Finding Nemo; I See Her Reflection in You

By Koji

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Author's note: Yes, I know, and before you say's probably been written before and there are probably TONS of fanfics like this...oooooorrrrr am I trying to fool you? *grins* Well, it's been awhile and I couldn't resist. I just HAD to write this fanfic! The inspiration is credited to all Mario, Finding Nemo and other fanfics I read. ^_^ *waves to Robin and Jes* By the way, I'll also post this on the Finding Nemo board. Now I really do hope, no one has written this yet. Cause I stayed up all night to get this right. _ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 1; Get Out of My Life!

The sun light above the ocean water shone brightly into the depths of the beautiful Australian coral reefs. An all too familiar regal blue tang leisurely swam by a drop-off. As horrible as her memory was, for some particular reason she could remember things much better when she was near a certain clownfish. She was headed toward Marlin and Nemo's anemone, because today was the day they would leave for the "beach", an exotic spot for the perfect summer vacation. She smiled at the thought of Marlin. He was such a funny fish to be around with, although he was quite unfunny for a clownfish. Still, she couldn't help but grow a liking to him.

"Just keep on swimming, swimming, swimming..," Dory sang in her usual cheerful voice. "Oh what do we do? We just keep on swimming..." A school of young fish swam past her, feverishly shouting with joy.





"Whoo..fishies..!" she paused, watching the school-free fish until they were out of her sight. Then, she pressed her fins against her head, as if she was thinking very hard. "I have this feeling I am supposed to be somewhere..hmmm." Dory shrugged it off and continued swimming.

She swam aimlessly for some time, singing, until she happened to pass by her friend's home. "Hey! I'll just drop by Marlin for a visit!" she smiled and happily swam toward the anemone. "HEY MARLIN!" she greeted. But her smile was soon replaced with a frown, because what she saw before her was something she'd never thought to see.

"Dad! What are you doing?!" a young voice pleaded. The petite figure of Nemo swam hurryingly out of the anemone. Nemo turned around and looked at him, thinking how this couldn't be happening.

"Get out! NOW!" a deeper voice, which Dory immediately recognized, boomed." I don't want to see you here!"

"Marlin?!" She asked more to herself than to him. She swam closer to the poisonous home of her dear friend, but kept a distance from what appeared to be a "family fight."

Nemo's "lucky-fin", his handicapped right fin which he paid for his life before his birth, fluttered with high speed and so was this feeling that floated in his stomach. He blankly stared at his father in disbelief. He floated there in the open outside of his home, confused, and simply frozen out of shock. "Dad?" Nemo repeated with hurt and fragileness in his voice.

"I said! LEAVE!" Marlin shouted clearly exasperated by the fact that Nemo was still there. Seeing how Nemo didn't move from his spot, Marlin swam back into the anemone, giving his son one last glare. A threatening look Nemo read as, "Don't you dare come back in!"

Dory quickly swam up to Nemo and held him in her fins, because his tears were already flowing free from his eyes. " ," she carefully brushed her fins over the small clownfish. "It's alright," she whispered. Nemo gripped Dory like there was no tomorrow, how could he not?! His father had just kicked him out of his home! Sure, something must've happened to make Marlin this mad. But even then, even if Nemo had done something unforgivable, he would never have gone this far as to set out his only son! Whether if this fish was an adult or still a child. "I'm gonna talk to your Dad, okay? You go and stay with Gill." Dory released Nemo and gave him an assuring smile. He sniffed like a child normally did. "It'll be okay." Dory said once again and swam in front of the poisonous anemone.

'That's..strange..Marlin would never do such a cruel thing to anybody, much less to his own and only son.' She told herself, '..never.,' she awaited her friend to come out. "Marlin? Marlin, it's me...Dory" she added, hoping he would answer.

The clownfish came out of the anemone and upon seeing Dory's face his own face showed a sign of surprise, but then became firmly strict. "What do YOU want?" Marlin questioned her like she didn't know him, like she was a wanderer of nuisance. He seemed annoyed by her presence, but Dory shrugged off the weary feeling and dared to ask.

"What...I mean..did Nemo-?"

"Dory.." he began while looking at her.

"Ye-yes?" she replied a little shaky. Marlin waited for a while, thinking what to say. "I'm glad you suffer from short-term memory," He threw an acid look, "because right now, it would've been better for you to not have come here in the first place."

'Huh? What?' were the words that rushed through Dory's mind. "Marlin...y- you...what do you-?"

"Listen. I don't know you! And I don't plan on seeing someone who can't even remember to stick to her own kind!" Those words struck her like a lethal harpoon.

"What about-," she remembered instantly," Nemo? What about Nemo?"

"Stay out of that! That has nothing to do with a forgetful fish like you! " he retorted.

Speechless..Dory was just as wordless as Nemo was a moment ago. Had these words come out of his mouth? Did Marlin say he didn't care about Nemo? Did he tell her he doesn't want to see her anymore? Did he just cut her out of his life?

"Honey? Who's there?" Dory's trance was broken by the voice of another female coming from behind the anemone's tentacles.

"Oh? Who's that?" the same voice asked in a way like she didn't even want to know who it was. Her "question" made Dory sound unimportant. Dory looked up and saw an unfamiliar clownfish swimming up to Marlin. She was awfully close to him...a little too close to him to Dory's liking.

"Wh-who's this, Marl-?"

"Marlin-dear, I think you shouldn't be flirting with other females, especially when they aren't even the same species." She teased him with her tail, obviously making Dory feel left out and maybe even jealous.

"Well, who is she?" the female clownfish asked, awaiting an answer.

After a moment of silence Marlin idly mumbled, "Nobody. Just a fish who helped me find-," Marlin stopped before finishing, "just..someone I used to know.." and began swimming back into his anemone.

The female clownfish and Dory watched him leave. 'Is this all I am to you, Marlin?' Dory thought, 'Just a fish?! Just a tang, who stayed with you- all the way on your journey to Sydney to rescue your son?!'

"Are you sure, you don't seem very convincing to me, Marlin-dear.' The female wailed, not believing him and swam after him.

"I don't know her." He replied coldly and didn't even bother looking back at Dory before he disappeared into the anemone.

Dory was floating there alone in the open reef of the ocean. Her expression was like that of a lost child within a dense forest. She didn't know what is going on and before she knew, tears streamed out of her heart-broken eyes. She didn't know why. She didn't even realize her fin touched her cheek until she felt a tear drop on it.

Every memory she could still grasp was slowly fading away. It was an all too familiar, yet hatful habit. But she knew one thing for certain. Something dearly close to her had just collapsed within her. What was it? What could it possibly be?! "Wha-?" She can't remember?! Dory stared at her fins, then to her body, then at her surroundings and then back to her fins."Where-where am I?" she blankly mumbled to no one. She couldn't hold it anymore. She swam off to who-knew where. It didn't matter to her. She just wanted to get away from there...away from him...

When the sun finally set and the night was high, his face poked out of his home and emotionlessly starred into the open ocean. A wave of grieving guilt washed over him "I can't bear it..." he whispered to no one but to the empty waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

"I just can't... ...Coral..."