New World, New Issues

Norrin slowly began to regain to regain consciousness as he groaned in discomfort. He opened one of his eyes and saw that it was still night and he was leaning up against a tree, while he could see a campfire across from him. His single eye widened when he couldn't see anything from his left eye, so he reached up and gasped when he held a cloth wrapped around his head that covered his left eye.

That's when he remembered the Inquisitor.

He rapidly stood up and looked around to survey his surroundings, shocked by what he was seeing. He was surrounded by trees, appearing to be in the middle of a forest, with sounds of a river in the distance. This was a far cry from the barren wasteland that was Abraxas, so he could definitely deduce that he wasn't there anymore.

But that just leaves the most obvious question. Where in the Force was he?

"Oh, I see you're awake."

Norrin looked back when he heard a female voice behind him, and if it wasn't for him still thinking about the Inquisitor, or how he got here in the first place, he would be blushing red right now.

The woman before him was no doubt beautiful, with light blonde hair around her head and a long thin ponytail. She wore large hat overhead, black cape draped over her shoulders, and a short top that covered her large breasts, which had to be a D cup, yet exposed her well-toned and flat midriff. She also wore really short shorts, and black boots, while along her clothes there were decorations of what appeared to be orangish-red leaves, even in her hat, and attached to her hip was a sheathed thin sword.

"Who are you?!" Norrin asked in alarm as he reached for his lightsaber, but his eyes widened when he couldn't find it. 'My lightsaber!' He realized he must have dropped it during the scuffle with the Inquisitor

"Hey, hey, it's okay." The woman said gently as she raised her hands placatingly, showing that she meant no harm. "You were pretty badly hurt, so I just brought you here to help you. You had a pretty nasty wound over your eye, so I tried fixing it up."

Norrin subconsciously placed some fingered over the cloth over his left eye, wincing as it still felt uncomfortable. "You were helping me?" Norrin asked, still feeling cautious.

"Yeah, that's why I had to step away for a bit while you were sleeping." The woman said as she reached behind with one hand and brought out a pouch. "I found some healing herbs for your wounds." She stepped forward slowly knelt down while giving a gentle smile. "Think we can lower the hostilities and let me help you?"

Norrin contemplated his situation and wondered about what he should do, but the slight throbbing pain from his covered left eye left him with little choice. So, he sat down and leaned back on the tree.

"There, you see? We're both okay." The woman said as she scotched over and reached up to the cloth, but paused when Norrin flinched. "I have to remove the cloth and remove the old herbs, so I can put the fresh ones on." Norrin looked down for a bit, but nodded and allowed her to remover her bandages. She winced when she saw the state of his eye, before she placed fresh herbs on the cloth and wrapped it back around his eye. "The flash should heal with this over time, but as for the eye itself, I'm not so certain."

Norrin felt a soothing comfort wash over his damaged eye, no longer feeling the pain from before. He smiled at the woman and gave an approving nod. "Thank you." Norrin said gratefully.

"You're welcome." The woman said with a smile of her own. "So, may ask for your name, stranger?"

"...It's Norrin. Norrin Farrix." Norrin answered. Since his cover was blown by the Empire, there was no point in using an alias at the moment.

"Norrin, huh? Well, my name is Delilah." The woman, now named Delilah said. "Mind if I ask what you were doing out here in the middle of the woods."

"I was...running from an enemy." Norrin answered trying to contemplate everything that happened. "He badly injured me and I tried desperately to escape. I didn't leave unscathed."

"Okay, but how did you end up in the middle of the woods all by yourself?" Delilah asked.

"I...I don't know." Norrin asked as he looked around the makeshift campsite she set up. "This place definitely isn't Abraxas."

"Abraxas?" Delilah reappeared in confusion. "I've never heard of that country before?"

"Country?" Norrin repeated in equal confusion. "What do you mean by country? Abraxas was the planet I was on."

"...Planet?" Delilah questioned, feeling even more confused. "You're not making any sense. What do you mean by planet?"

Norrin's eyes widened at that question. Is she seriously getting confused about another planet? He needs to be sure about something.

"Delilah, let me ask you something. What kinds of ships do the people of this world?" Norrin asked with his eye narrowed in suspicion.

"What do you mean what kind? The kind that sails over the oceans." Delilah asked, looking at Norrin like he was talking nonsense.

This caused Norrin to sigh in frustration and placed his hands over his head. "This should not be possible." He muttered to himself, before looking back at her. "Okay, Delilah, what I'm about to tell you might sound crazy in your mind, but just bear with me, okay?"

"Alright." Delilah said with a nod as she got comfortable to listen to him.

"Okay, well, there's no easy way to say this, but I'm not from this world." Norrin said.

"Wait, what?" Delilah asked in shock. "What do you mean you're not from this world?"

"I mean that I was not born on this planet." Norrin said as he then looked up into the night sky and pointed. "You see those stars? Each of those stars is actually a sun, and surrounding those suns are other planets. Some of those planets actually hold other forms of life."

"Really?" Delilah said in amazement as she looked up at the stars, before she gave a skeptic look at Norrin. "Hold on, this all sounds like far fetched tale a mad wanderer would tell. How do I know you're telling the truth?"

Norrin looked down in thought, wondering how to prove that he was telling the truth, before he felt something in the punch strapped to him. He reached in and gave a sad look at what he held.

Master Plo Koon's lightsaber.

He's carried it with him all this time and never once had he used it for combat. He feels like he doesn't have the right to wield it. This was his master's blade, not his, and he will just carry it with him for the time being. Still, though, how long will that last now that he doesn't have his own lightsaber?

He quickly put the weapon away and pulled out a holodisc, before pressing a button that displayed a planet. The mere image of the hologram caused Delilah to gasp in shock, before she scooted closer and tried to touch it, only to gasp again when her hand simply passed through the image like it was air.

"What kind of magic is this?" Delilah asked in surprise.

"Not magic; technology. I figured you didn't have holodiscs on this world." Norrin said as the image changed into an amphibian-like humanoid creature with amphibian eyes. "The planet you saw was one that I was on years ago. It was called Cato Neimoidia. This is what the people looked like on that planet."

"You mean...out there, there are other kinds of people besides humans and mamano?" Delilah asked in shock. Norrin was confused by the mamano part, but he figured that it was just another indigenous people that lives on this world.

"The galaxy is a big place." Norrin said fondly as he looked up at the stars. "There are hundreds of planets out there, filled to the brim with life. Many planets have their own peoples, with their own languages and cultures. It's like a sea of never ending discoveries."

"Wow." Delilah said as she looked up into the night sky. "I kind of feel a bit small now."

Norrin chuckled at that, but he frowned a bit as he looked down. "It is amazing, but I've had my fill of discoveries out there in the galaxy." Norrin said solemnly.

Delilah looked to see his sad face and wanted to say something to comfort him, but she wasn't sure what to say. She was still reeling on the discovery of multiple worlds out there.

"So, now that you're here on our world, what are you going to do now?" Delilah asked.

"I'm still figuring that out right now." Norrin said with a sigh. "I guess for the time being I'll probably just lie low. I don't know much about this world so I'll probably have to find a place to settle down for a bit and get my bearings."

"Well, if you're going to do that, there's a human settlement just down the road thats nearby." Delilah said, pointing up north.

"I guess that's good as any to start with." Norrin said with a shrug. "What about you? Are you heading in that direction, as well?"

"No, that settlement is up in the north. I'm heading northeast." Delilah said as her eyes narrowed a bit. "I've got some...personal business that I need to take care of."

Norrin was a bit confused by how she put it, but figured it her business and he didn't want to pry. His eyes began to get a bit heavy so he leaned back into the tree and gave a yawn. "Listen, I'm feeling super tired, so is it okay if I get some shuteye?"

"Sure thing. We'll both head out in the morning." Delilah said with a nod as she removed her hat and laid down, using a pack as a pillow next to the fire. She looked back at the tired form of Norrin and saw that he shivered slightly, before giving a little smirk. "You want to come closer to the fire, or to me?" Norrin looked at her and blushed a bit by the look she was giving him as she patted the grass next her. "I guarantee you that it's warmer."

"I'm...okay right here, thank you." Norrin said as he turned, causing Delilah to pout, before she gained devious smirk. She moved over next him and leaned her shoulder next to his, causing him to look at her in surprise. "What are you-"

"If you won't get warm lying next to me, then I'll just warm you by lying next to you." Delilah said with a smirk before she closed her eyes and just let herself drift off to sleep next to her.

Norrin was confused by this, as he didn't have any idea on how to deal with this kind of situation, but seeing the peaceful look on her face, he didn't have the heart to push her off. Deciding to just let it go, he drifted off to sleep, as well, finally having some peace.


The next morning came and it was...a bit awkward, for Norrin's part. After he had woken up from his sleep, he was given the sight of Delilah clinging on to him while she was still asleep, much to his embarrassment. When she woken up, she didn't seem to mind, in fact, she seemed to relish it and wanted to stay in that position longer, but Norrin was adamant that they get up, much to her disappointment.

They had a quick breakfast with some bread that Delilah saved up, before they decided to head on off down the road she was talking about. As they walked, Norrin couldn't help but admire the beauty of the forest. He couldn't feel it before, but now that he was of a calmer mind, he couldn't explain it, felt like the Force was more prominent here than anywhere else he's been.

"This place is...beautiful." Norrin said in admiration.

"It is pretty amazing." Delilah said with a smile. "Although, I'm sure you've seen other worlds just as beautiful as this place."

"They were alright, I guess." Norrin said with a shrug. He didn't really spent much time exploring during the war, or even when he was on the run. It was all about survival, not sightseeing. The two of them soon came upon a fork in the road, before they faced each other. "So, which way am I heading?"

"You take the path on the left, while I take the path to the right." Delilah said as she held her hand up to him. "Well, it certainly has been a pleasure, Norrin from the stars."

"I guess it was, Delilah." Norrin said as the two of them shook hands. "I hope you succeed with whatever it is you have to do."

"You and me both, Norrin." Delilah said with a sigh, before she smiled again at him. "And I hope you enjoy your time on our world. Trust me, I have a feeling you're going to love it here."

"I hope so." Norrin said, before he was about to walk down the path he was taking, but stopped when Delilah quickly stepped up in front of him. "Uh, yes?"

"In case I don't see you again." Delilah said as, like lightning, she quickly stepped up and kissed him right on the cheek, much to his surprise. She couldn't help but laugh at the flabbergasted look he gave, along with the red in his cheeks. "You don't get much attention from women, do you?"

"Uh, well...that is..." Norrin tried speaking, but was still stunned by what she did.

"With how handsome you are, I have a feeling that's about to change while you're here." Delilah said with a wink, before she walked off in the path she was supposed to take, but not before adding a bit of a sway to her hips. "See you around, Norrin from the stars."

Norrin blushed as he watched her walk off, before shaking it off and continued down his own path. "That woman sure is strange, but maybe we'll see each other again." Norrin said to himself as he walked off.

As Norrin continued to walk, his mind went back to that encounter with the Inquisitor on Abraxas. He was obviously well trained, and even had a strong connection to the Force. Could he have possibly been some Force sensitive that was taken by the Empire and was trained to hunt down anyone like him.

'No, he almost seemed...Jedi trained.' Norrin thought to himself. The very idea caused him to shiver with fright and disgust. Why would any Jedi want to serve the very Empire that ordered their termination and extinction.

Remembering that brought back me memories of Plo Koon's death, causing hm to bring out his lightsaber. Not a day goes by that he wishes he could have done something. Maybe he could have fought off the Clones a bit more, maybe he could have retrieved his master's body and save him, bring him medical provisions to get him better.

That would have been for naught, he quickly realized. His body was too badly damaged that there would have been no help to save him. The best thing he could do then was survive, just like he wanted him to.

Never expected that he would get transported to an unknown planet, though.


For about an hour now, Norrin has continued walking down the path that Delilah pointing him towards where the human settlement she said was at. It got him thinking about the way she said that, though.

'She said a human settlement, so does that mean humans are the main dominant species on this planet?' Norrin thought to himself. If that was the case, then he was lucky to have been transported here, considering it'd be tough to explain a sole human on an unknown planet. 'But, wait...didn't she say a something about another species living on this planet? What was it? Ma...Mamano, I think she said?'

He wonders what that kind of species was like. Maybe as he continues to live on this planet, he'll see what they are and if they are friendly or not.

As he walked, his ears picked up the soft sounds of rushing water, meaning that there was probably a river or stream nearby. He checked a little canteen bottle that Delilah had given him and he could see that he was running on empty. She had to split her share of water with him before they parted ways.

"Guess now's a good time as any to refill." Norrin said as he followed to the sound of where the water was coming from. He eventually found the small river and filled his canteen, while also splashing some water in his hair to cool off. "I wonder how much farther I have to go before civilization."

Just then, he heard the rustling of something in the foliage across the river. He instantly got on alert and was cautious about what was coming, but didn't immediately run in case it wasn't anything to worry about, like some small animal. All of a sudden, something came bursting out of the bushes and landed in the river on its hands and knees, making Norrin's eyes widen slightly by what he saw.

It appeared to be a woman of average height, with light brown hair done in a pony tail, but that was the only normal human thing about her, as everything else appeared to be anything but human. Her body was covered in what appeared to be a green one piece, which seemed to really hug her large breasts well. Her face, shoulders, and upper thighs had light right skin, but everywhere else was coated in green scales, and her feet and hands were replaced with claws, and she even had a green-scaled tail along the lower part of her back. She had frills on the side of her head, right around where her ears were, and her eyes were reptilian with slit-pupil. To complete her look, a sheathed sword was strapped to her back.

Honestly, she looked like the blend of a human women and a Trandoshan, which was an odd thought to think about.

Norrin stared at her a bit stunned, which she returned, but then her expression hardened as she then glared at him.

"Are you hunting me, as well?!" She exclaimed as he gripped the hilt of her sword on her back.

"Wait...what?" Norrin said in confusion. Just then he heard the sounds of hooves rushing in from the distance, making it sound like a stampede along the way.

The reptile-like woman heard the sounds as well, causing her to click her tongue in frustration. "Dammit! It's them!" She cursed as she turned to where the sounds were coming from.

Not a few seconds later, three men on horseback came riding in and stopped as they surrounded the reptile woman. These men were wearing blue and golden armor, blue helmets, with a blue cape strapped to their shoulders, with the emblem of a golden cross surrounded by white feathers. Each of them got off their horses and slowly approached the woman, each of them with angered looks in their eyes.

"You can't run from us now, monster." One of the soldiers said as he removed his helmet, revealing his chin-length blonde hair, with a bit of a stubble on his face. "At least accept your death with honor."

"You wish to speak to me about honor?" The reptile woman said as she narrowed her eyes at them. "You surround an opponent and use your numbers, rather then face me in a one-on-one duel? Where's the honor in that?"

"I don't need to debate honor with an abomination like you." The man said as he was about to draw his sword.

"Sir." One knight said to get his attention, before nodding in Norrin's direction.

The man looked towards Norrin, before narrowing his eyes. "Young man, are you alright? She didn't attempt to harm you, did she?" The man asked.

" She just showed up." Norrin said in confusion. "Wait, I'm confused, what's going on here?"

"We are dispensing justice, that is what's going on." The man said as all three of them drew their swords, causing the woman to draw her own sword.

"Wait, justice? Has she committed a crime of some kind?" Norrin asked in even more confusion.

All three knights looked at each other in confusion, even the reptile woman looked at him a bit strangely, before the non-helmeted man spoke up again. "Are you daft, or something? Just look at her. Can you not see what she is?"

"Um, yeah? Kind of?" Norrin said, his confusion still not wavering. "I see that she doesn't look human, but I'm still not getting it. Has she committed a crime?"

"She is the crime!" The man exclaimed in anger, his patience wearing thin. "She is a monster, and a disgrace to the natural order of things."

"What?" Norrin said, his expression no longer one of confusion, but one of steel as he glared at them.

"A monster like her is a blight upon this world, and must now be eradicated." The man said as all three of them approached her, causing her to get in a fighting stance with her sword. "Your execution begins now."


All of a sudden, Norrin, using the Force to dash forward, made a beeline straight for the man and instantly punched him in the cheek, sending him back a few feet from the sudden attack. All the other knights looked stunned by what had just happened, even the reptile woman looked on in surprise by what she saw.

'So fast.' She thought to herself.

"Cavalier Michael!" One of the knights exclaimed as the two of them ran towards their comrade and helped him to his feet.

Michael, who now sported a bruise on his cheek, looked stunned by what had just transpired, before his look became enraged. "What in all the heavens do you think you're doing?!" He exclaimed in anger.

"Look, I may be new to these parts, but I know that justice involves a crime, and I have yet hear anything about this lady performing one." Norrin said with his gaze hardened. "Killing her for no good reason isn't justice, it's murder."

"Murder?! She is a monster, a Mamano!" Michael exclaimed. "Her kind are a blight on this world, and it is our duty to ensure they can never threaten mankind, by any means necessary."

Norrin growled in slight anger, but quickly made sure to keep his emotions in check. "Well, I think you and I have different opinions on what 'duty' means." Norrin said as he got ready, but then the reptile woman stood in front of him.

"This is not your battle, human." The woman said with a slight glare towards him. "I will handle this myself."

"Hey, I'm just trying to help you." Norrin said with a light glare right back at her.

"You shouldn't meddle in affairs that aren't yours to begging with. I would have been fine." The reptile woman said stubbornly.

"Sorry, but whenever someone's in trouble, it's my duty to help in any way I can. It's a blessing, and yet a curse." Norrin said with a smirk. 'Course, I more than consider it a curse, since helping someone is what got me into that mess with the Empire.'

The woman stared at him briefly, before setting her sights back on the three knights in front of them. "I will admit, that's a very honorable notion." She said as she couldn't help but give a smirk at the three knights. "At least there is one human here that has a sense of honor."

The three knights all glared at them, but Michael sent a hateful glare at Norrin, with his teeth grinding. "Men, kill the monster, but leave that man to me! I want to kill him personally!" He exclaimed as all three of them held their swords ready. The three of them charged at Norrin and the reptile woman, with the two of them splitting off to pick at their opponents individually.

The woman used her sword to expertly deflect all the swings sent her way, the sounds of clanging filling the air as she blocked each strike. She was mainly on the defensive as she was blocking sword strikes from two opponents, but she had enough skill to where she was holding her own.

One knight tried to bring in an overhead strike, but she sidestepped out of the way and delivered a knee strike to his midsection, sending him to the ground, before she slammed the hilt of her sword to the back of his head, knocking him unconscious. The second yelled in anger and swung a few slashes at her, but she deflected each strike, before knelt down and did a twirl, using her tail to knock the man off his feet, before punching him in the face.

She gave a sigh of relief as she was about to aid in Norrin against his opponent, but paused as she looked in surprise by what she was seeing. Norrin was not only holding his own, but he was also fighting without a weapon.

Norrin easily swerved out of the way from each of the slashed that Cavalier Michael sent his way, easily predicting each of his movements. He wanted to keep a low profile at the moment, ironic considering he was now getting into fights, so he didn't want to use his master's lightsaber. Judging by the skill of this guy, he didn't really need it. This guy was moving so slow from his point of view.

He's deflected blaster fire from droids, took part in a galactic war, and was trained in lightsaber combat from various masters at the Jedi temple all when he was a Youngling. The way this guy was fighting, even when he was still in training, he could have easily taken him out with a lightsaber.

He maneuvered out of the way from a few more swings from Michael, causing the knight to growl in anger as he continued to try and fail to hit him. "Will you...just...hold still!" Michael exclaimed in frustration as he continued to swing and miss.

"Why would I do that?" Norrin said as he continued to dodge. "Isn't the whole point of a battle to make sure we don't die, or get injured?"

"You coward!" Michael growled in anger and frustration. "You won't even draw a weapon?! What kind of warrior are you?!"

"The kind that's playing smart." Norrin said as he did a backflip to avoid another swing, before charging in and delivered a palm strike on Michael's arm, causing him to drop his sword. "Now, think we can talk this out?"

"Never!" Michael exclaimed as he just balled up his fists and tried wildly punching Norrin, but each strike was either blocked or dodged each time.

"Really? How much longer are you going to keep this up?" Norrin said as he expertly deflected each punch, noticing that they were getting slower due to Michael's fatigue wearing him down.

"Until you're...dead at feet." Michael said as he continued to punch at Norrin, but he was panting heavily.

"I'm sensing a lot of anger in you, right now." Norrin said as he ducked under a punch and moved to the side. "My master used to say that you need to be mindful of your anger." He dodged another strike and swerved to Michael's other side. "Because if you let it consume you..."

"RAAH!" Michael tried delivering a hard punch, but was once again deflect, and then tripped up so he was sprawled out in the middle of the stream. He quickly got up and looked around for his opponent, but he could no longer see him.

"You lose sight of everything."

Michael gasped as he heard Norrin's voice coming behind him. He quickly turned around and to throw another punch, but Norrin quickly blocked it, and then finally retaliated by delivering multiple quick jabs at the knight's face, causing him to stumble back slightly, before the young Jedi delivered a round kick to his midsection and then an uppercut, sending the man stumbling back. Norrin finished him off by running up to him, jumping up, and then delivering a spin kick right to his head. Michael was laid down right in the middle of the stream and tried getting back up, but then groaned in pain before succumbing.

"I hope I've made my point." Norrin said with a slight smirk. He looked back and saw that the reptile woman had finished off her two opponents while still looking at him with a stunned expression. "Are you okay?"

The woman shook off her stunned expression, returning to her her hard stare. "Yes, human, I am fine. My opponents were greatly inexperienced when facing against me." She said as she sheathed her sword.

"Yeah, same with mine. I think his armor was slowing him down, but even if it wasn't, I'd probably still beat him." Norrin said as he looked at all of the unconscious bodies around them. "So, what should we do with these guys."

"Place them on their horses." The woman said as she picked up the two unconscious knights she faced and he picked up Michael. Once they were all safely secure, the woman smacked the horses, causing them to run off in the distance. "They will be taken back to their camp. By the time they awaken, we shall be long gone from here."

"I guess that settles that." Norrin said as he made sure his canteen of water was safely secure, before looking at her. "Well, I'm glad you're not hurt. You really held your own against them. Impressive."

"I have faced many warriors in my travels, and none have defeated me. These men were even weaker than any warriors I've faced in the past." The woman said confidently, before giving a critical look at Norrin. " didn't use a weapon during your battle against your opponent. Why is that?"

"It just would have been overkill. He was just so blinded by his anger that he defeated himself." Norrin said with a shrug, before turning to walk away. "Well, I'm glad I was able to help, so have a safe journey."

"Wait!" The woman called out, causing him to stop. "I request that you give me your name."

"It's Norrin. Norrin Farrix." Norrin introduced himself. "Since I gave you mine, mind if I ask what yours is?"

"My name is Eliza." The reptilian woman introduced with a slight bow. "Tell me, where are you heading towards now?"

"Well, I was told that there was a human settlement not far from here, so that's where I was going." Norrin said, pointing in the direction he was told to go.

"I see." Eliza said with a critical gaze. "Then before you continue your travels, allow me to offer a request."

"Um, okay?" Norrin said with a shrug, thinking he might as well here her out. Just then, Eliza quickly drew her sword and pointed it right at him, much too his surprise. "Wait, what are you doing?"

"Warrior Norrin, I challenge you to a duel." Eliza said in determination. "A one on on clash between warriors in combat."

"Wait, wait, I just helped you with those guys, and now you want to fight me?" Norrin asked in disbelief.

"I said before, I have faced many warriors, yet none were able to defeat me." Eliza explained. "Now, here I am, finding a truly worthy opponent in you. A warrior I believe can truly be the challenge I have been looking for."

"Look, I'm not gonna fight you." Norrin said as he attempted to walk away.

"If you are worried that it would be a duel to the death, you greatly mistaken." Eliza said, trying to ease his thoughts. "I never kill the ones I have bested. What is the point of facing a skilled warrior if, by the end, they are just killed before they reach their true potential?"

"That's not the reason." Norrin argued.

"Then what is it?" Eliza said in frustration.

"Look, I don't fight for the sake of fighting." Norrin said with his eyes narrowed at her. "I'm not gonna fight you just because you can get some kind of 'warrior's honor' for no good reason."

"You stepped in to fight those knights when they attempted to kill me." Eliza continued to argue.

"Yeah, exactly! They were going to gang up on you and try to kill you!" Norrin exclaimed in frustration, trying to get her to see logic. "I stepped in and fought them because you needed help, not because I was looking for a fight. Now, just accept that I don't want to fight, and move on." He gave a sigh of exhaustion and just continued to walk off. "Have a good day, Ms. Eliza."

Eliza watched as Norrin trekked through the woods in the direction of the road, her eyes glued to his form as he left her standing there. She was stunned for a brief moment, before she gave a slight growl in anger, before marching forward.


Norrin stood in the middle of the road on a hill, looking in the distance as he finally saw the settlement he was told about up ahead. It looked like a pretty decent sized village, with a lot of one-story, and a couple of two-story buildings making up the town. The community held a single wooden watchtower and was surrounded by a wooden wall with two large opened gates from one end to the other. He could make out various people walking around performing various tasks and just going about their day.

"Finally. I made it." Norrin said with a sigh of relief. He walked off, but as he continued on, he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Why are you following me?" He looked behind and saw Eliza walking a good ten feet behind him, giving him a critical stare.

"A challenge has been declared, so a challenge must be met." Eliza said simply as she continued to follow him. "Until we are to do battle, I will continue to follow you."

"Well, that's not going to happen." Norrin said as he continued to trek forward.

"If there's one thing I've learned throughout my travels, it is patience." Eliza said as she continued to follow him.

Norrin eventually came up to the opened gates of the town and just walked on through, looking around and seeing all the various people going about their day. He saw men and women working at various stalls that sold either food, furs, or other little goods. By first appearances, this just seemed like an everyday quiet little town.

But there was one thing that stood out to him...

As he looked at the people, he noticed that there were a few women who had various appearances that made them stand out. He saw one woman at a stand that sold milk and she had horns on her head, and her legs were like a cows, with black and white spots on her furry legs. He saw another woman that was actually sleeping on the roof of a building, but she had the features of a cat. Right at a flowers stand he saw another woman wearing a green dress, but the most prominent features about her were her large hands, feet, a tail, and flowers growing on her head, while next to her was a young girl with similar features, maybe her daughter.

'Maybe these are other covariants of these Mamano that I've heard about. Strange, though, that they only seem to be just women.' Norrin thought to himself as he continued walking forward. He paused when he saw a tavern and thought that it was the best place as any to get some information about where he is.

He entered the tavern and saw other patrons sitting down at the bar or at tables, but he decided to sit at the lone table in the corner. There doesn't seem to be any place with a menu, but he wouldn't need one, since he doubts these people take credits, so no point in ordering something.

"You new in town, stranger?" Norrin looked to see a middle-aged woman wearing a waitress uniform walk up to him with a smile. "You must be new, cause I've never seen you around here before."

"Yeah, I just happened to stumble on this town." Norrin said. "What is the name of this place? I don't think I've seen a sign of what the town's named."

"Well, we call this town Libertus. We're a typically small community, so we don't get that much attention from the big cities, but we make do." The woman answered. "So, what would you like to order?"

"Actually, I'm not here for food, at the moment. You see, I'm not just from out of town, I'm from...really far away." Norrin said, not really telling the whole truth.

"Ah, I see. From out of the country, huh?" The woman theorized.

"Something like that." Norrin said with a shrug. "I was hoping if you could tell me if there's any place to find temporary work around here. I don't have any money, so that's why I can't afford to order something."

"Oh, your poor thing." The woman said in sympathy, before she smiled and gained an idea. "Well, you're in luck, one of my wait staff just got married and he's on his honeymoon right now, so I'm a little short staffed at the moment. If you want work, you can work here for the time being, plus you can get some soup for free if you're really hungry."

"Really?" Norrin asked in surprise, wondering if his rotten luck is finally starting to take a turn. "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely! Just one look at you and I can tell that you're pretty desperate." The woman said with a smirk, causing Norrin to chuckle sheepishly. "How about I get you some soup to celebrate you being a temporary employee."

"There's no need. I wouldn't want to impose." Norrin said.

"It's no trouble. Just sit tight and relax." The woman said as she left and went into the back. About ten minutes later, the woman came back and presented him with a bowl of hot soup. "Here you go. By the way, may name's Miranda, and I'm the owner of this tavern."

"It's nice to meet you, Miranda, and this looks good." Norrin said as he took a spoon and started eating it. "It's been awhile since I've had something warm to eat."

"Well, now you have." Miranda said with a smile as she was about to care for the other patrons, but then she paused when she noticed something odd. "Um...I'm not sure if you're aware, but there's a woman who's glaring at you across the room." Sure enough, Eliza sat at another table by herself across the room and was continually glaring daggers at Norrin, much to his annoyance.

"Just ignore her; that's what I'm doing." Norrin said with a sigh. "She's been challenging me to a fight ever since I saved her, and even though I refused, she won't stop pestering me."

"Dang, you must have made an impression on her. I think she might like you." Miranda said with a teasing smirk, causing Norrin to blush and look away. "Well, those Lizardmen can be pretty persistent, from what I can tell."

"Lizardmen?" Norrin repeated. "That's what her species is called?"

"Yep, and from what I've read up on them, once they set there sights on a particular opponent, they won't stop until they're challenge has been met." Miranda informed.

"Well, she's going to be in for a major disappointment." Norrin said with a sigh. "All I did was save her from a bunch of guys in blue armor and now she won't stop pestering me for a duel."

That last sentence really seemed to surprise the owner, as she looked at him in complete shock. "Wait, men in blue armor? Did they carry an emblem that was a golden cross surrounded by white feathers?"

"Yeah, I saw it on their capes." Norrin said with a shrug. "Are they some kind of big deal around here?"

"They are the biggest deal you could think of." Miranda said as she gained a troubled look on her face. "They are knights from The Order."

"The Order?" Norrin asked in shock, but then had too compose himself as they were not the Jedi Order. "Who are they?"

"Are you daft?" Miranda said in shock. "The Order is the world's most prominent reigning government, plus crusading religion and military superpower. The have influence over the vast majority of this country, and even some parts in other countries."

"Wow, guess they're pretty well known." Norrin said with intrigue, but was still put off by the troubled look on her face. "If they're this world's main governing power, then why do you seem afraid of them."

"Because they are mainly comprised of bigots and zealots who hate anything that they deem as impure, mainly the Mamano." Miranda said in anger. "They're religion is based on the Chief God, and it teaches them about being kind and protective towards others, except when it comes to the Mamano. They're heavily anti-monster, and they do everything in their power to end their existence, just because they're 'impure' in their eyes. Anything that isn't human is fair game to them

"Wait, really?" Norrin asked in shock as he looked towards Eliza, who was still glaring at him. "No wonder that they targeted Eliza. That's horrible, though; to target a group of people just because they're not the same as you."

"Yeah, but there are some places, such as this town, that are Mamano friendly. We live in perfect harmony with them, and yes they are different from us, they still have feelings and personalities that make them unique." Miranda said with a smile. "Honestly, if it wasn't for their odd physical features, they'd just be considered human as the rest of us."

"Well, I'm glad that there are some people out there that can look past all that." Norrin said with an approving nod. He has heard of some planets that treat some species as lower-class just because of who or what they are. Heck, the Twi'leks are still seen as nothing more than a slave race to some people.

After their talk was done, Norrin returned to eating his soup as Miranda returned to helping the other customers. Norrin was hoping that he landed in a simple world where things were all quiet, but it looks like even this planet has its own share of problems.


Night had soon fallen on the town of Libertus and Norrin had mainly spent the entire day staying at the taverns and having Miranda tell him what his job as part of the wait staff would entail. It seemed simple enough, and definitely less dangerous than working in a mine, plus the people seemed friendly enough.

After asking about his living situation, Miranda offered him the empty room above the tavern, which Norrin tried refusing, but she would have none of it. She said that she wasn't going to hire someone who is homeless, so she just gave him a temporary living quarters, but only until he finds one on his own.

"Man, what a day." Norrin said as he now stood in his temporary room above the tavern, which only had a simple bed, a window, and a desk, so nothing special. He tossed his old clothes and wore a just a simple white shirt and pants for sleepwear.

He looked out the window and looked up into the night sky, his eyes gaining a far off look as he contemplated everything that had happened to him recently.

'Master, if you can hear me through the Force, then how would you have went about this situation I find myself in.' Norrin thought to himself, just listening to the silence. "Yeah, I got nothing to."

Knock. Knock.

"Huh?" Norrin was confused as he walked to the door to his room and opened it, but what he saw caused him to look in frustration. "Are you kidding me?"

"I kid you not." Eliza said simply as she stood outside his room, staring hard at him with her arms crossed. "I know you are about to turn in for the night, so before you sleep I wanted to ask if you reconsidered my challenge."

"No, I haven't." Norrin said strongly. "Now, it's late, I've had a long day, and I want to go to sleep, so would you please leave me alone?"

Eliza glared at him briefly, but then gave an accepting nod. "That seems fair, as it has been a tiring day for me, as well." She said, before regaining her confident look. "I will see you tomorrow, then."

"Wait, you're still going to pester me for a duel?" Norrin asked in shock.

"Indeed I will, and I will not stop until my challenge is met." Eliza said, before she walked off. "Rest well, warrior Norrin. I will train hard until we official have our battle." With that said, she walked down the stairs nad he could heard the closing of the door, meaning she finally left.

"That woman is insane." Norrin said as he closed his bedroom door and just went straight to bed. "Hopefully she'll eventually take a hint, and leave me alone."

With that said, Norrin soon drifted off to sleep, ready to officially start his new life on this new world.


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