Ch 2 phobia

Like my only ever seemingly important editors note : Sinnoh is the closest thing to canada japan has, and canada dont exist in pokemon. So like my lore says sinnoh half Japanese half french, and poutine comes from there. For now, untill Canada exists in pokemon. Then I'll change it. Also they all canonically speak Japanese, bc I wanna be as lore accurate as possible with me own stuff sprinkled in yk? Because they in kanto right now. A real region in japan. But like, in meta reality too. Ykwim?

I woke up groggy. Sunlight was casting onto my face, beaming me from the window. I sat up rubbing my eyes. I looked around. I spotted a note on the table. I stood up and checked it out.

: Feel free to make yourself at home. Also do keep in mind our son and daughter. They are exited to meet you. Dont let them surprise you. Also breakfast at 8:30. Take care -kate :

I stretched my arms over my head. Surprise me? Nothing could surprise me more than yesterday. I turned to go do some exploring. The door opened with a click and I headed left. I saw hugo down the hallway though it looked like he was in a hurry. I shrugged it off and climbed down the stairs.

I headed right, I wanted to see the dining room. I was told breakfast is at eight thirty ish? I hoped that I wasn't late. I turned into the opening that led to the kitchen. I kinda froze up. It looked like their entire family was here. Almost. There was a good amount of empty seats, but I immediately saw ten people. Even though I couldn't talk, I didn't think I could deal with the pressure. I turned to try and leave.

"Oh, niko! Come sit down!"

Shit. No way out now. I turned back around and picked a spot at the table. I sat down on the right hand side of the table. Across from me were two older people. Seemed to be seniors. There were also two more old people to my right. Also those two kids she talked about. Though they probably don't get along. It seemed all the couples sat next to each-other. Yet these two kids were at opposite sides of the table.

I couldn't help but notice one of the old men was eyeballing me. I was trying to be as polite as possible but I knew I stuck out like a sore thumb. I knew I should've stayed in my room.

"Dad, do you think-" kate was interrupted.

"No. No no no. Kathrine harting, what is the meaning of this?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean?! I mean what is that mutt doing in here?! If you're going to have a pet not at the table."

I was speechless. I mean I was literally speechless already. But really? I get called a mutt now? I felt dehumanized, probably because I was dehumanized.

"Dad you don't understand. We-"

"No excuses! I wont tolerate this! Its just a dog! Itl make a mess of the table!"

It felt like each time he opened his mouth, it put a wrench into my stomach. If only he knew.. I couldn't stop tears from leaking out of my face. I stood up being careful with the chair. I gave a bow to the man and walked out.

"Ah, so it knows its place. Good that's settled." I heard echoing out as I left.

I couldn't stop crying, I walked for a bit before going into the courtyard. I ignored the cool rock gardens and hedge maze and laid down on the grass in between them.

I was silently sobbing to myself, thinking about my predicament. They took my humanity away. Did they? Am I not still technically human? I wanted to fight him on it but I couldn't speak. I just had to sit there and take it. Why couldn't things go back to normal?

I started sobbing harder, the more I tried to think positively the more I realized how hopeless it is. Theres no guarantee Ill ever find that asshole that did this. For the foreseeable future, this was my life now. Just some rich douches dog.

"Hey niko? You okay?"

I sat up looking around. Kate was sitting beside me, she looked worried. I laid back down. I didn't even bother trying to say anything.

"I gave my dad a stern lecture about you. He is such an asshole sometimes. But, your allowed at the table now. Though I heard what he said. I just hope you will be okay after that."

How would I be okay after that? Its the worst part about this. He was right. I was just a dog now. Just one that can use cutlery. Thats what I was to everyone now.

I started full on bawling, turning away pulling my legs to my chest. I felt pathetic, especially with her here. I wanted to be alone right now.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my forehead moving rhythmically. Was she.. petting me? It sent a tingle down my neck and spine.

"Your not a dog, your a normal person."

I was stunned for a moment. It felt nice. It reminded me.. of my dad. As if he was here telling me things will look up. Messing with my hair..

I sat up and pulled kate into a hug. For a moment, she made me feel human again. I had surprised her with the hug, but she returned it. She had a calming energy to her. She felt nice to be around. I didn't know why though. After a moment we separated. I had stopped crying.

"I take it you feel better now?"

I nodded. Thank you I wished I could say.

"Lets go have breakfast. It's getting cold."

I wondered what it was? Pancakes or something similar? Eggs? Thats what came to mind with warm breakfasts anyway. We stood up and headed for the dining room.

We entered and we took our original spots. Everyone was already half done eating. In front of me was a bowl of rice, some weird soup, raw fish and a bowl of green and brown bean things. Wouldn't this be a lunch food? I saw chopsticks too. I knew how to use chopsticks, but I was terrified of the food. Ive only had american style breakfast. Its what my mom cooks.

I mustered up the courage to look around at everyone again. They were chatting with each other about schooling or.. company plans? I ignored it not wanting to intrude. I saw kates dad across the table. They were staring at me before but now, they didn't even want to glance in my direction. I looked back down at the food.

I grabbed the chopstick's and started with the rice. It felt the most familiar to me. I was glad I still had enough fingers for the sticks. Eating wasn't hard thankfully. It was good. They had seasoned it perfectly, capturing some savoury flavours into the rice. It made me hopeful for the rest of the food.

After finishing the rice I eyed the beans. Upon closer inspection the green ones almost looked like noodles. To me it looked like some alien organs. I almost lost my appetite but I toughened it out. I grabbed one and shoved it in my mouth.

It tasted like lettuce, just with a weird aftertaste. I continued to eat it, I guess it wasn't bad. Though I couldn't finish it. Then I inspected the soup. They had a spoon for me where the chopsticks were, but I had my fill. I could feel my nerves spiking at the soup. This was just too much. Too much unfamiliarity.

I picked up a portion of fish and put it down the hatch. I liked sushi, I was grateful it was here. It calmed my nerves back down. All the other stuff was just too new to me. I had enough to deal with already.

"Nico was it?"

I froze. That was kates dad again. I looked at him nodding, letting him know he had my attention.

"Im.. my apologies for earlier."

I was caught off guard by this. He was apologizing? I mean.. ill take it? It seemed he has respect for me now. I nodded again.


I was out walking in town. I didn't like being here but walking put me at ease. Its too unfamiliar to me. Everything felt ajar. I had to get used to this place soon. I was now in pewter city. About a half hour from viridian, where I used to live.

I took notice to a museum to my left. It was at the point where the ground went up to join with the mountain, nestled safely between. Pewter museum of science. I shook my head. No way I would find answers there.. right?

I stopped walking. What if there is someone there who has something to do with this? I mean, It couldn't hurt to look? A quick in and out.

I made it up the stairs into the front door. I was greeted by a man sitting at the front desk in front of a monitor. They immediately took notice of me.

"Hello, erm…"

I kinda just stared at him. Though after a bit of an awkward silence. I pointed inside past a turnstile. He seemed to get the memo.

"Ohkay.. um I cant let you in. It costs 50 poke to enter."

I nodded. To his surprise I pulled out my wallet and handed him some change from its pouch. I gave them exactly 50.

"Oh.. okay then. Head on in then."

I walked past the turnstile with a click. I started wandering around. There were alot of fossils on display here. Is it an archaeological museum? I honestly didn't know what to expect here. Might've walked in here for nothing. I noticed a staircase though. I decided to climb up.

On the top floor, it seemed to be space themed. There was a moon rock, a display showing the inside of a rocket and other displays. I guess it was pointless to come here. Not even mentioning how uncomfortable it was in here. Especially when the few people her were staring.

"Well! Look at this lil specimen! Ive never seen a pokemon wear clothes! And Its an exotic one!"

There was a lady dressed in lab tech with purple hair. They were too handsy with me, but every step I took away from her, she would follow. Grabbing at my arms poking me. She really couldn't take a hint. It was like she was inspecting me.

"Ima get a picture too if you dont mind."

Wait no! I dont- SNAP! A bright flash blinded me for a moment. I started rubbing my eyes. Who is this chick?!

She started pulling me somewhere. "Come with me! Our lab is in the back! So was it being raised by your trainer? Or maybe you like living amongst us being smart enough? I mean you can use money like us-"

She kept attacking me with questions as she pulled me along. Its not like I could answer them. After going down to the first floor I was pulled into a room in the back. It had shelves of various equipment and counters with stuff like microscopes and a centrifuge. She sat me down in front of a desk. Honestly how did I end up in this situation?

After a moment she pulled next to me in a rolling chair.

"Hold still, this wont hurt if you don't move."

What did she mean? She grabbed my arm and I was jabbed with something. Again?! I almost recoiled but realized it was different this time. It was a butterfly needle. Im glad she was doing the opposite thing as an injection. Though, I didn't appreciate it.

She took 5 vials from my arm. It took a while for them to fill up. Almost immediately she dumped them into the centrifuge. All but one.

After she was done she pulled out a clipboard and a pen. She sat down at the desk writing something down.

"Okay first question, do you have a trainer?"

I really didn't trust her one bit. Honestly I didn't even consent to this. But I decided to go along with it I guess. Im in too deep now, they have my blood. I shook my head no.

"INTERESTING! That knocked the majority of the variables out! So did someone teach you how to use money as a riolu?"

I shook my head again. I wasn't even a riolu for any part of my life.

"Huh? So how did you learn about money then? Oh right. Uhhh.. so did you observe us and learn that way?"

I shook my head again. This time though I gestured for the clipboard, asking her to pass it to me. I wanted to just get this over with.

"You want.. this? WAIT, YOU CAN WRITE!?"

She excitedly passed my the pen and clipboard. She had ideas and theories written down about me. She missed the right answer though. Probably because everyone thinks it impossible. I started writing.

: For one, you are the rudest person ive met so far. Two, ive known how to write since grade one. I used to be human. :

I passed it back to her. She almost fell out of her chair jumping at my response.

"WHAT? How does something like that even happen? Did it hurt? Or were you even awake when you transformed? Whats it like? Being able to use battle moves now?!"

She passed the clipboard back to me.

: If Im being honest, It sucks. I got called a mutt this morning for sitting at a dinner table. And my rights are just automatically removed due to the circumstances. Yk, technically just a lucario? But I do have some people looking after me. Thats like the only good thing. Also a big one. I cant talk, biologically incapable now. And all of this because some asshole kidnapped me and used me for some weird experiments. I guess turning people into Pokémon was their goal. But I dont know why. And I doubt I can even track down the guy that did this. :

After venting onto the paper, I handed it back. Of course it took them forever to read it, but eventually she set it down.

"I've decided, Ill help you track this guy down. It would be nearly impossible to source equipment like that without leaving a paper trail. Plus I might need more samples."

I was surprised. She would help me? It seemed like she was capable of doing that. I had no reason to say no. I nodded.

"Whats your name by the way? Im Kira azra."

She passed the clipboard again. : niko or nikomedes auria :

I spent hours in the lab. After our discussion she started doing every test conceivable to me. She swabbed my mouth, took blood pressure and heart rate, a tuft of my fur, took a bit off my claws even some spinal fluid! That needle hurt.

"Okay, that should be the last thing. You can leave now, or stick around for a bit. I'll contact you if I find anything."

I was curious about that last part. How would she even contact me? I didn't leave her with any info.

"If you're worried about contact information, its fine. I have my ways."

That's totally not cryptic at all. She honestly spooked me. I shrugged and waved goodbye walking out. Im glad that was over with. At least coming in here led somewhere. Might even find this guy. Also I should remember to try and pick up some moves. Who knows? I might need to fight someone.


I was staring at the TM machine in my hands. I was told it was the fastest way to learn a move. I was out in the courtyard of the mansion, one of the staff let me in. It was nice they recognized me. To use it all I had to do was put it up to my forehead. It was the TM psychic. I read somewhere that lucario can learn it from a TM, though it cost 10000 poke! Like half of my money!

I gritted my teeth, I hope this works. I stuck it to my forehead. A mental image appeared in my mind when it came into contact with my face. I could feel how to do it, immediately I knew how to focus it and channel my energy into the move.

I tried testing my move on a boulder in the rock garden. Focusing on it, a blue cyan energy enveloped my hand and the rock. In no time it started floating into the air. It works! I let the boulder drop back down into the sand, it messing with some of the lines. I stepped off the grass and headed back inside.

After I got through the door I headed left towards the stairs. After climbing the stairs I approached my door. Right as I reached for the knob.. Boof! I was knocked face first to the ground.


What the hell?! Who is on me right now?! They were petting the cream coloured furr on my back. I reached up and pushed them off me. After they were off I pulled myself up, leaving a little hole in the floor where my spike was. I turned to see a little girl about three quarters of my hight. She was wearing a green shirt and purple pants. Her hair was long brown and she had a pair of silver eyes.

"Let me pet you!" She whined.

I sighed. I let them surprise me. I had remembered the note from this morning. I felt dumb. I shook my head at her.

"Why nooot! Unfair."

Why not? Cuz its weird? Or at least it felt weird. Also I had no intention of being someones pet here. I grabbed my door. I was stopped by her placing her hands on my hand. This kid was kinda annoying.

"Please? Just once?"

I sighed again. Then caved. I nodded. I hoped this would make her go away.

"Yaayy! Hehe!"

I sat down on the floor against the wall, and she did too. She started petting my head which caught me off guard. I guess before she couldn't reach really. But it sent another sudden chilly tingle down my spine. It kinda felt nice.

I was sitting there until she had her fill of me which took forever. I was kinda fine with that though. It did feel good.

"Master amber and master niko, good to see you two getting along."

It was hugo. I waved at em.

"Master niko, master bash would like to request a council with you."

I nodded. I stood up and gestured at him, pointing both ways trying to ask which way.

"Yes, master bash Is currently in the study."

I almost didn't know what he meant but I figured it. I started heading off.

"Awww, I wanted niko to stay longer."

I crossed the mansion over to its left wing. Or right wing? Left from entering the front door should suffice. I eventually reached the far end of the hall. I entered the door on my right, into the library.

There was a wall of books on the far wall. In the middle of the room was a desk and chairs dotted the place. More specifically, love-seats and recliners. Though there were only six seats total, excluding the chessboard with two cushioned chairs. Davis was sitting in one of the chess seats. He waved me over.

"Come sit down, im glad I have some time to talk to you. Also care for a game?"

I nodded.

"Great! Perfect. Your choice of color."

I looked at the board. The white peices where on my side. I decided to rotate the table. I do better on black.

"Interesting choice. Lets begin then."

He started with e4. I countered with d5. I knew I couldn't use any regular openings. They've obviously studied.

"Your the first one to try a Scandinavian on me."

He pushed his pawn on e5. I pushed back on d4, stopping his d pawn from landing there. In response he moved his bishop to d3. He clearly wasn't lying. I could actually win this. I moved my night to c6.

"So if I ever offered you a job, would you be willing?"

I thought for a moment. I had no way of making money anymore. A Pokémon cant really get a job. I nodded. He moved his night to f3. That queen move I saw was better. Just small chinks in his armour. Thats the goal with Scandinavian anyway. Get an exotic position. I pushed my pawn to f6.

"So if you're offered ten million dollars, but your guaranteed to die the next day if you took the money. Would you take the money?"

It felt like he was plotting something with this line of questioning. I shook my head no. Was he testing me? It felt like it. He took my f6 pawn. I took back with my g pawn. I liked the way the position was going.

"So 5 electricians are about to get electrocuted. You have the option of pulling the lever diverting power to a path where there is only one electrician. Do you pull the lever?"

I nodded as soon as I heard the question. Of course I would save more people. He pushed his pawn to c3. Damn, he knows the tactic too? I pushed my e pawn to e5. He took my current d pawn, I took back with my night. Then he decided to trade our nights. I took with the queen. Then he got aggressive with the bishop, checking me on b5. I pushed my pawn in the way, causing him to play bishop a4. As is with the normal tactic to lock pressure. But I dont think it works here.

"So five hostages are about to be executed, but you can save them by executing their real target. Would you pull the trigger?

That one stopped me for a moment. Would I be able to do that? I hesitantly nodded.


I moved my bishop to e6. He short castled. I moved my night to h6 thinking I could slide it up to g4 later. He responded by pushing the d pawn. I had no clue what he was planning there. I pushed my bishop to g4 to poke the queen. In response he moved the queen to b3.

"Would you ever want to go back in time to change anything?"

Other than changing my predicament and going back to normal? I personally didn't think it counted though, because maybe in the long run itl be positive. It would be best not to mess with any timelines. I shook my head.

"I see."

I pushed my pawn to b5. Davis started smiling.

"Rookie mistake I guess."

I canted my head at him. What did he see? I had his bishop? He played bishop e3 kicking my queen. I retreated back thinking I could just take with the pawn. His smile grew. He took my queen exchanging queens. Then I saw it. I played right into him. I had to choose between the bishop or the queen, pretty much guaranteed escape for the bishop. I facepalmed taking back the queen. He won a pawn. With check. I moved my king to e7. In response he gave another check on my king with c5. I tucked my king in the f file on f7. I sighed. I was just down material now. He traded our bishops and I took with the rook. When he moved his night to d2 however I noticed something. I slid my rook to g8. He put his bishop on c6. Now the risk. I moved my bishop to h3.

"Thats just.. losing isnt it? Want to resign? I have everything I need anyways."

I shook my head. I wanted to see if he would make the mistake. A computer would see through this, for sure. But he isn't a computer. As long as he doesn't push the pawn.

"Well suit yourself."

He took the pawn with check, skewering my king. I moved my king back to e7. He took my rook and I took back with my other one. No going back. He sat there for a moment puzzled. I was gritting my teeth hoping he would blunder. There was only one good move. Thats why I took this risk. Will he find it? He moved his king to h1 refusing to give up the rook. I smiled. I took the g2 pawn with check. His eyes widened. He moved to g1. Then I put my bishop on a8. Checkmate!

"Howd you?!"

Alright now im good to leave. I stood up and bowed to him, then I walked out. I left him surprised, though I barely squeezed through. By a hair. I wondered what that was about. It seemed weird. I remembered him saying something about a job? Weird. Or maybe his way of testing people's personality? I hope I didn't answer wrong. Either way.. he was planning something.

I made it back to my room, closing the door behind me. Finally, im alone. I walked over to the computer again sitting down. I tabbed open to the same post as yesterday. It seemed fifty ish people saw the thread. Fifty three likes on the poutine post. I didn't really know what to feel about it. I opened a new window.

: genetic laboratories : I hit enter. The top result was the museum of science. I was literally just there. I opened to maps veiw. I checked for the one closest to vermilion. Again, the museum. I sighed. I mean I did lose 11 days over an instant to me, so could have been literally anywhere in kanto or jhoto. I turned off the computer.

I felt like I was running into more dead ends. I guess all my chips lay on kira. I mean, she's closer to gene study than anyone else close. I guess I might've lucked out. If she finds anything.

I looked around. I noticed a clock on the wall opposite the computer. Very useful, as I hadn't noticed it before. It was 6:20 ish. I had no clue when dinner would start. I guess Ill wait downstairs then.