This is all because a patient saw my Thunderbirds mug this morning and asked if it was Star Trek...then I got into conversation with the-original-sineater and mariashades and...well...voila!

Thunderbirds & Star Trek TOS

A scream ripped Scott from his sleep.


He shot up from the desk only to get dizzy and clutch his head with one hand. What the hell?

Last thing Scott remembered was them all sitting in the sunken lounge, debriefing after another all-hands-on-deck mission. Even Brains had come to help out.

They weren't in the sunken lounge now.

In fact, they weren't on Tracy Island anymore.

They weren't even on Earth, if the stars streaming past the window were anything to go by.

He looked around the table, shocked to recognise his family in a uniform that was not theirs. But one he knew well.

Blue for John and Virgil.

Yellow for Gordon and Alan.

Red for Kayo and Brains.

But Scott wasn't in uniform. Not the same as his brothers and sister. He was still in his iR outfit, since he was the only one at debrief who hadn't got changed beforehand, being that he was last home.

Scott watched recognition play out on everyone's face as they all fully awoke to whatever trick of the Hood this was. Kayo was bitterly complaining about how short her skirt was and how ridiculous her hair was when the door to the room swished open.

In strode the last person Scott would ever expect to meet.

They stood almost nose to nose before the newcomer pulled out a communicator and called out.

'This is Captain Kirk! Security to Ready Room Three. Intruder Alert!'

And all hell broke loose.