The Lone Jedi

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

A galaxy at war! For three years, the Clone Wars have ravaged the galaxy and decimated so many worlds, with the Grand Army of the Republic in constant conflict with the Separatists Alliance. However, the time of this war may be coming close to an end, as the Jedi managed to fend off an invasion of Coruscant, and Anakin Skywalker killed Count Dooku. Now the Separatists are in disarray, leaving many of their core worlds vulnerable for a direct assault.

One such world is Cato Neimoidia, where Jedi Master Plo Koon leads an assault with his Clone troopers, along with his newly assigned Padawan, Norrin Farrix. If victory is achieved, then the Clone Wars may very well be coming to an end.

However, a sinister plot was about to be that'll change the lives of everyone in the galaxy.

Explosions were heard across the city, as Clone troopers shot down as many battle droids as they could see. The siege of Cato Neimoidia has been long and hard, but as this was a key piece in Separatist space, it was vital that they take it.

The 104th Corps fought hard as Commander Wolffe led his troops on the ground, while their general, Jedi Master Plo Koon, was on his personal Jedi Starfighter and led some troops in the sky taking down fighters.

One battalion of clones, being led by Commander Wolffe, mowed down every battle droid that stood in their path. Their ferocity and battle-hardened skills easily outclassed anything the droids threw at them. One trooper kicked a droid that got too close and shot it in the head, while another trooper wielded two DC-17 hand blasters and shot down five more battle droids.

"Forward, men! We've got to take the center square!" Wolffe exclaimed as he shot down some battle droids with his rifle. An explosion occurred close by and killed several of his brothers, before he looked up to one of the roofs and noticed some super battle droids preparing to fire a volley of rockets at their locations. "Take cover!" He and the rest of his brothers took cover as the flankers fired their rockets and they were heading straight for them. They weren't sure whether their cover would hold such a volley, but they didn't have a choice.

However, the sounds of a speeder bike were heard as they all looked behind to see a young 13-year-old human boy riding one heading right towards them. He wore a brown vest over his white shirt and pants, with brown boots. He had short black hair that was spiked up a bit in the front, with a single blue streak where his bangs were, plus a single braid on the side of his head. Attached to his belt was clipped the signature weapon of a Jedi, the Lightsaber, but this one had a wooden tint around the metal, with leather wrappings, and a single tooth attached at the bottom of the hilt.

This was Norrin Farrix, the newly appointed Padawan of Plo Koon for the last six months.

The young boy jumped up and landed in front of Wolf and his men, before throwing his hands up and using the Force to misdirect the rockets, causing them to miss the clones entirely. This gave the clones the chance to use their own rocket launchers and fired at the super flankers, creating an explosion that destroyed them.

Wolffe took a sigh of relief as he and the rest of his men got up and advanced, but he stayed back to address the young teen boy. "Nicely done, kid." The clone commander said with a smile under his helmet.

"Thanks, Wolffe." Norrin said with a smile and nod. He looked around and noticed the devastation throughout the city and seeing all the dead clones and destroyed battle droids, making the teen frown at the site. "Hopefully this battle, as well as this war, will be coming to an end soon."

"It may very well come to an end soon." Wolffe said with a nod. "From the reports, General Grievous is the last known battle commander of the Separatist army. Eventually, he's going to get what's coming to him."

"Well, if the war does come to an end soon, I'm sorry that we didn't get the chance to fight alongside you a lot longer." Norrin said with a smile and chuckle.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, kid." Wolffe said as he patted the Padawan on the shoulder. "Once you're part of the Wolfpack, you're part of it for life. We have plenty of excitement for us in the future."

"Well, that's something to look forward to, at least." Norrin said, before he jolted when several droid fighters were destroyed up in the air. "Sounds like Master Plo Koon has the upper hand up there."

"Here." Wolffe said as he passed Norrin a macrobinocular. "See if you can find a clearer path from a vantage point."

"Right away, Commander." Norrin said with a two-fingered salute, before using the force to jump up high and scale a destroyed small building.

"Good kid." Wolffe said, before he heard the sound of his transmitter disc. "Must be new orders coming from Command." He reached back and held the disc and activated it.

"Execute Order 66."


Norrin scaled up the small building and looked through his macrobinoculars to scout ahead and see what lies ahead of them. He found several droids marching along the streets in the distance, no doubt to eradicate their ground forces.

"Man, it's like a never-ending sea of battle droids. We're gonna have a tough time going through that." Norrin muttered to himself as he surveyed the area. "Maybe we can take a route to the east where the droids aren't so heavily armed and numbered."

He heard the noise of fighters up in the air and looked to see his master's starfighter leading a convoy of ARC-170 starfighters, destroying all the droid fighters that got in their flight path. The sight of his master's skilled flying gave Norrin an idea.

"Wait, maybe Master Plo could use their fighters to spot a much clearer path up ahead." Norrin said as he was about to call his mastery on the comms.

But then, something happened that made his heart stop.

One ARC-170 fighter behind Master Plo Koon's fighter fired upon him, clipping his wing and causing it to catch on fire while spinning out of control. The Jedi starfighter crashed into a tower and fell to the ground, leaving an explosion in its wake. Time slowed down for Norrin as he stared wide eyed by what he just witnessed, still trying to process everything that he just saw. Something like that cannot just happen. It doesn't make sense in his mind.

Norris's legs began moving on their own as he raced towards the crash site where his master landed. "MASTER!" Norrin called out as he ran as fast as he could, even using the Force to help increase his speed and parkour over the debris and rubble in front of him.

He eventually came upon his master's starfighter, which was still smoking and on fire, but Norrin didn't care. He used the Force to pull the cockpit lid off, albeit a bit difficulty, but he was then able to pull Plo Koon out of the wreckage before the starfighter could explode.

Norrin gasped at the condition his master was in, with his Jedi robed completely singed off, burn marks all over his skin that made him look charred black, and his breathing mask was barely holding together.

"Master!" Norrin called out as he held onto his body. "Master, please, hold on! I'll get you some help!"

"No..." Plo muttered weakly, placing a hand on the young Palawan's shoulder. " is...not the Force."

"Master, please! Let me help you!" Norrin exclaimed in dismay, tears escaping his eyes and he held his master's hand. "I still have so much to learn from you!"

"The time for over..." Plo said weakly as he reached for his lightsaber and placed it in Norris's hand. "The time at hand. You must...survive."

"Master...please." Norrin wept.

"May the with you." Plo said with his final breath, before his body fell limp.

"Master..." Norrin whispered in sadness, before he just cried freely, holding the lightsaber closely. Just then, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching and he looked behind to see several Clone troopers, including Commander Wolffe, slowly approaching him. "Wolffe, something happened to Master Plo! I don't understand it! It doesn't make sense!"

Wolffe didn't say anything, none of the troopers did, which unsettled Norrin quite a bit. They didn't acknowledge the dead body of Plo, who they have served with for many years. They just stared at him with their helmets on, which unsettled him even more.

Norrin then saw that each of them were slowly reaching for their weapons, forcing him to slowly reach for his own lightsaber. "Commander...guys...what's going on?"

It happened in a near instant, where all the clones quickly drew their weapons and started firing upon Norrin, forcing him to ignite his green lightsaber and deflect each shot. He redirected some the shots back at the clones, killing a few of them, but there were still too many of them!"

"Troopers, stop!" Norrin called out, but the men still relentlessly shot at him.

Seeing the situation he was in, Norrin held out his hand and used the force to lift up some debris and throw it right at the troopers, forcing them jump out of the way. This gave him the chance for Norrin to make a run for it as fast as he could. He raced out between buildings, but stopped when he saw a few Clone troopers ahead of him.

"I have eyes on the Padawan!" One of the Clone troopers exclaimed, before the three of them began firing.

Norrin quickly blocked the shots, before leaping up and crashing through a glass window from the building. He raced on through, before using the Force to shatter the window across the way, before jumping straight out and landing on the roof of another building.

Wolffe turned the corner and saw Norrin up above the roof of the low building, before turning to a couple of troopers with rocket launchers. "Blast him!" Wolffe ordered.

The two rocket troopers held up their weapons and fired a couple of rockets at the building, creating an explosion that shook the foundation, causing Norrin to tumble and fall off the side. The young Padawan rolled across the ground and could feel the pain coursing through him, but he ignored it, knowing that he had to get out of there.

He quickly got up and continued to run, but paused when two Clone troopers stood in his way. They raised their weapons and were about to fire, forcing Norrin to slice their weapons with his saber, before slicing them in the chest, killing them.

This action made Norrin pause in dismay, troubled by what he just did. These clones have fought alongside the Jedi for years, and now he just killed two soldiers who, though he only spent six months with them, he called his comrades and friends. Still, he had to keep moving, and find a way off this planet.

As he continued to run, he paused when he spotted a battalion of Clone troopers marching towards him through the dust cloud in front of him. He got scared and turned to the right, but stopped when he saw another battalion marching towards him from that direction. He tried leaving in multiple directions, but each time he found himself blocked by more Clone troopers, until he was completely surrounded.

"Troopers, please, just stop!" Norrin exclaimed frantically. He held his lightsaber up, but knew it wouldn't be enough to fend off this many of them. The clones parted to allow Commander Wolffe to step forward and held up his two pistols.

"Padawan Farrix, by the directive of Order 66, you have been found guilty of treason." Wolffe said sternly.

"Treason?!" Norrin exclaimed in disbelief. "Wolffe, please, just stop! This isn't you!"

"Therefore..." Wolffe continued, completely ignoring Norris's pleas. " is our duty to have sentenced to death."

", please." Norrin continued to plead. The troopers all raised their weapons and prepped for firing. Norrin began to hyperventilate, trying so hard to figure out a way out of this, and try to understand what was going on. "Don't do this."

Then they fired.



Norrin, instantly woke up from his deep sleep as he relieved that horrible nightmare again. No, it wasn't a nightmare, he had to remind himself. All that actually happened seven years ago.

Yes, it's been seven years since that fateful day, when the entire Jedi Order fell in just one swoop. Norrin, who is now twenty years old, has been on the run ever since Master Plo Koon was killed. After he escaped, he found out that thousands of Jedi were wiped out, and the Republic had been rebuilt by Chancellor Palpatine into the Galactic Empire. Not long after, every surviving Jedi had been declared fugitives and were to be captured or terminated on sight.

Norrin took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves while wiping some sweat off his face, before getting up from his bed. His form had grown in the last several years, which is a given when you get older. His was now a good six foot tall, though he kept his hair the same as it was, with his build a lot leaner, and a tad bit muscular. Just because he was a Jedi in hiding doesn't mean he can't still stay in shape.

Knock! Knock!

"Yeah, what is it?" Norrin called out to the door to his room.

"You okay, Tom?"

"I'm fine." Norrin answered, happy that he decided to use an alias. "It was just a dream."

"Well, dream later. It's time for your shift."

"Okay. I'm coming." Norrin said as he went to his closet and put on his work clothes and strapped a helmet to his head. He soon exited his room and walked down a hallway, where several alien species walked alongside him as they wore the same work uniform as him.

Norrin glanced outside a window from the hall to see the terrain of the planet he was now on, which was a rocky terrain with very few trees, and mountains in the distance. This was the planet Abraxas, a mining planet in the Mid Rim that Norrin has been living on for the past two years. He's been living in a mining facility and worked in the mines ever since he arrived. It's a good place to hide out, and he gets a steady pay of credits. Not the best place to holdout, but it served his purpose for hiding.

As he grabbed his mining laser, he made his way down some stairs that led to an underground tunnel where the mining was. He looked around and saw many people drilling into the rocks, trying to find as much ore as they could. Norrin looked around and found a nice secluded spot, before he began to start drilling.

This life was not one he expected to live. He had dreams of one day becoming a Jedi Master after he worked hard and the war was over, but now here he was hiding underground and trying to survive.

'Survive.' Norrin thought to himself as he continued to drill into the rocks. 'That's what Master Plo said I had to do.'

"Why so glum, Tom." Norrin turned to see that someone had joined him in his drilling spot. He was a tall male Iktotchi, with tan-colored skin and short curved horns, and gave him a friendly smile. "You upset about about the latest ore haul?"

"Yeah, something like that, Dorag." Norrin said as he just continued drilling. "The mines aren't giving us much, at least, not as much as before."

"Yeah, I l know what you mean." Dorag said with a frown. "I heard that the mines in Sector, 3, 7, and 13 have run dry. The foremen of each sector had to cut a few losses, while other workers have left to find work off world."

"Well, I'm sure we'll hit a cache of fresh ore eventually." Norrin said with a slight smile, but Dorag just kept his frown.

"Come on, Tom, let's face facts. Abraxas is running on empty, and soon all the mines will run dry." Dorag said with a sigh. "I'm thinking maybe we should find work elsewhere. My brother has a shipping company that I could fall back on, so I can still gain a steady income of credits. Maybe you should join me?"

"Sorry, Dorag, but I feel like I'm better suited here." Norrin gently refused.

"Come on, Tom. You're young, you're strong, you have your whole life ahead of you." Dorag said with a hand to the young man's shoulder. "You don't want to spend it here your entirely life on a dying business."

"I'll be fine." Norrin said with a smile. "I'll stay here for the long haul until the planet does run dry, or if the foreman does terminate my contract here."

Dorag sighed with a shake of his head. "I sometimes don't get you, Tom. Young men like you have dreams of adventure, exploring the unknown, maybe finding a beautiful woman to spend your life with." He said with a smirk at that final option.

"Well, maybe I used to think that, but those days are behind me." Norrin said with a sigh. 'Of course, I never thought much on the beautiful woman part.' The Jedi Order forbid its members to form attachments, but there was no order anymore, so maybe that could change for him, but his life is already too complicated as it is, so that was far from his mind. "Look, the galaxy is all messed up as it is, that maybe I feel safer being here than out there."

"Okay, I can see where you're coming from there." Dorag said with a shrug. "Insurgencies, Imperial occupations; everything seems to be in disarray out there. Heck, I heard something pretty crazy over the galactic broadcasts."

"Oh, yeah? What's that?" Norrin asked curiously.

"Apparently, there's a rumor that a Jedi was spotted on Bespin." Dorag said, causing Norrin to freeze up slightly, though the horned-alien didn't notice. "Course, it was just rumor, but that was enough for a small Imperial squadron to visit the planet. Next thing, an entire building was caught on fire, with Stormtroopers blockading the area. Crazy stuff."

"Yeah, that certainly does sound crazy." Norrin said with his eyes wavering slightly. "So...was the rumor true? About there being a Jedi on Bespin?"

"No idea. Like I said, it was just a rumor." Dorag said casually, before giving a nostalgic look. "Man, the tales of the Jedi when I was a kid. They were said to be amazing warriors, course that still couldn't save them. Now, I'm pretty sure there aren't any left."

"But what's your opinion on them?" Norrin asked with his eyes giving an inquisitive look.

"You can't really have an opinion on a people you never met before." Dorag said with a shrug. "I reckon I probably never will form an opinion on them, considering that it's most likely all the Jedi are now dead."

"Yeah...I guess you're right." Norrin said with a sad look. He shook it off and gave a more resolute look. "Look, let's just get back to work."

"Oh, uh...sure." Dorag said, a little put off by the attitude change in the young man, but just shrugged it off and continued working.

The minutes turned into hours as the miners tried their best to excavate as much rare mineral and ore they could find, but just like Dorag said, the mines weren't producing as much as they used to. If things don't change soon, what Dorag said may come true, and Abraxas will have to be abandoned.

Norrin wiped some of the sweat of his brow as he looked at all the other workers drilling into the stone walls, before a small alarm sounded, causing everyone to put there tools down.

"Hey, come on, it's lunch time." One Twi'lek worker called out to a Rodian miner who continued to keep drilling. The Rodian responded in his own language and waved him off, forcing the Twi'lek worker to narrow his eyes. "If you keep drilling in one spot for too long, you could cause some structural damage!"

Sure enough, the Rodian continued to drill in one spot deeper and deeper without stopping, before some cracks began to form along the walls. He paused in his work and looked up to watch the cracks travel across the cave walls, before reaching up to the top, causing some stalactites to come loose, before three of them began to fall right towards him. He screamed in fright, before jumping out of the way to avoid them, but another set of stalactites came crumbling down on top of him, causing him to freeze up in fright.

All of a sudden, he felt something grab onto him, but there was nothing there, and pull him away from the falling stalactites. When the dust settled, the Rodian looked himself over and saw that he was just fine, while the other miners raced over to check on him.

"See, I told you that would happen." The Twi'lek said as he helped his coworker up. "Luckily you managed to get out of the way." The Rodian looked himself over, before saying something. "What do you mean you don't know how you did it? If you moved out of the way, that means your legs moved you out of the way. Now come on, you gotta file an incident report."

With that minor scare out of the way, all the miners left the cave system to report for lunch, but one of them lagged behind all the other.

Norrin held his hand with slight fear, never having to use the Force in a long time. That worker was in trouble, though, and he could have died if he didn't do something. Still, he probably shouldn't have done that, and now he was gonna be on edge for the rest of the day, maybe even the week. Maybe he should leave this planet now, just to be safe.

'No, I'm probably just overthinking it.' Norrin said after taking a few short calming breaths. 'I've survived this long on this planet. I think I'll be okay.'

"Hey, Tom, you okay?" Dorag called out up ahead.

"Yeah, I'm okay, Dorag." Norrin said as he caught up with his friend.

What none of the workers ever realized was that to make sure that none of the miners ever stole the mine's resources, or any valuable material, hidden cameras were placed along around the mine.

And the see everything.


After the shift was done, Norrin just returned to his room. Today had a bit too excitement for his taste, so it was best to sleep it off. He climbed into bed and just laid on his back, slowly breathing in and out.

'Master...I'm surviving, just like you wanted.' Norrin thought to himself before he finally drifted off to sleep.


The next thing Norrin realized, was that he was not in his room when he opened his eyes. In fact, he was not in the mining facility on Abraxas anymore. He looked around his surroundings and noticed that he appeared to be in a dense forest. There was fog everywhere that prevented him from seeing the ground, or even that far of a distance. He walked around and trekked through a forest for a bit, wondering just what all of this is supposed to be.

"Where...where am I?" Norrin said in confusion. "Hello?! Is anyone there?!"


Norrin looked back and thought he saw a figure trekking through the forest. Seeing as how that was the only sign of any answers, he instantly followed after the figure. Besides, something about that voice sounded...familiar.

"Hello! Can you help me?!" Norrin called out as he jogged to where the figure was last seen. He finally made it out of the dense forest and made it to a field, though it was still barely visible due to the fog. What was visible was a robed hooded figure with his back turned to him standing in the middle of the field, causing Norrin's eyes to narrow. "Who are you?"

The figure eventually did turn to face him, and let down their hood revealing their face. The sight cause Norrin's eyes to widen in shock as he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

The figure standing before him was his late Jedi Master Plo Koon.

"Master?" Norrin whispered in shock.

"Padawan." Plo Koon said.

"Master, I...this can't be real." Norrin stuttered, trying to understand this. "What's going on."

"Listen to me, Padawan." Plo Koon said with slight urgency in his voice. "You must find it."

"What?" Norrin asked in confusion. "Find what, Master?"

"Find it, my Padawan! You must find it!" Plo Koon exclaimed louder as the world around Norrin began to crumble and catch on fire. "FIND IT! YOU MUST FIND IT!"


Norrin gasped when he woke, sweating even more bullets than before when he had his nightmares. He took a couple deep breaths to calm his nerves as he got out of bed and went up to window, looking outside in the darkness of night.

"What was that?" Norrin whispered to himself, trying to understand it all. He's heard that sometimes a Jedi is able to see visions, but this one was just so obscure he didn't know what to make of it. Plus, he's never had a vision before, so this was all just brand new to him. "Master, what are you trying to tell me?" As he looked out the window, he then saw something flying above the facility.

Then he saw another one, and then another. His eyes narrowed as he tried to make out what he just saw, before his eyes fell upon what looked like a squad of fighters flying overhead. These ones, however, were very distinct.


"Oh no." Norrin whispered in horror.

On the roof of the mining facility, where a landing pad for ships was located, the foreman of this facility stood up waiting patiently for his invited party to arrive. He watched as a whole squad of TIE-fighters circled around the faculty in the air, making sure of no unauthorized access, or for anyone wanting to leave while an investigation was going on. Soon enough, he could see an Imperial shuttle flying straight down and eventually landed on the landing pad.

The shuttle doors folded down and a squad Stormtroopers stepped out and formed two lines on the side of the shuttle. Stepping out next were four more, but these were a different kind of Stormtroopers. These ones wore black armor, a red visor on their helmets, and had a red pauldron on their left shoulder, with the mark of the Empire on their right. These four wielded long rifles, while strapped to their backs were staffs. These were the infamous Purge Troopers, specially designed for hunting Jedi.

One of the Purge Troopers stepped forward to address the foreman. "Are you the one in charge of this operation?" He asked simply.

"I am." The foreman said with a nod. "The Jedi is inside and ready for extraction."

"And you're certain he is a Jedi?" The Purge Trooper asked.

"Without a doubt." The foreman said with a smirk. "Once he's in your custody, you'll bring me my payment, as per our agreement?"

"If your intel is accurate." The Purge Trooper said simply as he waved forward, signaling all the Stormtroopers to march forward into the facility.

"You dare doubt me?" The foreman said angrily. "I know what I saw, and I'm telling you, I saw a Jedi!"

"It's not us you need to convince." The Purge Trooper said as he looked back at the shuttle.

The foreman looked back as well, before his eyes Eagan to waver and he felt a rush of fear by what he saw. Stepping out of the shuttle was a black robed figure wearing a hood, and had clawed gloves. The most distinguishable characteristic about this figure, though, was an avian-like skull mask over his face, with the beak-like part going downward. No part of his flesh was visible, except for his glowing red eyes.

"Take me to this...Jedi."


All the workers exited their barracks as they heard the commotion from outside, expecting maybe to see some of their coworkers pulling a prank or something. They did not expect to see Stormtroopers marching along the halls. They were especially put off by the black and red troopers leading each squad down each hallway.

"What's going on?"

What's the Empire doing here?"

"Is someone in trouble?"

"Back in your barracks!" One Stormtrooper ordered, causing everyone to scramble back to their rooms.

One Purge Trooper stopped the squad he was leading as they stood in front of a door, but not just nay door; this was the door to Norrin's room.

"Open it." The Purge Trooper ordered. The Stormtrooper nodded and put in a key code he was given by the foreman, but the door would not open. He tried again, but the result was still the same as the door wouldn't open. Feeling tired of waiting, the Purge Trooper brought out his staff, which sparked with electricity on both ends, and used to pry the door open. All troopers rushed inside and surveyed the room, but there was no one inside, and it looked like some items were taken.

"There's no one inside, sir." A Stormtrooper said.

"What?!" The foreman, who just arrived, exclaimed as he entered the room and looked around frantically. "He was here! This is his room and he almost never leaves, except during his shift and lunch!"

"And yet he's not here."

The foreman flinched as he looked back to see the black-robed and masked individual walking into the room; his red eyes boring down at him, as if he was staring right into his soul. "I swear, there is a Jedi here! I saw it myself!"

"I believe you." The figure said simply as he looked towards the Purge Trooper. "The Jedi is here; I can sense it. Set up a perimeter around the facility. No one enters, and no one gets out."

"Yes, Third Brother." The Purge Trooper said as he and the rest of the Stormtroopers head out.

"I'll still be rewarded, right? After you capture him, that is." The foreman asked with anticipation.

"Why wait for your reward?" Third Brother said as he unclipped something from inside his cloak, and stepped forward towards the foreman, causing him to get nervous and step back, before his back hit the wall. "Your reward shall won't suffer."


The foreman gasped as he looked down and saw a red lightsaber ignited and piercing right where his heart was. He tried catching his breath and silently screamed from the searing pain, before his body fell limp and collapsed to the floor dead. With that done, Third Brother left the room to complete his task.


'That was way too close.' Norrin thought to himself as he crawled through the vents. He wore a supply pack over his back as he continued to crawl as silently as possible.

He could hear the Stormtroopers through the vents, marching through the halls as they searched for him. He should be panicking that he was discovered, but he can't worry about that now. The first priority on his mind is getting out of here, find a ship, and the hell off this planet. He'll have to make a new identity for himself somewhere else, too, which is another hurdle he'll have to go through, but it'll be worth it in the end.

It wasn't just that the Empire discovered him that made him nervous; there was something else going on here. Ever since the Empire arrived, he could feel something almost dark lurking through the halls. It made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

He needs to get out of here, and fast.

The vent reached a dead end, but he could see that it had an opening where he could see that he was above an empty hall. He managed to push down the grate and dropped down and quietly stalked through the hall. He turned a corner, but had to quickly duck back as he noticed three Stormtroopers conversing with each other.

"What's the status of the mine workers?" One of the Stormtroopers asked.

"Majority of them are being escorted into the mess hall for containment and questioning." Another Stormtrooper said.

"Good. Let's search the West end of the facility for any stragglers and bring them in. The sooner we find this Jedi, the better." The Stormtrooper said as they all made their way.

Seeing as the coast was clear, Norrin ran down the hall and searched frantically for a terminal to use, hoping to see if there was a ship he could use on the facility's manifest. After finding one in another hall, he accessed it and searched through the listings.

"Come on, there's got to be a ship somewhere here." Norrin said as he looked through the manifest.

He paused however, as his body began to shake uncontrollably. His eyes widened in shock as he turned down the direction of the hall to his right and saw a door at the end of it, but it was what's behind that door that made his skin crawl. It was like the Force was telling him to be on edge and weary of what's behind there.

He looked above and saw another vent, which he gently opened and jumped into and sealed back up again, to make sure no one got suspicious. He slowly tried crawling away as to not make much noise, but then he heard the door open down below in the hall. He paused when he heard footsteps slowly sounding slowly beneath him.

"I can sense you, Jedi."

Norrin silently gasped as he held his breath. The deep yet raspy voice of whoever this person was just made his senses going on high alert, knowing that this wasn't a person he wanted to mess with.

"You can hide all you want, but it doesn't matter. Simply come out and meet your destiny."

Norrin remained perfectly still, as if even the slightest movement, no matter how silent it was, could alert to his presence. He placed his hand over his mouth as to silence his breathing.

"I wonder, what would the Jedi of old would say if they saw how one of their own is sneaking away like a rodent in the gutter?"

Norrin tried blocking his words, trying to not get agitated or riled up.

"The thing about rodents, Jedi, is that eventually..."

All of a sudden, the vent Norrin was in began to shake and crumble, forcing him to rapidly crawl away. It wasn't fast enough, however, as the vent collapsed to the floor and Norrin was sent rolling across the floor in the hallway. Norrin got up and gasped in chock as he was now face to face with Third Brother, who's red-eyed gaze stared down at him.

"Is that they eventually get flushed out." Third Brother said as he stared hard at Norrin. He looked at the young man up and down, as if assessing his entire being. "Are you really a Jedi. You look young."

Norrin tried to stay strong as he slowly backed up, trying hard to find an exit, but the only one he could see was right behind this foe. The young Jedi survivor looked behind Third Brother and saw a metal box right behind him, giving him an idea. He shot his hand forward and pulled it back, using the force to send the metal box flying right straight towards him.

However, it was all for naught, as Third Brother held up his hand and used the Force as well to stop the metal box before it could even reach him, all the while without breaking eye contact with Norrin. "I see." Third Brother said as he sent the box flying back, crashing to the wall. "You must have been so young during the Jedi Purge. Whatever horrors you have...I am worse."

"Who are you?" Norrin asked in shock.

"I am an Inquisitor. Do you know what that is?" Third Brother said as, even though one couldn't see it, his tone gave off he had a malicious smirk beneath his mask. "It means that I am your death."

"Yeah, well..." Norrin said as he then held his lightsaber and ignited his green blade and took on a Form I stance. "I survived this long." Norrin charged at the Inquisitor and attempted a slash.

However, it was easily halted when Third Brother ignited his red lightsaber and blocked his strike, keeping him in a blade lock. "Brave." The Third Inquisitor said as he simply swiped and pushed Norrin back. "But ultimately foolish."

Norrin gritted his teeth and charged again, delivering a few more slashed, but these too were blocked. Norrin thrusted his lightsaber forward and attempted to stab at him, but the Inquisitor sidestepped out of the way. He tried to retaliate with a low slash, but his strike was once again blocked and sent back, before he tried for another flurry of slashes that were effortlessly repelled.

Every attack Norrin sent was easily parried and deflected, before Third Brother decided to go on the offensive. The Inquisitor slowly pushed forward and delivered a couple of one-handed strikes, which Norrin blocked, but the force of the blows sent him staggering back each time. He delivered a diagonal downward slash, but the Jedi survivor held up his blade and tried to hold it back.

You've never completed your training, haven't you?" Third Brother asked as he kept up the pressure. Norrin gritted his teeth as he tried to push back, but the Inquisitor kicked him in the stomach and sent him back a few feet. "And I was hoping for a challenge."

Third Brother held up his hand and dislodged a metal plate from the wall and sent it flying right at the former Padawan, but he rolled out of the way. The Dark Side user sent more metal plates from the wall right at him, which Norrin either dodged or sliced up with his lightsaber.

When the last metal plate was heading right for him, Norrin actually jumped up and springboard right off it above the Inquisitor. He delivered a midair slash at Thrid Brother, who blocked it, but the real objective was to get behind him and run to the exit door.

"Run, fight, in the end it doesn't matter." Third Brother said as he slowly stalked after him. "Your death is inevitable." The Inquisitor walked through the door and noticed a switch along the wall, giving him an idea. "Let's make this hunt more enjoyable, shall we?" He used his lightsaber to destroy the switch, causing all the lights in the halls to go out, coating it in darkness.

From Norrin's position, he gasped in shock as all the lights in the halls were turned off and the halls were blanketed in darkness. The only light to give him visibility was from his own lightsaber. He turned around frantically as he tried to see not only which way to go, but where the Inquisitor could be.

"Tell me, boy." Norrin gasped as he heard the Inquisitor's voice coming from all directions in the darkened halls. "Who was your master? Did they suffer during the Purge."

"Shut up." Norrin whispered as he looked around frantically.

"Did you try to save them? If you are alone, then that means you failed."

"You don't know anything!" Norrin exclaimed.

All of a sudden, the Inquisitor ignited his red blade from behind Norrin, who managed to catch it in time and block it. The two of them blocked and parried each other's strikes, but the way they were dueling was more like a game to the Inquisitor, while Norrin struggled to keep up.

"I know that you're afraid." Third Brother said as they were in another blade lock. "I can feel it. You radiate fear like a bright flame." Norrin gritted his teeth as he pushed back and delivered a couple more slashed, with one of them even striking the side of Third Brother's cloak. This caused the Inquisitor to hum in thought as he delivered another slash that sent Norrin back when he blocked it. "Yes, very good. Perhaps you will provide me a decent challenge."

ThirdBrother deployed a crescent hand guard along his lightsaber hilt, before he deployed a second blade from the other end of his hilt, causing Norrin to gasp in shock. The Inquisitor charged and slashed at the young Jedi with both of his blades, making it even more difficult fro Norrin to block each strike.

Seeing as how he was clearly outmatched by this guy, Norrin tried to think of a way out this situation, before the light shining from their lightsabers revealed a pipe along the wall, giving Norrin an idea. He slashed the pipe, causing a rush of steam to shoot out, hitting the Inquisitor, and causing him to step back a bit. Norrin took this opportunity to run as fast as he could.

Norrin entered another hallway, which was thankfully lit, so he deactivated his lightsaber. He looked around and tried to figure out where to go, but with this facility surrounded by Stormtroopers and that Inquisitor guy on his tail, his options were limited.

All of a sudden, a hand reached out from another room and yanked him inside. Norrin held his lightsaber ready in case it was another enemy, but his eyes widened in shock as he who it was.

"Dorag?" Norrin said in shock as he saw his coworker and friend.

"Hey, Tom. Heck of a day you're having, huh?" Dorag said with a slight smirk.

"What are you doing here?" Norrin asked in disbelief.

"When the Stormtroopers started rounding up the workers, I knew I had to get away, so I hid in a compartment and snuck away. Heard a commotion and low and behold, I happen to find you." Dorag explained, before he saw the lightsaber hilt. "Wow, so that's a lightsaber, huh? I guess that means you're really a Jedi."

"And...what does that mean for you?" Norrin said with his eyes slightly narrowed.

"Like I said, I never had an opinion on the Jedi." Dorag said simply, before he smiled and placed a hand on the young man's shoulder. "But I do have an opinion on you, and I'm not letting you get caught by these bantha fodders."

Norrin smiled at that, happy to know that his friend was still his friend. His eyes then widened again when he felt the dark presence of the Inquisitor heading right this way. "Dorag, we have to go."

"Here." Dorag reached down and revealed a hidden door in the floor and opened it. "This will take you outside. Get as far away as you possibly can." Norrin was about to jump down, but then both of them gasped in shock as a red lightsaber blade pierced the room door and was trying to make a circle.

"Come with me!" Norrin exclaimed.

"You need to get out of here more than me!" Dorag said strongly. "The galaxy has already lost too many Jedi over the years, it can't lose another one! Besides, I'll just slow you down!"

"I'm not leaving without you!" Norrin exclaimed strongly.

"I know." Dorag said as he smiled at the former Jedi Padawan. "That's why I'm not giving you a choice." All of a sudden, Dorag punched Norrin right in the face, causing him to fall right into the hidden floor door. He quickly closed it up and sealed the entrance.

Just then, Third Brother managed to cut opening to the room and stepped inside, but only seeing Dorag there, giving him a defiant stare. "Where is the Jedi?" Third Brother asked as he held up his red lightsaber to Dorag's face.

"Jedi?" Dorag asked with a smirk. "What Jedi?" The only response the Inquisitor gave was stabbing Dorag in the chest with his red blade, killing him instantly.

Third Brother looked around the room, before he noticed a discolored floor panel. He used the Force to pry open the hidden door to the outside. "Run, run, little Jedi."


When Norrin fell through the hidden door, he ended up rolling down a tunnel beneath the facility, before coming to a stop when he eventually fell into an underground cave. He groaned as he sat up and held his head, before his eyes widened as he remembered Dorag sending him down here and staying behind.

"Dorag, you idiot." Norrin whispered, with his head lowered for a quick mourning. He got up and made his way down the cave, wondering if there was a way out of here. This must have been a hidden cave system that wasn't on the mining maps, meaning that it may lead him to an exit that was away from the Stormtroopers guarding the mining facility.

As he made his way down the cave, he then noticed something strange as long the cave wall. He looked closely and thought he saw strange runes along the walls. He couldn't make out what they said, however.

"What in the Force is this language?" Norrin asked himself.

Just then, he heard the sound of an igniting lightsaber, causing him to gasp as he turned around and activated his own lightsaber in order to block the strike from Third Brother, who was using a single blade this time.

"You can't run forever." Third Brother said with sick glee. "I always find my prey."

"We'll see about that." Norrin said with gritted teeth.

"Really? Let's test that then." Third brother said with sick glee as he then activated his second blade and gave an upward slash, aiming right for the former Padawan's face.

Norrin didn't have time to react.


Norrin howled in pain as he jumped back and held the spot where his left eye was. Smoke sizzled from between the fingers that covered that part of his face, gritting his teeth pain. Amidst the pain, he failed to notice that he dropped his lightsaber.

"I don't think you'll be seeing well anymore." Third Brother said with sick glee.

Norrin panted as he tried to work through the pain and figure out a way out of here, before he brought his hand up and used the Force on the cave walls. Cracks began to form along the cave, before the cave began to collapse in of itself, forcing Third Brother to jump back to avoid getting hit by the falling debris. The cave in created a stone barrier between the two of them, which gave Norrin the opportunity to run in the opposite direction.

The young Jedi survivor gritted his teeth in pain from the wound to his left eye, but worked through it as he had to find a way out of here as fast as he can. As he ran, he failed to notice cracks beginning to form along the cave floor he was running on.

Just then, the cave floor collapsed and Norrin fell down a hole that sent him rolling down deeper and deeper into the underground tunnel. He tucked his in and rolled down the steep downward tunnel, before he eventually came to an abrupt stop when he reached the bottom.

Norrin groaned in discomfort as he slowly got up to his hands and knees and looked around where he landed, seeing just another underground tunnel, but those strange runes from before were now everywhere all around him. He looked down and saw that he was standing on top of a strange circle of those runes engraved in the ground.

"What...what is this?" Norrin said in discomfort. The adrenaline was staring to leave him, so a mix of pain and dizziness was starting to wear him out. As he tried standing back up, the circle of runes beneath him began to glow, making him gasp in shock, before all the runes throughout the entire cave system began to glow as well. "What's happening?!"

The glow intensified as an orb of energy began to surround Norrin, making him even more confused, before a bright flash of light ignited where he stood. When the flash subsided, Norrin was nowhere to be seen throughout the cave.

Back on the surface, Stormtroopers and Purge Troopers stood at attention, surrounding the mining facility and waited for their Inquisitor commander's orders to move in. He must have engaged the Jedi by now, but so far everything seemed quiet.

The silence was ended, however, when an explosion of rubble occurred near them and they all looked to see Third Brother stepping up from the hole he just made from underground.

"Sir." One of the Purge Troopers said dutifully as he approached him. "Has the Jedi been neutralized."

"He's still somewhere down there." Third Brother said as he held his hand up, revealing Norrin's lightsaber in his grasp. "But we will find him...and I will end him."


On another world...

Night had fallen in the middle of a forest, where not a sound was heard, except for the sounds of insects chirping in the dark. The silence was broken, however, when a bright glowing orb appeared. When the light subsided, Norrin was revealed to appear in the forest, before he collapsed onto the grassy surface.

The feeling of soft grass beneath him instead of hard stone instantly made him lose all of his adrenaline from the events that happened. He wasn't even going to question what at all happened that sent him to a different place entirely.

As he felt himself beginning to lose consciousness, the last thing he was able to see was a shadowy figure moving out of the foliage and beginning to approach him. He couldn't move his body as sleep eventually took over and he lost consciousness.

'Master...I'm so sorry.' Norrin thought to himself, before slumping down into a deep sleep.


Hey everyone, I'm here with a new story for you all!

This one is definitely the most adult story I hav ever written. It may not seem like it now, but trust me there's going to plenty for mature stuff going on.

I'm of course talking about Lemons. Yep, if any of you know how the lore of Monster Girl Encyclopedia, you know for a fact that there's going to be a lot of Lemons going on for this story as it can sometimes be the main focal point of that series. I don't want it to be the main point of this story, however, as there is going to be a plot that I have been working on for months.

Now, you might be thinking, "why Monster Girl Encyclopedia?" Well, I first discovered it when I was reading a fan fiction of Monster Musume, or as it's sometimes known as Daily Life with Monster Girls, crossover over with the Loud House, the author mentioned that he'd be using monster girls from that source of media, and I've never heard of it, so I decided to look it up.

And, yeah, Monster Girl Encyclopedia is basically just a hentai, but in book form, and there is semblance of a plot, but it's definitely just a different kind of hentai. Not really something I would write about, or even give some thoughts about.

But then I started rewatching some Star Wars content, mainly Clone Wars, Bad Batch, and Knights of the Old Republic playthroughs (amazing video game series, btw), and I could definitely see a Jedi being sent to this world and trying to survive all the craziness that is going on. So, I decided to give this a shot and write this little prologue test chapter to see how it is received.

Keep in mind, I'm coming into this fairly new, as I have never wrote lemons before, never mind a lemon-centric story before, but I'm open to challenges, so let's give this a shot, shall we?

So, my Jedi OC is the Padawan of Master Plo Koon, who became my instant favorite Jedi Master, not counting Ob-Wan Kenobi or Yoda. His Padawan, Norrin Farris, however, is relatively green, and with the war going on, he didn't have much time for training, but he did learn a few things from him, which we will see as the story progresses.

Also, it's worth mentioning, but the Inquisitor that I showed in this story is actually the Unknown Inquisitor from the Tales of the Jedi season 1 finale, the one that Ahsoka beheaded. He was never given a name, so I decided to give him the name Third Brother, because there actually is a Third Brother in Star Wars canon, but he was only mentioned briefly and never shown. So, as you can guess, he never faced Ahsoka, as I think the story of her defeating Sixth Brother from her novel had much more of an impact.

This Inquisitor is going to make a lot more appearances, as you can tell, as I think he was so underused in Tales of the Jedi, and he had such an amazing look and voice, that I wished they would have used him more. Well, here in this story, I'm giving this Inquisitor time in the spotlight.

Now, I know I said Lemon-centric, but that was a bit of an exaggeration. Just know that there is going to be a plot to this series and I have big plans for it. What I have planned, well, you'll just have to wait and see. This is only the prologue, so we still have a way to go.

Well, that's all I have to say, for now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me or leave a review, so long as it's in a respectable manner.

Take care everyone. Stay healthy, stay safe, I'll see you all next time.