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Also, the chapter names will be song titles that relate to said chapter hehe.

Chapter 1: Money

Humphreys P.O.V

There's nothing worse than waking up to the most loud and obnoxious noise in existence. That's probably something I should have thought about before setting my iPhone's alarm to the "Radar" sound… I woke up to said obnoxious alarm and groaned as I rolled over to attempt to grab the phone from my nightstand without looking. After about my sixth attempt I finally gave up and sat up in my bed, grabbing the phone and turning off the alarm then letting out a long sigh.


Today marks the end of summer and thus, marks my first day as a senior at Jasper High School. I rolled out of bed and adjusted my morning wood before walking to the bathroom. I did my usual morning routine of pissing, washing my face, brushing my teeth, and running a brush through my hair and tail before heading out of the bathroom to grab some clothes. I decided on a black long-sleeve with Linkin Park's Meteora album art on it and some tan pants then slipped on my usual black skate shoes.

I walked out of my room into the cold hallway and knocked on my younger sister, Liza's, bedroom door (pronounced Leeza).

"Let's go woman! Your Junior year awaits!" I heard her groan and then something hit the other side of the door, presumably a pillow she threw to shut me up. I chuckled before making my way downstairs and into the kitchen.

Now's probably a better time than any to tell you that we don't have parents. Well… we did obviously… but they died when Liza and I were 4 and 6. We never got told exactly what happened, I always assumed it was a car accident so that's what I've stuck with. We were raised by our grandpa until he passed away this summer after a long sorrowful life of alcoholism. Of course, we were sad about it but we got over it since he was never really nice to either of us and was usually just sitting in his chair watching TV all day. The good news is, that since I'm 18 I got to fight, and win, custody of my sister as well as the inheritance my parents and grandpa left for us. Which is a less-than-ideal 16,000$. I also got the house and Grandpa's Tacoma. Which are both eating away at that inheritance money.

This year is not only going to be about graduating high school but also trying to find a way to make enough money to keep Liza and me afloat.



I threw two pieces of toast in the toaster and leaned up against the counter pulling my phone out of my pocket. I saw four new notifications from a Snapchat group I'm in with my three best friends. Salty, Shaky, and Mooch. I decided to text them:

Shakey(7:53am)- yooo we're seniorssss

Salty(7:54am)- u would beexcited about that wouldn't u… nerd

Mooch(7:58am)- Wait we have school today?

Salty(7:58am)- First day dumbass…

Humphrey(8:00am)- I see Salty is still a morning person…

Salty(8:00am)- Bit me…

Shakey(8:00am)- *bite

Salty(8:01am)- I know were u live shakey

Shakey(8:01am)- *where

I chuckled as I shut my phone off and put it back in my pocket. My two pieces of toast sprung up from the toaster and I got to work spreading some peanut butter on each piece. I heard Liza make her way down the stairs and when I turned around to greet her I just about dropped the plate I was holding at the sight of what she was wearing. A skirt barely low enough to cover her ass and a tanktop so tight it would make condoms look comfortable.

"NUH UH! Heeeeelllll no! Go change." I ordered her.

"Um.. have you not seen what girls in grade 11 wear these days? I'm just trying to fit in." She

responded, crossing her arms in front of her.

"Fit in with who? The girls getting railled by the entire football team? Go change!" I said pointing up toward the stairs.

"I guess you're right… I hate those bitches…" She made her way up the stairs. I turned away quickly so as to not get flashed by my own sister.

Liza looks a lot like me but she's a few inches shorter and has darker fur and lighter blue eyes. She's undoubtedly beautiful, which is terrifying as an older brother. I don't want guys, or girls, to use her or take advantage of her. The great thing about Liza is that she's smart and she knows how to hold her own.

After a few minutes, she came thumping back down the stairs again, this time in a red hoodie and grey leggings.

I handed her a piece of peanut butter toast, grabbed the keys to the truck, as well as my backpack, and the two of us headed out the door. We hopped into our black 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and I started the engine. If there's one thing great I got out of my alcoholic grandfather, other than a roof over my head, it's this truck. I love it. It's manual so I get to shift the gears myself and it has a snorkel on it and a light bar on the roof as well as an offroad bumper. She's a beaut.

While the truck warmed up I took out my phone to pick a song to play on the Bluetooth but noticed a text notification from Salty:

Salty(8:04am)- yooo can I get a ride homie?

Humphrey(8:06am)- Magic word? (eyes emoji)

Salty(8:06am)- please…

Humphrey(8:06am)- On my way sexy

I swiped up to close the text app and then tapped on my music app and pressed 'shuffle' on my alternative playlist. The song "Hell" by Tegan and Sara started playing and I immediately started bopping to it. Liza rolled her eyes at me with a smile and then went back to texting whoever on her phone.

I put the clutch in and shifted the gear from neutral to first and we started our way to Salty's. I'm excited to see my friends and be back around people my own age instead of all the old tradesmen I had been working with all summer at my summer job.

There's someone else I'm excited to see. Someone I've had the biggest crush on since I was old enough to have a crush.

My childhood friend… Kate Chapman.

Kate's P.O.V

"Come on Lilly! We're gonna be late!" I shouted at my younger sister from downstairs. I was eager and ready to get started on my first day of senior high and see all my friends. I was even wearing my lucky white Champion hoodie. It's gonna be a good day.

"Coming!" I heard Lilly shout from her room.

"Now, now. Don't rush your sister dear. You know she's been nervous about starting her junior year." My mom, Eve, said from the kitchen as she dished up scrambled eggs for my dad, who was sitting in his usual spot at the dining table reading the morning paper and drinking his coffee in one of his button-up dress shirts and ties.

"Seriously?" I asked. "Grade 11 was like my favorite year so far!"

Just then Lilly pranced down the stairs in her black Vans hoodie and white jogger pants.

"Yeah well... It must have been a lot easier for someone as popular and desirable as you." She replied.

"What are you talking about? You're plenty desirable honey." My mother objected as she placed the plate of scrambled eggs in front of Dad.

"Thanks Mom…" Lilly answered, not sounding convinced, before taking a seat at the dining table. I also took a seat before pulling my phone out of my pocket. I turned it on to see about 20 notifications from different people, I sighed before going through them one by one and replying. Mostly just girlfriends excited about school and boys and all that crap. Mom brought two plates of scrambled eggs over to Lilly and me before sitting down at the table with her own plate. We started digging in.

I wasn't sure why but something just felt… different about this year already. Not even just the fact that this was my last year of high school but something more. I just had a feeling my life was going to change this year. Boy was I right…

Dad put his fork on his plate after eating before folding his paper and standing up, taking his plate to the sink.

"Come on, girls, let's get going. Dad's got a $430,000 deal to close." He said excitedly.

"You're going to do wonderful, dear. Good luck." Mom said with a warm smile that would make you think she couldn't whoop anyone's ass. She can… I've seen it… many times.

"Thank you, my love." He replied, kissing her on the cheek before heading to the garage door to put his coat on. Lilly and I followed suit, placing our empty plates in the kitchen sink and giving Mom a kiss on the cheek.

"Have a great first day girls!"

"Thanks, Mom." We answered in unison before putting on our shoes, grabbing our backpacks, and following Dad out the door.

It always blows me away walking into our garage. Dad is quite the collector, and he makes about 11 million dollars a year. Something about advertising. So let's just say we have some pretty nice cars…

I looked at each of them as we passed by… Mclaren Senna… Koenigsegg one:1… One of the actual '67 Impalas that was used on the set of Supernatural… and that's only naming a few.

We made it to his usual daily car, a Satin Steel Metallic 2019 Cadillac CTS-V, and the three of us hopped in. Me in the front seat and Lilly in the back. Dad put the car in gear and made his way out of the massive garage.

As we drove to school, I peeked behind to see Lilly on her phone, smiling away at something on the screen.

"Feeling less nervous, are we?" I asked. Lilly glanced up from her screen to look at me with a smile.

"Liza Snow doesn't have to leave Jasper anymore! Her brother fought for custody after their grandpa died and won. I'm texting her about it now since she finally has a phone. I get to see her soon!"

"Liza Snow? As in Humphrey's sister?" I asked.

"Mhm." She replied, going back to texting.

Humphrey and Liza Snow… My parents were best friends with theirs until they passed away for causes I still don't know. I grew up with them. They even lived with us for a few months when their parents first passed away. Until their Grandpa came to pick them up. He was not in good shape… My mom and dad were very reluctant to hand them off to their clearly intoxicated Grandfather but ultimately had to since he was the only family that came for them and he had legal custody. My parents didn't have time to take care of four kids.

Humphrey and I used to be best friends and hung out all the time. Up until about middle school. I guess I just got too hung up on popularity and sports and kind of left him in the dust… He's probably the sweetest guy in our school but he tends to keep to himself. Well, and his three best friends, Salty, Shakey, and Mooch. He's known them since elementary.

Anyway, when their grandpa passed away at the beginning of this summer we all thought that Humphrey and Liza were going to have to move to Calgary where their Uncle and Aunt (also addicts) live. It's a relief that they get to stay. And hearing that Humphrey fought, probably incredibly hard, to get custody of his sister so that didn't happen just proves he hasn't changed from the sweet, caring wolf I grew up with.

"How are those two doing?" My dad asked as he stopped at a red light and clicked the single light on to turn into the high school parking lot.

"Honestly… Not sure. Humphrey and I don't talk much." I answered.

"Neither did me and Liza, but I think that's definitely gonna change now!" Lilly said, excitedly. My dad turned into the school and pulled up to the front doors.

"Well, give them both my best." Dad said as he put the car in park and unlocked the doors. "And have a great first day back, girls."

"Will do!" Lilly hopped out of the car and closed the door behind her.

"Can't your old dad get an 'I love you' anymore?" Dad asked sounding semi-sad as he watched Lilly walk into the school. I gave him a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you, dad. Have a good day." I opened the door and hopped out.

"You too, beautiful." He smiled at me before I closed the door and then I watched as he drove off out of the school parking lot.

Before walking into the school I took another look at the parking lot, seeing a black Toyota Tacoma pull up into a spot. I watched as Liza got out of the passenger side, phone in hand, and closed the door. Salty Green got out of the back door and then Humphrey walked over from the driver's side. I couldn't help but smile looking at him. As I did I got that same feeling I had earlier this morning that something big was going to happen this year.

Something terrible.

Something beautiful.

Something life-altering.

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