Konnichi wa minna-san this is my first fanfic so its not very good lol I would really like it if you would read and conment please don't be to mean -.-' ::sob:: k! well go ahead and read on warning there is some really stupid jokes in this and it may end up being a hentai because I always end up doing that gomen well enjoy laughing at the story and oh ya Mako is changed in this so please if you don't like her being changed I don't think you should read on


Chapter 1


The Large sun had just begun to rise blocking the once silver Moon it lightened the once dark night sky making the small stars disappear over the large school Balamb Garden. The sun shown through the large windows into a large classroom filled with student's at large desks the bell had already rung and the teacher was now taking role.

"Asahes" the young teach started off "here!" a voice came form the right side of the room. At the left side of the class all the way in the back two girls where whispering about one of there crushes. "Come on Rinoa come on tell him how you feel!" a girl with chin length hair tried to push the other girl to talk about it leaving the second girl blushing her dark eyes glittered at the thought of the young man she had come to love. "Rinoa chan you should really tell him may be you two can go to the autumn ball together!" the girl smiled giggling at the thought.

She moved one of the loss bangs of hers and smiled again at Rinoa "Selphie chan I don't know" the blushing Rinoa said in her shy voice "Rinoa Heartilly" the teach called out. Rinoa jumped up in surprise and blushed seeing everyone turn to her "Here Ma'am" she said and sat down wanting to disappear.

"Heartilly, you did not need to stand up you know" the teacher said.

As a girl opened the door falling into the class room her papers and pencil's fell everywhere desperately she tried to gather her stuff going onto her knees a small sob came out of her little pink lips and tears started to fill her Emerald green eyes, "this is just not my day.." The girl whispered. The teacher glared down at the girl. "Ms. Kino your late! And on your first day to!" the teacher said not helping the girl pick her stuff up.

The teacher just walked over to the board and stared to write soon the close door opened and a tall young man about the same age as everyone else in the class. His dark brown hair covered some of a scar near his forehead he was dresses in brown pants a white shirt with a brown jacket over it a silver necklace and gloves. And cress crosses belt over his pants. The teacher glared at him

" , this is the third time this week!" the teacher looked down at the girl who was still on her knees trying to find her necklace that had fallen. " Ms. Kino I guess you wont have Detention alone" she said pointing over to the young man who looked at the girl wondering what she was doing on the floor.

"Oh great!" she mumbled under her breath looking down at the ground her knee length brown hair shown in the light dropped around her thin well shaped body. The young man noticed this and walked over to her kneeling next to her "what are you doing?" he asked trying hard not to say a mean joke about it. She looked at him, her eyes where a lot likes his eye color. "I lost my necklace, I have to find it" she said trying to hold back a sob, the bell had rang leaving the two alone. as she tried to find her necklace, he stud up putting a hand into his pocket pulling out a silver chained necklace with a stone the color of the girls eyes and shaped like a heart. "Is this yours" he said in a husky voice and dropped it on the floor next to her. She looked at it and picked it up jumping up facing him.


she said her eyes smiled at him as her soft sweet pink lips formed a smile "whats your name?" he asked. "Oh gomen!" she said blushing then bowed. "My name is Kino Makoto but you can call me Mako!" she gravid her stuff. "Oh.." He said grinning to himself at how funny she acted but he did think she was kinda cute "Umm and may I ask your name?" Mako said

"its Squall.." He said before walking to the door. "Its lunch yea know" he said then he grinned to himself. "Oh yea forgot nice underwear.." He said laughing to himself and walked away. Leaving Mako looking confused and blushing as she looked around she felt a breeze at her back the she turned to find a long cut up her skirt revealing her light pink underwear.


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