Episode 3 ; Kid Loki: Thank You . (Timeline) , 42 years after Loki De-aged himself. 1 year after Spike was teleported into the Super Universe.

Loki eyed the mortal accommodations and couldn't help but feel his box was better suited. He found a closet, which had nothing more in it then a vacuum cleaner and found it would serve his purpose. He dragged the vacuum cleaner out, and closed the door behind him before getting to work. They didn't appear to have an extra room for him, and he was hardly willing to share. Besides they should be grateful for what he was about to do.

It was... strange. Barry Allen, AKA 'The Flash', revealed to him his 'secret identity'. Such pointless things really, but most Midgardian Champions seemed to rely on them greatly. No what was really puzzling was the man brought him into his home with the intention of letting him live here... he just accepted him so easily. Loki knew he could be charming, but this was impressive even by his standards.

Barry Allen had a nephew living with him, who also had the powers of a Speedster. Although the boy was apparently out with his friends, and Loki would be working with the boy and his group of 'junior heroes'.

He'd meet them all tomorrow, and then the next day he would be going to the same school as the Flash's nephew. He really had no need of schooling, as he undoubtedly knew far more then these mortals, but it seemed it was now necessary for his cover.

This was a good opportunity to learn more about the champions of Midgard.

"Jivin?" Barry called looking around.

"In here," Loki called from the 'Closet'.

Barry blinked and opened the door. His mouth dropped as he looked inside. The door now led to a long hallway filled with rooms. Jivin was in the back, magically stretching the walls further out. The boy was panting as he did so, sweat dripping down his body.

"R-relax," the boy panted, as he stopped stretching the halls, and sank down to the floor. "I'll put up an illusionary wall, to make it still look like a closet. You can use most of these rooms for hero labs or what have you, but that one's mine." he pointed at a room, first door on the left.

Barry awkwardly coughed, "You know you didn't... have to. I just finished getting the bottom bunk in Wally's room ready."

Loki just barely prevented himself from scoffing, "I'm good thanks." The boy panted for a bit before standing up and going to his room. There was nothing in it, as of yet, but that could change shortly, "Can I have my stuff back now?"

Barry blinked shaking his head, and forcing himself to move past the impossible-ness, of 42 large rooms being compressed in a small closet. "You mean all the stuff you stole? Sorry kid, it's been confiscated by the League."

"WHAT!?" Loki gaped, "That was MY STUFF!"

"No it wasn't." Barry scolded.

"But my furniture! MY BED! Where am I supposed to sleep!?"

"With Wally," Barry was adamant.

Loki gaped, "Fine! SEE IF I HELP YOU AGAIN!" he stomped out of the hallway.

Barry sighed, "We can buy you some new furniture tomorrow, and Trickster might like having his own room, for when he stays over to... Thank you Jivin, that was very thoughtful."

Loki stopped, looking at the champion a moment. Strange as it was, no one ever thanked him when he tried to help out with his magic. They usually yelled at him for doing something 'Useless' and interfering with 'real work'.

"This is amazing, Jivin," Barry awed walking into the new hallway. "How'd you do this? I mean what's the science behind it."

Loki blinked again before smiling, always eager to show off his knowledge. "Everything is just a matter of perspective. I merely altered the spatial limitations of the interior well leaving the exterior alone."

"So it's a pocket dimension." Barry studied the walls and looked inside the rooms.

"Essentially yes," Loki nodded.

"Interesting," Barry observed. "Wally is going to flip when he sees this. He always does when he sees something magical, although that might be my fault.

"I taught him to always look for a scientific explanation behind spell casters, so he can defend against them, but that made him become a bit prejudice against it. Back when he started understanding the science of magic."

Loki snorted, "Why? All magic is, is another word for science. It's just about understanding and manipulating the laws of nature.

"Anyone can do it with the right know how. Unfortunately there are a few mages who trouble me, as they dabble with the art, while not understanding how it works. Those idiots can cause a great deal of damage."

"Yes they can," Barry nodded. "But your parents taught you?"

Loki sighed, "My mother, father didn't really approve of my studying. He thought I should do something more useful with my time. Mother however was always encouraging me. She taught me everything she knew." A slight smile touched his face, a real smile as he thought of his adoptive mother.

Loki was momentarily lost in reminiscing. "You should have seen her face when I went beyond her abilities." Realizing what he gave away he added a nice lie, "I didn't exactly have the stamina she did, but I could cast complex spells she still hadn't mastered."

Barry smiled, "I bet she was very proud to be your mom."

Loki lost his smile, "I'd like to think so." Then he distracted, "Now do you have anything to eat? I'm starving."