Warning:Amateur tries ti write up a story. Also ooc.

A story told many times, this time iconic roles fit others and some changes. So be prepared for the same story told again.

Let's go to 19th century England? Eh, Japan? Don't think too much about it. A city full of magicians? Also I think that tech is too advanced for the 19th century… Just let's move on before more questions arise.

At a very UnChristmasy place. Well based on who you ask. In a building that does business transactions I think?

A certain silver locked person was signing random documents. Many know them as neither a man or woman, nor a sinner or saint, nor an adult or a child.

Tall androgynous-looking man with long white hair or silver, the light makes it look silver. Who were wearing fancy yet old clothes. Deep black paisley vest and trousers , an white elegant shirt, with brown shoes.

Such an elegant persona was contrasting the old looking surroundings. A single lamp on a ceiling, with its old wooden walls, which despite their age were taken care of with love and hardwork.

Man if he was can be described like that or called? Was aggressively sighing various documents.

Some debts, loans and taxes, ughh those are the worst. While they were signing random papers. Outside a sound was heard, hymns and choir full of Chri-

"Demons, vermin's and imps they all are. Torturing me with their choirs and hymns, during this cursed time all of them."

-stmas spirit… Yeah, let me introduce you to him. This Edward Aleister Crowley. He was a magical businessman. Not as an amazing one, but as one that trades and occasionally buys magical stuff.

His primary job is letting: spiritual items, books of rituals and loan money for those. He was also owner of the building and businesses itself, appropriately called 'Crowley magical loan shop'.

"This accursed Holiday is the worst among all, 'Merry Christmas' they say nothing of merry in it!" Aleister was thinking out loud causing a second person to come in.

"Sir, do you need me?" A Japanese middle-aged man, probably around his thirties, who is sporting a stubble. Among others he got the face of a tired man with heavy eye bags.

Matching his face, the man was wearing ragged clothes that were barely kept together with stitches and patches. This is Touya Kamijou, an assistant and loyal worker of 'Crowley magical loan shop'.

"Nothing Kamijou, I will call you when I need you, get back to work. This fool's singing about this damned holiday of all them that one worst. Carry on with your job."

Yeah you may have guessed Aleister did not like Christmas if explained lightly, why he hates not important right just know he doesn't like it.

The rant was caught off by an employee. "Sir about that, I finished everything."

Aleister instantly jolted "What, finished? You better jest me not." Said irritated Aleister.

"I mean all given assignments are done. Your documents organized, needed transactions made, I also brought needed materials and supplies. Papers, ink, ingredients, etc." Touya listed various tasks he was assigned. Through all listings, Aleister just blankly glances at his employee.

Sheepishly Touya proposes an idea. "So I thought since everything is done I'll go home early." This made Touya's employer suddenly burst.

"Early you gotta be joking, if so I'm not laughing. Just go continue with-" only be caught off by his employee again.

"Sir since Christmas is coming I thought maybe you, let me go earlier so I could help my family prepare for Christmas Eve." Kamijou stated their awkward suggestion.

"Getting bold are we Kamijou. What next will ask? Your salary raise!" For him being asked for something as a raise is the sign of rebellion. After all he did for him, what arrogance, foolishness!

"No sir, it's Chrismast and family is waiting so I really wanted to be there, help my son with decorating the home and lessen the toll on my wife."

His employer grumbled little, massaged their template, then silently growled. He clearly was mad. "You can go, because begrudgingly I'am by law must let you off the hook, during this wrench of cursed day, but be wary of this affecting your payment. Got it!".

Despite the clear threat to his paycheck, Touya smiled, with a vibrant life. Even with his tired face, he musters a smile.

Touya jolted and hastily with expeditiously speed, he got into his jacket. "Thank you very much sir, merry Christmas to you sir!" He excites 'Crowley magical loan shop' with speed of light and runs off as an excited child as he chants "Merry Christmas" to everyone on the streets, while he runs off, he is receiving congratulations back.

All that was left was Aleister alone in his workplace, only he was reimagining in private in his chambers. Exclusive to him and this building, he continued signing papers as hours went by.

The seconds turn minutes, in return they turn into hours, on in on. He glances, so as to keep himself busy from boredom, at the candle he was using.

Something about it is strange, as if it looks like staring at him. He blinks, nope, that's just a candle. He then turns away somewhere else to distract himself again.

It was the same old furniture bought by him, the same closet full of different files and a tall man in a coat with a pointy hat.

Wait what he glances again, that was just hanger with his coat staying loose and top hat. He is definitely getting crazy and tired out of work, spoiler alert no he's not.

Deciding it's time to go, the magic item trading businessman puts on his coat, hat and warps light sky blue scarf and exits the 'Crowley magical loan shop'.

As he outside the cold breeze and touch of frost. Snow falling everywhere in this combination of Victorian England and Meiji era buildings, so then Crowley starts a lone stroll.

All he sees is random decorations, couples and families on stroll too. If not families or couples, a jolly crowd of friends traveling from between each other's houses.

The spirit of Christmas spirit surrounds every corner, but Crowley's disdain for holiday avoided him like a water river passing a single rock.

For he saw fools, buffoons and simpletons. His face maybe did not betray any emotions, yet do not be fooled he did not like christmas. 'Christmas that or Christmas this, everyone who cares for it are no better than brainless idiots.

I hate Christmas blah-blah-blah, holidays bad and profit good blah-blah-blah.' All that wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey rubbish you are all familiar with.

As white haired man was moving he was unfortunately blocked by the crowd of people. Who were busy enjoying songs, all of them were chiming in despite not being gifted for singing.

Yet all were still enjoying their time. All except for Aleister, an avid little hater, it was torture for him. So the logical conclusion is to take a different route, like going to the nearest corn- ah nope.

Our protagonist just goes straight and as ice breaker manages to break through among the crowd as ram he was pushing the crowd around like unstoppable objects.

Despite the rudeness, the crowd does not lose any optimism or cheerfulness, instead they pick themselves up and continue singing.

This still irritates the man behind the ruckus. As he is about to move forward, he gets stopped. One stopping an inpatient man are two women who look like they are in their early thirties.

A blue haired lady tied in a ponytail, who's wearing a dark green coat. Alongside her is a different lady. With purple cut short hair and wearing a brown warm coat.

Aiho Yomikawa and Yoshikawa Kikyou duo working at A certain shelter, yes that is the name. "May we borrow your time sir?" Asked Yomikawa.

"Well I shall entertain this be quick!" Reluctantly Aleister abides and listens unenthusiastically. While he does listen to the duo, he at the same time impatiently stomps ground. Like a certain blue speedy hedgehog.

Continuing after her friend, Yoshikawa states. "Well we are workers of a certain shelter for orphans and homeless, so could you be interested in donating for it?"

Meanwhile two were expecting some sympathy or some agreement. Even maybe look for pity.

Instead it was a harsh and annoyed response.

"That's all you have to say, let me tell you to stop wasting my time. If those freeloaders need home and food. Might as well go to jail or workhouse. Either die, so as not to bother me."

After that Aleister, as he said not bothering further, sprinted out away from ladies. The statement shook both women, so much they stopped pursuing the man.

Deciding that such a he is the lost cause, our duo stopped pursuing him and continued to stroll in hopes of finding more sympathizers or maybe even volunteers.

Eventually after a continuous long stroll, the surroundings slowly changed. No more decorations or fancy outfits, yet despite that if you look around.

Cheerful smiles, ecstatic laugh and giggles, warmness around everywhere. You could notice kids engaging in snowball fights, old men sharing many stories to people around them, mothers peraping small feast from what they have.

While not ideal for these people they are still happy for what they have. Aleister just calmly moved on hoping to reach his destination, so this journey finally ends.

Finally the trip that was long overdue that our grumpy magician reaches a big mansion. This building could not better be described than gloomy, grim, bleak, eerie. While definitely taken care of, since the porch was clean and tidy.

All windows smoothly neat, effect well synergised with dark curtains. Just like previously mentioned places, gothic gray walls amplified its regal effects.

Yet despite it all there was no way to describe it as pretty or beautiful. But suffocating. This was Edward Aleister Crowley mansion, through his lifetime he managed to purchase this building, then rebuild most of it.

It was often dubbed "Windowless Building". Aforementioned curtains created an effect as if they were just another part of the walls.

Finally the owner reached the double doors, about to open them something stops him. What took them by surprise, oh nothing more just the face of a human on his doorknob. Nothing much your average Tuesday.

While it took a solid minute for Aleister to move again, he eventually got a hold of himself. "These delusions are getting worse, I need to sleep." Assuming the second time is a coincidence, ignoring obvious flags, disregarding that owner entered their house.

Everything is silent, the maid and butler have already left. He was again on his own solo. He casted off his top hat, wool scarf and warm coat.

As he was about to move forward all he heard was a knock, about to ignore a second knock was heard, considering his options Aleister was finally convinced by the third knock.

Deciding finally to open the door, Aleister was greeted by a man whose face could only be described as that of a frog.

This was Heaven Canceler, a famous surgeon and one of his few acquaintances. "What do you want?" Asked the owner of the mansion, with a tone dry as sand.

"Aleister my friend how long have it been, may I enter your crib." HC was asking with joyful delight.

Aleister on other hand was contemplating just leaving him to be frozen in front of doors. Though knowing that would be a crime and not wanting to deal with paperwork.

He lets guests in, instantly Frog Doctor discards his soft armor. Two move towards the guest room sitting on the nearest two arm chair next to the fireplace. Placing themselves comfortably.

For a few minutes they sit in awkward silence drinking tea Aleister set up. After a few slurp sounds fill in space the sudden intruder breaks the ice. "So do you have any plans tomorrow, Aleister?" Curiously wondered, frog man.

As answer, owner blankly staring, he in reverse inquired. "Why do you ask?" Aleister took a minute to make any sound. Being blissfully ignorant to whatever idea his friend was cooking.

Awkward silence, goes for a few seconds only, for white haired magician responds again. "We'll not do so much, only work. Why do you ask?"

This takes Heaven Canceller by surprise. "Work on Christmas Eve? You gotta be jest my mate!" It was Aleister's turn to be baffled.

"What in your opinion should I do, what else?" Inquired sarcastically about the white locked man of his friends.

"Visiting parties, calling guests to celebrate Christmas." This seriously seemed to offend the owner of the mansion.

"Celebrate. Christmas. Good joke attempt, but I am not laughing." Sarcastically answered, mage.

"Come on mate, all you're gonna do is sit in your gloomy house and do nothing?" Heaven Canceller tried to get any positive affirmation.

"That is preferable. So anything else you come to talk about?" Trying to keep up the conversation.

"Well since your plans are not that major. How about coming to my party eh matey?" Suggested good doctor. Hoping his friend will take the invite.

"Again bad try at comedy, why would I go to a party, what am I to gain there?" Argued magical businessman.

"Nothing to gain pal, make friends, hang out, eat tasty food and just have simple fun why not?" Against his pessimistic friend, Heaven Canceller tried to bring some positive ideas.

In a desperate attempt, trying to convince his friend to take his offer. Hoping for the last attempt.

"Fun, fun is not wasting time for your strange activities. Fun is making sure my income is still intact. Sorry but I feel like it's time for you to go on." Ranted pessimistic man.

Looking down on his cup. Heaven Canceller then took a final sip out of his cup. "Sigh we'll then mate, I'll go. But if you reconsider, my doors are always open for you." He then got up, walked towards the hanger.

"Unlikely." Aleister said.

Heaven Canceller puts on warm soft gear, as he is about to leave, he glances back again. Hoping he says something, he waits a little bit. Only to sigh again, he shuts the door and leaves.

As the door shuts, Aleister glances at his cup of tea watching his reflection, only to put it on a table near him. Slowly Aleister falls asleep on a coach. He was left solo, again.

Time has passed by. Aleister opened his eyes, the fireplace had its fire burn out, tea gone cold and the room was full of darkness. Only source of light was a ray blue moon, glancing at his room all he looked around.

The shelves are full of magical texts, a closet full of replicas of spiritual artifacts, a collection of coats, a display of magical staff, translucent humanoid figures and a bag with golf clubs. Wait, Aleister plays golf, also a translucent humanoid figure?

Aleister was taken aback. What did he pour in this tea? He carefully massages his eye, trying to make sure that being in front of him is actually a figment of his imagination. Sadly after staring at it again, he was proven wrong. This was not his imagination, this was real straight up.

Said being was clad in brightly-colored old Scottish military uniform (possibly a cavalry uniform), yet it could be seen many holes and scratches on it, uniform was ragged clearly, time was unkind on it.

Their uniform includes a red tartan kilt, its colors muted. Too jaded by tides of time. A figure also spotted a pointed witch's hat, which was decorated by a rusty star. Figure in addition was bearing tattered dark yellow-brown scarf wrap around them.

They also bore thick cloaks on top. Finally Aleister glanced at this creature's hands, neck and foot. Clutches that of prisoners all connected by chain.

"Hello Aleister." Said being, with a thick Scottish accent, one that could give one eyed black monster runs for its money.

This made his blood run cold, who was this, where did they come from! "Who are you!" Shouted Aleister.

"Well well, guess you don't remember the man who took you under their wing?" A Scottish semi-transparent person asked, as if they knew him.

Aleister blinked several times and then squinted. "Mathers, what the bloody hell!"

Man in front of him was his former mentor and working partner Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers! "Took you long enough, my foolish apprentice. You were a bright one, but a fool nonetheless."

A awestruck Aleister blinked millions of times in just seconds with his jaw metaphorically fallen off.

On other hand Mathers' jaw literally fell off. After babbling incoherently, he slowly bent and picked up his jaw.

Then he continued "This might be surprising or not but I'm a ghost, I honestly don't want to talk about the logistics of after life, but let's get to business." Spirit quickly mentioned.

"What business do spirits walk the earth, and why do they come to me?" Questioned Aleister.

Samuel sits in front of his old student. He then pointed at him. In an almost accusatory way."The business is your treatment of thy Holiday. It's very much not the best, appropriately this is bad for you too. For why we came, every man after death shall walk on earth. And reap what they sow.''

With his explanation, the wind in the room suddenly turned cold. All light faded away. Only light source, being translucent undead. "Those who forgot how to share warm love, are forced to bear cold chains and ice clutches they made and feel their sins. You see my case the same, I was a greedy bastard that cared about only money I find and money I get. The recognition I will get, eventually after my passing I learned that the afterlife is nothing but a pain."

With every word, shackles would make clunking noise. A sound opposite of soothing. One could call it agonizing. Reminiscent of scratching the window.

"Only living could help the deceased. You're walking on thin ice, ready to fall deep in catacombs of loneliness and suffering. I'm to warn you about how you still have the opportunity."

"Three ghost representatives of the time itself, are ones to visit you, to help you before final judgment shall be given. You got a chance, don't miss it, my foolish apprentice used it, all I can say is take the possibility of change before Christmas Eve, that's all you got."

Unexpectedly, windows burst open. Shattering them and scattering its shards on the floor.

Boreas wind filled the room gathering shards in the hurricane. Living around the lone man as he literally is inside the eye of the storm.

Suddenly Aleister opened his eyes, the fireplace had its fire burn out, tea gone cold and the room was full of darkness.

Only source of light was a ray of silver blue moon, glancing at his room all he looked around.

No one else but him, everything was in its place, no wild cold windstorms, no ghostly mentors here.

"I need to check the place." Once an accident, twice a coincidence, thrice is the pattern. He instantly started to focus, then bore its fruits.

His eyes saw the ley lines, a mysterious energy source that comes from the earth, a pulse that forms all the forces and flows in the world like blood vessels extending out everywhere.

He sees the ley-lines of his mansion were tampered with. A proof that he wasn't getting mad. Yet the work was not handy work belonging to a mortal man. I honestly would disagree but he doesn't need to know it.

Aleister stands up from his armchair and slowly walks towards the ladder, to the second floor as he goes through the hall of the second floor he walks besides various rooms.

Finally reaching the one he was looking for. Master's room a safe haven, his comfort zone a place where he could face whatever warning his old mentor talked about. What these three apparitions are.

Whether or not he will change is up to debate. But he welcomes whatever they try. His master room was nothing special, a spacious room that could fit four buses. The room itself has an ample bed and opposite to it is a work desk.

On it laid a single wax candle, a future victim of ghost kidnapping, walks up to his work desk. With a single flick of his finger, he lights up the wax candle, a weak flame lights up the room with what power it got.

Now all Aleister waits, a time goes on, nothing happens. "Is it late to think I'm mad because of overwork and I can just sleep." Yeah it's late, because spoiler alert here it goes.

"But I just got there." A new voice chimes in, which makes Aleister take a minute to observe the intruder. Right in front of him, at the top of his desk, instead of a candle was a young teen girl.

Who wore sundress that reached her knees, said the dress had multiple patterns reminiscent of dandelions. Continuing the flower theme's short sleeves and lower end of dress were reminiscent of flower petals.

Adored with golden cloth around her shoulders. Said grown looked as if it was sewn out of paper. What actually was the really most interesting part. That girl looked as if she was made of wax.

Skin that is like a candle with her hair instead made of pink flames, said hair was tied like pig tails. If you look at her she would remind you of a magical girl from anime.

"Cough and who you might be?" Asked Aleister with his initial shock disappearing.

"Oh not surprised by my appearance are you not?" Questioned the girl.

"Too much already happened at the beginning alone, so I mentally prepared from the beginning." Answered Aleister, despite still being shocked by the girl's appearance.

"Ah I see, well guess are you ready to go?" The girl jumped from desk to floor and then did one careless spin, alongside childish giggles.

"Wait where are we going?" Wax girl stopped in her tracks, and then she comically hit the wall like some sort of cartoon character.

"Ah sorry cough, let's start from the beginning proper, would've been. I'm Madoka, the Ghost of Christmas past. Here I am to take you, Aleister Crowly, journey through the previous significant celebration of your Christmas, so are you ready!" She shouted to the only awake soul in the room.

"Wait a past like time travel, but that would require various variables. Like correct magical items or calculations. Do you even have the right amount of energy for it, what about possible para-".

As he was about to continue his nerd babble, the spirit of what was, pressed her hand over Aleister's mouth. "While curiosity is a good quality, sometimes you need to just go with the flow, so let's move faster, we will burn daylight or is it nightlight in our case."

For a second girl, made of candles, pondered. Before remembering what she should be doing. "No more words here we go!"

As her next move, a circle of bengal sparks forms around them.

Creating thin yet visible walls. Slowly sparks start to move counterclockwise on cue. Everything around them started to go back.

One blick after the mansion disappeared, along with the human walking backwards next thing Aleister knew a bright spark and they were at a new place one he was familiar with.

Monochrome walls, jaded old walls, good old smell of the past. Place they were visiting was his old house. What he could assume was the year 1880s. "Here is the place of significant Christmasy memories!" Said girl made out of candle wax.

"Can't see how this place could be significant to Christmas memories. I hated it, living with my foolish parents. They never welcomed any of my new ideas." Remembered Aleister he was constantly glaring at his surroundings.

As two were looking around. An foreign sound was heard. "YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT IMP!" A voice can be heard, full of rage and disdain.

Single door inside the room opens and a child enters it. A one possessing silver locks. Aleister knows this child, since that was him, a ten year old him.

Before he could process more mini-him passes through him as nothing. Bewildered Aleister looks at his spirit guide for answers.

"This is only a memory bound to the past. We can't interact or change anything. Only watch it like a play".

Satisfied with explanation Aleister looks his younger self. Who was busy searching for something in the nearest box he had.

"As I grew older. Fights with my parents become customary, particularly because of their thick headed views on religion. We would often get into heated arguments and then I would rush off to lock myself in a room." Aleister solemnly looks at his younger self room.

"Yeah, that's the unfortunately sad part. But despite that there was always a friend that would cheer you up isn't there?" At the mention of that she said, Mini-Aleister triumphantly took out something out of the box.

A white wooden toy angle, yet it looked different compared to usual depictions of angels.

Human like silhouette, head that of falcon, hands like talons, and a foot with a single clawed-digit and an elevated heel.

It had a pair of large, swan-like wings growing from its back. With a paper halo above its head with a pointed circle spike sticking up in its center.

This was Aleister's favorite toy Ai-. "Aiwass!" Hey I was narrating, yeah. That weird angle was Aleister only friend, since his beliefs were not shared with most people of his town.

"They were your trusty companion, were they not? Every day they made it better for you." While many children would have teddy bears, dolls or wooden soldiers for toys.

Aleister preferred his unusual, non standard angle looking friend. "Yes, each day in this house would become bearable. I could tell them everything. My secrets, grievances and dreams." He could see himself reenacting random scenes. Yet without notice.

Everything changed from the wooden walls of the house where stone walls school. "Until I was sent off to boarding school, I wasn't allowed to take anything but clothes and books, but when I came back home."

"Not only my 'Improper text where all burned' My friend was used as firewood by them." One second he was wearing a certain school uniform and then seeing him staring at the fireplace with tears.

Spirit then nudged him. "I am very sorry for the way your parents treated you, it was not the right way. You deserved better."

Aleister only monotonously glanced towards the spirit. "Is this all you wanted to show me?"

At her companion's question, the spirit answered. "It's not over yet my friend!" As bound by her words on whim, the world around started to change.

Flames again surrounded the two, through the walls of fire Aleister witnessed as yet again, time unnaturally moved. This time moving forward. Eventually he was blinded by a bright blaze, as Crowley opened eyes again.

Instead of his old house this was a different place. The building was different. This place looked like a bar, not fancy one, but one that you would take your friends to just have a good time.

Food was familiar and drinks may not be expensive, ones that suddenly taste differently when you drink with friends. Building was full of life, people dancing around in folk dance as they cheered and sang.

Musicians playing their instruments for the crowd and those who didn't dance were chiming in with cheerful songs which just added warmth to the already happy aura.

Among them one man in particular was standing out, of an average height, an old man only by appearance, since unlike most elderly people this one was dancing as if there was no tomorrow joining in wild folk dance.

The man with an aged face under great snowy brows, having eyes were set like coals that could suddenly burst into fire.

Was sporting the biggest and most happy smile he could muster, one could see this man was having a blast and was spreading positivity around him.

This was Allan Bennett, for people around him he is the heart of any group, the undying funny optimism.

But for Aleister he was more than that. A proper mentor, surrogate father, a great boss and a dear friend. One he cherishes till this day.

"They all look cheerful, don't they." Was a statement made by a phantom.

"Yes Allan has always known how to fire up the crowd, be it in fancy restaurants, old cheap bars or even the hallways of the trading guild. He could make anyone either dance, sing or laugh no matter what." Aleister looked with nostalgia as his old friend was saltating right and left.

"Hmm but what about the payment, didn't he pay you the little he had, for all he did with his positivity, he never paid you what you deserve haven't he?" Asked an innocent question Madoka, despite it looking like an accusation, it sounded playful. With no ill intent.

Aleister smiled. "No. Despite how low the payment was for the job, the atmosphere all made up for it. Even then Allan always did his best to make up for low income with good time. Everyone loved it."

Aleister slowly compared himself to Allan. Everyone under him was smiling despite the hard time, all working under him were only miserable. He solemnly thought of his butler and maid Kaizumi Tsugutoshi, Oyafune Monaka. Then to the employee of his shop Touya Kamijou.

Scene continued, he then noticed someone else, Heaven Canceller. His best friend and man who he could call brother. They met at that awful boarding school.

Few times he was glad to enroll in it. Right now he isn't called Heaven Canceller, since acquiring that title is still too early.

The retrospective was cut off when he heard a voice, a voice he knew too well, one he will never forget.

Through a sea of people, he moves as fast as he can. He met the person he missed so much, Rose Edith Kelly.

An ephemeral lady, while many women wore dresses to look good. For her she made the dress look good.

But the beauty was not the only thing that attracted Aleister, her strength he admired and her kindness he adored. She unintentionally had him wrapped all around her pretty fingers.

In the background he could see his younger self timid and shy, also nervous like a high school girl trying to confess feelings.

Following the scene he saw, Heaven Canceler pushed the younger him towards Rose, next thing he knew she invited him to dance.

This was the day Aleister managed to talk with his crush. "You two seem at ease here aren't you?"

In response Aleister melancholically answered. "One of the best days in my life, one of many memories I cherished." Madoka then twisted her palm as Aleister's life moved forward.

Then through blazing rings he could see a glimpse of his life.

He and Rose started to hang out, as they spent it together, Rose fell harder for Aleister. Later they spent time dating, eventually confessing their love to each other.

Eventually marriage. Everyone who truly cared for Aleister was there. Allen Bennett and Heaven Canceler were there, standing with him.

Life continued, first time buying an apartment, both performing magic in front of orphans, their happy careless days. They were not rich materialistically but were in spirit.

Eventually the birth of their first child.

Nuit Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith Crowley, or more simply Lilith Crowley. It was all going well but it all was not meant to be.

December of 1906 was the cause of tragedy. It's been awhile since little Lilith was suffering from illness, her parents hoped it could be treated, yet she didn't get better.

Eventually she lost it. This drove both Rose and Aleister to grief, but of the two Rose took it hardest, her sliding depression eventually took a toll on her health.

She passed away too. Heaven Canceller, at the time was your average surgeon who only knew how to treat bones and migraines.

Since that day he put in more effort so in hope that the only way people die, is as time does its job. For him, after the death of a child, he found new determination.

But for Aleister it forever tainted his soul. Not only it reminded me of the passing of two women in his life. It reminded his helplessness as a human, not daring to open up to anyone.

"I'm sorry for what you went through." Spirit of the past expressed her sympathy. This snapped something in white haired man.

"Sorry for what, for reminding why I hate this fucking day, for how I useless I felt both of them died, for how of right I am for living the way I do! Well sorry don't cut it." After shouting at the candle girl, her surroundings started to crumble, slowly like glass.

Shards falling everywhere. "Aleister all I gotta say remember all of this, if you wish for a better future. Listen closely to what the next spirit is saying. It will be key for your change!" After Madoka's message, out of the shards something came out.

Before Crowley eyes a blazing storm of fire surrounded him, slowly and steadily its walls were approaching him. The hurricane of fire consumed only souls standing in it.

Then nothing but darkness, opening his eyes, in a dark room glancing at candle light all went out. 'This was for real, "a key for your change" what it meant.' All now he was left with his thoughts.

'It was real, definitely not a dream, the feeling all as if I revisited all of them. Seen them all again, Rose and Lilith-'

I-I- am, sorry, th- this fool of father should have done more!' His palm formed into fist, hitting the desk.

Next droplet of water, a man that was known for showing no emotion other than disdain and ignorance, was crying.

His old wounds were opened up, it was hurting, he wished younger him had the strength to do something back then.

Sadly grieving was disturbed, by a faint sound made itself known. The sound of music could be heard, as louder it got, brighter room was getting.

Finally someone else entered the room. As the person entered the room, the strong light filled the place. Right in front of him was another person, a more 'normal looking' figure.

It was a teenage girl with very long blue hair that reached down to her waist and bangs that barely overlapped her red bright eyes, as well as a semi-straight ahoge.

The girl wore what looked like a Greek toga, on top of it she wore a fur red coat. On her head she had an olive wreath. Spirit seemed to carry what looked like a sack.

"Well, well, well Aleister Crowley, glad to meet you." With a cheerful tone a blue haired woman greeted him.

Deciding not to be silent, the head of house said. "And I assume you are the next guide, the ghost of Christ-"

he wanted to finish the sentence, only to be caug- "GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT! But you can call me Medaka." …

The bluenette ghost shouted at the silver magician. "So what exactly will it be-"

pointing fan towards Aleister's nose she again broke him off. "QUESTIONS LATER!" taking his palm. Loud spiritual entity and Aleister started to fly, as it was nothing to be bothered with.

Breaking laws of gravity, the ghost and man took off above. Both phased through walls, finding themselves above the buildings. Light as feather they flew, Aleister was mesmerized by a night sky view of LonTokyo.

As they glided past the famed LonTokyo tower. Soaring through the city at fast speed Aleister felt something strange. No drawbacks, no pressure against his skin or freezing burns. This was truly a miracle.

Finally the duo descended to the streets.

Specter was guiding him towards a large building much smaller compared to his own humble abode.

The building was a shelter for orphans and the homeless. "So what does this place have to do with me?" Aleister asked despite wearing nothing much but light clothes and slippers.

What? He isn't an American, who would wear shoes in the living room. But back at the important stuff.

"See Crowley I'm Ghost of Christmas now, so it is my job to show you how people spend their time. What you currently missing my buddy pal." After lightly jabbing Aleister's shoulder, a carefree ghost phased through soon followed the suit.

Entering inside, there was a crowd of people, many elders, adults and children. They were living modest lives, not much food or clothes.

Yet everyone still smiled, sharing stories and laughing. On stage he could see what looked like people performing a play.

A rendition of "Bremes Musicians", well not the most expensive ones since costumes looked like they were made of hand me downs.

Decorations and requisites looked old and worn out. Despite all the minuses, people actually enjoyed it, actors on stage pulled their souls, giving life to characters they portrayed.

This place was full of life and happiness, even if it was some cheap building that barely held, by whatever they found.

"Aleister quiz time!" Shouted Medaka, somehow she found a pair of glasses on her now? "Could you tell me why they are so happy?" Playfully inquired the blue haired Phantom.

They live in cheap, poor dirt buildings. Which looks as if a strong gust of wind might shatter it, yet all of them are happy. Why is that? Answer was obvious.

Yeah, why is that? Deep down Aleister knew the answer. He just didn't want to admit it. He silently looked around him.

Among the crowd he recognised two women, who were giving out various meals. Those were two ladies who asked for donations. Aleister just silently sighed.

Understanding him wordlessly. Seeing he not answering any soon. The ghost of Christmas now snapped her finger, like a certain purple giant.

Out the ghosts sacks whirlwind leafs and flowers burst through, surrounding two of them yet again scenery changed by the order of the bluenette.

Aleister was expecting a new place, yet he remembered space around him far too well. Since just an hour ago he visited its much older version. This was the same bar Allan Bennett used to celebrate in.

And again gathering of people here again. Building was old yet full of life, people dancing around in folk dance as they cheered and sang.

Musicians playing their instruments for the crowd. Those who didn't dance were chiming in with cheerful songs which just added warmth to the already happy aura. Familiar one yet at same time new.

Amongst the crowd of people he could recognise a familiar face. Same frog-like physiognomy, Heaven Canceller was playing a violin and dancing with the crowd.

As they simultaneously cheered for him. Repeating his name over and over. "He seems to have fun, it's a shame he didn't invite you, or did he?"

The 'question' asked by the spirit reminded Heaven Canceller of inviting him. Before Aleister could ponder further, when something caught both his and ghost's attention.

"Well look at that, something fun is happening." At the Medaka signal, Aleister looked towards the bar table where people gathered.

In front of the table stood Heaven Canceller. Holding a wine glass, so did other guests, some were holding cups, chalices and I kid you not a barrel.

Rip dudes stomach, wait nope that's a lady. Cough that aside. This clearly was the moment where Heaven Canceller gathered people's attention.

"Everyone I'm happy to be the host of this great gathering, also I would like to thank everyone who cared to join." He lifted his wine glass. "I wish you all an upcoming merry Christmas to all, I just wish one my dear friend Aleister had come."

This caught a certain home dweller, by surprise. 'He still considers me a friend. Why? I just left you hanging for years. Yet you still hoped I would open my doors.'

The solemn thoughts have visited him. 'You really deserve better my pal.' His regrets were falling on deaf ears, he wished to fix all of this.

Soon everyone was wishing not just to people in the bar, but friends who were busy today for the party.

"So what do you think would be a nice party to attend?" Inquired curiously wisp of today.

"Yeah it would've and I missed it." Lamented the man with silver locks.

"Well you missed the Christmas Eve party, but there is still a proper Christmas and also New Years party." Listed ghost hitting something.

"But before that there is still a place we need to visit one last house, so let go!" Brought up statement made Aleister glance at the palm of his mystic guide.

"Another place?" Asked Crowley, as the silent answer ghost nodded. Both flew up phasing through the rooftop, Aleister glanced at his friend again, before he finally left.

Duo flew through the city again, two gliding through streets, still dressed in decorations. Then it dawned. Aleister noticed less and less decorations. Until they disappeared altogether, only living naked walls.

Aleister soon understood where they winded up, a place called poor's district. Appropriately the residence was made of people who couldn't afford better housing. Finally the duet made it to their destinations.

Home they were in front of wasn't distinct from the rest. It was the same worn out dwelling, raggedy curtains, rotten woods, cracked walls and all around terrible conditions.

Aleister was getting ready, for whatever experience was about to hit him. This time instead of Medaka pushing or leading him in the house. He phased through walls himself. Medaka followed, entered the building too.

As they entered inside, the pair happened to be in the kitchen. There they were greeted by the sight of a lady making dishes. But the buffet wasn't grandiose or anything.

Just some bread, soup, fish and a bunch of nuts. All the poor could muster, only on celebration did they manage to eat a feast like this.

"Huh it's over. Guess I'll need to wait." As she said it, doors open up.

Entering the home. Are two people. One was carrying the other on their shoulders. "Honey, we are finally back!"

With joyful laughter they enter. One is a child with spiky hair. Other is Touya Kamijou, his employee. Boy is his son, Touma Kamijou.

"So this is his home, the final place I need to be." Guessed Aleister, but something caught his eye. While watching Touya gently put the boy down, an element he didn't notice before.

Boy had a wooden crutch, not one professionally made, but more of a hand-crafted by an amateur.

Definitely a Kamijou's work he could assume, since every time he caught him 'slacking' he would peel something.

"Touma dear, how are you? Did your leg hurt, did you cough or have you felt something in your chest?" Anxiously questioning Kamijou Shina, Touya's wife and mother for Kamijou Touma.

In response the boy answered. "Everything's fine mom, I get better every time. Few years, I'll be running like a healthy bull." Optimistically reassuring his dear mother.

Silver manned man inquired. "What, is this child bothered with?" For Aleister this was something very familiar. He didn't liked it.

Medaka turned away from the scene, she slowly marched away. "He is ill, first it was just coughing. Then it was his lungs, suddenly he had trouble walking, you may have not noticed. But he can not exactly move his right hand."

As Aleister then noticed, the boy isn't exactly able to move his fingers. Boy was instantly using his left hand, despite not being any way proficient with it.

"That's my boy, never give up. Atta boy!" Cheering on his boy, Touya endearingly ruffled his son's hair. Touma in response just smiled.

"How long does he have?" Aleister broke the silence. Behind mothers and fathers optimistic smiles, he could see worry.

Medaka grimaced, yet begrudgingly answered. "It would be a miracle if he was cured. He realistically in the best case scenario got ten years. But his fate is..."

Aleister just glances at the boy, seeing him smile. Despite the uncertainty, no guarantee of recovery. The boy was still smiling, a smile reminiscent of his wife's Rose.

Child had the same strength she had. Then he feels a pat on his back. Glancing back, he sees Medaka gesturing outside.

'I guess it's over.' They slowly leave the house, before he exits Aleister glances at the young boy for the last time. Hoping for the best.

Now they stood on empty cold streets. "Now what?" Asked a man with silver hair.

Medaka glances at him. "Now my time is up, now it's you and the last guy. All I gotta say, be ready, they could look scary." Then a gust of wind started to gather. "All is in your hands Aleister, know it!" Then among a sea of leaves and flowers his guid disappeared, only leaving dust.

He was alone on the streets. The moment Spirit of the Christmas presents left him. The protective aura that kept him safe from harsh winter disappeared too.

Before he knew it, the frost made itself noticeable. The harsh winds started to leave freezing scars. No this wasn't a natural cold, it was different.

While cold produced by nature, it felt indifferent, as it should. But it felt harsh, its coldness, the chilling pressure.

With its intense gaze fixated only on him. A bone chilling creepy whistle was heard. It took awhile for the "sole" man to look back. Finally after taking a solid minute Aleister found courage to turn around.

On the empty streets stood tall figure. Wearing black cloak, the ragged cloth and hood did excellent work concealing figures' bodies and the face.

There was no way to see any features of the individual, if it could be called that. Humanoid in cloak was the textbook definition of grim reaper. Well except for one thing.

Instead of holding a scythe. They holded a duo of sickles, both sickles were wholly unique. Common feature between being shaped and red handlebar.

One sickle was black as coal, featuring a hexagon pattern on its blade.

Second was white as snow, featuring a wave pattern on its blade.

"So you should be the ghost of Christmas future, I assume?" Asked Aleister. In return he received a silent nod. Silence. Aleister then trying to up the mood asked another question. "Not a talker are you?"

Finally the figure responded, with just nodding. Not sound again, except for cold wind. Aleister started to take the chatiness of previous guides for granted. After awkward and dreaded silence, the ghost took action.

With a wave of his hand cloud of what only could be assumed to be. Mist, smoke or steam. Next cloaked figure turned 'face' towards a single soul on the street.

Simply pointing towards the gathering of unknown gas like substances. Aleister, understanding the gesture, walked towards the mysterious cloud of strange content.

It was still the streets of LonTokyo but they were not empty. It wasn't a full blown big crowd, yet a decent number of people, walking around the streets.

They seem to be happy? As two stood, they overheard the pair of random gentlemen.

This is what came over Aleister's ear.

"Heard it? That ham finally passed!" After the declaration, a rude gentleman laughed in hysteria. His company chimed in. "Hey pal, don't say it. Man just passed away, have some respect."

The much more reasonable gentleman protested against his friend's rough comment. Yet he wasn't really convincing, with his sheepish smile. It didn't seem either of them were respecting the deceased one.

"So are you going to visit his funeral?" The aforementioned rude gentleman inquired of his friend. In response he got. "Well maybe if there is free food, but knowing him all he left is chicken bones." Both laughed at the joke, then disappeared.

It left Aleister pondering who this deceased man was, for now. He would've theorized more if he wasn't distracted by his companion. He pointed towards the street, a familiar one, he often took stroll with.

This time he didn't want to walk through it. But his guide was of different opinion, with no other choice he followed. As they were walking, he could still overhear various conversations.

"Finally our debts are over."

"No more of that as%*le, cheers!"

"Do you think people will sell all his stuff? He had a bunch of good items."

And more, it continued the celebration of death and no mourning. Man with silver locks knew, it finally snapped something in him. "Just move us forward. I understand what you are trying to show me."

The gloomy escort glanced at his sole companion. Ghosts stare at Aleister for a second, as if showing a sign of sympathy. Next moment a sound of click and black mist consumes two. Into total darkness, then back into light.

The smoke fades away, revealing terrain illuminated by moonlight. It was LonTokyo's cemetery. Aleister was further led by the spirit of the future. During their stroll his custodian started to whistle his bone chilling tune.

Aleister didn't know whether it was him trying up the grim mood or him genuinely cheering. He was an enigma. Finally their short journey ended. In front of the grave of Edward Aleister Crowley.

"This is what you wanted to show me." His company twirls his palm. "This is only part of what you wanted to show." A step, another one and more. This prompts both to turn and see who it was.

This was the only person mourning Aleister Crowley, his best friend Heaven Canceller. "Sorry, I'm late. It's just a busy day at the hospital. It's also hard walking the streets and hearing them, you know."

He was holding a bouquet of flowers, he slowly ended over and gently put his present on the grave. "I wish, could've done better, I should have been there. What kind of excuse do the Doctor I am? When I couldn't help my best friend. I'm sorry, pls forgive me!"

Tears were streaming through his face. Aleister could only stare at his best friend's suffering. He tried to console him, but the nature of the situation didn't allow him to do anything.

Back into darkness and then into light again. It was still a graveyard. "Wait no, my friend still needs me, sent back!" Aleister was demanding that the ferryman return him back.

Instead they pointed towards the other side. Begrudgingly he turned towards where the hooded man pointed. Here he saw it, a smooth grave, made with love and care. But what caught his eyes was whose name was written.

Kamijou Touma.

Beloved son and dear friend.

Rest in peace.

Another shock, twist. No stab into heart, all he could hear was the beating of his heart. Because nothing was mattering, because he was reliving something.

Something he wishes to forget. Another dead child. Then he hears it, he maybe wasn't there. But he could swear. He hears it, because he heard it himself. Sobs, cries, tears hitting the floor.

"H-h-how, h-h-how… I can undo this, HOW!" He stuttered then yelled. Then he cried himself. "Please tell me how to do it." He knew asking his ferryman for advice was useless. He will never answer him.

"Key is you, all you need is you." Ghost of the future spoke. With that, wind rose, a gust of strong air formed a whirlwind around him. Before his escort, vanished. One final question was asked. "What, what's your name!?"

This caught spirit off, he looked directly at him. "[-]" He then vanished. Now in the eye of the storm. He was again, from there he could see all his past, present and future. But then into darkness again.

He opened his eyes. It was his room, he was in his clothes. It was day time. He remembered his adventures with ghosts, he remembered what he needed to do. Not for himself, because he could give rat tails about himself.

He cared about something else. Aleister ran towards a nearby window, instantly he burst out through his window looking through streets to find anyone, just anyone. Then a kid caught his eye, with a dirty blonde eye. "Hey kid! What day it is!"

As he shouted it got the kid's attention. While baffled that famous scrooge asking him questions, he still complied with the question and answered. "It's 25th December sir."

Understanding that there is still a time. Aleister looked at his pocket, he had a small sack with a few golden coins. He then threw it towards the kid who answered him.

Said lil boy caught an unexpected item. "Go and buy the best chicken, fish and drinks. Then deliver it to the house of Kamijou."

Little bewildered by sudden requests, the kid instantly entertained the rich man's idea. This made Aleister laugh, because old him would've never done it. But now after what he went through, he was reborn.

The commotion in his room made two people burst into his house. His head butler Kaizumi Tsugutoshi and his sole maid Oyafune Monaka. Two were bewildered by Aleister smiling?

"Kaizumi! Oyafune!" Now they were further bewildered, suddenly the person known for the coldest personality now embraces them in a hug. He then burst through his room and about to run.

Before he turns back and says something again. "Oh you two are getting vacation for the whole week and I'm getting you two raises. It will be delivered to your homes. So don't worry, you two can go home."

This time it made two glance at each other, then Oyafune pinched Kaizumi. As both made sure this is not a dream, two lose consciousness and fall on the floor. While two servants had their world turn upside down.

Crowley was in warm garments, and was racing fast towards He knew what he wanted to do. His journey finally led him to destination. He was in front of the door, he knocked a few times. He heard the click sound and was greeted by the sight of a tired frog face.

He seemed tired and just woke up. "Yeah, your doctor is here." Answered a tired frog face, thinning back at his work. "Geez you reek of alcohol."

This instantly awakened half-sleepy frog surgeon. "A-A-leister!?" Good doctor was baffled by the presence of his friend, especially smiling.

"Yeah, merry Christmas my friend. Is the party invite still open?" Aleister asked.

In response Heaven Canceler smiled warmly. "Yeah of course, but sorry asking what made you reconsider?"

In response Aleister laughed lightly. He responded. "Guess, I went on a charming journey." Explained the sudden guest. "Well I'll be here towards dawn. I got to meet someone else. Bye pal."

And so Aleister ran off. Living confused yet happy Heaven Canceler. A time has passed. It wasn't dawn yet. But Aleister was aggressively signing something, he would have continued if not for the intruder who entered.

Kamijou Touya who, as he thought, was late. "Sorry , for being late." In response Aleister glared.

"It better be last. So to make sure it doesn't happen." Threateningly responded Aleister. Touya was worried, what would happen. "By raising your salary of course." This made Touya confused. Raise his salary? "What are you staring at Kamijou? Come on, we got so much work to do. Like improving your family's condition." This made Touya Kamijou more confused. While two were working on improving his family condition and its betterment.

A certain shelter for orphans and homeless received a letter. Particularly a convert containing check on big sums. Written by Edward Aleister Crowley.

As until dawn, Crowley was working on lessening the fixing amount of money of various people who were indebted to him or had taken loans from him.

As dawn had come. Aleister participated in the party. This baffled all of them, at first most people were trying to keep their distance. Only for a silver locked man to attract everyone with his new, much friendlier aura.

This new Aleister started to change everything. Towards midnight, Aleister left the party. When Heaven Canceler asked where he was going. He answered, "I gotta visit another house." He made it towards a worn out old house.

A home for the Kamijou family had special guest. Crowley was enjoying chatting and bonding with his employee and their family. Especially with young boy Touma.

Time flew by, Aleister used his wealth, magical items and knowledge to improve the lives of people around him. There were no more poor districts. People of the shelter managed to acquire a better house and the shelter was now sponsored by Crowley.

He would also help the Kamijou family move to a better house. Aleister becomes a close family friend to the Kamijou family. Especially young Touma Kamijou, as ten years gone by Aleister became a second father to a young kid.

Oh about him, there is no danger to boys' lives. His coughing was gone and he now could walk normally without a wooden crutch. Even be able to run with no repercussions.

Now this was the 10th Christmas for Aleister. Currently Edward Aleister Crowley was standing in the middle of the street. He was mesmerized looking at snowflakes gently falling from the sky. Until someone called for him.

"Uncle Aleister! Uncle Aleister!" This young lad, was teenage Kamijou Touma, he would now call Crowley, uncle Aleister.

"Oh sorry Touma." After being awakened from the trance, by his surrogate nephew. Aleister continued to follow him, currently two were carrying groceries for the feast Aleister would perform.

"Come on uncle Al, we need to hurry up. With no groceries there is no dinner for the Christmas party!" Insisted teen with joyful smile.

Aleister smiled at this energetic show of optimism. "Yeah, everyone is waiting for us." Fastening his pace, the man looks up at the sky again.

Now two were on a stroll back home. Aleister whispers one thing. "Thank you. Madoka, Medaka and [-]." At the time whispers fell on deaf ears.

All but owners of those names. Hear them. On top of LonTokyo Tower. Three figures sit at the top of the tower.

"Thanking us. Huh when all work is done by him. What an idiot!" Said a loud voice in an annoyed tone.

"Just accept the thanks and enjoy the show." More cheerful voice retorted.

In response a louder voice answered. "But I'm right!" Louder voice pouted and said. "Maybe a little."

Then both voices ask the third figure. "What do you think of Shirou?" The person named Shirou didn't answer instantly. He was mesmerized by beautiful natural occurrences. "Raining snowflakes are pretty aren't they?" Sated hooded figure.

"Yeah, they are," two voices agreed on something.

The end!

Well hello there. I guess you just read my version of Christmas Carol with Toaru characters. I hope you liked it. Initially it was supposed to be published on 25th December aka Christmas. But irl stuff happened and I nearly forgot about it. Uet I decided better late and never. Well hope lest you enjoy it for new years. So that's why it's very late. I just hope it was entertaining enough, in future I also wish to write a much more serious crossover story featuring toaru. But it remains to see. While we ate it I would like to thank lots of people right now, if you don't mind.


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These people are either inspired or supported to take up writing. I am very grateful for it. I hope one day maybe I will also do something for someone.

So with that merry Christmas and happy new years.