The End Of Falsehood

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta-ken x Gate: Jietai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

Chapter 0: Author's Note

This story is something I made on a whim. I got hella bored and wanted to try something with much less seriousness. I made this story just to make sure I don't lose my interest in writing. So, this story is made with almost zero seriousness, and the main goal of this story is just to satiated my own hunger for fun.

To sum it up, this story will have less quality than my main story, "The Fate Of Izawa Shizue". This will be more up to my imagination, less research(almost zero research), and not following the canon for both series neither Tensura nor Gate. I don't even gonna use a help from Grammarly which I always used to write my main story, so many errors in grammar and pronounce is much expected.

AU is something definitely gonna happen, but nevertheless, I still putting some plot and through a fine story telling. The story will be taken from both perspective, the Empire and Jura Tempest Federation. I would also change some characteristics of some characters from the Gate, to make them more likeable and into my liking.

I don't like a super-villain vibes so I definitely would change a bit of Zorzal characteristic and made a more competent characters from the Gate. Emperor Molt would have more significant role while Diabo and Pina have more screentime even though they wouldn't be playing a crucial part.

The story will be more focused on world-building and not focused on action and war although it still has some of it inside the story. Politics and aristocratic life would be more dominant, albeit I'm no good in writing stories like that. But as far as I learned about history, I learned that the most difficult and bigger scene was not on battlefield, but inside the circumstance between politician. I'm not a history nerd but I do like learning about it so don't expect I would write a good political dispute in a fine way. I'm still learning.

The war itself might not be as grand as canon since when I learned a bit about history, there are pretty much misconception about how many soldiers in a single battle. I mean, it's hella cool when we heard a battle between dozen of thousands or even a millions people, but as far as I learned it would normally only have less than 30.000 troops in a single army for a single campaign. Even the Roman Empire which become a model for the Empire, was rarely has more than 100.000 troops for a single battle.

There's also more about the theology from both sides since in Gate, there are multiple Gods and Goddess while Tensura have none. I would focus more on Hardy, Emroy and of course, Rory Mercury to carry this side of story.

Now the most important thing to note is, I only know Gate from manga and anime. I don't read the LN so I didn't know the full story of it. So, many incorrect piece of plot from the Gate was much expected. As for Tensura, I already read the LN until the Volume 20 and finished the Web Novel version so I'm pretty confident in my knowledge about it.

As for the Tensura, I would also try to use a different main character. There still gonna will be a lot of screentime for Rimuru, but I wouldn't make him as the first character. Why? Because Rimuru is far too OP and the story would be end in just one chapter if Rimuru really used his full power for violence.

That's why, I would use some other characters and some OC to carry Tensura verse in this story. If you wondered who's gonna be the main character, I'm not too sure myself. But I'm definitely gonna use some unpopular original characters such as Saare, Grigori, Glenda Atlee, Touka, Nansou, Phobio, Gobuemon, etc. I would also used a main characters from the Spin-off such as Stella, Nemu, and Foss.

And since I would write more in world-building, don't expect some grand battlefield such as bringing the 12 Patrons and Black Numbers. Don't get me wrong, I freaking love those guys but I want to try a different approach on how to make their appearance more weight to the story.

12 Patrons or 12 Guardian Lords, Black Numbers, Dungeon Elite, etc are the most powerful force in Tensura. They should be kept as the trump card and not easily shown. They should be appear as the terrifying boss, the fearsome characters, and only appear in a grand or critical situation. A "mere" battlefield is not worthy for these guys.

So you could guess that it's a big no for me to make an appereance of Black Numbers fighting against a normal Empire Legionaires and foot soldiers. It would be too much one-sided, although this story would also make the Empire much weaker than Jura Tempest Federation.

Anyway, that's all I could said about this pre-story note. I hope you can enjoy it.