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**Sometimes the world is a valley of heartaches and tears
And in the hustle and bustle, no sunshine appears**

Mokuba and Serenity giggled as they watched their older brothers bicker over something trivial. Mokuba had found out just a few days ago that the two teen boys were dating in secret. He had called Serenity to let her know since they'd become fairly good friends after Battle City. They had snuck into Seto's office to find out their anniversary and were planning on giving them a present. "It's only three days Serenity! Are you sure that Tristan can get us the private room at the restaurant?" Mokuba asked when Seto and Joey had found something to argue loudly about so they weren't heard.

"He promised me that he was going to get it for us," Serenity answered as her cell rang.

"Serenity! Hey!" Tristan's voice greeted her.

"Hi Tristan! What's up?" she asked with a huge smile on her face. Mokuba rolled his eyes wondering how long before she was dating the other boy.

"I got the room for you and Mokuba… Can I know what this is all about yet?"

"No Tristan! I can't tell you! It's a secret!" she giggled. Mokuba snickered in the background.

"Okay. The room is yours for the night starting at five. That means you guys can add whatever touch you want to…"

"Thanks again Tristan!" Mokuba and Serenity said at the same time before giving each other a high five.

"Perfect!" Mokuba said before Seto and Joey were calling their siblings saying it was time to go while glaring at each other.

Serenity listened at her brother's door that night since he'd seemed down. "Seto please!"

Serenity blinked. 'What's going on?'

"Seto, I didn't mean it… I was upset… I'm sorry… I've said that!" More of a pause. "Seto please! I love you… don't do this to me… to us!" Pretty eyes widened and a hand delicately covered her mouth. "Seto!" Joey's voice was cracking with pain… Serenity heard tears in her brother's voice. "Seto please, please listen to me… I love you damn it!" A long pause in which she could hear the silent sobs, and hiccup like breathes of her brother. "Seto, I do love you… I didn't mean to say that I didn't… I never meant it… I never will… please Seto, please don't leave me…." Serenity ran to her room and picked up her phone and dialed Mokuba and then Yugi, who called Ryou.

"Boys, we have a situation and we have to fix it!" Serenity said firmly. After two hours of planning what would happen if it were a definite that the two teens broke up they had a plan that would definitely work in getting them back together.

The next morning, Mokuba followed his brother into the dinning room for breakfast. He watched as his brother stared at the table and poked at his food not eating a bite. "Seto? Is something wrong?"

"Of course not Mokuba."

"I heard you arguing with someone on the phone… Was it Yami or Joey?"

"Let it drop Mokuba…."

"What happened with Joey?" Mokuba asked blinking steadily at the gaze of his brother that met his.

"Nothing…" Seto said getting up. "I have to get to work. Stay out of trouble Mokuba…" With that Mokuba was left alone. He called over to Yugi to report.

Ryou came over early in the morning to see Serenity about something regarding an 'activity' they were in. Joey answered the door and Ryou nearly didn't recognize the blonde. "Joey! What happened?"


"You… you look like you stayed up all night crying hysterically…."

"Yeah right Ryou… I don't cry.. you know that…"

"You never used to, but I know you come close when it deals with Serenity."

"Ryou!" Serenity said in her chipper voice as she came out of her room. "Sorry to keep you waiting. Joey, I'll be back later… We're going to see Mokuba…" Tears tried to force their way out of Joey's eyes at the mention of the younger Kaiba. "You want me to tell Seto anything?"

"Of course not," Joey muttered heading back into his room. Serenity and Ryou met up with Yugi halfway to Kaiba Mansion.

"They broke up!" the four said at the same time.

"Well, let's set it right!" Yugi said. They had 'recruited' Yami and Bakura for this part. Yami would talk to Seto and try to set up a date with him of some sort at the same place that he was supposed to met Joey in Serenity and Mokuba's original plan. Bakura would talk Joey into going out to 'forget about his troubles'. Bakura refused to call it a date. Those were reserved for his Hikari only.

Bakura was knocking at Joey's door at the same time that Yami was proudly strolling into Kaiba's office.

"Joey! Ryou said you looked bad but I think he was being nice," the grave robber quipped.

"What are you doing here Bakura?"

"Easy! Ryou was worried about you, said you looked stressed or something. I'm here to tell you you're going to come with me and forget about whatever it is that is bothering you for a night!"

"I'm not interested." Joey went to shut the door but Bakura shoved his foot in the door.

"Sure you are! It's free for you and cheap for me! Tristan's got a job at that new restaurant in town and he can give me a discount so you're coming, end of discussion."

Joey glared at the albino grave robber. "Fine. Just this once because quite frankly, I don't really know what you're getting at…."

"Hey! That's your problem now isn't it?" Bakura asked with a wink. He told Joey when and where to meet him before leaving. Though he paused to throw a kiss back to the shocked blonde.

"What do you want Yami? I'm busy…" Seto said as he tapped at his laptop trying to appear busy. What he really was doing was going over emails that he and Joey had sent back and forth to each other.

"Well, Yugi was talking to Mokuba," Yami started and Seto looked up arching an eyebrow. "Yugi said that you had seemed upset. I was volunteered to take you out and cheer you up."

"Really?" Seto asked going back to his emails. "What happens if I say no?"

"I'd have to tell you to ask Mokuba who initiated the whole thing to begin with…"

"I see…" Seto said. "And what do you propose?"

"Well, what about that new restaurant that Tristan works at. He could get us a private room if you don't want to be around people…" Yami said calmly. Yugi and Mokuba were watching on the security cameras and snickering to themselves.

"I would prefer not being around people…" Seto said.

"Okay then, meet me there at six, alright?" Yami asked heading towards the door.

"Alright then…" Seto said glancing up enough to catch a wink from the pharaoh.

Serenity, Mokuba, Yugi, Yami, Ryou, and Bakura were working hard at making the room perfect. It was almost time for their victims to arrive so Serenity lit the candle on the table while Yugi was lifted up by Yami to light some incense for mood. Mokuba looked out the door for a peek and saw Seto and Joey at the two different enterances.

"They're here!" he hissed ushering Serenity backstage. Bakura and Yami went to greet their dates and bring them in while Yugi and Ryou were telling Tristan what was going to happen so he could understand the whole crazy scenario. Joey came in with Bakura a few moments later. Ryou, Yugi, and Mokuba were peeking from the kitchen entrance to the room. Bakura made some excuse to leave the room and kissed Joey's cheek before doing so. He ended up with his head above Ryou's looking to see what would happen when Seto came in… Tristan was waiting to lock the door behind Seto.

Seto walked in while Yami said he'd see if he could find Tristan because he needed a favor from him. Seto just shrugged while walking into the room. Tristan shut the door to the room and smiled to Yami who shook his head.

"I hope Aibou and the others know what they are doing…" Yami said as the doorknob jostled a bit and a low curse was heard.

"Seto?" Joey asked rising quickly a blush rising quickly on his cheeks. Seto whirled around from where he had tried the door after it shut so quickly.

"Joey!" Seto wanted to glare and leave, but leaving was out of the question and the expression on the blonde's face made it hard to be angry at him.

"Seto… I'm sorry… I really am…." Joey said looking at the ice like eyes of the one he loved. "Can't you forgive me?" he asked softly fighting back more tears.

Seto remained quiet his eyes going to the knob of the door. He wanted to get out… this wasn't supposed to happen… This wasn't something he wanted to face yet. He wasn't supposed to feel for anyone but Mokuba… Falling in love with Joey in the first place was hard enough… Forgiving was much more difficult…

"Seto?" Joey's breaking voice asked. Timid footsteps sounded loudly in Seto's ears. Joey always walked with some form of confidence… This wasn't the Joey he knew… and he had caused it…. Did he deserve Joey anymore? "Seto please answer me…" Joey's voice begged tinged with pain.

Seto looked up at the boy in front of him. His lower lip was trembling slightly; looking the most kissable those lips had ever looked. His brown eyes were watery and glowed in the candlelight. Joey swallowed as He felt Seto's eyes scan him as if wondering if he were lying. Joey licked his lips in a nervous way. Seto took two quick steps and placed a hand on Joey's cheek that was slightly damp from tears. It felt like someone had twisted his heart with a knife when he realized the tears were over him. Joey looked up at him and gulped nervously.

"Please Seto… I miss you…. Please… I won't ever say it again… I never even meant to say it in the first place Seto… I didn't!" Joey begged as his hand came up and grasped Seto's wrist of the hand on his face.

Seto leaned over and kissed the blonde's forehead. "I'm sorry Joey… I forgive you, but I haven't forgiven myself…" Seto whispered. Joey shook his head fast latching onto Seto, tears flowing like rivers down his cheeks.

"Please… Tell me that you're not saying what I think you're saying Seto… Please tell me you're not leaving me… I've been miserable and it's only been two days!" Joey sobbed.

"I'm sorry Joey…" Seto told him as he hugged the blonde to him. "I am so very sorry…" With a final kiss to Joey's head Seto turned and left. Since they had begun talking, Tristan had to unlock the door.

Joey shook his head and sank to his knees still sobbing quietly. Yami and Bakura went out and collected the boy. They were able to take him out the back. Mokuba was not exactly happy with his brother at that moment but he knew he had to help Serenity with Joey since the boy was quite blatantly a wreck.

For weeks Joey didn't eat well and stayed mostly in his room ignoring almost everything around him. Serenity was getting frustrated. There didn't seem to be anything she could do… and no light for her dear brother….