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Record 2 - Record 2- A hard path

Recording - Hopps 1-B

This is the work of a speciesist! Nobody will get it out of my head... wait until I find out who was and he or she'll regret it... Was it Bogo? Or maybe it was just Nick's pranks? There could be so many things... I just know that Nicholas P. Wilde will be my partner and no one will stop me!

. . .

Stop Recording- Hopps 1-B

Recording - Wilde 1-B

I don't know why this doesn't surprise me, I must admit I was excited about being one of the ones in blue, especially to be next to Carrots, you know, make her annoying all day, get paid for it, no more tax problems, kick some ass... But I can't blame them, no one wants a fox as an officer, I know my record is squeaky clean, I cleaned it myself... but I hate to see the disappointment in Fluff's eyes, she's not used to rejection as much as I am...

Stop Recording- Wilde 1-B

And there were they, both stood, facing each other, in an awkward little silence, no doubt neither of them expecting such a response from the Police Academy Admissions Department.

- This must be a mistake, don't worry, we'll figure it out, as soon as I get back to town...

- Carrots, don't worry, we tried, we couldn't, it doesn't care, life goes on, I can work in a nice coffee shop or legalize pawpsicles.

- No way, at least you know... - She tried to dampen her fury a little. - Let me talk with Bogo... How was your statement with him?

- Quite calm, I must admit. My natural charm, he couldn't resist it. I went to visit him as soon as your train left to ask him for a new application sheet.

- I want to know exactly what you told to him.

– 9 days ago ... Thursday 2 June 2016 - One day after the arrest of the Bellwether –

The ZPD was in total chaos, Bogo's press conference had just ended, hundreds of reporters were leaving the site. Now that the story was known, Nick feared losing a bit of his anonymity, he slipped sneakily into the Buffalo's office, surprising him.

- Wilde? What the hell are you doing in my office?

- I'm glad to see that at least, you remember my name, that's a good sign.

- A good sign for what?

- To talk about business. - The fox smiled, sitting down in front of the Chief's chair, inviting him to sit down. The big animal just sighed in annoyance and sat down.

- What business could you and I have, fox?

- And we went back to "fox", okay, that might be a nice nickname between us. Anyway, as you know I was the 50% who helped you solving your biggest case, I got your best officer back and...

- Do you want some kind of reward?

- No dear sir... I would like to have a long term working relationship, serving to all the loving citizens of Zootopia. In your precinct if is possible.

- So, you are "The Great Mammal" that Hopps mentioned before she left...

- Yes, "great", that's me.

– Present - June 12, 2016 –

- By the way Carrots, I love that you know I'm great...

- Shut up and talk, I want to see how you blew it.

– 9 days ago ... Thursday 2 June 2016 - One day after the Bellwether arrest –

- And why the hell do you want to be a cop?

- To be honest, I would never have imagined it, not even I imagined me having a job... but those 48 hrs working alongside Officer Hopps, well… she inspired me in many ways.

She reminded me that illusion that I had when I tried to be a junior scout, those little actions that make a difference, those stereotypes that we can break... And it would be an honor for me to do it as Hopps' partner. To be honest, she's still young, clumsy and innocent, they had finish her off quickly if it wasn't for me.

- Yes, I read in your statement about your meeting with Mr. Big... I'm not going to lie to you, I'm wise and I recognize that I misjudged you two, I accept that. You are not like the other foxes I have dealt with.

The Chief's words filled the fox's green eyes with a gleam of hope that had been absent in him for years.

- Well, thank you very much boss, you'll see...

- Stop there, I will give you the application, but I can't make you a cop, you have to earn it, it will be nine hard months of preparation at the Academy, and only if they accept you of course. - The buffalo held out his hand, offering the application to the serious fox.

- And I will earn it... you'll see.

– Present - June 12, 2016 –

- And that was all, I swear.

- Well, besides your big ego, I don't think you made any wrong... so if it wasn't Bogo... who?...

- Fluff, I think it's time that we accept it, one of the big guys doesn't want me with you, if that's the case, there's nothing we can do.

- What? Something that we can't do? You're forgetting that they didn't want a bunny as a cop either and look at me! It took me 5 years of trying, and a mammal inclusion law, but I did it!

- Did you really take 5 tries for join the Academy?

- Do you doubt it? I'm surprised, after all what I have achieved.

- No one is that merciful with a fox.

- That's because you've never had a friend with a law degree and stubbornness as one of her greatest qualities. - She winked at him, then smiled sweetly. - Cheer up Wilde! You're not alone anymore.

The doe logged out, ready to fight whatever was going to happen.


Recording - Wilde 2-B

Ok, ok, you have to admit that, that was cute, and she can't get mad with the use of the word, this time she earned it in spades. And she was right, I never had anyone's support before. I just hope they don't break her little heart...again.

Stop Recording- Wilde 2-B


The next morning, the locals enjoyed the warm sunrise at Bunnyburrows, perfect spring morning for the Hopps farmer rabbits, getting everything ready for the approaching summer.

In one of the barns, the matriarch of the clan could hear someone working out hard.

- Judy, what do you think you're doing? - Her basket fell from her paws.

- Starting my rehab, Mom. I've been inactive for months, and to be honest, my leg is doing much better.

- You want to run off to the city, don't you?

- Yes I have some business to take care of, but don't worry, Jonah took me to the clinic in the morning, the doctor agrees with me.

- Okay my carrot pie, just don't overexert yourself, or it will be counterproductive to your treatment.

- I promise!


Recording - Wilde 3-B

And that the part where it got weird. After that video call, I pretty much never heard from Carrots again, some occasional messages, but totally vague.

My unerring instinct was telling me that she was up to something, but as was becoming a habit, she avoided me and I would have to find out later.

Life after the old buffalo's conference was... strange, some people looked at me curiously, others kept hiding their bags. While Carrots was doing whatever she had to do, I had work to do, too, but it's so secret, I can't even reveal it here, I mean, you never know.

Stop Recording- Wilde 3-B


The life in Zootopia were slowly returning to normal. Finally the attacks of savages mammals had stopped, the next thing was to find the exact antidote to cure them, and get them back to normal. A total of 48 mammals had been infected.

Nick sipped his drink while pausing the video on his cell phone.

- When you started watching the news, uh Wilde? - The voice of his little friend surprised him completely, even though he had been the one who had invited him to the old Pumez's bar.

- Hey Fin, I just waiting for you.

- It's a wonder you're talking to me now that you're such a celebrity. Looks like that rabbit completely changed you.

- Something like that... citizens just want to have something to talk about.

- Speaking of that... What did you want to talk to me about? Because you only invite me here when you have to spit something out.

- You are right as ever... Well, it's just that... I...

- Maybe you want to talk about your ZPD application?

- How did you know about that? - The red fox almost spit out his drink.

- Unlike you, I'm not an idiot Wilde, you left it out in the open the other day at your apartment. Heck, you ditch me for pretty purple eyes, I can't compete against that.

- That's not the reason I'm leaving you! I just want to try the other side.

- And coincidentally next to her, on "her side", right?

- Oh you are acting like a teenager. She's just a friend.

- Suit yourself, kid. I'm glad you two made up and stopped being that sack of crap you were without her.

- The only trash here is you little boy. But that wasn't the point...I just wanted to...

- Clear your guilt for cruelly and deliberately abandoning me? No need kid, I can manage me without you. I'm just asking for immunity and that you don't get me in trouble when you wear blue.

- I need to be accepted... They rejected my application.

- So why all the goodbye drama?

- Because Carrots said she'd do something, and when she wants something, she doesn't stop until achieves it.

- Even turn a small-time hustler into a cop, huh?

- Apparently ... I have to go. I just wanted to leave you this, and to be honest, it was her idea.

The younger, but taller fox tossed him a folder. The fennec fox opened it in surprise, inside there was the regularization papers for a small pawpsicles stand and a note that said, "Not only me deserves a fresh new start."

- That stupid Wilde is all the way down for that bunny. - He picked up his mug of beer and drank his fill. . .

Recording - Hopps 2-B

And I am ready in record time! Never underestimate the recuperative power of a rabbit, specially when the rabbit is in a hurry.

I've been re-reading my law books from when I studied for those law degrees before I was being admitted to the Academy.

I don't understand some mammals, I really don't, they find a loyal, brave, intelligent mammal that solves the case of the century, and what do they do? They discriminate against him.

It's stupid, and it's illegal, I'm prepared for anything, but obviously I'll use diplomacy first.

After my three eternal weeks of recovering, my medical leave finally is over, today I'll leave surprisingly for Zootopia, and before arriving to the heart of the city... I will make a small stop at the Academy. If Bogo was honest with me, means that the problem is there.

. . .

Stop Recording- Hopps 2-B

- June 23 2016 -

- And that's all Judes! The Zootopia Police Academy. Are you sure about this? - Asked her confused brother Jonah, with whom she has the closest relationship.

- Easy bro, I know what I'm doing, but I'm not willing to allow injustice anymore, specially after all I did.

- You need to put that behind you, let your boss help you and take it easy, okay? Take care, my favorite litter sister.

- I'll say this to Jane, eh!

The siblings laughed before ending their big hug.

- By the way, I heard that she and... Yared are coming back from their trip in a few months.

- It's okay for me, they can come back... I won't be at BunnyBurrow by then. Well, I must leave you, see you later.

Smiling, the rabbit came downstairs with her suitcase in hand. She sighed, adjusting her uniform one more time before going inside. She took firm steps and approached the counter, where an old mole secretary, in a very old-fashioned flowery suit, was typing hurriedly on her computer.

- Good morning, I am looking for the head of admissions, Police Commissioner Edwin Antilops.

- Oh my God! You're Officer Hopps! who had just defeated the mayoress, aren't you? - The old mole adjusted her glasses in a futile attempt to get a better look at her.

- Yes, the same one, the same one that you laughed at since my first day here, Miss Molly.

- Oh, things that we don't have to remember. Let me ask about the Commissioner.

The female stood up and walked slowly towards her boss's office, judy could listening how she explained the situation. The Commissioner's deep voice echoed back to where the doe waited, feeling a bit intimidated.

- He said you could continue.

- Thank you, we'll see you later.

The doe took a few unsure, but quick steps, entered and to her surprise the Commissioner looked so much younger than she imagined for the position.

- But is our first rabbit, the best of her generation and current heroine of all Zootopia, it is an honor to me having you in front of me Hopps.

- Thank you Commissioner Antilops, the pleasure is mine and I really don't consider myself a hero, I just did what I had to do for everyone's safety.

- That's right and you did it perfectly. I was very surprised by your medical leave the last few months, after your statements.

- Well... it was a complicated time... it was a very badly handled press conference on my part.

- Mishandled? I thought it was perfect, a statement of facts, nothing more, nothing less.

- What? I all that I said about the biological components was disproved on Bellwether's arrest, I thought you had seen the news.

- I watched it. Anyway, what is the reason of the honor of your visit?

- You see... a few days ago, the citizen Nicholas Wilde submitted his application to join the Academy, after his valuable help to solving the Night Howler case, but I think there was a mistake, since in the reply email...

- It Said that he can't attend the Academy. - Completed the antelope. - You see Officer, it was not a mistake, I drafted that message myself.

- Why? In working with him during the case, I became aware of his many skills and expertise on...

- The crime of the city? Of course, if he's part of it.

- As you may have seen in the internal affairs investigation, he has no criminal record.

- "Verifiable" is the key word. Look, I've been a commissioner for five years, and I've learned to see through the masks off mammals. I understand that in your inexperience, this fox has been able to convince you, I know, but I don't...

- This is not a hustle, I know him personally, and he has suffered more discrimination than "crimes committed". He just wants a second chance, clean and...

- If your intentions with this visit were to change my mind, you are wasting your time, Officer. That fox is not going to set a foot in the Academy. My job is to keep the police transparent for everyone's safety.

- He is part of those citizens to protect. - The doe stood up and challenged him with her piercing purple eyes.

- My decision is made Hopps, have a good day and close the door on your way out.

. . .

Recording - Hopps 3-B

If I thought Nick was the most annoying mammal on the earth, that stupid speciesist antelope just proved me that he really is without a doubt, the worst.

But he doesn't know who he's messing with...he doesn't know what Judith Laverne Hopps is capable of.

. . .

Stop Recording- Hopps 3-B

Later that day, a confused fox was enjoying a plain, rectangular, boring ice pop.

"People really lack imagination", he said to himself. He leaned against a fence, watching as the citizens went about their business, some curious eyes still watching the predators, avoiding passing by them.

- They are totally pathetic! - He crumpled the wrapper and tossed it disinterestedly to the pavement.

- Sir, you owe a $150 fine for street pollution. - A deep voice startled the fox behind him.

- I'm sorry Officer but I... Carrots! – His smile couldn't be bigger.

- Hey Nick! I'm back.

- I noticed it, Fluff...

Before he could finish his sentence, the doe jumped into his arms, pinning him in a hug that took him a couple of seconds of surprise to reciprocate.

- I scared you, huh?

- Not really. Was only because I thought you had forgotten about this handsome fox, since you didn't answer my messages, but seeing your emotionality, I see that I'm still on your mind.

- Oh shut up Wilde! I just wanted to surprise you for once - She broke the hug and gave to her friend a hard punch on the shoulder. – I'm officially back at ZPD. So you'd better obey me.

- Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Don't tell me that you barely set a paw in the city and the buffalo mr grumpy put you to work.

- Not really, I'm wearing the uniform because I just came from a... very unfruitful meeting with the Police Commissioner.

- Wait... Don't tell me it was about my application.

- Something like that... Now I understand his refusal... he's a speciesist, but he doesn't know who he's messed with. Bogo agrees, even Friedkin, the instructor says you'll be a good challenge, so I'm going to take this to court and...

- Hopps, you're crazy! - The fox was looking at her with tenderness, no one had ever defended him with so much impetus. - You're going to risk your job for me, I'm a hopeless case, just go on about your business and...

- Nick, I decided it... you will be my partner, whoever likes or not... I was the first rabbit officer, and you will be the first fox officer, you will remember my words.

To be continued…

Well the path of Nick becoming an officer I imagined that it wasn't easy, I mean, considering how the people acted with him during the movie, I imagine that he had to face big battle to be Judy's partner. what do you think? I hope you liked it.