Act I: Ai shiteru

Once upon a time, fifty years ago, Inu Yasha was lay to rest by a woman, a miko, named Kikyou. In a cruel twist of fate, the miko lost her life in the outcome of the battle with the only man she ever loved. Thirty years later a girl of thirteen, Misao, stumbles upon Inu Yasha's resting place. She visits him reguarly and tells his sleeping form of her dreams and hopes, her frustration and desires. Everytime she visits him she starts her sessions with-

Hear me now

"Good morrow, Inu Yasha. How are you feeling? Do you feel you will wake soon? I must say, I hope so."

Staring up at the sleeping man, Misao paused in her talking. She had never seen his eyes, nor ever heard his voice. She knew that his eyes were golden nonetheless. The stories had told her so, some of the elderly had seen him with their very eyes. They had said they were full of cruelty. Yet she did not believe him, she believed they were full of gentle caring, and was gorgeous and flawless to her. She wished he would just open his eyes. She believed the stories though, when theytalked of him being trecherous. He looked like he would be, a man of his calibur, had the right to brag, did he not?

"You're the kind of man I should like to marry Inu Yasha," she proclaimed.

She was sitting in her usual place and usual position. Sitting back on her feet with her legs bent, hands in lap, staring up at him. She always brought food, just in case he woke while she was away. She knew he'd be hungry.

"Inu Yasha, I await your concious presence. I hope that one day, you will wake, and I will be the first thing you see..."Misao trailed off and sighed. She blew her red-orange bangs out of her eyes.

"My dear Inu Yasha..."

She looked back up at him. Her eyes were sad and lonely. Her friendwould not - could not - wake up. Despite his sleeping apperance, she knew that he could hear her. She knew it. She wanted him to wake up while she was there, she really hoped he would someday. She wanted to tell him something, something important. She realized he would not wake though, and so she decided that she would tell him, regardless of his unresponsive state.

"Perhaps...perhaps it is best that you can not react, nor say anything, for about what I am going to say Inu Yasha," she said to him.

She stood, clasping her hands togetherbehind her back. Shelooked back up to him. Making her way to one of the huge roots, pulled from the ground, she climbed upon it until she reached Inu Yasha.

He gave no response when she pressed her palm against his forehead. She scowled and it remained fix on her face as she pulled her hand back.

"You show no reaction, yet I know you hear and feel what I just did. Why won't you talk to me," she asked him, her voice drippingwith desperateness. "At least show a reaction," she pleaded with him. None was given.

She threw up her hands in frustration. Losing her balance, she fell forward. She landed against his chest with her head resting below his tilted chin. She blushed crimson and looked up at him, growling slightly when he still showed no reaction. She pushed herself back against him, balancing herself on the root with her hands.

"I'll just say what I've come here to say," she decided. "Though I have never heard you speak, though you chose not to talk to me... I think... I think I love you."

She looked back up to him. He would not respond. She sighed heavily and jumped down from her perch. Stumbling,but kept her balance, she did not fall. She fixed her robes in leisure and turned back to Inu Yasha.

"G'day Inu Yasha."

As she walked away, she turned her head back.

She thought she saw his lips twitch...

Hello all how was this first chapter? This is designed to be a small, good, read...nothing big. Almost all chapters will be short. It's suppose to be sweet an' stuff like that so, did I do well? I already wrote the next chapter, and I'm about to start the third chapter. See you

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