The first week of summer flew by in the blink of an eye. The summer solstice session of the Wizengamot had been the day after Harry had returned from Hogwarts and Sirius and Andi spent the day locked in the Wizengamot Chamber whilst Harry unpacked and lazed around the house with Dora. Because Sirius' post-Christmas meeting with the Goblins to discuss the heritage tests had been postponed due to his Grandfather's death, there hadn't been an opportunity for Hermione to get her claim for the Dagworth-Granger seat validated and so she had decided to delay her Wizengamot debut until the winter solstice session. Thankfully this also allowed her some more time to choose a proxy to sit in her place until she came of age, something she was planning to weigh up over the summer as she didn't officially know that many adult witches or wizards in this timeline.

Once the Wizengamot session was out of the way, and with Hermione now overseas with her parents for an extended holiday, Harry and Sirius spent much of their time at Gringotts, either talking with Bogrod and Bedlam about the upcoming heritage test demonstration or reviewing the contents of Harry's vaults.

Their first major surprise came when they visited the vault containing Harry's redirected mail. Upon opening the door, letters and packages exploded from their confinement within the vault and scattered all over the floor outside, piling up around their ankles. One large package collided with Bedlam, who had accompanied the two wizards, as it burst from the vault and he was only saved from tumbling over the the edge of the cart tracks by Harry's quick reactions.

Dumbledore had apparently severely underestimated the volume of mail Harry would receive and it took Kreacher and several Hogwarts House Elves almost a day to move all the mail to Grimmauld Place where it was to be sorted into years of receipt. The Hogwarts Elves were delighted with the prospect of so much work to do in the normally quiet summer holidays and begged to stay and help, something Dumbledore immediately agreed to in an effort to maintain an affable relationship with Harry.

As Harry watched the Elves rapidly sort his mail from the last nine years, he was daunted by the size of the piles they made. He'd expected a lot of mail from 1981 and the immediately subsequent years, but the mountains of mail from as late as the first half of 1991 came as a real surprise to him. It appeared there had been no drop off in his popularity, if anything it seemed to have increased as he got closer to Hogwarts age. He glanced at Sirius and sighed. "This is going to take months to sort through properly. I told Dumbledore I wanted to reply personally to at least some of these but I didn't think there'd be so many to read."

Sirius tapped his chin with his index finger as he watched the Elves work, wide grins on their faces. More Elves had seemingly been recruited by the Hogwarts Elves and the room was filled with the sound of envelopes opening and parcels being unwrapped. A few of the new Elves seemed to have taken control of the smaller pile from the last couple of months of 1981 and were sorting the letters into an order based on when they were received if a date had been included. "Let me give Andi a call. I've got an idea but I want to run it past her." Harry nodded and Sirius slipped from the room to call his cousin.

A few minutes later he returned with Andi and Dora in tow. The pair stopped in the doorway and their jaws dropped at the sheer quantity of mail and the number of Elves bustling around the stacks which were now tottering above their head heights.

"Blimey, Harry!" Dora was the first to recover her senses enough to speak. "Is this all today's fanmail?"

Harry stuck out his tongue at his pseudo-sister who grinned in return and walked over to stand at his side. "No, this is all the mail Dumbledore redirected away from me when I was growing up. As much as I hate to admit it, he definitely did me a favour with this. The Dursleys would have gone mad if all of this arrived at their house, and I'd have taken the blame for it."

Dora's lips pursed in anger, as they always did when there was any mention of the way the Dursleys had treated Harry, but she didn't comment and instead threw her arm around his shoulders. "Where'd you get all the Elves?"

"Dumbledore. He asked if there were any Elves who wouldn't mind helping us and they all volunteered. They're doing a fantastic job. I don't know what we'd do without them."

The nearest Elves to Harry heard this and stopped their work momentarily to beam at him, before turning back and seemingly working even faster than they had been before.

Sirius, who had been deep in conversation with Andi, beckoned the pair over. "I was thinking, and Andi agrees, that we should take out an advert in The Daily Prophet to tell people you've now got access to the mail you were sent. I know Dumbledore said they all got replies at the time but it won't hurt to let them know you've finally received whatever they sent."

Harry nodded in agreement. "Good idea. It'll give me a chance to thank everyone too, and I'd like to let them know that I plan to donate any gifts that are no longer suitable to charity– I saw some handmade clothing in one of the piles from the early 1980s that clearly won't fit me now but it would be good for someone who needs it to get some use from them."

"I'll draw something up and give it to you to look over before we pass it on," Andi offered and Harry smiled in appreciation as the four stood and watched the Elves at work.

The second surprise came from Harry and Sirius' visit to the vault which contained the contents of the Godric's Hollow cottage. Nestled in amongst coffee tables, armchairs and a couch (which Sirius immediately threw himself onto, transforming into Padfoot as he did so, before transforming back and regaling Harry with a story about Lily chasing him around the house with James' broomstick for getting dog hair everywhere), Harry discovered the locked cabinet his Dad had mentioned when they met in limbo. Sirius was, as expected, unable to open it but the moment Harry approached the doors sprang open of their own accord, revealing Potter family journals dating back many generations. Harry quickly flicked through a few pages of the journals at the top of the pile, before wrapping them all carefully in some loose cloth and placing them in a bag he'd found to take home. Even better than this dive into his family's history, however, was the final journal he removed. This one had belonged to his parents and they had filled it with formal information and scraps of knowledge they felt Harry needed to know. Despite desperately hoping they would make it through the war safely, they clearly understood there was a chance that they wouldn't and so had prepared a primer of sorts for their son. Harry stroked the cover of the journal reverently and held tightly to it as he and Sirius sorted through the rest of the items.

Harry also recovered several photo albums (including two albums full of photos of him as a baby) and the deed for some land on the outskirts of Tintern in Wales from the cabinet. "That's where The Kiln was located," Sirius said, glancing at the document in Harry's hand. Harry looked at Sirius blankly, no clue as to what 'The Kiln' was. "It was your family's ancestral home. Your Grandparents were the last to live there and it's where I went when I ran away after my fifth year."

"I know most of the old families have an ancestral home or two but I didn't realise the Potters had one as well," Harry said, studying the document and feeling a little put out that this was the first time he was hearing about the place in either lifetime. "I'm guessing that something happened to it seeing how Mum and Dad were holed up in Godric's Hollow?"

"Well, the grounds were too big to put under the Fidelius Charm – a single normal-sized building like Grimmauld is about as much as it can cover but The Kiln was huge. It used to be home to a few generations of the direct Potter line. If things had been different you'd have grown up there with your Grandparents and probably your Great Uncle Charlus and Aunt Dorea as well." Sirius trailed off as he fondly remembered his own time spent there. After a moment, Harry nudged him to draw his attention back to his question. "Voldemort sent his Death Eaters to attack it shortly after your Grandparents died. The were trying to flush James and Lily out of hiding and burnt the place to the ground. I've not seen it myself but I've heard there's only ruins left."

Harry nodded in understanding.

"We'll make some time to go and visit it, OK?"

"Sure, thanks."

Harry refocused on digging further through the piles of furniture, attempting to distract himself from his thoughts of what could have been. He unearthed several trunks bursting with his parent's clothing (including a hideous pair of lime green bellbottoms that Sirius laughingly explained had belonged to his father), linens and assorted knick-knacks that were undamaged from Voldemort's attack, but aside from a few items of his mother's jewellery, there was little else of note in the vault. Sirius patted his shoulder consolingly, thinking that perhaps Harry would be disappointed not to find more of his parent's personal belongings but Harry gave him a small smile in return. What he now possessed was more than he'd ever had of his parents before.

The final surprise of the first week of summer, came when the Goblin delegation visited to view the heritage spell in action. Ragnok himself was present, as were the Potter and Black account managers, but unexpectedly, they were accompanied by four other unknown Goblins as well as a witch and wizard that Harry did not recognise. Harry studied the pair interestedly. Ragnok had made no mention of their attendance yet they had clearly been invited by the Director. The man was of average height with shoulder-length white hair and a neatly trimmed thick white beard. He appeared to be of roughly a similar age to Professor McGonagall and smiled kindly at Harry. The witch at his side was only slightly shorter than her companion and had long silver hair that fell to the middle of her back. She appeared to be a few years younger than the man and when she caught sight of Harry's questioning gaze, she beamed at him, exposing the laughter lines at the corners of her eyes. Harry immediately felt a sense of comfort and friendliness from the pair. Putting his queries as to their identities to one side for now, he turned to welcome the visitors.

"Good afternoon Chief Ragnok and welcome to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black," Harry said, greeting the Director of Gringotts first with a bow, before welcoming the account managers and other attendees. "Sirius will be with us in just a moment but if you'd all like to follow me to the library, we can get started soon. We weren't sure how many to expect so we're using the largest room available."

The group, the composition of which had not been seen in Grimmauld Place before, made their way to the library where Kreacher was waiting to offer beverages and Goblin delicacies to their visitors, which were gladly accepted, although the unnamed witch and wizard passed on the items of food, only accepting cups of tea instead.

Just as their guests were settling into their seats, Sirius strode through the door. "Good afternoon everyone. Please accept my apologies for my tardiness, I was meeting with members of the Potter Alliance." With his apologies waved away by Ragnok, Sirius glanced around at the rest of the group and Harry could see he was also perplexed by the identities of their human visitors. "Perhaps we should begin with introductions?" he said.

"Certainly," Ragnok rumbled in his low voice. "You already know Bedlam and Bogrod of course." He then pointed to each unknown Goblin as he named them, each of whom bobbed their heads in greeting to Sirius and Harry as they were introduced. "This is Uggrot - Director of Gingotts Tokyo, Karlok - Director of Gringotts Cairo, Nurragg – Director of Gringotts New York and Gugguss - Director of Gringotts Rio de Janeiro. Each Director here represents one of the largest of Gringotts territories and each is very interested in what you have to show us this afternoon."

Sirius and Harry were taken aback by how important their unknown guests had turned out to be and immediately apologised for any unintentional offence that may have been caused. Again, this was waved off by Ragnok who admitted to not telling them in advance so he could enjoy the looks of surprise on their faces when he revealed who he'd brought with him.

Harry frowned at Ragnok who was clearly entertained by his own actions, and then turned to the witch and wizard who had been watching on in amusement. Ragnok watched in silence, a smirk on his lips as he offered no indication that he would introduce the last two visitors. Harry glanced at Sirius who hadn't seemed to recover completely from Ragnok's prank yet and sighed.

"I apologise on behalf of Sirius, he appears to have malfunctioned. I am Harry Black-Potter, and this is Sirius Black, my adoptive father. Please be welcome here. May I know your names and your roles in this demonstration?"

"Certainly young man," the wizard said happily. Harry detected a faint trace of an accent in his voice but could not place it. "My name is Nicholas Flamel, and this is my wife Perenelle. As to our roles here today, I believe you are in possession of something that belongs to us."

Ragnok laughed aloud at the expression on Harry's as he clearly struggled to comprehend that the immortal alchemist, and his equally immortal wife, were sitting before him in the Black family library. Ragnok rose from his seat and wandered over to Harry before clicking his fingers before his eyes. Harry blinked and stared at the Director of Gringotts London before turning back to look at the couple sat before him, both of whom were visibly shaking from the effort of trying not to laugh.

Harry shook his head and cleared his throat. "My apologies. For a moment there I thought you said you were Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel."

"I did and we are," Nicholas chuckled in amusement. "Although you may call us simply Nicholas and Perenelle. It's a pleasure to meet you." He offered his hand for Harry to shake but Harry just stared at it dumbly. Ragnok reached out and gently lifted Harry's arm for him and placed his hand in Nicholas's. Harry looked down at their clasped hands and back up at Nicholas who had begun to laugh loudly. Perenelle put her hand on her brow and shook her head at her husband's antics, then stood and gently shook Harry's shoulder. "Harry," she said and his eyes snapped to hers. Colour rapidly flooded his cheeks and he felt mortified at being so dumbstruck. He quickly shook Nicholas's hand before letting go.

"Oh, Merlin. I'm so sorry, you'll have to forgive me. I really didn't expect… I've been trying to reach you by owl but Hedwig couldn't find you." Harry glanced around for his owl and, seeing that she was not perched nearby, he dropped his voice to a whisper and leant in toward the pair. "It's the first time she's ever failed a delivery. Sirius said she was losing her touch and she chased him around the house for almost an hour. He had to feed her an entire plate of bacon to get her to stop glaring at him."

At that moment, the owl in question flew into the room and dropped a letter into Nicholas's lap. She landed neatly on Harry's shoulder and twisted her head around to stare at Sirius who held his hands up in submission, much to the amusement of their visitors.

Nicholas tore open the envelope and began to read out loud.

"Dear Mr and Mrs Flamel,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. My name is Harry Black-Potter and I believe I have found an item of yours that you lent to a friend. Unfortunately, they seemed to have misplaced it and I discovered it whilst wandering the corridors of Hogwarts. I felt I should store it safely for you until such time as you could retrieve it from me.

Please let me know when would be convenient for you. I can be available at any time this summer.

Best wishes,

Harry Black-Potter."

Nicholas spread his arms wide as if to say 'Here I am' and Perenelle immediately slapped him lightly on the back of his head. Harry grinned and called for Kreacher then asked him to please retrieve the box that contained the stone. A moment later the Black elf popped back in and handed Harry the box. Harry twisted the the box in his hands so the opening of the lid was facing Kreacher, then nodded for the House Elf to proceed. Kreacher clicked his fingers, releasing the magical lock he'd placed on the box. "It is done Master Harry," he croaked.

"Thank you, Kreacher," Harry said, and the elf bowed before popping back out again to continue his work.

Harry ejected his wand from his holster and tapped the box in four separate but distinct locations on different surfaces of the box. A loud clicking noise was heard and, after replacing his wand into his holster, Harry turned the box to face the Flamels and lifted the lid, allowing them to see the small red stone contained within. Nicholas reached into the box and picked up the stone. Holding it up to the light, he peered at it closely before showing it to Perenelle who nodded. Nicholas tipped his hand, allowing the stone to fall to the floor before crushing it under his heel. Harry looked down at the broken gem on the floor, shattered into hundreds of pieces, then back up at the Alchemist in confusion.

"I feel we need to apologise to you, Harry. Please, sit back down." Harry sat, still looking at the floor in disbelief. He nudged at the shards of the stone with his foot and looked up again when Nicholas began speaking. "Last summer we became aware of a plot to steal the stone. After discussing this with Albus, we arranged for it to be relocated to Gringotts temporarily until he could take it into his care and hide it for us. He did not tell us how he planned to keep it safe, just that he would ensure that it was."

"Two weeks ago," Perenelle continued the story smoothly, picking up where her husband had left off. "Albus called us on our private floo to tell us he believed the stone had been permanently lost whilst in his care. He was distraught that he'd allowed it to happen and believed he had condemned us to death. Through his sorrow, he managed to tell us a tale of two first-year students who had faced down a possessed professor intent on stealing our stone. He told us how a third student's life had been saved and, in the midst of the fight, the protection surrounding the stone was damaged, causing it to be lost. He begged for our forgiveness and we gave it freely."

Nicholas now spoke again, the married couple weaved through their tale effortlessly. "Less than a week ago, we happened to stop in at Gringotts Paris where we were asked to contact Director Ragnok here in London. He confirmed the account we had heard from Albus and, what's more, he said that one of his clients wished to meet with us to return our property. Of course, when he offered the opportunity to attend today, we took it immediately, and here we are."

"I'm sorry," Harry said nonplussed. "I don't understand why you feel the need to apologise to me?"

"We need to apologise to you because there was never a reason for you to have been in danger that night Harry. You and your friend did not need to face down your professor, nor did you need to protect the stone for us – though you have our deepest thanks for believing you were doing so."

Harry coughed nervously and a blush tinted his cheeks. Perenelle stopped talking and looked at him quizzically, her head tilted to one side. Slowly, as though the words had to be dragged from him, Harry began to speak, his blush intensifying.

"Actually the stone wasn't in danger that night at all. Hermione and I… liberated it from where Dumbledore had stored it around a week or so before."

"What were you doing then?" Nicholas said in surprise.

"A boy from another house had decided the protections were some sort of test and he wanted to use them to prove himself. I think he thought there would be some sort of reward at the end. Anyway, I have a map of the school that shows where everyone is at all times and Hermione and I saw him head down to where the stone was hidden, followed shortly after by Professor Quirrell who had been acting very strangely all year. We only followed to try and make sure the other boy would be OK."

Nicholas and Perenelle looked at each other in disbelief. "Why didn't you go to one of your Professors?"

Harry shrugged. "There wasn't time, and all we had was a suspicion of Quirrell, no actual proof."

"I suppose I can understand that," Nicholas murmured. "Seeing a friend in danger…"

"Oh no, he's not our friend," Harry said steadily, "He might have been at one time but the way he's acted since we've known him… let's just say if it was any other Professor following him, we'd have left them to it."

"Well… OK then…" Nicholas struggled to get his head around a couple of first-years willingly walking into danger for someone it sounded like they actively disliked. Shaking his head, he brought the conversation back to their original point. "You see, Harry, the reason we need to apologise, and the truth of the matter is, the real stone was never given to Albus at all. We have it safely stored in a secret location – it never left our possession. The stone you rescued, the stone that I broke a moment ago, was nothing more than a failure from my early attempts at its creation."

"Did Dumbledore know it was a fake?"

"No, he had no idea. He's never seen the real stone."

"Are you going to tell him?" Harry asked curiously.

Nicholas and Perenelle shared a glance. "Do you think we should?" Perenelle replied.

Harry couldn't help but feel like he was being tested, but he didn't know why. The Flamels watched him silently as he sat back in his chair and considered their question.

He could admit now, that when he'd come back to the past, he'd been blinded by rage at Dumbledore's manipulations and, whilst Harry's anger was not at the same level as it had been, the Headmaster's repeated scheming and attempts to force Harry to comply with his plans throughout the year had only served to stoke at the embers of that fury. Dumbledore's actions weighed on Harry heavily and he had looked for any reason to blame the man for any wrong that came his way. Now having lived through his first year again, and with the benefit of knowing what was going on around him and what was to come, he began to better understand some of Dumbledore's reasoning, even if he didn't agree with it himself. At his core, the man appeared to have good intentions, honestly believing he was taking actions that would genuinely help the wizarding world, but he was completely unable to accept that his way of achieving the results he wanted, may not be the best.

Shaking his head in disappointment, he thought instead about the night in the hospital wing. The Headmaster's devastation at the thought of losing his friends, of being the reason for their death, had been real. Seeing that reaction, hearing the pain in his voice… Harry realised he was pleased that the Headmaster hadn't been putting on a performance. His emotions were genuine and that helped Harry make up his mind.

He looked up at Nicholas and Perenelle. "I do," he said firmly. "Despite the serious issues I have with the Headmaster and my personal feelings towards him, I saw him crumble when he thought he'd condemned you to death. He's your friend, leaving him to believe that you are both dead isn't just unfair, it's cruel."

The Flamels both beamed at him and Harry couldn't help thinking that, whatever the test was, he'd passed it.

Harry turned in his seat to see what Sirius was doing and found that he was sitting with their Goblin visitors, waiting for Harry and the Flamels to finish their discussion.

"Sorry everyone," Harry said, moving to stand in front of the group, as Sirius stood to join him.

"No need to apologise, Harry," said Ragnok. "I invited them so it's my fault. We should make a start, however."

Sirius talked the group through the process involved in the heritage test, without giving any details about the composition of the spell, or of the potion – that information would need to be protected by contract or oath if the Goblins decided to work with them as it was, as had previously been stated, family magic. It was clear this was of interest to the Flamels too as they were leaning forward and listening attentively to the explanation.

Finally, it was time for the demonstration. Sirius added seven drops of his blood to the potion and swirled it until the colouring was correct. He dipped a quill into the potion, then stood it upright on the roll of parchment before muttering the incantation softly. The quill immediately began recreating his family tree. "This part of the process takes around ten minutes for me," he said, addressing the group of spectators, "Though it may be shorter or longer depending on the size of the family."

"Will it display descendants, as well as ancestors?" Nicholas asked interestedly.

"We've not tested for that but I don't see why not. This process has been adapted from the one used to create the Black family tapestry. That automatically updates as new generations are born so I would imagine it will do so here. We'll look to test it with someone who has children." replied Sirius.

The Goblins chatted amongst themselves in their own language and although neither Harry nor Sirius could understand their words, their tone indicated there was serious interest in what was happening.

"So, whilst we wait for this to finish, there's something you said before that I'm curious about," Nicholas had wandered over to speak to Harry again. "You mentioned a map of Hogwarts that showed where everyone was?"

"It's something my Dad and his friends made," Harry smiled, "Sirius here was one of them so if you'd like details he's the wizard to ask."

"May I see it?"

"Of course! Give me a moment," Harry said before slipping from the room to retrieve the parchment from his trunk.

When he wandered back into the room a minute later, the quill was still writing so he made his way back to Nicholas' side, sitting next to him but placing the map on his lap so Perenelle could also see what was happening.

Harry ejected his wand from his holster once more and touched to tip to the parchment. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good," he said and the trio watched as the walls of Hogwarts began to spider over the parchment. Although the school was devoid of students, Harry drew their attention to Dumbledore's office where the Headmaster appeared to be pacing back and forth.

"Remarkable," murmured Perenelle. "I suppose it must be tied into the wards somehow. On its own this is an incredible feat of magic but can it do anything else?"

Harry showed them the search feature and had just motioned Sirius over to explain more about how the map was made when the quill stopped writing and dropped to its side on the tabletop.

"Ah! We're done." Sirius strode over instead to the table and lifted the roll of parchment carefully. He looked it over and nodded in satisfaction. "Now, if you'd like to follow me to the drawing room, you can compare the output of the test to the Black family tapestry. You'll find this test far more comprehensive than what is on display there, as it also highlights squibs and muggles from the main family line as far back as it can."

The Goblins and Sirius left the room but Harry remained behind with the Flamels.

"Do you want to go and see the results?" Harry asked.

"No, thank you. This demonstration would not have been set up if you weren't certain of the results. If I may ask though, have you taken this test?"

Harry nodded in confirmation. "I have. It helped when we had to build my proof of claim file for the Peverell seat in the Wizengamot."

"So it's just the two of you that have tested this so far?"

"Actually, my best friend Hermione did it as well. One of her great-grandfathers was Hector Dagworth-Granger. She's the first full witch or wizard to be born into that line for several generations, though she related through a line of squibs. No one, other than a select few, knows this yet but she'll be claiming the Dagworth-Granger seat at the Winter Solstice session. She's just trying to find a proxy to sit on her behalf until she comes of age."

"I see," Pernelle said thoughtfully, "And you said Hermione was the friend that faced down your professor with you?" Harry nodded. "I'd should very much like to meet her someday. She sounds like an awfully interesting young lady."

Harry smiled. "She is. She'll be furious that she wasn't here today to meet you. I think she's easily the smartest witch of our generation. She was the top student across the first-years this year and she's leading a study group for a few of us with the view to sitting the Muggle Studies O.W.L. at the end of next year." Perenell's eyebrows lifted in surprise and she glanced at her husband who had a contemplative expression on his face.

"Well, then we'll definitely make it a point to meet her."

Nicholas rose to his feet, and handed Harry the map back, smiling as he watched Harry clear it with a tap of his wand and a 'Mischief managed.'. He held out his hand for Harry to shake. "Thank you very much for allowing us to visit Harry, and thank you again for your efforts to protect our stone. If you don't mind, we'd like to correspond with you from time to time… and Sirius of course – I'm certainly very interested in this map of yours and how it works. As Perenelle said, a remarkable piece of magic."

"No!" Harry responded quickly. "No, I don't mind at all! I'd be more than happy to hear from you both."

"Good then! Now, if you wouldn't mind showing us back to your floo, I think we'll take your advice and pay a visit to our old friend."

Harry led the Flamels back to the floo and stood to one side as they took a pinch of floo powder from the pot on the mantle. The married couple turned to regard Harry once more. "You are a very interesting young man as well Harry. We look forward to seeing what you do in the future."

With that, they tossed the floo powder into the fireplace then stepped into the green flames and called "Headmaster's office, Hogwarts!" before disappearing.

Harry was just pondering whether to return to the library or make his way to the drawing room when he heard the group returning. The volume at which the Goblins were conversing, as well as the excited tone they were using, indicated to Harry that things had gone well. He remained where he was and allowed the group, led by Sirius, to reach him. If the Goblin's chatter hadn't convinced him that their interest had been piqued, the wide smile on Sirius' face would have.

Harry stepped back to allow the Directors access to the floo room, emulating Sirius by nodding politely to each as they passed and thanking them for coming. Ragnok was the last to pass and shook both of their hands before stepping into the floo. "We'll be in touch," he said just before disappearing.

Sirius filled Harry in on the Goblins' excitement at the potential of the test, for both profit and the opportunity to bring gold sat in unclaimed vaults back into circulation. "As soon as they compared the parchment to the tapestry they could see the value of what we're offering. We'll just have to wait for a decision now, but if they don't go for it, I'll eat my hat." The enthusiasm was clear in Sirius' voice.

Harry smiled. "You don't own a hat,"

"Then I'll eat yours… or buy one then eat it… maybe a fez, fezzes are cool. Maybe I'll buy one to eat and one to wear. I reckon I could pull it off."

Harry shook his head in amusement at the over-excited man and changed the subject. He told Sirius about his conversations with the Flamels and although Sirius was suitably gobsmacked by the concept that the immortal alchemist wanted to correspond with them both, it was clear that the news only served to amplify his existing mood.

Harry smiled fondly and, realising that there was no way he could deal with Sirius on his own with the Marauder in this state, he dragged him to the fireplace, tossed in some floo powder and called out for the Tonks residence before pushing Padfoot ahead of him and stepping through after. As it turned out, the first week of the summer holidays had been quite a week of surprises.

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