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Later that night, Satoru woke up to find his bride in the dimness of the living room.

She was huddled on the floor, hugging a cushion. Moonlight illuminated the space through the floor-to-ceiling window, creating quite a gloomy scene. She was quietly crying.

Perhaps he had overdone it. Sometime after consummating, he felt her slip out of his arms. When she didn't come back, he went to investigate.

He smoothly called to her.

"Why did I dream about Mecha—ngh!" She cried harder. "I'm sorry, Gojo-san. I'm not a very good wife, thinking of another man on our wedding night."

Satoru sighed. His feet padded softly on the area rug and sat by her. The girl leaned her frame against his side. It was good that she trusted him. He planted a palm on her head, holding her closer.

"Tell me about him."

"He was j-just my friend."

"It's alright. Don't hold back for my sake. I want to know."

She sniffled a large inhale and began to spill her heart out concerning the young man she had once studied with.

He didn't touch her again for the simple sake of bidding time. It was plain to see Kasumi liked him well enough and enjoyed his company. But they were in this for the long hull. He needed her to come to him on her own terms, and told her so.

After their first night together, she went back to her apartment as agreed. A few weeks later she dutifully reported she got her period. He showed up at her place and she sassed him about the female reproductive system and the unlikelihood of getting pregnant during menstruation.

He laughed and showed her the grocery bag he brought. "I've come bearing gifts."

Kasumi was puzzled as he began to present the catch of the day. Acetaminophen, chocolate ice cream and a heating pad. She was touched. She held the bag to her chest for a moment and then scurried toward the kitchenette to store the ice cream. When she was done, she shyly stepped up to him.

Satoru smirked when his little wife hugged him. "There, there," he said but there wasn't much wit in his tone. He supposed he had grown fond of her. Satoru had always been easily endeared by the consistency of one's character. "You're very needy, hm? I think I like that."

Looking up at him, her scowl was probably cuter than she meant to be. "I'm not."

"Hmm," he backed her up against the door of the small studio. "Maybe I'm the needy one."

"Gojo-san," she gasped at the feel of him, "I'm on it."

He fingered the long piece of her fringe. "Are you in any pain?"

"No, not usually during the first few hours." She hummed when he kissed her below the ear. It was a sensitive area for her. "It's um—oh wow—the second day is the worse."

"Is it now?" He nipped her neck, his hands already under her bra. "I thought I could wait, but the truth is I keep thinking about our wedding night. Didn't you have a good time too?"

He didn't skip a beat when she jumped him. His arms wound around her and carried her toward the bed. Oh. It was too small.

"We'll stain the sheets again!" She ducked her head to his clavicle, arms and legs securely wrapped around him.

"I like when it's messy, baby." He kissed her temple. "Let's play in the bathtub then. Will that make you more comfortable?"

She nodded against him, and he grinned. "Can we have the lights off?"

He stepped into the unlit bathroom. "It makes no difference to me," he said, setting her on the tiled floor. His diamond blue eyes radiated light and he quickly started the bath water. "I can see everything in the dark."

"Oh God!" she mouthed as he bent her over the sink and dropped her shorts. "I can do it!"

His hand lowered between her legs, wasting no time in removing the feminine stopper and tossing it in the bin. Then he was inside. When had the man taken his clothes off?!

He groaned behind her. "I like that I'm your first man. It really turns me on."


"That's right, call my name." He huffed, hand reaching between them, "Kasumi, live at my place. I want to have access to you. I want children, but I also want you."


"Say yes, baby. Say yes."


She kept her word.

They had their own rooms, but if he was home, he never let her sleep in hers. They had a goal to reach after all. Her room was basically a glamorized study area with BTS posters. And clothes. Lots and lots of new clothes. Gojo constantly presented her with new articles.

If she didn't know better, she'd think the man shopped 'til he dropped every day instead of fight curses.

In truth, more than half the time he would be in the mountains, raising up the next generation, or exorcising spirits. But that was fine because Kasumi was busy herself, with school and the internship. Sometimes she would even shoo curses away with a wave of the hand if they were a nuisance. However, making time for her brothers was the highlight of her days.

The rest of the time, the newlyweds were going at it, in every way. Arguing and the husband-wife thing. One time Gojo showed up between her classes. He had been nearby for an exorcism. They—in the car—he—he was so naughty, reveling each chance to be ridiculously frivolous.

Every opportunity to make the mundane less boring and more more, he took. His plane of thinking and way of understanding the world was so above others that she wondered if he was actually just a lonely person.

"I used to be," he admitted when she asked one day at a restaurant. They were celebrating the end of her junior year, and probably their anniversary.

"What changed?"

"Love, of course. My students, my friends, my family. And now you." He said such a serious confession so casually.


"That's right. We've been married a year now. I'm very fond of you. Don't you feel the same?"

"I do!"

He smiled brilliantly. "I knew it."

She laughed through an emotional hiccup. "You're sooo crazy."

"Aren't I? I'm only thirty-two. I still have a lot of growing up to do. Please take care of me." He bowed a little and she quickly mirrored his gesture and request.

Kasumi's paced in the foyer, a couple of meters away from the elevator entrance.

Today was one of Gojo's sleepover nights. It was his aim to come home every weekend from the mountains (if he wasn't away traveling). During the weekdays, he liked to stay at least one night for her sake. He'd usually pick her up from internship and have a nice dinner. However, tonight he had been unable to because one of the first years got injured.

The elevator dinged. It opened to reveal a blindfolded man holding a giant bouquet of tulips.

"Kasumi!" Gojo dropped the flowers and rushed to her. He lifted her up in his arms. They laughed as he spun her. "I'm gonna be a dad!"

"Yes!" His elation significantly rose hers.

He carefully set her down and planted his palms on top of her head and then dragged them down a few times, as if he couldn't get enough of the image she presented. She showed him the pregnancy stick.

His grin, if possible, widened. "Let's go shopping."

"We don't even know what it is."

The movement of his blindfold indicated he raised an eyebrow. "A boy, of course."

"Oh God."

They went out. For the most part she curbed his gaudy desire to buy gender related items. Instead, they bought neutral things like furniture, baby toiletries and unisex onesies. But she didn't have the heart to stop him from buying a tiny baseball cap that said, 'Daddy's Best Bud.'

She'd never seen Gojo so happy. And she wondered, for the first time, if one day she could get that sort of reaction from him, by her own merit.

They arrived home and the man got to clearing a room. He made her relax, which she was more than happy to do. It was after 11:00pm and she was exhausted from visiting all the baby boutiques in Tokyo.

She washed up and went to her room. The air conditioning was just the right temperature for her to cuddle up under the crisp duvet. She wondered what kind of father he'd be—and what kind of mother she'd be. There was just one more college semester. Was she sophisticated enough for Gojo's tastes yet? She dozed off, dreaming of his excited smiles.

"Hey, what are you doing in here?" Gojo whispered in the dark of her room. Kasumi mumbled something or other. He gently pulled back her bed covers. "We're in my room when I'm home, remember?" He picked her up.

"Gojo-san," she yawned, cozying up in his arms, "we don't have to do it anymore." She couldn't get more pregnant.

He walked them upstairs. "Don't say that, Kasumi. You're still my wife."

Her eyes opened and stared at his collar. Why did she feel like crying? Maybe that was as good as a confession that she'd ever get.

"I love you," she whispered, "so much." The man was so easy to love.

"Why sound sad about it?" he softly replied. "I'm all yours." He said definitive things like that all the time, but it didn't really feel like he belonged to her. On the other hand, there was no question that she was wholly his.

He laid her on the bed and began to take her pajamas off. He still wanted her? Her underwear was slowly peeled away. "Gojo-san," she sighed at his kisses.

"Really," he mumbled against her neck, "'Gojo-san this, Gojo-san that.' Are you sure you like me?" His head lowered to her breasts. "Say my name the way I like."

"Satoru," she moaned.

"That's right. Don't you forget it."

He proceeded to make sweet love to her. With every one of his caresses, she could feel his pure, unbridled gratefulness. Kasumi was appreciative as well. Her family was safe and sound. For the last year her brothers were able to enjoy their youth, free from hunger or indoctrinating gangs. Despite how Kasumi's relationship started with the man, she was happy she married Gojo Satoru. He had many flaws, but he was an attentive husband and a man of his word.

"You feel so good." His tongue rolled against the shell of her ear.

"Y-you too—mm!" He wanted her to talk more during these times, and this was her trying. "G-good."

He sat them up and moved her hips forward at a snail's pace. He was gentler than he'd ever been. For some reason it made her cry.

Gojo soothed her, making her look at him. "Hey, hey, I'm right here," and he kissed her. "Just feel me, Kasumi. No thoughts."

No thoughts. No…thoughts…just the man. Just the man.

They awoke around the same time and gazed at each other. Something changed between them last night. It was kind of scary but also very exciting.

"Why didn't we just stay in my room?" She asked out of light curiosity.

Satoru laughed, dropping a forearm over his eyes. "I don't want your pop star boyfriends watching me get laid."

She pouted and sat up. "You're so gross. Get a life!" Naked, she sprung out of bed and went downstairs to her room. "Urgh. Just when I thought the man cares—he goes and makes fun of you, Suga!"

Kasumi kissed her fingertips and pressed them to the immaculate face of the man on her wall.

"He wouldn't get it."

From the kitchen, she heard her husband laughing. "And you call me crazy!" he said as he started on breakfast.

Within ten years, Satoru had four kids and he was satisfied with that. Although he had originally wanted six. The youngest were twins. The birth had been difficult for his wife, so he decided four was more than enough. He reasoned that one day his children would have their own family, adding to the numbers.

Over time, there would be plenty of love to go around, just like he had always dreamed of. His and Kasumi's hearts were big enough.


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