Flash Fiction Friday prompt 226: By Any Other Name Words: 265

Brains sighed. Gathering up his papers he made to stand and leave. They weren't going to listen to him.

He bit his lip. These changes would make the monorail safer, but Warren Grafton wouldn't listen to him.

Brains sighed again and thought about the disaster that the meeting had been.

Grafton was nothing but a bully. He'd sighed all thought the beginning of Brains' presentation and by the middle his cronies had begun mocking his stutter. It only made him stumble worse and he was virtually laughed out of the room.

If only Grafton cared more about the safety of his monorail than the money that was going to line his pockets. Without the measures Brains was suggesting the maiden journey could well turn into a deadly journey.

He needed to make Grafton see that what he was saying was important. But how?

Walking into the nearest bathroom, he carefully laid his paperwork on the side and stared at himself in the mirror.

He closed his eyes and concentrated and opened them again.

Before him stood Scott and John. Behind them stood their father, Jeff. They had seen him leave on this mission to try and save a call-out to International Rescue unnecessarily. They had been nothing but supportive.

It was Jeff's parting words that had given him courage to leave to come here. Those words now had him straightening his spine, adjusting his glasses and taking a deep breath, picking up the papers and marching back into that office.

'Just remember, Brains, you may be called by another name but you are a Tracy.'