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The Gojo Scholarship

Kasumi and her classmates tried to ignore the intruder during the lesson. There were three more weeks until graduation and the unprecedented, random visits started a week ago.

Maybe 'intruder' was too harsh of a word. But seriously what was Gojo Satoru thinking, sitting at an empty desk at the back of the classroom? At least he wasn't interrupting. He sat cheek to palm, smiling at what was being taught.

Geez, that guy…

Didn't he have a class to teach? Well, sorcery stuff ended last month for both sister schools. At the end of each semester, the schools focused on regular academics and standardized testing. They couldn't have a bunch of uneducated sorcerers running around Japan. Not that Kasumi would continue being a sorcerer…

She still had the selfie with Gojo somewhere. That felt like ages ago. So much had happened since.

Utahime-sensei wasn't too happy the first day Gojo appeared with the principal at his side. They had a quick chat outside the class and then they let him come in. Kasumi had thought the guilty glance Sensei sent her way was just generalized pity for the students. Apparently, he came to 'observe.'

But seeing as Gojo asked to speak with her on the last day of school, maybe there was more to sensei's look than she had initially thought.

"A scholarship?" She was incredulous.

"Hm mm," Gojo hummed, his sunshades dropped halfway below his eyes as he stared down at her. Really, the man was too good looking. Not only were his powers unreal, so was his face.

"But I didn't sign up for it."

"It's yours."

"I couldn't accept…" Although she could really, really use the money. After The Culling Game, she and her family decided higher education would be a more profitable investment than a dead daughter.

Gojo shrugged. "Think of it as a tax break."

Kasumi's head turned in perplexity. "Do clan companies do that well?"

"Now, now, Miwa-san. If I didn't know better, I'd say that was a veiled insult."

A muffled 'eep' escaped her mouth. "W-w-well, in any case, I'll take you up on the offer." Slightly flushed, she bowed. "Thank you, Gojo-san!" She straightened. "What do I have to do?"

Nothing in life was free.

He stuffed his hands in the pockets of a leather jacket that looked very, very expensive. "Oh this and that. Let's meet in the new year and talk about it. See ya then, 'kay?"

Kasumi's eyes squinted in wariness.

Gojo chuckled and ruffled the top of her hair, surprising her. "What are you thinking?"

"Maybe sensei is right about you," was what she said.

"Hmm?" He leaned in, "and what about me?"

Kasumi stepped back and crossed her arms over her chest. She didn't want to be disrespectful, to this man of all people, but it was too funny not to repeat. "Pervert," she whispered after a dramatic pause.

A small vein popped up on his forehead. "You tell that frigid—"

"Satoru, if you're done harassing our students," Utahime stepped around the corner. "I'd like to talk with you."

"What are you teaching these kids, Iori—" The two adults began their standard banter. It was always a little mean in nature, but, Kasumi figured, people with a long history and a lot of mutual dead friends probably enjoyed things like that.

Maybe they're really dating, Kasumi thought, as she essentially became invisible to them. Yep. Likely dating.

Mai had called it. The memory of her friend's deductive reasoning caused painful pricks to scatter around her heart.

The two teachers got lost in nostalgic dialogue. Kasumi discreetly excused herself and went back to the dorms.

A full ride scholarship? She checked her phone app. There was a university email.

Kasumi's chest filled with something like disbelief. Tears gathered at her lashes. Outside the dormitory, she had to squat as a torrent of emotions rolled over her.

"This is—this is—ngh!" She cried on her phone screen.

Not only were her four years covered—so were her living expenses. She was granted private housing close to the school grounds and a generous monthly allowance that could be used for whatever she wanted. The email even pledged to extend the scholarship to her siblings once they graduated high school.

What the heck kind of tax break does that outrageous clan need?! Studying at Tokai wasn't cheap. She thought of her family back home, and of her friends that were no longer with her, and cried some more. What had she done to deserve this?

Was it okay to accept?

She thanked Heaven and vowed that she wouldn't let anyone down. She would get the best grades and be the best student. Wow! She was really moving back to Tokyo! She'd be closer to her family, too.

The new year couldn't come fast enough. She had to make sure to properly thank Gojo Satoru.

It was New Years and after a hectic first two semesters, Kasumi was quite content with life. After all it was winter break. She had one more semester and in April she'd finally be a sophomore in the business program.

She could start an internship. Her mother was looking forward to it, too.

Kasumi stood in front of a restroom mirror and adjusted the yellow beanie over her chopped bangs. There was a white puff ball at the top. It was a little silly, but her youngest brother gifted it to her for Christmas. Yoshiro was only twelve but he was so talented.

She patted her rosy cheeks. It sure was cold today. She should have gone with the puffer jacket instead of the plain old brown parka. She kind of looked like a potato with blue hair.

First things first.

The long-awaited encounter with Gojo Satoru.

Taking a big breath, Kasumi stepped out of the lady's room and into a fancy restaurant.

She spotted Gojo being led to the back where the reserved table was. He wore a black overcoat and a burgundy scarf tucked into its collar. The hostess was ready to swoon right out of her shoes.

He noticed Kasumi and waved her over. Delight bubbled within her at his friendliness. Really, what was she so worried about?

She was underdressed but he didn't blame her. The pleather purse with a plethora of childish enamel pins was a bit of an eyesore. Maybe he should have chosen Splendid Sushi. But this place had hazelnut fed pork chops and a private booth.

Kasumi smiled brightly at him as he slid into the other end of the crescent booth. He loosened his scarf and caught her staring as his fingers worked it free. Maybe this wouldn't turn out so bad. The young woman held him in high regard which could be enough for her to take him up on his proposition.

Less elegantly, Kasumi shrugged out of her jacket. Underneath she wore a long sleeve knitted dress. That was better.

They ordered food and made small talk about her college experience thus far and the current situation in the jujutsu world. She was pleasantly surprised with the meal's caliber.

"Dessert?" He asked and she shook her head.

"Thank you, but no." She smiled as the server took away their plates. "I already felt indebted before tonight, so if I take anymore, what could I ever possibly do to repay you?"

Seizing the opportunity, Satoru was frank. "Marry me."

Kasumi blinked at him. "U-um, Gojo-san, could you repeat that? I think I heard you wrong."

"You didn't," he said without making much of it. "That's what I want in return for what I've given you." He had the decency to look slightly chagrined, even if on him it just seemed like he was being flippant.

Her hands on the edge of the table dropped to her lap. She was speechless, but that was better than angry.

"I need children," he started on an explanation in a casual tone. "And despite my many talents, that is one thing I cannot do."

"Making babies," she whispered.

A wry grin curled his mouth. "Making them is easy. Carrying them is the tricky part."

It was a poor choice of words. The girl turned a brilliant red and she reminded him of a blueberry and cherry yogurt swirl. She frantically tried to stand but she did it too fast and hit her knees under the table.

"A-ta-ta-ta!" She leaned her head downward.

"Are you okay?" He made to slide to the middle of the booth, to check on her, but it startled her and she slipped off the edge of the slick seating. Avoidance was the first stage of grief—or something like that.

She popped right up like a cartoon and sat down. Both were stunned for a moment.

He tried again. "Are you okay?"

"I just," her voice wavered and she drank some water. "I just don't know what to say. Is this real?"

He anticipated the disbelief and empathized. "I'm afraid so."

Kasumi stared at the glass in her hands. "So this wasn't about getting tax breaks."

He laughed—truly laughed and she stared at him with wide eyes. He wiped a tear of mirth from his left eye and leaned his elbow on the table, chin to palm.

"That's right," he finally said, "I'm a nice guy, but this time, I did have a bit of a selfish motive."

"A bit?!" she whispered hotly. Ah. There's the anger. "You're asking me to have a baby with you!"

"Hm. I'm asking you to be my wife and have many babies with me. Gotta pass down the bloodline. The more the merrier."

"Why me?" She now begged and he felt a bout of guilt.

"You know why."

She did. Miwa Kasumi was another displaced, far-off descendant of Michizane Sugawara. It was why she had been approached in middle school.

"Why don't you ask Okkotsu instead!" Yep. She was definitely mad.

His eyes creased in a sardonic smile. "I would but he doesn't have the parts I need."

She dropped her forehead into her hands. "Gojo-san, what you're asking is crazy! I'm sorry I can't do it."

"That's fine."


"I said that's fine."

She measured his smiling face. A sullen expression overtook her, and her throat tightened. "The scholarship…"

Satoru raised a hand to stop her from continuing. "It's still yours. The company really did use it as a write off. Tuition is nothing to sneeze at these days."

"And my siblings?" God, she felt like the selfish one now.

He nodded, with a regular, small smile on his face now. She wasn't sure if she had ever seen a genuine smile like that on him before.

Indecision twisted in her gut.

"You know," she tried to be pragmatic, "there are ways to help…clinics and stuff…."

Satoru turned his head. "I thought of it, but these will be my precious children. I'd like them to have a sense of normalcy in the world we live in. My mother and father were wonderful people, for the time I had them. I think you understand."

She did. She had two younger siblings she was helping raise with her mother. Admittedly, Satoru disliked the pressure that was often instilled in older children, forcing a third-parent mindset, but it would be to his advantage if Kasumi agreed to his proposition. Her nurturing side would be perfect.

It was that same pressure that brought her into the world of sorcery and classified her as a rare carrier of his clan's gene.

"I can tell this conversation has become too much for you," he said, "Take my number. If anything changes, call me."

"M-maybe a text," she stuttered, unable to make eye contact. Kids these days.

They exchanged contact information, though he already had hers thanks to the easy access of advanced technology. In either case, he played along and deleted what he had so she wouldn't be too freaked.

He emphasized that no one could know, for her general safety.

They parted ways, somewhat awkwardly on her part. What did he expect? She was still a kid. He had once been admired by her, but who really knew these days. So much had happened in the last two years.

It was like an endless cycle. He had his own reservations about having kids, but his bloodline was important to keep the world's balance, and of course, he'd love to be a parent.

Yeah. He would really love that.

Kasumi sat on the twin bed in her studio apartment. An entire six-minute walk from campus.

Besides her clothes and a few colorful decorations, nothing in there was hers. The furniture, the food, utilities, and even her textbooks. All paid for by The Gojo Scholarship.

She had so many questions. It would have been smart to ask him at dinner, but she hadn't been thinking right. Mostly she had felt shocked, and more than a little tricked.

She grabbed her phone and furiously typed. Am I supposed to just quit school and pop out little Gojo babies?!

Kasumi freaked when the text was quickly marked 'read' and three dots indicated he was responding.

Haha no quitting school. It's important for mothers to be educated. Children spend the most time with them. My mother was a sophisticated woman and taught me a lot. It would be ideal to have kids after you're done with school, but I wouldn't mind if it happened sooner. That can be your choice.

She felt on the verge of crying again. You've thought of everything.

It's something I tend to do. Are you alright?

He knew. I'm fine!

Kasumi, he used her name, can I ask why you're studying so hard?

Everyone knew why, because she had the stupid habit of being a chronic over-sharer. To take care of my family.

If you marry me, then they'll never want for anything. Ever. I'll move them out of Sanya.

She gasped and tossed her phone away. It landed face down on the comforter. After it vibrated again, she picked it back up.

He wrote, If we do this, we need to be completely honest with each other. When I asked if you were okay, you lied, didn't you?


Let's try this again. Are you okay?


Please explain, Kasumi.

Oh God. She went for it. I'm scared. And I feel guilty for taking the scholarship. Like maybe I shouldn't have jumped the gun before knowing what I got myself into. I do it all the time. She was the biggest spaz. You should have been honest from the start!

There was a pause in communication, and then he texted, Anything else?

Here goes. I've never even kissed a boy.

Her text got the read receipt but no dots. Her heart raced. Why did she say that! She sprung out of bed and began to pace. The phone finally buzzed and she dived for it.

That's fine. That's fine?!

Her heart raced. Are you disappointed?

No, he plainly wrote.

Kasumi gulped. Can I have more time to think?

Yes. When she didn't respond, he added, Let's meet again after your third semester.

She sent a thumbs up emoji.

I got this idea so randomly, but I had to write it down to see where it went. And it went! Romantic Comedy galore. It's technically a oneshot, but I split it into three parts due to length. Enjoy! :)