The wind changed, bringing with it her unique aroma and he was surprised. The fragrance caught him off guard.

As he lay there, motionless, Edward heard a small rustling sound to his right and turned his head slightly towards it. The noise stopped immediately. He breathed in through his nose and once again the smell reached him.

Even though he couldn't see her, her presence began to calm and excite him at the same time.

If she was here, she must have something special organized and that never disappointed. He took another long, slow breath in through his nose and blew it out through his mouth. He made a conscious effort to relax and when he heard the noise to his side again, he didn't move, trusting this would be for her pleasure.

He always slept with an eye mask on and nothing else, and had trained himself not to move around while asleep, knowing that his mistress appreciated the self control he could show even while resting.

The removal of his sight enhanced his other senses and as the small sound came closer, he could feel the air around him change.

She was near. Near enough to touch. His skin always tingled when she was close and right now, he felt like an army of ants were crawling all up his right hand side. He had to consciously keep his breathing at a normal pace otherwise, he knew, she would stop and he would have to wait even longer for her attention.

Her scent was now surrounding him and when the first touch came, he inhaled sharply but still didn't move. He felt her tie something around his right wrist, something thin, soft, flexible. Ribbon, maybe? He knew that this was a sign of trust on her part, as his mistress could tie him to a balloon and he wouldn't move, the fact he was being tied at all was enough for him to be still. He didn't need restraints to pull against, his self control was so good, but when she DID tie him to something solid, it was her telling him that she wanted him to fight, to show his power, but that she could be sure he wouldn't be able to touch her.

She leaned over his body to tie the other wrist and her breasts brushed against his chest. He carefully inhaled her aroma, allowing himself to picture her in his head.

She was perfect in his eyes, petite, but so well toned and trained that she could easily take care of herself. Her chocolate brown hair usually fell in waves around her shoulders, but she always tied it up in a high ponytail when they played. He hadn't heard her approach so she must be barefoot, which usually meant he was not expected to stand at all during this scene; she invariably wore heels in those instances so that she was not so short against his 6' frame.

It probably seemed strange to others that her tiny stature could rule his muscular form, but his mistress had such a domineering disposition that he could not resist even if he had wanted to.

Which he didn't - want to resist, that is. He had agreed to be her submissive two years ago, and he had relished every minute of it. She cared for him the way no other woman had, and he worshipped her as she deserved.

He was brought back to the here and now as she reached from behind him, slid her hands softly from his shoulders, down his arms, took a hold of his wrists and pulled his arms above his head. She placed one hand on top of the other. No restraint needed - just placing them together was her way of telling him not to move, not to touch.

With his eyes still covered, he felt her put a pair of noise cancelling headphones being placed over his ears. There was no music, just the sound of his breathing.

He felt the air move as she walked around him, his body becoming more alive every second without her touch.

He waited, listening to his breathing becoming stronger, more erratic, with her fragrance in his nostrils, and his imagination flashing pictures of her in his mind.

When the first touch came, he couldn't help himself. He jumped. The touch was so soft and gentle he imagined it to be a feather. Maybe a peacock feather as it felt quite long. It started on his brow and moved down his nose, over his lips, making its way down the side of his face to his neck. He could feel his nipples pucker in the soft breeze coming through the window, knowing it was more to do with the sensation on his skin than the early morning air. The feather trailed down his body, hardly touching, but the promise of such a sensual act made him stir in the groin, even though the feather trail never went below his ribs.

When his breathing had evened out again and his body was used to the soft touch of the feather, he felt Miss Bella move towards his feet and she must have grabbed another implement from the bench at the bottom of the bed. The feather continued to tickle the bottom of his left foot, making Edward concentrate on not moving his leg. So when the next caress came, it surprised him. The brush of the flogger's tresses across his stomach was so soft and sensual, but he was well aware of how they could bite.

He steadied his breathing again and relaxed his muscles, enjoying the slow movement of the leather across his abdomen, up his chest and along his arms, finally falling from his fingertips. He had not moved a muscle since that first flinch and he knew that this would please his mistress.

The flogger tails were then draped across his stomach again but this time she drew them slowly down his left leg, off the end of his toes, and back up his right leg finishing with a gentle flail across his chest. His back arched slightly at the enjoyable pain but he did not make a sound. Being naked on the bed allowed her to see his most basic reactions to her ministrations, and he could feel his cock twitch.

With another blow across the chest, she moved lower, slowly increasing the intensity, and Edward concentrated on staying still. He tried to think of something else entirely to bring his semi erect cock back under control but Mistress Bella knew exactly what she was doing when she had removed not just one, but two of his senses, meaning his sense of touch was heightened above all else. Coupled with her alluring, unique aroma in his nose, his self control was being pushed to its limit.

When the flogger finally, softly fell across his pelvis, he flinched and his dick became hard, all semblance of control lost. He listened as his breathing became shallow, wishing he could see Miss Bella, but he daren't move, knowing she was testing him. The flogger slowly flailed against his stomach, his thigh, his pelvis, and back to his stomach again and again, until he was sure he would cum from just one more blow.

He knew his cock was twitching in anticipation of whatever was to come next, but he also knew he had to calm it down. There was no way she would allow him to cum so soon, and so he took some deep breaths and recited the times tables in his head, finally feeling back in control again.

His mistress was playing nice with him today, it seemed. She had allowed him to regain his self control so this was obviously a scene that she wanted to complete. He felt her move around him once more, and this time she stood near his head.

Something hard and slightly sharp trailed across his top wrist and slowly made its way down to his palm. The pressure increased marginally as it crossed his palm and he felt his fingers fold in. He realised that Miss Bella was using her fingernails this time and as they travelled up the inside of his arm to tickle under his arms, Edward knew that she would not be teasing him much longer.

She could read his body like a book but he had learned things about her too. Like how some days she would only use long handled implements on his body as if she couldn't bear to be near him, but still feeling the need to train him. During those times, it felt to Edward that she was fighting her own demons and he always felt that something had happened to her, something that made her hate herself. Something that made her want to prove to herself and to him that she could do this, and not hurt him, even when she wanted to.

When she used her own fingers, feet, or nails, then she wanted to play too. These were the times that he liked most with his mistress. It was more personal for both of them and during these times, he didn't feel as though she was trying to prove anything. Just that she wanted to touch him and bring both him and herself pleasure.

He was brought back to reality with a jolt. He hadn't noticed her playing with his nipples but as the nipple clamps bit into his skin harder than normal, he knew that his mistress had noticed his daydreaming transgression. The tight clamp was his instant punishment and he hoped that this would not change too much of her plan. The clamps pulled on both nipples at once and he knew she had opted for the pair that were attached with a chain.

He sucked in a breath through his slightly open lips and blew it out as she let go of the chain. It fell to his chest and stayed there.

He now had no idea where Miss Bella was as she moved silently away from him. With nothing else to focus on, the pain in his nipples was intense and when he took a deep breath to steady himself, the pain increased. He frowned slightly, trying to get an idea as to where she was, but that was the only movement he allowed himself. With no vision or hearing, he was left with his sense of smell, but that had been overwhelmed with the scent of her, and it was holding onto that fragrance, not allowing him to pinpoint where she was in the room.

He twitched his fingers slightly after a minute as the blood flow was slowing down, but if she was still with him in the room, he didn't want to anger her.

After a few more minutes of nothing, he jumped, his knees lifting off the bed as he felt her lips kiss his cock, which had deflated somewhat. He held his breath to see what she would do, feeling himself go hard instantly. The anticipation was killing him. Depending on her mood, it could be that she simply left him as he was for an hour, or if she was really wanting to play, a punishment could be in order.

He realised he had stopped breathing, waiting for her to do something, and so when the bite of the flogger came across his chest, he was relieved that she was in a playful mood. He wished he could hear the crack of the leather against his skin as that would turn him on even more, but Mistress wanted him to feel everything today, so he tried to control his breathing by focusing on that through his ears, and relished the pain as another blow came across his abdomen.

Would she go lower? Would she flog his throbbing cock? He didn't have to wait long to find out. As the leather tail whipped across the top of his thighs, just touching the underside of his balls, he had to bite down to not cry out and he held his breath in his throat. His arms remained above his head and his legs stayed flat on the bed, and this seemed to please Miss Bella.

She trailed the flogger back down his legs and her other hand followed its path, soothing. When he could, Edward blew out the breath he was holding and soon he felt her lips on him again. This time he did not flinch and he focused on not moving at all as Miss Bella slowly swiped her tongue up the side of his fully erect cock. He could feel her breath on him as she dribbled saliva down his length.

The cool breeze from the window made him twitch and he felt the bed dip as his mistress climbed up to kneel alongside him. He knew she would never put herself in this position if he could see her, as she could appear vulnerable, but as he was blind to her, she obviously felt comfortable enough to do as she pleased.

Edward had to stifle a groan as he felt her lips close around him, her tiny hand holding the base of his rock hard member. He felt it as a groan came from her lips and he was happy for his mistress to take her pleasure from his body. Her head dipped, taking in all of his length and slowly rose again, her hand squeezing tighter and following the path of her lips. She licked along his slit before dropping her mouth back down, repeating this several times before he felt the bed move again.

This time she straddled him and lowered her core down onto his lips. She rubbed herself against him while stroking his hard penis, before she leaned over and lifted one side of the headphones. "Lick me. Make me cum".

They were the only words she had uttered to him since yesterday evening, but they were the words he longed to hear. Without moving any other part of his body, He licked his way up her dripping centre, amazed that she was so turned on after only playing for such a short time. Not that he minded, as he was ready to blow as soon as she gave him permission so he went straight for her clit.

He was well aware of how quickly he could make her cum if he concentrated all his efforts there, with just a small amount of pressure and soon he felt her legs tremble on both sides of him, and he stayed still as she rubbed herself against him again, taking control of her own pleasure.

She still had him in her mouth and her hand was now playing with his balls. As she came down from her own high, she swept back with her foot, kicking off the headphones. She turned herself around and knelt next to his side again so that she could take a hold of the chain and she tugged slightly on the clamps.

"Good boy, now cum in my throat."

Edward saw stars as she leaned back over him, swallowing him with no preamble. He inhaled and held his breath to try and slow down the inevitable, but now that he had been given permission, his body wanted its reward. Now.

He squeezed his hands together and the muscles strained in his arms and shoulders. Holding back from thrusting into her throat was making him even more turned on and he couldn't breathe when she slid her finger behind his ball sack and put pressure onto his perineum. At the same time, she pulled on the chain and the clamps released his nipples, sending a wave of pleasurable pain through him. That's when he lost it. He felt himself spurt his red hot cum and as she swallowed it all with his cock halfway down her throat, his orgasm seemed to last forever.

Eventually, his limp appendage fell onto his thigh as she released it from her mouth and he heard Miss Bella stand up on the floor again. He immediately missed the heat of her body against his own.

"Turn over," she ordered with a small push on his shoulder, and he complied. She took a hold of his arms, still above his head, and dangled each one off the side of the bed, and he sighed to himself as he felt the blood rush back into them. His head was turned to the right, and as she walked around him, he was sure she gave him a small peck on the cheek.

"You did well today, Edward," she praised, and he felt her strong hands rub oil over his shoulders before she started kneading out the knots. "Now, let's get you showered as I have plans for you later."