Hi guys - my friend gave me a sentence as a prompt that I had to use to kick start a scene. This was my first attempt and I think we were both a bit shocked as to where it went! Consider yourselves warned :)

The wind changed, bringing with it her unique aroma and he was surprised the fragrance caught him off guard. He hadn't expected her to be here and something stirred within him.

"Where are you, Bella?" He muttered under his breath as he smiled at a few people, strolling past them on his way towards the driveway.

The wedding ceremony had just finished and people were milling about, chatting and sipping on the champagne offered by waiters, while the new bride and groom posed for their photos. Edward would be expected to hang around for pictures, too - as best man - and he wouldn't wander far, but he just had to investigate the scent that had put his body on high alert.

As he was almost at the stables, Emmett's booming voice called him back. "Eddie!"

Edward cringed and his shoulders hunched forward as if from a physical blow to the back of his head, knowing that Emmett was using his hated nickname on purpose, in front of the crowd. "Come on, bro, we need your handsomeness to make these wedding photos presentable!"

He pasted a smile onto his face and turned back towards the happy couple just as Rosalie smacked Emmett around the head and rolled her eyes. Emmett just smiled back at her. He was so big that nobody could hurt him and even though he might have looked a bit scary to people who didn't know him, he was the gentlest giant on earth. His sense of humour was second to none and he was loyal to those that gave him their trust.

"Alright Monkey-Man, I'll do my best!" called back Edward with a grin, knowing that that was Rosalie's bedroom nickname for Emmett.

Emmett immediately turned red with embarrassment, and Rose held out her hand for a high five as Edward passed them.

They smiled for the camera, along with Alice (Rosalie's maid of honour) for quite a while and eventually, Edward called out to the photographer, "Come on mate, let's make these pictures stand out!"

The group headed towards the stable block around the corner from the ceremony area, waving to the guests who were all happy to go inside and wait for the reception to begin. After all, there were canapés and free bubbly being handed out by the roaming waiters, and the air con would be more pleasant than the heat outside.

The boys took off their formal jackets and rolled up their sleeves and loosened the ties around their necks and Alice and Rosalie hooked their dresses up so that they too could relax a little. The boys chuckled at the sight as both were wearing black cowboy boots underneath the traditional wedding garb.

"What?" Asked Rosalie. "They're comfy!"

Emmett rolled his eyes at her and pulled her in for a searing kiss, leaving her breathless when he finally let her go.

As the photographer was ready, he called the four over to him. A horse popped his head over a door and they all took turns posing with him, eventually taking a group photo.

"That animal's a natural," laughed Edward as the horse rested his head on Rosalie's shoulder as she and Emmett leaned in for a kiss. It looked straight at the camera. "I think that may be the winning photo for the wall!"

After a few more shots, the photographer called it a day and suggested they all head inside and promised that he would continue to take pictures through the evening, but no more formal ones.

The group were happy with that as they were all getting a bit warm, and once they had been announced and entered the hall, they grabbed champagne for themselves and sat at the top table.

The evening wore on. After the food and the speeches, the DJ started the music, with Rosalie and Emmett dancing their first time as a married couple to "Moondance" by Van Morrison.

Edward had long ago forgotten the alluring scent from the garden, and as the alcohol loosened him up, he danced with a few friends and family members, often swapping partners in the middle of a song. The fun continued into the night and when the happy couple left the celebrations, the guests started to leave.

As best man, Edward stayed around, making sure that everything was in order before finally heading to his room, where he kicked off his shoes and fell onto his back on top of the bed. He smiled, happy for his brother who had found his true love - and more importantly, his match - in Rosalie. She never let him get away with anything and he had become a more reliable and trustworthy guy because of her. Even though she and Edward didn't always see eye to eye, they had a mutual respect for each other as they both watched out for Emmett.

Realising he was completely sober Edward pulled himself up and went for a shower. As the water poured down his back, his mind wandered through the events of the day and when he got to the memory of the photo shoot and the horse, he chuckled to himself. That was definitely going to be the picture that went on the wall!

He wrapped a towel low on his hips and just as he was about to hang his suit up before hopping into bed, there was the quietest knock on the door and he frowned as he went to open it. Who could it be at this hour? Everyone had gone to their rooms over an hour ago.

"Emmett, did you forget where it goes?!" He joked as he pulled the door open and the smile on his face froze, then faded as his brain took in the sight before him. "Bella."

He could think of no more words and he couldn't move.

"Edward, I'm so sorry," whispered Bella, as she stood in jeans and a white tank top in the corridor. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever, Edward's mind working it's way through the last five years' worth of memories, and Bella just standing, waiting for him to make a move.

"Why are you here?" He finally asked.

"I had to come, I'm sorry. I just couldn't miss the wedding. I needed to know that Rosalie wouldn't back out on him or anything."

Edward looked at her. "Why would she? Everyone knows she loves him."

Bella lowered her eyes and her shoulders came forward. It was like a kick in the gut.

"I know, and I guess it was just an excuse to see you." She lifted her eyes to meet his. "I knew you'd be here."

"Of course I'm here, he's my brother. Just because you stood me up doesn't mean anyone else would do the same."

Bella flinched back and a tear ran down her cheek.

"I'm so sorry, Edward. I really am. I just got scared."

Edward took a step back into his room and waved her inside. He turned and went to his suitcase, pulling out some shorts and a t shirt and went into the bathroom, not checking to see if Bella had followed him into the room or not. At this point he really didn't care either way as he was trying to rein in his anger towards her. After all it had been eleven months since she left him with no word, no warning, and he thought he had dealt with his feelings but seeing her again just brought them all rushing to the surface.

Once he'd pulled on his clothes, he studied his face in the mirror. He knew the sparkle in his eyes had disappeared all those months ago along with his bride, but he had perfected the art of pretence over the last few months and he had almost fooled himself that he was over it.

He took a deep breath and walked back into the bedroom where Bella was sat on the very end of the bed. She had her head in her hands, her elbows resting on her knees. Edward sat in a chair on the other side of the room.

"What do you want, Bella? Why did you really come?"

She straightened up and dropped her hands, turning her body towards him.

"I needed to see you Edward. I need to apologize for the way I left you."

She stopped talking, giving him a chance to speak but he just looked at her, impassively. With a sigh, she spoke again. "I really am so sorry Edward. I know that won't help what I put you through, but please believe me when I say I honestly felt like I had no choice."

At that, Edward rolled his eyes and sat forward in his chair, elbows on knees.

"No choice? No option of breaking it off the day before the wedding? No chance to tell me what went so wrong or that you needed a minute? Come on Bella, there's always another choice, and you chose to leave me at the alter, in front of everybody we know."

A tear rolled silently down her cheek. "Edward, I…"

"NO!" Edward roared. "You don't get to play the victim here. I loved you and would have done anything, gone anywhere for you, but you left me, heartbroken. Not even a warning. Even the night before when I said goodnight, you kissed me and told me you'd be the one in white!"

He shook his head and wiped his hands over his face. "I have spent the last eleven months trying to see if there were clues that I'd missed. Maybe I hadn't listened to you as closely as I should have, but I came up empty, Bella. To this day I don't know what I did that was so wrong. And you know what? Now I don't care. Now I don't need to know, because I don't believe I did anything wrong. So if you've come here for my forgiveness, you have it. And I guess I had a lucky escape."

Edward stood up and went to the door. As he looked back at her, Bella rose and walked towards him, exiting through the door that Edward held open for her.

"Goodnight Edward, I'm sorry and I wish you the best." She turned and walked down the corridor and heard the door close behind her.