Hi guys, I was having trouble writing anything, and decided to use that as a starter - the words take me where they want to go!

"Aargh! The creative juices are just not flowing," Bella whined as Edward walked into the room behind her. "It's just not happening today."

She dropped her head forward and rubbed her hands over her eyes. Her chocolate brown hair fell around her face hanging just below her shoulders.

"How about," Edward suggested as he placed his hands on Bella's shoulders and gently massaged them, "'She grabbed his throbbing member and shoved it into her mouth?'"

Edward knew and loved that Bella wrote erotic fiction but every time he tried to help, he made her laugh with how cheesy it sounded.

Giggling, Bella turned to look at him, flicking her hair out of the way.

"Oh Edward, straight to the point! Where's the romantic lead up? I can't open a story with that. That's just porn."

His lower lip jutted out as he pretended to pout but his green eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Bella, sweetheart, we both know that's what the readers want. They plough through the romance to get to the porn, I'm just giving them what they want from the beginning!"

Bella laughed and slapped him across the butt as he turned and walked out of the room. She turned her chair back towards her desk.

"Alright, come on Bella, you can do this," Bella thought to herself as her eyes scanned the laptop in front of her. She pulled her hair into a ponytail, securing it with a tie from around her wrist. The only word so far that had managed to exit her brain was mocking her on the screen: "Robert".

"OK, Rob, what are you going to do for me today?" She muttered as she placed her fingers on the keyboard. "Speak to me, Rob, give me some inspiration."

She sat like that for a good five minutes - her favourite character, Robert Pattinson, just not doing it for her today.

She finally stood up, closed her laptop, and walked out of the room in search of coffee. Coffee makes everything better.

Her 'study' was just off the living room and as she wandered past the couch, she straightened the cushions and grabbed an empty cup from the coffee table. Expecting to see her tall, handsome boyfriend in the kitchen, she was surprised to find it empty. He'd obviously been here as there was a pot on the stove but the gas was not lit. There were potato peelings on the chopping board and a carrot, half peeled, sat next to them.

"Edward?" Bella called out, while filling the kettle to make a drink. "You OK?"

She busied herself with her task, making a cup of tea for Edward, too. There was no reply, so she figured he must have gone to the store as the recipe he was using lay on the counter, next to a pile of vegetables waiting to be prepared. She left her coffee next to the kettle, and tidied the mess a bit that Edward had made.

"I bet Robert Pattinson wouldn't leave a half prepared meal in the kitchen," she thought, but then groaned as she thought to herself, "No, but then he'd be tied to my bed all day as my sex slave!" She scraped the potato peelings into the kitchen compost bin.

Although Edward was aware of her crush on her favourite character, he had no idea that she sometimes imagined she was making love to Rob, especially when Edward took her from behind. In her mind, Robert would be rough and dominant in bed, bringing her to orgasm over and over. She loved Edward dearly, but he was a gentleman in bed, always making sure to be caring and loving, even when she begged for more - harder - NOW!

As she peeled the rest of the carrots, her mind wandered once more to her writing - or lack thereof. She just needed some inspiration to get her going, the words would flow once that first sentence was 'on paper'. Before long Bella realised she had peeled and chopped all of the veggies but still there was no sign of Edward. Thinking maybe something was amiss, she went from the kitchen into the lounge room and poked her head into her small study. No sign of Edward. She glanced out of the front window and noticed his car was still in the driveway, so he hadn't gone to the store.

"Edward? Honey? You OK?" Bella was starting to get a bad feeling as she climbed the steep stairs, holding onto the railing as she went. There was no sound in the house and she started to wish she had brought the knife from the kitchen with her.

"Great," she thought, "What a perfect time for my imagination to kick in to gear, like I need to imagine a serial killer in my home."

As quietly as she could, Bella crept along the landing, quickly looking in the spare room, but nothing had moved, nothing was out of place. She pushed the bathroom door gently, begging it not to creak (silently thanking the Gods that she had oiled the hinges months ago when it first started to grate on her nerves). Empty.

Bracing herself for goodness knew what, she turned to her bedroom door. It was closed, but it closed by itself unless it was propped open, so that should not have bothered her, but today, she wished she had chocked it open. Slowly, she opened the door and as she peeked around it, her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

Standing opposite her, next to the bed, was Edward. Her loving, softly spoken, neatly dressed and always perfectly coiffed, Edward. Only now he had mussed up his hair, holding it in place with some product from the bathroom shelf, and was dressed in torn jeans and an unbuttoned grey shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows, over a white t shirt. His stance was different too. Normally he would stand with his weight on one foot, head bowed, effectively making himself slightly shorter than his 6'2 frame, as he was self conscious about being so much taller than those around him. But right now, standing at his full height, he had an air of dominance about him.

Bella struggled to get past how sexy Edward was looking and finally it hit her - he was dressed like Robert Pattinson, the vampire in the movie she loved to watch over and over again. He had done his hair to be like him too, in that well known "just fucked" style, and his stance was one of confidence.

She almost swooned she was so turned on. She could feel the flush creeping up her cheeks.

"Edward," she whispered, aware that her voice had somehow turned breathy, like a porn star.

"Bella," answered Edward, his lips caressing the name. "I've been waiting a long time for you."

Bella knew Edward, and she knew that if she didn't play along, he would die of embarrassment and never consider taking the lead again.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know where you were. I didn't hear you come upstairs." She walked over and sat at the top of the bed. Edward stepped closer. "How did you get in here?"

She thought she'd see how far she could take this. Right on cue, Edward answered, "The window."

Bella smiled, her love for him growing just a little more, knowing that he had actually been paying attention through the 100 times she had made him watch the movie with her, even though she assumed he had just been zoning out.

"I just want to try one thing," he said as he perched on the side of the bed in front of her. "Stay very still."

Her heart exploded - he was even quoting the film! He leaned forward, and just before their lips touched, he whispered "Don't move."

She was breathing so shallow, she felt for sure she would pass out as he slowly leaned in towards her, but when his lips gently touched hers, she inhaled through her nose taking in his scent. She started to kiss him back, and Edward leaned forward effectively pushing her backwards to lie on the bed. As her head hit the pillow, Edward lay down next to her, their bodies aligned, and his left hand came up to her face. He caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers and pushed her hair behind her ear.

"I love you, Bella Swan," he whispered then leaned over her again and stroked his tongue across her lips to gain entrance. She opened her mouth allowing his tongue in and she sucked on it gently. Edward groaned - she knew just what turned him on, and as she brought her hand up to the back of his neck, he positioned himself so that he was lying on top of her, along the length of her body. He held his weight on his elbows and brought his hands up to cup her face, pulling away so that he could look in her eyes.

"What would you have Robert do now, Bella?"

She looked confused for a moment, but then it dawned on her. He wanted to role play but had no idea what she actually wanted.

"He'd kiss me, and slowly unbutton my shirt without me knowing, because he's a vampire and is really fast."

Edward smirked and leaned down again to kiss her. He gently placed his lips on hers and brushed them from side to side, eventually opening his lips to let the tip of his tongue trace along hers. While she was distracted by the sensual kiss that was taking place up top, Edward deftly undid the buttons of her shirt and opened it up so that he could stroke the back of his fingers up her side, making her shiver.

She reached up to pull his head down to her neck and he obliged by nibbling the place just below her ear that he knew drove her crazy. He could feel her pulse beating at that spot and he licked up from her shoulder, flattened his tongue on her pulse spot then grazed his teeth along it. She moaned loudly as he sucked on the skin, making sure to leave a mark. He could feel himself getting more and more turned on and he bucked his hips slightly forward, the jeans creating some friction, but he knew they would become a painful prison soon enough if he didn't get them off.

All the while he was paying attention to Bella's neck with his mouth, his left hand was sweeping from left to right below her bra.

"Take it off" she breathed out. "Take it off and bite my nipple."

Bite her nipple? Edward wasn't sure he liked the sound of that but he was more than willing to suck on it. He reached around her and un-sexily struggled with the fastener until Bella reached behind herself and undid the hooks.

"I guess even vampires struggle with bras!" She joked, and Edward smiled, pulling the straps down her arms and flinging the damn thing behind him.

He kissed Bella again, his hand going to her breast. He kissed his way down her chest, wiggling himself down the bed until his mouth was level with her amazing mounds. He watched as he rubbed his fingers across one nipple, watched as it hardened under his touch. Bella had pushed herself up onto her elbows and Edward raised his eyes to her face, watching her watching him as he bent forward and took the nipple into his mouth.

Her mouth opened to form a small "O". He swiped his tongue across the peak a few times while his other hand paid the same attention to her other nipple. He went from one breast to the other, the peaks remaining hard, and he rubbed himself on Bella as he lay between her legs.

His cock was so hard, he reached down to undo his fly, just to release the pressure, but Bella felt him move, grabbed his sleeve and said "Take it off. All of it."

Obligingly, Edward sat up and pulled the button down shirt off and lifted the t shirt up and over his head leaving his chest bare. Although not a gym junkie, he certainly had some muscle definition and his shoulders rippled as he lifted his arms above his head. His six pack was just visible as he sat back on his heels and as he stood to remove his pants, Bella admired his toned body in all its glory.

"Mine too," Bella instructed, waving her hand over herself as Edward climbed back onto the bed. He quickly undid her button and zip and she lifted her bottom up so that he could remove her pants and undies with no resistance. He dropped them next to the bed on top of his own, and lay back in the same position from earlier.

"Where was I?" He asked, leaning forward to take a nipple back into his mouth. He tweaked the other side with his fingers and Bella took a sharp intake of breath, flopping down once more with her head on the pillow.

"Again," she hissed, "Do that again."

So Edward pinched her right nipple with his fingers but this time he took her left one between his teeth and gently bit down at the same time. She bucked her lower half off the bed.

"Holy shit!" She exclaimed, her breathing heavy. "You have no idea how good that feels."

She could feel the smirk on Edward's face, but forgot about it instantly as his left hand abandoned her breast and travelled down her stomach, his fingers heading straight to her core. He licked her nipple and as he bit down, his fingers rubbed circles on her clit, once more making her buck off the bed.

"Harder, rub harder," she moaned, her head facing to the right. She was sure that Edward hadn't noticed, but last time she cleaned the house, she had positioned the mirror so that it was opposite the bed, and she could now watch Edward move above her through the mirror. His eyes were closed and she could see the concentration on his face. She could feel his tongue rolling around her hardened nipple as he gently used his teeth, and his fingers rubbing her most sensitive spot in the most delectable way, but she couldn't see enough as Edward was on top of her, lying between her legs.

"Edward, swap," she ordered, gently pushing him up.

He made as if to swap to the other breast, but she pushed him again. "No, let me be on top."

He kissed each nipple once more, then rolled over, taking Bella with him. She sat astride his thighs and ran her hands across his chest, making sure to rub across his nipples until they hardened. Then she ran her nail across one, and Edward sucked in a breath.

"Holy… Wow, I get it now," he puffed out, Bella seeing the instant effect it had had on his erection, which stood impossibly taller. She ran her hands down across his stomach, and further down still, until they wrapped themselves around his twitching cock. Her hands slowly moved in tandem up and down his length, as Edward leaned up on his elbows, watching intently. A small bead of pre-cum pooled at the tip and Bella leaned over, her lips about to kiss the end when Edward grabbed her arm.

"Bella, you don't have to do this." Edward was not a fan of blow jobs and rarely let Bella give him one.

"I want to, Edward. Please." Edward looked at her, trying to decide whether she was speaking the truth or if she thought it was what he wanted. "Rob would let me," she pouted.

"I'm sure he would," muttered Edward under his breath. This only made Bella smile.

"Do you not like my blow jobs? Tell me what you want me to do, Edward, I want to please you."

"Jesus, Bella. Of course I enjoy your oral skills, but you don't have to do this. Not for me. I don't need you to prove anything this way. It's degrading for you."

Bella let go and sat up, looking him in the eyes.

"Is that what you think? That I feel degraded doing this?"

Edward just looked at her.

"I want to do this Edward, it makes me feel powerful when you come apart. I mean, I'm not saying I want you to come down my throat or anything, because once is enough for that," (Edward smirked and looked a little embarrassed, remembering the time he couldn't control himself and had spurted hot cum down Bella's throat with no warning), "But I enjoy watching you try to hold back when I'm running my tongue up and down your length."

Bella took a hold of his penis again and used her hand to demonstrate her words. "And when I take you all in, whole," her two hands encircled his length, "and your eyes roll into the back of your head, I know I'm doing it right and I feel like the mistress of the universe!"

With that, she leaned over and took him in her mouth all the way. She swallowed around him as he hit the back of her throat, then started moving up and down. There was going to be no slow start today, she decided - she wanted it rough and ready and she wanted him to know her intentions. She turned her eyes to the side and could see them in the mirror. She moaned, feeling like a porn star, glad she had left the ponytail in so her hair was out of the way.

He was already hard as a rock and she knew she couldn't push him too far as she had plans for his enormous erection, so when his hands grabbed the sheets tightly on each side of her head, she allowed her saliva to coat his cock then quickly sat up and positioned herself over him before impaling herself in one sharp thrust.

"Fuck!" They both called out, but she didn't stop. She rode him hard, her tits bouncing with the effort and she grabbed his hands from by his side and placed them on her boobs. She pinched each nipple with his fingers and told him to squeeze.

Then she leaned back slightly, resting her hands on his thighs, changing the position slightly so that he was hitting her G spot over and over and over. Watching her skin flush from the exertion in the reflection only led to her being more and more turned on and her movements started to falter.

"Fucking come, Bella," he ordered through gritted teeth as he pinched and twisted both nipples, and she cried out as she came with an intensity she had never felt before.

Edward pulled himself up and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to his chest as she twitched around his still hard cock. He kissed her flushed cheeks and rubbed his hands up and down her back, cradling her to him. He continued to rock slowly, knowing he was hitting the spot over and over, but wanting to extend her orgasm as long as possible.

When she opened her eyes and looked into his, he pulled his head back to see her clearly and said, "My turn!" He lifted her off himself and flipped her over. He crawled around behind, pulling her up onto her knees and instructed her to "Hold on!" as he rammed himself into her from behind.

She cried out again, not in pain but in pleasure and he started to move in earnest, holding onto her hip with one hand to anchor himself to her, and wrapping her ponytail around his other hand to pull her back towards him. He felt for sure that he would leave bruises, but at that exact moment, he couldn't find it in himself to care. Bella felt herself moving up the bed with the force with which he was entering her and she braced herself again the headboard.

"That's it, Bella, hold on tight. This is going to be quick!"

As he pounded away, his grunts got louder, and Bella turned her head to the left and called out "Fuck, yes!" As she realised that from this angle, she could watch the whole thing in the mirror. "Edward, the mirror," she shouted out and he turned his head, hair flopping down his forehead, and they locked eyes in the mirror.

His motions faltered as he realised this had been set up on purpose, but Bella was having none of it.

"Fuck me, Edward. Hard," she commanded and he pulled his eyes away from hers, once more looking down to where their bodies were coupled together. He released her hair, pulling the tie from it and throwing it on the floor, and reached around, rubbing her clit as he started to move slowly, but as Bella called out "Faster, harder," he gave up trying to increase her pleasure and concentrated on slamming into her with as much force as he could muster.

His more basic instincts had come out and the caring side of his brain had obviously shut down for the night, as his hands latched onto Bella's hips with such strength that the skin beneath his grip was turning white. She could feel his balls slap against her thighs as they swung erratically with each thrust.

She put her head down onto the mattress to enhance the angle of penetration and they both felt the change immediately. Bella just had time to swipe her hair to one side when she screamed as she felt the orgasm crash over her like a wave and she fought to keep her eyes open, staring at the mirror so she could watch Edward as he came.

Usually he would come quietly after ensuring Bella had found her pleasure, but today he could not hold back and she stared at his reflection as his thrusts faltered, his eyes screwed tight and his mouth opened wide as he bellowed "Fuuuuuuuckk", ramming into her again and again until he collapsed over her back, eventually slipping out of her and falling onto the bed beside her. The first drips of cum were dribbling down her thigh as her knees gave way and she too ended up lying flat on the bed.

Both were panting loudly, both were covered in a sheen of sweat, but only Bella groaned as she felt the drip of cum on her thigh. Edward turned to look at her and raised his eyebrow in question. She reached over and took his hand in hers and brought it over to her thigh, swiping it through the now-cold fluid. He smiled and rubbed it around her thigh.

"Mine," he mouthed, bringing a smile to Bella's face - classic Rob.

He leaned over and pecked her on the lips before rolling back over to stare up at the ceiling. Bella could tell he was overthinking something so she pulled herself closer to him, lay one leg over his and rested her head on his chest. After waiting him out for a minute, rubbing her fingers across his chest lightly, she finally caved.

"What's wrong, Edward? Why so quiet?" She could feel him take a breath before he spoke again.

"Is that what you want from me? Do you want me to hurt you? Because I don't think I can."

Leaning up on her elbow, she looked him in the eye, seeing only remorse.

"You didn't hurt me, Edward. I asked you to bite me, to pinch my nipple, and yes, I enjoyed it. That doesn't mean I don't like you being soft and caring, I love that side of you. It makes me feel cherished, but sometimes I want it rough. I want you to pound me from behind. And I know you enjoyed it - I felt the urgency in your movements, and that was so sexy, Edward. That I could drive you to let go like that. To take what you needed from me without holding yourself back. I want you to want me like that, forever."

"I do, Bella, all the time. It's hard to hold back sometimes, but I'm afraid I'll hurt you for real and I couldn't do that."

Bella smiled. "You're not that different to Robert in those movies, you know? He tries to be gentle and restrain himself all the time because he might accidentally lose control and hurt her, but that is one of the biggest turn ons that I can think of! To be so attractive to your partner that he loses it?" She shook her head, her dark hair ruffling around her shoulders. "Unreal."

He reached up and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down to lie on top of him. "Thanks," he whispered in her ear, "I love you so much."

"You too, Edward, and you may have just given me the inspiration needed to start writing!"


"Yeah," she smiled. "Robert is always my muse, but what if he actually lost control? What harm could it do? I'm going to explore that, I think. Maybe a few more surprise sessions like this and I'd be able to write a whole book!"

Edward nibbled on her ear. "Glad I could help, and any time you need a reminder, just let me know and I'll see what I can do!"

After a minute, Bella rolled off him and stood up.

"Ugh, I need a shower," she muttered as she made her way to the bathroom. "I need to wash your crustiness off my leg!"

Laughing, Edward followed her in to the shower and helped wash her off, before wrapping her in a towel.

"Get dressed, love, I'm going to finish preparing dinner. I'm starving!"