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Kohta was in the middle of getting his ass kicked by Naruto, who seemed to be enraged for some reason. He didn't even know what he had done, but Naruto was beating him down with fists like solid iron, and muscles with the force behind them to turn rocks into pebbles. That was the pain that he was experiencing.

Naruto was his Captain, and now he was hurting him.

Finally, his confusion came from the fact that he should be dead. He was a small, fat, weak man who wasn't in Naruto's height or weight class, or anywhere near the same fighting ability. The fact was that with how many times he got hit, he should be unconscious or dead... and he was leaning towards dead. If Naruto was angry, he should be hitting him with so much force that he should be on the ground, knocked out, and dying.

"Sir... why?" Kohta was knocked off of his feet as soon as he asked that.

Right into the grass.

"You shitty four-eyes, you stole the weapons out of the RV didn't you... and then you went and LOST them! How could you misplace the weapons that keep us safe... we're all powerless without those weapons!"


'That... powerless... weapons lost... what?' Kohta felt new confusion that eclipsed what he had been feeling before. Naruto pulled him to his feet and knocked him back to the ground. It was more force than the average man, but not enough force that an angry Naruto should be using. Everything left him so confused, because nobody was helping him either. The girls who fawned over him, and tried to sleep with him, and praised him as a man, were silent around him as they didn't even try to stand between him and Naruto.

They just watched, with pity in their eyes.

It disgusted him.

He wasn't able to move as Naruto started to walk away.

"Think about what you did. You are the second person I've had to scold, and I better not have to scold you a second time." Naruto stated as he glanced back at Kohta.

Kohta passed out.

-Hours Later-

When he woke up, he didn't open his eyes at first, because he was in plenty of pain.

His head was in Saeko's lap, and she was dabbing a washclothe with cool water on his bruises.

'Why aren't I dead... the weapons in the RV... what was Naruto talking about... when I got some weapons from the RV, I left most of them behind.' Kohta was in pain, and he felt betrayed on a deep level. He loved those weapons, and whenever he was in the RV he maintained them. He was the one who could use them best, and Naruto trusted him with them. '... and why did he assume it was me... he knows me... right?'

It hurt his chest to feel like his captain didn't trust him.

"Are you okay?"

"Why... why did he accuse me... I didn't take the weapons... I mean, I borrowed a few of them, but I left the others... and... well... it doesn't make sense." Kohta had tears in his eyes when Saeko gently rubbed his forehead with her fingers. He finally opened up his eyes and looked at her. "... and he called us powerless... even without the guns, we're not powerless, because we have him." Kohta couldn't make sense of what Naruto said.

Or his actions.

Why did he beat him, and why was he still alive after the beating.

"He scolded you, I heard..."

"Why did he scold me... why did he..." Kohta started to sit up, before he noticed that there were other girls in the room. Some girls who seemed concerned about him. They were the same girls who had not even tried to defend him when he was accused of something he didn't do. He silenced himself and looked down in shame.

"You've been out for a few hours, here, let me help you get to the bathroom."

"I don't need-"

To use the bathroom.

"-don't be shy, I insist. You've already been scolded, and Naruto's forgiven you now. No need to punish you any further." Saeko insisted as she held him to get to his feet. He opened his mouth to object, because he really didn't need to use the bathroom. She covered his mouth before he could speak, and just made him walk by her side. "... it's okay, I'm here to help you."

Kohta stopped trying to talk.

What was going on?

Saeko walked him towards the bathroom, and Kohta could hear footsteps behind them. One of the girls who praised him for his skills with a gun was following them. He glanced behind himself, and the girl smiled.

"Just in case Saeko needs help."

'... It doesn't feel like that.' Kohta didn't understand it, but something deep inside of him was roused. It was maybe a result of the beating he had, but he was on edge. None of the girls who fawned over him had been there for him when he was getting his ass kicked. He stumbled a little, and Saeko held him up by holding his arm around her shoulder. He could feel her boobs pressing against him, one against his shoulder and the other against his hand.

They got to the bathroom and she walked him to a urinal, with his back to the girl who had followed them. He watched as Saeko moved her hand from his chest and pulled a small piece of paper out of his boxers that he didn't even know was there. She pulled his dick out and held it for him with one hand, while she unfolded the piece of paper with her thumb and index finger.

"Can you look away, he might be a bit nervous?" Saeko asked the girl behind them.

"Oh! Sure!"

I caught Takashi having sex with a couple of the girls, and I saw Kohta trying to, but he was having trouble. The girls make him nervous, too nervous to pop a boner. He isn't as comfortable around them as he seems to be on the outside, and Maresato had sex with them too. Saya told me to stay with my Mom, so I'll stick with her. I'm going to try and see what she knows, without making it obvious. - Rei's Handwriting

I have no new information, but I was able to make them less suspicious about you Naruto. I haven't been able to find anything, and they are keeping me apart from everyone. I noticed they are trying to get Saya and Kiriko alone from everyone. - Saeko's Handwriting

Alice is in the clear, and I think that Asami is starting to get fooled into following them. The girls here are trying to lie to me and keep me apart from all of you, and get me to hate you all. I'm going to pretend to fall for it and be more aggressive with all of you. I'm going to pick a fight with Kohta tomorrow and kick his ass and create a situation where one of Saeko can get alone time with him.
Saya, you need to get this note to Saeko with all the information you have. - Naruto's Handwriting

Kiriko and I are slated for death, and they are going to try and make it seem like a zombie did it. There is a locked room that leads to the basement, I think the spare tire and the guns are kept down there. They mentioned an ally among us, we do have a traitor. They plan on keeping Kiriko drunk when they can to make her easier to work with. - Saya's Handwriting

I snuck this note into your boxer's when I helped carry you after Naruto beat you. Try and pee if you can. Naruto doesn't think you are a traitor, but he hurt you to get you and me close enough. We're being watched, the girls here are a sex cult. -Saeko's Handwriting

'... THAT is it!'

"It's okay, she's looking away, and I'm not looking at it." Saeko assured him, and he got the message.

He more than got the message.

This explained so much.

'He believes in me... he wasn't angry at all, he did that because he knew he could trust me! He doesn't think I'm the traitor... there is a traitor... I've been too taken with getting fawned over by these girls...' Kohta winced when Saeko squeezed his penis once, and he got the message to start peeing. If he didn't go, then it would make the effort to bring him to a place where he could get the note pointless.

Everything made sense.

"I'm... sorry."

"It's okay, as one of our fine men, you need this help. As a woman, this is the least I can do to look after you when you need me." Saeko spoke in semi-coded language. Her words were both serious, but they had a second meaning behind them. Kohta had read the note, and he used his hands and the sound of him peeing to mask the sound of him folding up the note. He glanced behind himself, and saw the girl was looking away.

The note explained everything, and suddenly the feeling he had was validated.

For days he couldn't understand where he felt nervous and off from. He wasn't as smart as Saya was, and his instincts weren't as good as Naruto. He just felt off, but didn't understand why or have the knowledge to figure it out. He was a gun nerd who loved to learn about survival stuff.

"Kohta, you can't pee if you're hard."

"But I'm-"

"It's okay to be hard, I'll take care of it real quick." Saeko didn't do anything differently, and he wasn't hard. She moved her hand and started to rub his stomach, making the sound like she was jerking him off.

"I'll give you two some privacy, I'll be outside." The cult member took a few steps and left the bathroom.

"Okay, Kohta, don't talk, listen. Take the note, and find a way to write down a message. Anything suspicious about anyone, or just anything. I'll visit you tonight and pretend to have sex with you. I'll get the note from you then, and tomorrow me and Rei are going to get into a cat fight over Naruto and I'll give the note to her."

'This is super serious... I see... they don't know who the traitor is, but they know me and Alice aren't traitors... and none of them are the traitors, otherwise this plan to communicate would have failed already... right?' Kohta nodded his head and got the message she whispered to him.

Naruto, Saeko, Saya, Rei, Alice, and himself were innocent now.
That meant that the possible traitors were Shizuka, Kiriko, Maresato, Takashi, and Asami.

The spare tire was missing, and the the RV had a flat tire so they couldn't escape until they found where the spare tire was. They also needed to get their weapons back, and they had a guess to where those were. He wasn't smart enough to really help with the mystery, but he would report anything he did see to Naruto or Saya and allow them to figure out who the traitor was.

He was still missing a lot of information, but now he understood why Naruto attacked him.

'That's right... he trusts me, that is why he attacked me, because he knows I'm his most trusted soldier. He knows that the second I knew why he did it, that I would forgive him... but without my weapons, I can't help.' Kohta took the folded up note and stuffed it into his jacket pocket, now knowing exactly what his job was and what he needed to do.

He needed to do whatever he could and get any information that he could remember, and report it back to Saeko, so that eventually Naruto would get the information. He was a soldier, and it was up to his captain to make any decisions at this point.

"Thank you for helping me... after the Captain scolded me, I thought I would never be forgiven. I'll do my best to make up for my mistakes." Kohta spoke louder, since nothing he said needed to be really hidden. The cult member walked back into the bathroom when Kohta thanked Saeko, misunderstanding it as him thanking her for a different kind of help. "I'm feeling a lot better now, I think I can make it back on my own."

"Very well, I'm going to wash my hands, and then I'm going to see about helping Naruto sort the RV's trailer. It seems he lost something, and needs some help finding it." Saeko told Kohta as she made her way to the sink.

Kohta nodded as she started to wash her hands.

"Okay, I'll see you later."

"The same to you." Saeko smiled at his reflection in the mirror. '... So Kohta really isn't the traitor after all... it makes sense. Even if the girls have been wooing him, he has a soldier mentality... his loyalty to Naruto comes first, and his lust comes second.' Saeko watched as Kohta and the girl following them left the bathroom.

She pulled a small note out of her bra.

It had Naruto's handwriting, and only his writing on it.

We're going to make a plan to kidnap Kiriko and make it seem like she was killed. I'll find a way to let Rei know her mother isn't dead. Once everyone thinks she's killed, we'll hold a small memorial and check everyone's reactions, try and find any clue of who the traitor might be.

'I see... right now Rei is so busy being her mother's bodyguard that she doesn't have time to investigate anything. It makes sense, we can protect Kiriko and search for some clue. Right now Saya isn't on their kill list thanks to them thinking Naruto raped her... but Kiriko is in a lot of danger.' Saeko smiled.

Even now, Naruto was making keeping everyone safe his top priority.

He truly was her leader.

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