Midnight Rain - A Big Time Rush Fanfiction…

A/N - This randomly came to me, and I wrote it. Just a Kogan drabble that's sweet and simple.
Also, it's Kogan (Kendall/Logan) because they are the best duo on BTR. Got to love Kogan! So enjoy; no central plot, just short and simple.

Disclaimer: I don't own BTR; Kendall/Logan would've been together if I did.

Midnight Rain

The sound of thunder caused Logan Mitchell to sit upright in his bed. Shaking slightly under the covers, Logan looked at the digital clock on his nightstand. It read 12:35 am. Frowning, Logan jumped once more as another sound of thunder came into the atmosphere. Looking outside the window, the sixteen year old sighed when he saw it was dark and raining outside.

Ever since he was a young kid, Logan never liked thunderstorms. The loud noise always scared him, and the rain….the rain was the worse, getting him soaking wet if he ended up outside for some reason. Logan shivered at the thought and shook his head. Bringing his blanket up to his chin, Logan jumped again as a third sound of thunder rang. Whimpering slightly, Logan looked at his surroundings, realizing he was still in their newer apartment, apartment 2J in LA.

Just a couple of days ago, Logan and his three best friends, Kendall Knight, James Diamond, and Carlos Garcia, were discovered by a famous producer and brought to L.A to become the next big stars. All four moved from Minnesota to Los Angeles, and Logan was still getting used to the environmental change, and the thunderstorm was not helping. Even back in Minnestoa, Logan always hated thunderstorms, mainly because it was rare if they happened, but here in weather was different, and Logan would have to get used to it.

However, as Logan couldn't sleep because of the storm, he looked to the other side of the room where Kendall was sleeping on his bed. The two shared a room in their newer apartment, and Logan was glad he had Kendall as a roommate. Not that James or Carlos were wrong to room with; Logan was always closer to Kendall since they became friends. But the real reason Logan was glad that Kendall was his roommate, the tall blond was braver then Logan was and more robust. Logan felt safer with Kendall around. Jumping once more at the sound of thunder, Logan debated whether to bother waking Kendall and seeking his friend's comfort. Finally, after almost peeing his pants from the sound of the storm, Logan made a choice.

Getting up from his bed, Logan went over to Kendall's. Looking over the body lying before him, Logan sighed and shook his head at how his friend was. Kendall sprawled out on a bed almost too small for him, as his blankets were half over him and half hanging off the bed. The blonde was curled to one side and snuggled against a pillow. The sight made Logan smile, and he blushed as he heard Kendall snore. Finally working up the nerve, Logan shook Kendall's shoulder, trying to wake him.

"Hmmm…." Kendall mumbled before rolling over and trying to ignore whoever was bothering him.

That didn't stop Logan from shaking him again. "Keeendaaall….wake up! Wake up!" Logan stated as he continued to shake his friend's shoulder more violently then he meant.

It seemed to get Kendall's attention, though, "Hmm? Logan?..." The blonde questioned as he slowly opened his eyes, seeing Logan through his sleepiness. "Logan, what's wrong?" Even though he was half asleep, Kendall could tell something was wrong with Logan. Otherwise, his friend wouldn't have woken him up.

"I…It um…it's - " Logan began to stutter, instantly feeling bad for waking his friend. " - I'm sorry I s-s-shouldn't have b-bothered you. Go back to sleep." Logan tried to encourage him as he turned and returned to his bed, but he felt Kendall grab his hand.

"Loges, what's wrong?" Kendall wondered before there was a loud booming sound from the thunderstorm; Kendall felt Logan tense and heard him whimper. The blonde sighed, moved closer to the wall, and pulled the blanket back a bit; he let go of Logan's hand and pointed to the bed. "Lay with me."

At the demand, Logan looked surprised. "What?"

"Lay with me," Kendall repeated as he patted the space beside him, pulling Logan towards him.

"A-Are you sure?" Logan wondered as he raised an eyebrow, feeling himself pulled towards Kendall's bed.

"I'm sure. Otherwise, I wouldn't have offered," Kendall explained as he finally got Logan to join him in bed.

The two lay beside one another, and while they did, Logan couldn't help but notice his heart was beating faster. Sure, Logan knew Kendall was only doing this to help comfort the boy, but this was something they hadn't done since they were peewees. Back then, Kendall comforted Logan like this when they were little. Kendall was probably the only one who knew Logan was afraid of thunderstorms. But now that they were sixteen, Logan wasn't expecting Kendall to offer his comfort like this to the brunette, but they were lying in bed together as if it was a regular thing.

Logan knew this wasn't normal; most best friends wouldn't cuddle like he and Kendall currently were. He also knew that a typical friend wouldn't currently be running their hands up and down someone's stomach like Kendall was doing to him. Feeling his breath hitch at Kendall's touch, Logan moaned a little as he felt Kendall wrap his arms around him and pull him closer to Kendall's chest. The two sat against the wall, with the only sounds being their breathing and the current thunderstorm.

"Kendall?..." Logan wondered as he turned his head to face his best friend.

"Hmm?" Kendall hummed as he raised an eyebrow at Logan.

"Can I stay with you tonight?" Logan questioned as he gave Kendall his best puppy dog look.

Kendall just smiled, "Absolutely. I wouldn't have it any other way." Kendall finishes as he leans his head on Logan's head.

Logan smiled to himself, and there was something about having Kendall's arms around him that made him feel safe and protected. The blonde always knew how to calm him down, and being so caring was one of the many things Logan loved about Kendall. What surprised Logan was when Kendall started kissing the brunette neck, training his way down from his chin to his collarbone. Logan blushed as Kendall kissed him, and he made no objections to his friend's actions. Because Kendall could do anything he wanted, and Logan wouldn't say otherwise. What the two shared between them was exceptional, and Logan wasn't letting anything come between him and Kendall. But when Logan felt Kendall's hands running down his body again, Logan just blushed and allowed his friend to continue; the feeling of Kendall's hands on him was a drug Logan wanted again and again.

However, Logan was a little surprised at Kendall's actions because the two hadn't been this intimate since before their move to L.A. Kendall and Logan have always done things like this secretly, kissing, touching one another, and even making love. But no one knew, the two boys being afraid of being judged if people found out. However, at the moment Kendall held Logan in his arms that night, comforting him from the thunderstorm, that was all that mattered to Logan. Kendall was his, and nothing was going to take him away. But Logan's thoughts were stopped when he felt Kendall's lips on his; the two started kissing, and Logan allowed Kendall to push him down on the bed so he was lying more. It made it easier for them to make out. Just like that, Logan was no longer thinking about the storm that was currently happening. All Logan was thinking about was how much he loved Kendall Knight and how lucky he was to have the blonde in his life. Kendall could do anything to him anytime, including kissing him at night while a thunderstorm was happening outside…