Act III: Sarabada

One year has passed since the last encounter. Misao is now eighteen and has stumbled into Inu Yasha's resting place. Feeling troubeled and lost, she falls to her knees on the ground in front of him. She observes that the roots that once covered half of his chest now wrap around him. She stares up at him, trying to figure out how to tell him her bad news.

"Hear me now."

"Konban wa, Inu Yasha... although I must admit, it's not very good for me." Misao paused to sigh. "I have come here to seek your advice today Inu Yasha." Silence greeted her again.

Misao rose to her feet. "You must respond to me this time! You simply must Inu Yasha! Our future is being questioned now!" She allowed a pause to hang in the air, waiting expectantly for this response. He said nothing.

"Yakoto says this is the last time he will ask me...I should be happy, but I am not. I won't pester you about my second thoughts. But I wanted to know how you would feel about all this." She bowed her head and clenched her jaw tightly. Her hands became fists.

"It's just you're taking so long, and I..."

Misao trailed off to look around the clearing. How many years have I been coming here, waiting for you, she thought to herself. Why do I still love you after all this time...?

"I still love you. But I feel that my mind is wandering. Yakato expects something serious from me. He speaks often of marriage. Inu Yasha, what do I do?"

Confused and feeling lonely, she needed him. She needed anything he had to offer her. Anything Inu Yasha could offer would ne enough. Just the simplest of words and she would cling to them...


She could feel tears welling up behind her eyes. She willed them not to fall or show. She leaned her head back up. He had not moved. He had not done anything. A flash of anger went through her eyes.

"Just talk to me once! I'll never tell a soul! Please Inu Yasha!"

He wasn't moving. He wasn't doing anything. Her vision was blurred and hot tears starting leaking down her face. She couldn't stop them, no matter how hard she tried. Misao turned her back on him. She had finally given up.


Her eyes widened considerably and she started to turn around.



Just don't

Misao gulped.

Why do you keep coming here?

"Because I love you."

...and I you

Misao smiled. Tears of joy streamed down her face.

Why do you keep asking me questions?

"I wanted to know what you wanted."

I'm not waking up anytime soon, Misao...

"I know... but I can't leave you. Not like that. Not for Yakato."

I can't be with you, Misao... He's there for you now. Go with him..

"But I don't love him," she protested.

It's better than waiting for some half breed pinned to a tree


Aren't you the one that wanted to know what I wanted?

Misao bit her lip and she cried silently. She drew in a shakey breath. "As you wish, Inu Yasha."

Now go, never come and see me again

"Inu Yasha!"

There was no response...

"Sarabada... Inu Yasha."

'Sarabada' is Farewell. See you.