doctor Manhattan's energy.

This wipes out half of the city in the process. Although Manhattan and Laurie return too late to stop Veidt, they teleport to his base in Antarctica to confront him.

Veidt tries to disintegrate Manhattan, only to have Manhattan restore himself more quickly than Veidt expected. Upon seeing that Veidt's plan has averted war, Manhattan realizes that exposing him would be too dangerous for life on Earth and agrees to remain silent.

Rorschach leaves intending to expose the truth, causing Manhattan to vaporize him. Manhattan decides to depart Earth again, suggesting that he desires to find a galaxy "less complicated than this one." When Veidt asks if his plan worked out in the end, Manhattan replies, "In the end? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends."

Travels with Q :

Based on the fan fiction, " Demiurge " by " Alara Rogers ".

Jon goes out to a distant galaxy, and finds a planet suitable for life. He starts making conversions, and over the course of 20,000 years, manages to get up to Troglodytes.

That is when he meets the Q Doctor, who reveals he's been observing Jon, ever since the young god ran into Q's Mortal Counterpart, from this dimension.

The Q Doctor informs Jon that he's "Doing it wrong" in regards to creating life. As Jon is trying to assemble it, as if building a watch. That he needs to let things evolve naturally, and only occasionally steer things.

That Creating life is "more like gardening then watch making". Q convinces Jon to leave his planet, for a few thousand years, so that the life can take root, and become more naturally adaptable. To come with Q, and learn from him.

Remembering the kindness of the mortal Doctor, and what that man had done for him. Jon is almost eager to learn from his godly counterpart. But only agrees to leave, after Q sets up a force field around Jon's world. To protect it.

Asari :

Jon, under Q's tutelage, creates several other lifeforms. with his crowning achievement being the Asari. As he guided their evolution into being something quite Glorious. To the point Q is actually impressed.

They are a species that reproduce by psychically fusing their magic with a partner. Technically reproducing asexually, at least on a biological level, while using the "Father's" excess magic.

This makes it so they can breed with any Sapient race, well not having any hybrid children. As their child is always a full blooded Asari.

Midgard :

Doctor Manhattan returns to his planet in the Watchmen Universe, seeing the life there has become much more robust. Deciding to finally name his world "Midgard" and gets to work guiding the planet's evolution to be more humanoid like.

After some time, the first plants form. With insect life not far behind. Doing what Q taught him, Jon more acts as Gardener then watch maker. Shaping Evolution, but only stepping in when he has to.

After a few million years, he watches with true glee, as the first of his fish, step onto land... completely unaided by himself. The joy he feels, as it takes it's first steps, could only be comprehended by a parent.

Time War Refugees :

While the Watchmen's universe, never had a Time War of its own, the interdimensional Time War, as mentioned in several other stories on this Profile, badly scarred this reality.

The Inter-dimensional Daleks manage to destroy countless pocket dimensions, of the Styx Leyline, destabilizing the whole universe.

Once these Daleks disappeared, due to the main universe's Time Lord's sacrificing themselves, to destroy them, The Watchmen's version of the Doctor, teamed up with the Q Doctor, and fused the pocket dimensions together, into a proper universe, to better sustain them.

The Watchmen's Doctor, then ask Doctor Manhattan, if he would be willing to have all the humanoid races, fused into his world. Jon compromises, allowing all the humanoids to live on moons, around his planet. Promising to look after them.

This is millions of years, after the first fish took it's first steps. With Manhattan's world, now having cave men, whom are beginning to craft tools. Though dinosaurs still exist.

From there, the Refugees have a fresh start, 42 thousand years in the past. While the Fates work to re-sync their timeline. With Doctor Manhattan shaping their evolution, to fit his own needs.

The Fates take offence, and start actively trying to destroy Manhattan's world, to teach him a lesson.