Summary :

Riddick decides to stay with Jack, in order to stop her from becoming like him... and maybe find his way back to the human race, while raising her. They board a Firefly Class ship, on the way to the border... and end up staying on the vessel.


Jack looked around the shipping yard as she walked beside Riddick. She was actually dressed in girl clothes as the holy man, Imam, insisted she'd look nice in them. She didn't really like these kinds of clothes but she wasn't about to refuse free stuff.

They were nice, rich people, clothes. A shoulder-less black blouse, that had a tight torso but baggy sleeves, all with a rose peddles print. Then complemented with a slightly above the knee frilly red skirt.

It looked like something girls would wear on the central planets. They were extremely girly girl. Well except for her pair of black goggles Riddick got her which matched his own. Point is she had a lot of clothes like this now.

Imam even set her up with a trust fund. It wasn't a lot of money but it was a nice monthly payment, enough for her and Riddick to live comfortably on the border.

Imam came from a wealthy family, old money and all that. He was actually a Lord on the planet of Helion Prime, heavily involved in politics well being more a figure head / adviser since the Unification War. Still he was very devoted to his religious beliefs but tolerant of other religions... well unless you believed what Riddick believed, that god was a kid on an ant hill torturing all the tiny creatures for his own amusement.

Anyway, Jack didn't have access to the college fund until she actually attended college, and the trust fund was on the condition that she enroll in online schooling. The holy man didn't really leave that up for chance, as he bought her a Dedicated Source Box, and had her take a test online to judge not only what she knew but how she learned. Because of how the online classes worked she could learn at her own pace, from anywhere in the Verse.

It wasn't that hard for Imam to claim that she was an illegitimate daughter, from a primitive village on one of the border worlds. A secret love child he had out of an affair, while working as a missionary to a backwater moon. He claimed he didn't know about her until recently when her mother had passed.

Jack was a little shocked the holy man was willing to lie to the government, in order to get her a new identity. Not to mention taint his own reputation like that. She was a little worried he was going to try to send her back to her parents... there was a reason she ran away after all. She was relieved the holy man stuck to what is actually right instead of what society demanded.

Then he set her up with not only a trust fund, to cover her daily expenses, but a college fund. It was all legitimate though. The story itself might be made up, but they went through legitimate channels with a believable story, as to why she didn't have documentation until now.

She even had a new name, 13 year old Kyra Jaclyn Badd, Jack to her friends... cool name. Her made up mother was Agatha Badd, fifth generation hill billy, who didn't have paperwork either.

Riddick Badd was Riddick's new name, the half brother to Jack on their mother's side. It wasn't like Riddick wasn't a common name on backwater moons, and it's not like the planet they collected Riddick's bounty, was the same place they got the ID.

Imam even named Riddick her acting guardian, and was paying him a nice salary to take care of her, trying to give him reason to stay on the path he chose.

This was all a pretty common set up, for illegitimate children born to rich families. The father retained all the rights but they hired a nanny, to keep their wife from finding out about the kid.

Although Riddick didn't really seem to care about the money. He was used to just taking what he wanted, and people were too scared to stop him.

That wouldn't work anymore if the man wanted to stay hidden. They claimed Richard Riddick died along with everyone else, when they crashed on a Quarantined planet.

Imam tweaked his story, claiming the reason he was on the ship was to get Jack taken care of, "after her mother died". Lying by saying going to New Mecca, was just a convenient excuse he gave his wife. The alliance was pretty discreet in situations like this.

Riddick went to some length's to create his own new legitimate ID card. He had his fingerprints and irises surgically altered to fool even the best identity scans. It's not like the Alliance even looks at people's faces. It's all about scans with them and Riddick's could fool anyone.

Not like it was the first time he had body mods done. His shined eyes were the most famous, which let him not only see 300 degrees around him but see in the dark, but they were hardly the only ones. His bones were strengthened with a carbon fiber weave grafted to them. His muscles were replaced with a denser organic material which was far lighter and more flexible in addition to being stronger. He even had enhancements to his nose and ears. Most recently, just before all this happened, he had extra joints added all over his body.

Riddick said he had been having these mods done to him since he was Jack's age, when he first went to prison. He even humored Jack by letting her get her first mod, a surgical shine job on her eyes to let her see in the dark like he could.

Riddick had been a bit paranoid. First going to a space station, not orbiting any world, and getting all the surgery done. Imam had stayed with them, for the week they were recovering onboard the outlaw station.

Riddick knew a shady doc who lived there. The same man that gave him his mods. The shadier Doctors were easy to find on any planet, if you knew where to look, but Riddick trusted this one.

The Doc protected Riddick in the slam, back when the boy needed it, and molded the child into a living weapon to survive there. The doc even seemed pleased when he heard Riddick wanted to "rejoin the human race" (as Riddick put it). Giving Riddick a shined eyeball, which was altered to look like Riddick's old iris, in order to collect his own bounty. The thing even had his DNA.

Then they came to this world of Persephone, and got there official paperwork, while cashing in on Reddick's bounty.

This planet had a strong Alliance presence, but they were fairly lax, as they were closer to the Border worlds. Close enough to civilization for people to live comfortably, but far enough away not to suffer the government breathing down their necks. Which meant their was a strong criminal element, on this rock.

Riddick was planning on using his own bounty to build themselves a nice house on a bordered world. It get them a well fortified little mansion.

Jack was trying to convince Riddick to use it to buy a ship of their own, that way they could live as Spacers, but all Riddick said was he'd think about it (in the most dismissive way possible). Jack rolled her eyes at the thought.

She followed Riddick, as they each dragged behind them a large trunk full of new stuff.

However nice Jack's clothes, were Riddick bought his own stuff, with a small portion of the bounty money. He bought cheap stuff too not dip into it too much, and besides he really wasn't one for fashion. He got clothes much in the style of his old ones, and was wearing an added black cloak.