1. Chapter 1 Roses Blooming

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"Hell NO!"

That was the loud shot from one Naruto as he raised his hands up to deny a certain rose her desires. Naruto Rose was a young 15 year old boy with bright blond hair with crimson red tips, with the golden parts of his hair glowing like the sun, with the red tips making his hair seem like it was always on fire. His eyes were a striking silver color, inherited through his mother, and he was rather pale skinned... once more he blamed his mother for that one, as he did with the weird red tips in his hair.

When he had agreed with Old Man Sage to be reincarnated in another dimension, he hadn't thought that he would have moon pale skin or strange hair with red tips.

He was about the same height as he had been when he had been near the end of the war, so about 5 feet 7 inches in height.

He wore a black spandex shirt that clung tightly to his skin, showing off the amazing muscle tone that he had attained in this life, much like his last life. He was lean muscled, and his shirt lacked any sleeves at all, showing off his tones arms, though his right arm had four scars on the bicep that looked like claw marks. The stomach of his shirt had an orange swirl symbol, but the top of the swirl seemed to look like it was on fire. He wore bright orange skinny jeans that he had tucked into black combat boots, and on each side of his combat boots were his Flaming Uzumaki symbol. Around his waist was a silver studded black belt, and attached to the back of the belt was a metal weapon.

Around his neck he had a loose red scarf that covered his neck from being seen.

Having been taught how to use a High Caliber Sniper-Scythe by his 'Uncle' he had decided that he would follow in not only his Uncle's foot steps, but also take the same weapon path as his annoying sister. He had modified his weapon a little though from the basic design, just like his sister had. His weapon was orange for one, while his sister had gone with red. They had the same compact form, he had zero mechanical skill so his sister had actually created the weapon, he just used it and maintained it. Really, the only difference between their weapons was that instead of the Light-Weight frame combined with the light weight material that his sister used, Naruto used a heavier metal in his weapon because of his superior physical strength when compared to her.

"Please~!" A girl the same age as Naruto begged as she grabbed onto the back of his scarf, and as he was walking away she was dragged with him.

Ruby Rose, his faternal twin sister... who was 5 inches shorter than him at 5'2" in the height area. Likewise, she was also 5 minutes older than he was... and she wasn't ashamed to throw that little fact in his face. Even though he was more physically mature, and mentally mature, she liked to flaunt her 5 minute age difference in his face. She had red tinted black hair with her tips being closer to red, the same red as his own hair, but her hair was slightly uneven with the right side being a little longer in the bangs... her hair was shorter length all around though. They had both gotten red tips from their shared mother, and likewise they had gotten the same silver eyes and pale skin, which Naruto disliked on himself, from their mother. She was rather well endowed for her age, but not THAT large, just larger than the normal 15 year old.

He missed his peach skin and blue eyes... though silver wasn't THAT much different than blue in how bright it was.

She wore a black blouse with red trimmings on it, and the blouse was connected to a to a black skirt that was trimmed with red frills as well. She had a black corset with red strings on the front of it around her stomach, and under that was a black belt with a silver rose that seemed to be on fire. Her belt had a red holster for her ammo, and on the back of her weapon was a red version of the weapon, though it was visibly lighter than the one that he carried with him. Around her shoulders and nearly touching the ground was a red hooded cloak, but she didn't have the hood up. Underneath her skirt she wore black stockings, though they were mostly see-trhough, and black combat boots with red trimmings on them.

"No." Naruto said as he continued to walk away.

Ruby vanished in a burst of petals and appeared on his back, making use of her Semblance, the ability to increase her speed to near instantanious levels, to grab onto him. She latched onto him, with her arms around his neck and her legs wrapped around his stomach.

"Please~! Pwetty pwease with sugar on top?!" Ruby begged him in her cute voice.

"_Pwease_ stop asking." Naruto mockingly said back to her, and she pouted at him and rubbed her puffed up cheeks into his slightly scarred cheeks. On each of his cheeks were jagged scars, three per cheek... and though they looked like how his birthmarks appeared when he first started using Kurama's chakra, this time around they were actually scars on his face that simply looked like birthmarks. He missed Kurama, and truly wished the fox could have come with him to the new world... but he was here to spread the message of Ninshu to a new world that used an internal energy known as Aura.

Thankfully, his aura reserves were JUST as high as his Chakra reserves had been.

That was the reason why his hair was always glowing, because his aura filled up his hair to the point that it glowed.

"... I need more ammo for Crescent Rose though~! I used it all against those Beowolves a few weeks ago, and haven't been able go to the city for more. I need a riiiiiide to Vale, but Yang is out! You have to need ammo too!" Ruby complained as she beat her fists into the top of his head softly. It didn't even hurt, then again, it wasn't suppose to hurt.

On the side note, while Ruby relied on Crescent Rose in combat... Naruto was mostly a hand to hand fighter by nature. He did use his weapon, but not enough that he would need more ammo every few weeks. Even then, he stocked up on 50mm bullets for his own Uzumaki Rose... hey, if Ruby could name hers after the moon and their last name, then Naruto could name his after a whirlpool and a rose.

Naruto's own name had come from a Maelstrom that their summer had seen when she had taken a trip to Vacuo... which had a lot of people with similar names of this world's Japanese style of naming. While Ruby had been named after a shade of the color red, which happened to go well with the last name of Rose.

"I don't need ammo, you know that I don't need ammo. I know that you know, and you know that I won't let you use my ammo." Naruto told her as she placed her hand over his eyes so that he couldn't see. An orange hand wrapped around Ruby's torso, before she was lifted from his body. The orange hand looked like it was aflame with strange energy flames, and it was coming out of his back. His own Semblance was the ability to manifest his aura out of his body in the form of arms. There was a limit to this, and it took up a lot of concentration to use, and the limit to arms that he could manifest at any given time was 4 arms.

He called it Asura's Blessing.

"Not fair!" Ruby said as she crossed her arms in front of her, before the arm holding her vanished and she fell back down to her feet.

"... You owe me, I need to pick up some Dust anyway. I'm running low." Naruto said as he pulled out a pipe from the case on the side of his belt. His pipe, while normally used for a more unhealthy habit, was a medium that he used to turn Dust into a weapon. His pipe was a small black pipe, and on the side of the pipe it showed 2 glowing lines. The first line was a light blue line that was halfway filled, while the second line was at about 10 percent filled, and it was red. Naruto placed the pipe to his mouth, before he sucked in for a second. Compressed air was released from the end of the pipe, while Naruto took dust into his lungs.

Naruto breathed out towards a tree while mixing his aura with the mist, and the side of the tree frosted over. His Pipe let him suck in Ice and Fire Dust, before allowing him to breath out mist that frosted things over... or just spew fire from his mouth. His Semblance was hard to use to it's fullest extent during a battle, because of the massive amounts of concentration it took to keep up for extended periods of time, and it was extremely aura draining to use.

Seriously, who expected a pipe to be a weapon?

"If Yang was here..." Ruby started as she looked at his pipe.

"I'm not smoking anything hazardous to my health." Naruto reminded Ruby as she walked towards him. She was about to take the pipe from him so that she could breath out some fire, before he held it above his head so that she couldn't smoke his dust. Not only was his supply limited in the fire part, but Ruby could hurt herself. It was dangerous to suck in dust like he did, well, if you didn't know how to properly do it that is.

"So... you are going to take me to Dust after Dawn?" Ruby asked with a smile on her face.

"You owe me 1... no... you owe me 2." Naruto told Ruby with a grin on his face.

"One and a half, I owe you one and a plate of cookies." Ruby bargained with Naruto, who rolled his eyes at her. Naruto and Ruby walked around the small house that they lived in, and they heard the sound of a dog barking loudly.

"Zwei, be a good guard dog! We are going out!" Naruto called out as he and Ruby stopped in front of a small object that was covered in a black tarp. Naruto grabbed the tarp and ripped it away from what it was covering, before he showed a small motorcycle. His motorcycle was Yang's old one, before she got her new one, which she had named Bumblebee, this one was called Stinger though. It was a slick black Crotch Rocket that had orange flames near the back of it, his own touch. The front of the bike was more pointed, hence the name stinger.

Naruto took a key out of his pocket, before he got on top of his bike and Ruby jumped onto the back of it and wrapped her arms around his waist when he turned the key. Stinger hummed to life silently, before Naruto kicked up the kickstand and quickly revved up the engine. Naruto grabbed the helmets that were on the side of his bike. One of them was a simple red helmet, the other was a red helmet with a screen in front of the face to protect the driver from the wind so that they could see. They placed the helmets on their heads, and Naruto closed the full face helmet.

With that Ruby squeaked when Naruto floored the pedal, and they were off in a rush.

They should be able to get to the boat that would take them to Vale before it got dark, and then they should be able to actually get to Dust after Dawn sometime before midnight.

Who knows, maybe something interesting would happen and the trip would be worth it.

Somehow, he wanted to kick himself for thinking that.

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