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Record 1 - The sweet victory

Recording - Hopps 1-A

In front of the camera, appears a cute, nervous and shy bunny, trying to smile and clearing her throat.

- Hi everyone! I'm Judy Hopps and… I'm the first rabbit cop at ZPD. I'm just here… trying to start a video journal.. I don't know if someday, somebody will see this… I mean I just wait that not, because this is very… embarrassing and… oh sweet crackers with cheese… I'm not so good in front of cameras….

- And neither out of Carrots, don't be modest! - A distant voice was heard.

- That was my partner, Nick Wilde, who promised that this will be SECRET!

- Oh please, like I would be so desperate to know about your life, I mean, I know that I'm the main character on it!

- Nick… if you stand around here, I promise that I will stop doing this!

- Ok, ok, damn fluff, you're so emotional!

The door from outside of the room, was closed and Judy smiled, more quiet.

- Anyways… Now I'm here in the Central Hospital of Zootopia… today was a very special day… We defeat Bellwether! Our ex-Mayor and the head of a terrible conspiracy to the predators… After 3 months separated, Nick and I are finally friends again… it was so exciting! We made a trap for her and... boom! She sang all her plan… seconds later, all the ZPD appeared in front of us to get her arrested. She was so angry…

This morning, I was totally upset, without any hope and now… everything is different, I'm a cop again, Nick and I are friends again, the city is safe… is like the fairy tales… a happy ending.

Stop Recording- Hopps 1-A

- So… Are you ready Carrots? Did you finish your video? - Nick appeared in her door again, with his eyes closed, pretending respect her privacy.

- Yeah dumb fox, come here, I'm finished for now… but, Will you do this too?

- Yes I swear you! - He raised his paw to emphasize his promise.

- The doctors and Bogo are overreacting, it is just a little cut, I can walk for myself now.

- Oh yeah, right, cottontail, because it's totally normal wobbling when you walk. - He sat down in the chair next to his best friend and took a magazine to read it.

- I hate Hospitals! I miss my… wait a minute…

- Now what?

- I lost my apartment here… I finished the contract when I came back to Bunnyborrows… perfect!

- So you're now a homeless… poor Carrots… alone in the big city… Now the Hospital sounds cool, huh?

- Very funny Nick! If you and Finnick can't make your hustles, you can be a comedian!

- Oh cute bunny, that's actually a flattery for me… And what about your parents?

- They don't know a word about all this stuff, I just left the farm this morning without any explanation.

- And yes my friends, that is my pal Judy Hopps, she always does whatever she wants, consequences doesn't care!

- They knew that it was important.

- And maybe they'll discover it when they watch TV, well, just if they have one, of course.

- Hey, are you saying that my parents don't have a TV just for living on a farm?

- Oh no, I'm saying that they don't watch TV because they have around 200 little rabbits.

- Hopps, do you feel better? - The big buffalo appeared suddenly.

- Yes chief, the analgesics are doing their work. What about Bellwether and friends?

- She is now in the station, waiting for her lawyer. And don't worry, I have not started the press conference... this will be shocking for the citizens, she is the second mayor in prison in three months... I also want her statements to start the process.

- Well, at least you have all the evidence enough to at least 15 years in prison.

- Yes but you know it Hopps, I need your statements and those of the fox.

- And I know that like I'm not a cop anymore I'll have to…

- Not really Officer Hopps, you were a cop all along.

- What? - The worried friends said at the same time.

- I couldn't accept your quit, and now I know that I did the right thing. I've to be honest with you, all the mammals of Zootopia, especially the predators, remember your last words.

- Yes, and I'll remember it forever too.

- Thanks Chief Buffalo Butt, now Carrots will need therapy! All my profound and elaborate speeches are garbage now!

- Like I was saying. - Said the big animal, trying to don't listen to the fox. - Now you've to work harder to win the apologies of the citizens, but saying all the things that the both of you did today, it's an excellent start, maybe I can help you with a public apologizing speech or something like that, just if you want it.

- I promised that I'll focus my life on protecting and serving all the mammals. If I can do something to repair my mistake, I'll do it, but yes please… help me with the speech…- The purple-eyes of the rabbit shone pleadingly.

- Don't worry, you'll never be alone anymore. But before your medical license, I need all the evidence and your statements.

- It'll be a pleasure! - The cop smiled, proudly.

Recording- Wilde 1-A

- I have to admit that I was happy for Carrots, about, you know, recovering her job and all the glory of her heroic adventure. Yes, yes, Official Toot-toot is an excellent cop, and I've met a lot of them in my past, and she is… different. Not everybody return, accepting own mistakes and least, trying to repair the damages, you have to be different and brave to do it, and she really is and… she'll never gonna see this , at the end, the things are in the place it has to be and, a really little, little part of me is happy to know that she'll stay here in the city… Damn, these tapes are really dangerous!

Stop Recording- Wilde 1-A

Judy's room was totally in silence after the Buffalo left the room. They were thinking and remembering all the events of the day, everything was so amazing that sometimes everything felt like a dream.

- Well fluff, seems like everything is ok for you now.

- Yes, I'm a cop again, the bad guys are in jail, well eventually they will be, and the most important…

- You have proved to all of us that you are a real cop and that I was wrong and that everyone can do anything.

- Not really… The most important thing is that I got my friend back and he accepted my apologies, despite the fact that I was a terrible friend and a dumb bunny. - She smiled sweetly at him, he was totally confused, feeling his heart beating harder.

- You're so indulgent with others except with yourself Carrots, just go on, you were wrong, you solved the problem and now everything is ok, what I take us to the question… What's next?...

- Well, I think that maybe her lawyer will…

- Not about the case… I mean…

- Oh… about… you and I?

- Yes…

- Well, I need some rest for my leg and now I don't have my old apartment, so I need to go home, get my leg back to full mobility and then, I'll go back to Zootopia to continue working, maybe I don't know... a month or actually a couple of weeks. It wasn't so serious, what about you, will you still be in the Pawpsicles business?

- Naah, my days pretending being Finnick's dad were over. After you left us, the city was a disaster and…

- I guess you guys couldn't leave your homes, right?

- It wasn't a big deal... but like you know more than any other mammal, I saved enough money for a long vacation, so I was resting the last months.

- But now that you are a hero…

- I'm not a "hero", I'm a fox.

- Nick, you'll appear in the papers and in all the news, you helped me, you are as hero as me. Believe me, the things for you will never be the same.

Recording - Hopps 2-A

- I really don't understand him. I mean, he did a lot of things in this case, he took me to the right places and the right people, he was who really solved the case. if he had not defended me from Bogo, I would lost my job... He is so special, that's the reason I chose him as my partner at ZPD… but, now, after all the things I said, maybe I don't deserve his help, I mean, I can't go and say to him, "Hey Nick, now that everything is settled, do you want to become a cop, mi partner, even though I humbled you and I almost destroyed everything for you and your species and the rest of the predators?" He's unique and crazy, but not stupid...I just feel like I don't deserve him.

Stop Recording- Hopps 2-A

Recording - Wilde 2-A

- What in the world is wrong with Carrots? Are the rabbits incapables to understand the hints? I just told her that I'm available, free, almost bored… and she doesn't ask me about being her partner… I don't know, maybe she thought things better and realized that I'm not a cop material… maybe is the last time that we talk to each other and… damn her emotionally is contagious!

Stop Recording- Wilde 2-A

The Hospital's room was left in an awkward silence, the two mammals were left in a painful silence, that was interrupted by the timely intervention of Judy's badger nurse.

- Well, well, our heroine is ready to leave the Hospital! Congratulations! You can walk by yourself, but just with crutches, and you have to take all your medicine for 2 weeks.

- Thank you. So is everything ok?

- Sure Official Hopps. We'll see you in 3 weeks to remove the stitches from the leg.

- Perfect. - She tried to stand up and seconds later, her friend helped her to put on feet.

- There you are Fluff, you're almost free.

- Let's go to the parking lot.

The friends left the room and took the elevator, after another and longer round of awkward silence they arrived to the main entrance. Stepping carefully out, they both stopped on the sidewalk.

- So, here is my stop. - She joked.

- I can see it... but, will you walking to your farm? With the foot in that perfect condition.

- Not really. When you were giving your statements, I phoned my parents and my brother Jonah will bring me to home. I have to see him at the train station because he hasn't never been in the city before.

- Oh I see… I can give you a ride, if you want.

- Oh yeah? And how? You don't have a car, don't you?

- No, I don't have one, but, we don't need a car, we need my intelligence, just pay attention.

- What are you gonna do? Come back here Wilde!

Judy tried to scream so high as she could, but wasn't enough. The fox approached a group of people and began to scream and sob.

- Help! Help me! My friend wants to kill herself! - He shouted completly desperate, and successfully attracted the attention of his audience, Judy included.

- What's wrong Fox? - Asked a ram.

- How can we help? - A pig approached him.

- It's my rabbit friend, her husband... he's about to leave her,alone, injured, in the big city. We need to take a train to stop him, but we won't make it in time!

Nick pointed Judy out like the"victim", while he continued narrating his monologue, she was totally shocked, trying to understand how Nick always made a fool out of her.

- You see... she can't talk... what will I do! The worst thing is... she's pregnant!

- I hate that kind of males!, don't worry buddy, I'll take you there! - A hare who was among the spectators led them to his car, while the others sent them off with cheers and applauses.

- You don't know how much I hate you. - Whispered the girl to her friend, while he gave her back a sly smile.

- You're welcome Carrots, let's look for your brother.

The trip was totally uncomfortable. Nick sat next to the driver, telling the "sad life of the little wretched doe", while the alluded one tried to stretch her paw in the back seat.

- And that wasn't the worst for my poor friend. That guy took all her money, can you believe it?

- I told you, some males are real savage animals.

- And the worst part is that he left her for another male rabbit, if you know what I mean... - Suddenly, Nick felt a strong kick from the back seat.

- I'm sorry, I was trying to get comfortable... but he is driving really, really fast.

- I'm sorry friend, but if we want to stop that bastard, we have to go as fast as we can, actually, look, we're almost there!

From a distance, the huge Zootopia station loomed in front of them. The doe sighed with relief.


Recording - Hopps 3-A

That was the most uncomfortable and eternal trip of my life, At least we arrived there but... As soon as I get better, Nick will feel my wrath! Of course... that's if we see to each other again...

Stop Recording- Hopps 3-A


Recording - Wilde 3-A

Carrots must be dying for thank me, if it wasn't for my intellect, she'd still be stuck in that hospital, you're welcome, you're welcome, I'm amazing, I know.

Stop Recording- Wilde 3-A


- Well... here we are... in a few minutes Jonah's train should arrive...

- That's the one you're coming back on?

- Yes... that's right...

The atmosphere was tense, the two friends looked to each other, alternating the floor and the thousands of animals that were running to be on time.

- Well, there's my train...

- Yes, it looks like you're coming back home.

- Yes... that's right... So... you… - The smile of the fox disappeared on his face.

- Take care of yourself, and stop getting into trouble, okay?

- Oh... sure Fluff, count on it. Wait...

- Yes? - The doe turned around as fast as she could.

- I will help you up to the train

- Thank you... I guess that's all...

- You know where to find me in case you want some fun, after you come back, of course.

- Sure... Oh here! This is my number, I will be waiting your message. - She reached into her pocket and handed him a piece of paper with her number on it.

- And it will be a pleasure... so, good trip!... Break a leg!...

- Thank you, I guess... - She gave him her biggest and sadness smile.

The train began to move slowly, the animals were beginning to settle in, Judy find her brother, who was holding a seat for her. The officer sighed discouraged, hating her cowardice and when she was about to take a step towards the depth of the train, her friend's voice made her turn towards him once again.

- Hopps, I will do it... I will be your partner.

- What? - A tear of joy escaped from the girl, and in that moment the door of the train closed.

- Oh damn, not now! - Nick took a deep breath and start running as fast as he could, trying to follow the train. - I will do it, if you agree!

- Of course I agree! I didn't know how to ask you.

- You really are a dumb bunny!

- Take care of yourself, Partner!

The train disappeared and the fox didn't move until it was out of sight.

- "Partner", that sounds very good.


Recording - Wilde 4-A

Well, I admit I was happy, my plan was successful, and everything went perfectly. When I got home, I took my forgotten cellphone, and sent her a message, of course, taking advantage of my anonymity I made a little joke, and she didn't believe it. That girl is learning. The cool thing is that now we don't stop talking daily, she is obsessed with me.

Stop Recording- Wilde 4-A


Recording - Hopps 4-A

When I arrived to the farm...it was a total chaos, mom and dad almost died seeing me come back hurt and without the truck...but, hey, I solved the case and got my job back! That didn't really calm them down, but they took it better, I'll give them that.

When the dumb Nick arrived, he wanted to extortion me... Oh come on! Like I couldn't recognize his stupid jokes!

I must admit that now that we are friends again, life feels... better. We already have a little routine of talking all day, daily, which is quite nice. Being alone at home while everyone is planting and harvesting in the middle of summer, well, it's not much fun. Although he doesn't want to say it, he is excited, he sent his application to ZPA a week ago...I talked to Bogo, his entrance to the academy is practically a fact... soon I will be back and everything will be great...Nothing can go wrong!...

Stop Recording- Hopps 4-A

Nick was overflowing with happiness. It had been 10 days since their big case had been solved. He looked in the mirror, adjusting his tie and combing his hair. And as usual, he open MuzzleTime, ready to talk with his little friend.

- Just on time, Wilde!

- A cop must be punctual.

- That's true, although you're not a cop yet.

- The news can't stop talking about my brave, so I'm already getting the treatment of one.

- I told you! you'd be a hero. Are you enjoying it?

- Sure! I get free stuff on certain establishments, that's always welcome.

- So, what's up? Did you get the reply email from the academy?

- Sorry Hopps, no news yet.

- Really? But they said ten days... that's a bad sign, maybe if I talk with Bogo's boss...

- Wow, wow, wow, take it easy Carrots, that won't be necessary, here's the email. I will share the screen and record this beautiful moment for posterity.

- Stop being ridiculous and open the email!

- Okay, okay, just relax now. Let's see and it says:

"Dear Mr. Wilde, we have looked into your application to join the Zootopia Police Academy, however, your application has been rejected..."

They both stood in shock, while a congratulatory animation that Judy had prepared was suddenly activated.


Well, welcome to this new adventure! This fanfic is narrated in a very different way of my previous ones, is a simulation of a show like Modern Family where you can see what the character are talking to you, and I hope that you enjoy it so much as I did! See you soon and please let me now what do you think in a review!