A challenge to any competent Author who loves naruto fanfiction as much as I do.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything other than the plot naruto belongs to Kishimoto

This challenge is a what if situation for an op naruto who is a master of wind manipulation. Not original I know but I have these ideas in my head for a while unfortunately I am not a good writer so I hope one of the amazing writers on this site can pick up this challenge, anyone can use any part of this challenge for their stories I don't care for copyrights at all if anything I am hoping someone would pick it up though please pm me if you're going to attempt it I would like to read it. Also the pairing is naruto x anyone who isn't Hinata or Sakura these two are the most common pairing on the site so I am hoping for something different.

what if this time naruto focuses on his wind manipulation to a ridiculous degree to the point he has ABSOLUTE CONTROL over wind? To achieve this, he would have had to start as early as 5 years old on chakra control, chakra theory, and elemental manipulation how he starts and what factors pushed him to take his training seriously and in this direction? I leave that up to you. If he achieves complete control over wind manipulation it could be so groundbreaking that it would be labeled as the next level of wind manipulation, maybe calling it typhoon release.

If naruto has absolute control over wind then he can control all aspects of wind, its concussive force, its molecular makeup, its cutting power, it pressure, speed and vacuum capabilities. The most obvious and most extreme part of typhoon release would be the ability to spawn tornadoes that could go from relatively small to destroying entire countries or villages, another obvious aspect is cutting power if pushed to the extreme should be able to cut anything including a bijudama or a bijuu itself. Then there's the concussive force, wind when pressurized can exert a concussive force so powerful it could level buildings now what if naruto can surround his fists with titanic amounts of wind and pressurize that wind into a bubble around his fist then use it to punch something so that upon contact it would release a concussive force strong enough to level mountains like tsunade's super strength or he could release the pressurized wind into a wind blast that could pulverize anything or in extreme cases when backed up with senjutsu can stand up to a bijudama.

What if naruto can control the molecular makeup of air. Air is mostly made up of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen so what if he could control the oxygen in the air remove it from a localized area and he would render all fire release useless on the opposite side if he increase the oxygen in the air while a clone of his uses a fire jutsu he could make his flames so hot they would turn blue and incinerate anything. What if he controls the Carbon in the air around a certain area, he could kill hundreds of people through carbon monoxide poisoning without anyone knowing what's going on making him a terrifying assassin. He could control the nitrogen in the air to be so cold he could freeze an entire area like ice release that haku uses.

If he has absolute control over wind he could control the air inside someone's lungs causing them to burst which is an instant death technique only extremely fast individuals who could also sense chakra or a doujutsu user to see chakra could Dodge that and they would have to be very fast to do it ( in my opinion this is one of the most deadly applications of typhoon release not many can defend against it). Absolute control over wind would allow him to fly, he could remove wind resistance around him allowing him to move at insane speeds rivalling the raikage.

Naruto could redirect any water, fire or earth release jutsu thrown at him by simply creating air currents around the jutsus thus allowing him to control the direction of the jutsus which means he can redirect the attacks thrown at him right back at his enemies, he could cut a fire ball in two with a wind slash then use air currents to control the two half's of the fire ball enlarging them with wind and at the same time increasing the oxygen levels to make them stronger turning them blue and redirecting them at the enemy doing all this in seconds. He could manipulate the air around his body causing it to spin at insane levels creating an armour around his body like a second skin cutting anything it touches and negating all lighting techniques (lightning is weak to wind). He could expand this armour so it would incase a large area in a dome like appearance (like the hyuga's defence technique).

For taijutsu you got two options 1) use the wind armour with his taijutsu causing him to cut anything he touches making his taijutsu deadly. 2). Use wind manipulation to cause a miniaturized but extremely deadly vacuum around his palms so that when naruto touches his opponents the vacuum around his palms would literally suck the internal organs outside the body thus instant kill (he could literally rip someone's heart out just by touching their chest with this technique). He could use wind to lift heavy objects like building or in extreme cases a bijuu (when I say extreme case it means he is using senjutsu to boost his typhoon release) as I said before in extreme cases naruto can boost the cutting power of wind to the point he could cut a bijuu' same off or cut a Susano in two making him a deadly swordsman.

As I said before he could manipulate air resistance around him giving him a huge boost in speed but he could also manipulate the air resistance around other people increasing it thus drastically slowing them down or increase air resistance around a jutsu slowing said jutsu to a snail's pace. This is all I can think of for wind manipulation. He could also use wend as a pushing force like nagato's shinra tensai but weaker since gravity is stronger than wind.