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[Chapter 1]

The night when everything changed happened two years after Shirou's foster father had passed away. He wasn't exactly in mourning anymore, but he still went to his grave at the temple every other week.

Visiting the Ryudo temple so often, he wound up striking a friendship with the youngest son of the head priest, Issei. Because they got along great, he started helping around the temple whenever he was there. On those occasions, he stayed over for dinner and even slept at the temple. The monks had several spare rooms for visitors and pilgrims, so Shirou had a room there all his own.

On that night, however, he couldn't be found in his futon. For some reason, he couldn't sleep and he left his room to walk the silent and empty courtyard. It was cold outside, so he had to put a coat over his sleepwear. His breath came out of his mouth in white puffs of vapor and he watched them drift in the dark winter sky.

The silence was eerie, and even though it had yet to snow, the world seemed to be frozen in time, with only him able to move around freely.

He didn't know why he felt so uneasy but something was out of place. He was sure of it. He couldn't help but follow his instincts and the feeling got even stronger as he crossed the gate, going down the long stone stairs leading to the foot of the mountain.

About halfway down he saw a human figure slumped on the steps.

"Hey, are you alright?" he called out, rushing to help them.

The closer he got, the more he realized that the feeling which dragged him out of bed came from her. If that wasn't enough to tell him that this person wasn't human, her looks did.

She was beautiful in a dark, dangerous way. More beautiful than any person he'd ever seen. She had cute pointed ears poking out of her long purple hair and her features could only be described as regal. She was clothed in a dark purple robe and in her hand she held a long staff.

'A witch,' he immediately thought. He wouldn't have been surprised if she turned out to be a Kitsune-tsukai but her features were European, not Japanese.

She cracked an eye open at the sound of his voice.

"He…. Help me," she groaned weakly, before her eyes closed again. She fell seemingly unconscious.

For all that she might have been a witch, Shirou couldn't refuse to help a person in need, even if it came to bite him back later. He got to her side and lifted her up on his shoulders. Fortunately she was even lighter than she looked, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to pick her up at all. Even though he trained diligently every day, he still struggled to walk back up the stairs and to the temple with her weight on top of him.

Nonetheless he eventually managed to get all the way up the temple stairs and pass through the gate.

If this had been a different situation, he would have called out for help from the monks, but he was a Mage and he had the obligation to keep the supernatural a secret. He would have to handle this on his own, so he brought her to his room.

At the very least, he could ward away the cold that way.


Medea was surprised. Her strength failed her before she could reach the temple. In the middle of the night, she didn't think anyone would come by before she vanished. She had resigned herself to an inglorious death before the war even started. Instead, a young boy appeared out of nowhere. He had bright red hair, and even brighter golden eyes.

Even more surprisingly, he put her on his back and carried her all the way to the top of the mountain with his own strength.

The moment she crossed the gate of the temple, she immediately started pulling Mana from the leyline and her strength came back to her. However, she did not move and quietly observed what the boy would do. She was still in need of an anchor and her existence was precarious.

The boy took her to a room. His own if the open futon on the floor was any indication. He laid her on it with more gentlessness than she thought possible for a boy like him. Finally, she decided to make a move.

"Hmm," she groaned, pretending to stir awake. She looked around the room until her eyes settled on him.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" he asked, his eyes full of concern. "Are you hurt anywhere?"

"I am not hurt, but at this rate I don't have much time left," she replied. "This body of mine is breaking down on its own."

"What's wrong with you? I can tell you are not human, but I don't know what you are. You can tell me. I am a Mage."

"Truly? A Mage?" she asked, uncertainly. Could her luck really be that good?

"Yes. Well, I'm a first generation one and not very good at all. But I know about the supernatural. The world is rejecting you. Are you some kind of spirit?"

His eyes were absolutely worried for her wellbeing. There was no faking that. Even though he was a Mage, he seemed to have a pure heart. It was so endearing.

She could exploit that.

"Yes. I was summoned by a Mage but he was killed. Without him tethering me to the physical plane, I'll fade away. If you are a Mage, would you let me become your Familiar? I don't want to die yet."

She could easily force him. It would take the slightest application of Magecraft to bend his mind to her will, but for all her faults Medea wasn't ungrateful. Furthermore he was quite cute with those wide, golden eyes. She could make the entire thing very pleasant, for the both of them.

"Do you promise not to hurt the people of this temple?" he asked.

Of course, innocent or not he still was a Mage. He understood there were risks in making deals like that with an entity he knew nothing about.

"I promise," she lied.

She had no intention of hurting the monks, but she cared nothing for them and they were easily expendable. Besides, he had no way of stopping her. He might have been a Mage, but without Command Seals he wasn't a Master.

"Then I agree. What should I do?"

"First of all, we should move to your workshop, where it's safe," she told him.

"Uh… I'm just a guest here. My home is on the other side of the city."

Truthfully, Medea had already figured it was something like that. No Magus would have been allowed to make their Workshop on top of the leyline nexus that fueled the Grail.

"Then there is not enough time for that," she lied again. "We must employ different means. Tell me, are you still a virgin?"

"W-W-What are you asking all of a sudden?" he stuttered, red-faced.

Medea had to refrain from licking her lips. Such incredible luck. After killing her despicable Master, who would have thought she would find such a tasty morsel to replace him?

"I need to understand how experienced you are. In the absence of a proper setup, the only thing we can do is a tantric ritual. Have you ever heard of it?"

He rapidly shook his head.

She pulled herself to a sideway seating position, with her gown slightly pulled up to reveal her ankle. His eyes were immediately drawn to the exposed strip of pale skin. She kept her grin firmly in check as she explained.

"While it might appear to be merely sexual intercourse, at its core it's the most basic type of formalcraft that can bind even humans together. I understand that we have just met but I have no other alternatives. Unless, of course, you think an old woman like me is too hideous to be your first."

"What?! No, no, no!" he vehemently denied, frantically waving his hands in front of him. "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Ah!"

He slammed both hands over his mouth, but the words he didn't mean to say had already escaped. Now, Medea smiled genuinely. For all that she had become jaded over the course of her life, she was still a woman and a prideful one at that. She used to be a princess once upon a time.

"You flatter me," she said, leaning forward in such a way that her arms pushed her breasts together and made them look even more plump. "Then if you have no objections, let us proceed with the ritual."

She crawled toward him and he leaned back almost as if he wanted to run away. However, he bravely held his ground.

With a quick spell, the room was sealed. Not a single noise would escape and no one would disturb them. The next moment, she allowed her robes to fade and her bare body was revealed.

If a human's eyes could get bigger than their heads, this was the moment he would have. The hands that were still over his mouth dropped in his lap, while something else popped up between his legs.

"What is your name, my savior?" she asked, stroking his burning face with the back of her hand.

"Shi… Shi… Shirou," he stuttered. His eyes were spinning around like he was trying to impress every inch of her image into his brain.

She neared her lips to his.

"Well met, Shirou," she whispered. "I am Caster. Now relax and leave everything to me. I will teach you all you need to know."

Then she kissed him.


The moment she asked if he was a virgin, Shirou's face started to burn up with embarrassment and it only got worse from that. By the time she was touching his face, he felt like he had a serious fever and that he would pass out anytime soon.

He didn't pass out, but when their lips touched his brain shut down completely. Shirou was young but not so much that he didn't know about the matters of men and women. Shinji had dropped his porn stash at his place for safekeeping and, well, Shirou did have a look at it. Once or twice.

No, Shirou didn't have any problem with the idea of sex, especially with a woman like her. His dick was already hard as rock at the idea.

As the Witch kissed him, exploring his virgin mouth with her nimble tongue, she started peeling off his sleepwear. The shirt was easy enough to open. It was tied close with a knot on the front. She undid it with ease without even breaking the kiss. But when she pulled down his pants and her hand touched his dick, he gasped.

But so did she.


Truly, Medea was ecstatic. Such a pretty morsel would become her anchor and plaything.

If she could scarcely believe her luck, she could believe her eyes even less. When she pulled down his bottoms, something sprung up from between his legs. When she looked down she was so shocked that she accidentally broke the kiss.

"Oh. My. Gods."

In her life, Medea had seen many things, but not a cock that size, and especially not attached to a cute boy like Shirou. At full mast it was easily ten inches long. It was both longer and wider than her forearm.

"What's… what's wrong?" he asked worriedly.

She quickly recomposed himself.

"Oh, no. Nothing is wrong. I just didn't expect you to be so well developed. I see you are already an adult down here."

How did he come to have such a gigantic sword?

Shirou blushed fiercely. "I… uhm… I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything, dear. Just lay back and I'll take care of everything."

Medea seized his cock and Shirou hissed in pleasure at the simple touch. Oh, his reactions were a hundred percent those of a virgin, but her hand could barely wrap around his mast. Even though this was easily the biggest cock she had ever touched, she'd still had enough lovers throughout her life to know how to handle it.

With a few gentle strokes, she rubbed it up and down. At the same time she pushed her hair behind her ear and opened her mouth to drool a copious amount of saliva over its length. Shirou squirmed, grasping at the tatami for a hold he couldn't find.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Medea asked.

"Y… Yes. Yes, it feels good."

She grinned. Medea loved cute things. More than that, she loved to taint them just a little bit, making them irreversibly her own in the process.

"Well, this is just the beginning. There is more from where that came from. Something like this."

She parted her lips and lowered her head to his member, taking it into her mouth.

"Kh-aahhh!" Shirou moaned, throwing back his head.

Slowly, Medea sucked him off while she stroked his shaft with one hand, and fondled his testicles with the other. She looked up at Shirou who was squirming helplessly, trying and failing to control his own reactions. Her eyes curved in a lustful and controlling smile.

She sucked on him harder, speeding up the pace at which she was stroking him as well.

"Ahh… Caster-san. I'm about…. I'm about to…"

Caster squeezed his cock, stopping him from cumming altogether.

"Ahh.. Uhh…" he groaned.

"Not yet, dear," she said in a scolding way. "For the ritual to be completed, we must truly be joined."

She stood up on her knees and straddled Shirou's body. Every detail of her naked figure was perfectly visible to him, from the curve of her breasts to the slope of her stomach, down to the crevice her womanhood rested.

"Look all you want, Shirou. This is the body of the woman who will make you into a man," she said, running her hands up and down her curves. If possible, Shirou's dick stood up even harder.

Grabbing it by the shaft, Medea brought the meat pole to the entrance of her womanhood. A spiritual body like hers wouldn't suffer any damage from a material object no matter how big it was. Thus, when the huge cock split her pussy open, the only thing that she felt was pleasure.

"Hmm," she purred. "How does the body of an adult woman feel, Shirou?"

"Kuuh!" Shirou groaned. "It's so hot. It's melting me. It's so good."

"Yes. You feel very good inside me as well, Shirou. So big and strong. Hnn. I just might fall in love with you."

That statement got a reaction out of him, making his cock throbbed violently inside of her. Oh, he liked her quite a lot already. At his age it was to be expected that he would be highly susceptible.

However, he shook his head. "That's not… That's not a good reason to fall in love," he protested.

Medea blinked. 'Well, what do you know? A man who doesn't think entirely with his dick. Will wonders ever cease?'

"Is it not? Well, then I guess I should give you some more," she said, and she swung her hips.

"Fuahh!" he moaned

"Oh, yes," she said, placing both hands on his chest. "Just like that." She kept swinging her hips up and down his cock, impaling herself on his flesh. Each time she slammed down on him, he reached previously unexplored depths.

She glanced down at her lover and her heart skipped a beat at the sight of his face twisted in pleasure. Bitter and jaded as she had grown to be, Medea was weak to love and she loved cute things above all else. Although she still saw him as a means to an end, she was already developing a soft spot for him in her heart. And in her body.

His huge cock filled her thoroughly, hitting all the right spots. Their bodies appeared to have perfect compatibility. She found herself picking up the pace, grinding her hips harder.

"Oh… hmm… yesss."

"Ah. Caster-san. It's coming again," he warned.

"Then let it come. Let it all out inside me. Hold nothing back. Ohhh!"

She threw back her head, feeling his semen flood the depths of her womb, scorching her innermost place. She scratched his chest with her nails, drawing a tiny amount of blood. At the same time she anchored herself to him, stabilizing her presence in the world of the living.

Shirou looked at the woman who was riding him, bathed in the light of the moon; her naked body covered in a sheen of sweat. She was a goddess. A dark goddess, but divine nonetheless.

Even though he said that good sex was no reason to fall in love, feelings cared nothing for rationale. And a young man in the prime of his youth would have a difficult time separating lust from love. Whether he admitted it or not, he was already completely taken by the Witch. A possessive feeling swept over him.

She was still in the throes of pleasure when he pushed himself up and her down.

"Wah!" she cried.

"Caster-san! Caster-san!" he said as he started thrusting his hips.

"Oh gods. Shirou! Ohhh!" She moaned wantonly, wrapping her legs around his back. "Good boy! Give it to me! Give it to me rough!"

Now, if there was one thing that Shirou was more than willing to do, it was helping people in need. And judging by the way Caster held on to him, she had a great need. A void that Shirou was perfectly happy to fill.

The ritual was already complete. There was no more reason for them to still be having sex now. By all rights Medea should have stopped it right there and made a point that she was in charge. That this liaison started and finished at her whim.

But he ruthlessly attacked her when she was at her weakest, and he started pounding at her will all the vigor of youth. She had a lot more experience, but his cock hit her cervix with each thrust. Heroic Spirit or not, she was still a woman and had a physical body to match. And it wanted more of what this boy was giving regardless of her machinations.

'Later,' she told herself, looking into the lust filled eyes of her lover. 'Right now all I want is this!'

Shirou kept fucking her, but for all that he was very rough with his hips he was most gentle with his hands. He caressed her breasts like his fingers were each a feather, sucking and lightly biting her nipples.

"Hnn! Why are you so good at this?" she asked.

"It's because…. It's because Caster-san is so pretty," he replied frantically.

She couldn't help herself at the sincerity of that answer. She pulled him in for a deep kiss, grabbing the back of his head to keep him right where she wanted.

'Oh, no. I might actually fall in love with him at this rate,' she thought, as their tongues wrestled together. 'I must stop this now before it's too late. I must- !'

She was shaken by another climax, cutting off her thoughts and to make matters worse Shirou was still pounding at her.

'I- I- I must- stop.'

But rather than trying to pry him off, her traitorous body clung to him even harder. She had yet to come down from the previous orgasm that she felt another build up right behind it.

'Too much. I'm losing my mind. I'm losing- !'

The third climax completely obliterated her thought process and she kissed him even more fiercely.

"Ahh… Caster-san. I'm going to cum again."

In the back of her mind, she knew that if she let him cum inside her now she would be completely hooked on him. But even a legendary witch is sometimes just a woman who can't look past the pleasure of the moment, consequences be damned.

"Dooo it!" she howled against her better judgment. "Make me your woman, Shirou! Make me yours! AHHHH!"

And so he did, flooding her womb with cum for the second time. The basic happiness that spread from within her washed away whatever hesitation she might have had, giving her a reason to win the war that went beyond mere survival.

It was a bud of love that had yet to fully blossom and which was planted in the ground of primal, animalistic lust. But it was there, and if they kept nourishing it, it would certainly bear its wicked fruits.


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