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second jaune family will be mention and because we don't know there name I'm going to do it myself.

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Chapter 1

New start

"Summer Rose, Qrow Branwen , Raven Branwen and Taiyang Xiao-Long , you have returned with the black Knight piece, from this day and on you'll be known as team STRQ or Stark lead by Summer Rose" and with those words left professor Ozpin of Beacon academy Summer screaming.

"WHAT" Raven Echoed soon after, they both exchanged looks but Summer shy away first.

"Why wasn't I who got made team leader, you're tell me that this ball of white is stronger than me" said Raven almost attacking the professor of Beacon.

"Now now miss branwen, being a leader isn't just about strength, you also need to inspire others and lead them when the time comes, besides you'll need to move out of stage, there's other teams waiting for their turn"

"just one sir" said the guy with glasses and messy green hair, looking beside him there was 3 other people, one looking annoyed, another one looking patient, and the last one with a smirk on his face.

"Please don't mind us,we love some entertainment, ain't that right partner" looking at the annoyed man.

"Keep me out of it, I just need some sleep and reconsidering my life choices".

The newly created team STRQ left the stage and looked up at the new people who just got on, summer cheered for the only girl on that team and she returned it with a smile and a wave.

"Juniper evergreen , Bartholomew Oobleck, Nicholas Arc and roman torchwick, you have returned with the castle piece, from this day and on you'll be known as team JNBR or Juniper, lead by Juniper evergreen " the professor chuckled saying the word "fitting" while the team JNBR nodded along and left the stage.

" you became leader too" Summer said while hugging her childhood friend , while summer plan to partner up with her BFF or that totally hot guy in her team, she'll make sure her new team and her BFF team get along for the 4 years to come.

"This is going to be a very long 4 years" Nicholas said while summer rose and Juniper start interdocing the 2 teams.

He catched the other female in their "sister team" as Juniper so lovingly said it, Raven if he wasn't mistaken.

She gave him an approval look for some reason "what the hell did I get myself into" Nicholas said to himself




Jaune on the ground breathing heavily , sword in his right hand shield in the other, his opponent didn't give him much time to take his breath and went for the killing strike but jaune managed to dodge at the last second, standing up shield at the ready.

"using you're semblance is cheating, I still don't have min-" before finishing his last word, his opponent dashed for another attack, but a portal open and disappeared.

"shit" jaune cursed and then felt the very heavily shot on his back.

"that's enough for today, you don't want to be late for your family trip don't you, or do you still want me to beat the shit out of you some more?" she asked with a cocky simle on her face.

"N- no that's enough for today, my aura already in red, and can't tire mom with this, thanks aunt Raven" jaune looked up at his mentor/aunt extended hand.

"you're right, Juniper will kill you if your aura is half your father, he did a good job training you,.. are you going to take my hand or what?"

"oh sure so you can trip me over like last 8 time, no thank you" standing up, jaune took his training weapon from the ground and put in into it place.

"Finally you learn not to trust so easily, I'm proud, now i need to get out of here ,tell your parents I say hi" turning around and opening a portal but jaune got her by the arm.

"hey, can't you stay a little longer ,mom already got dinner ready" jaune said giving her the best impression of his younger sister.

"Cute, your sister move won't work on me, and besides I have other work to take care of so I can't stay" she gave jaune an awkward side hug which he accepted in a heart beat.

To most people Aunt Raven look like the person who walk slowly while hunting you down for fun, but deep down she care about the people around her, she may not show it with words, but her helping train him and carefully holding her hits shows.

"afraid of saying goodbye as always Raven" his dad came in arm crossed with smirk on his face.

Raven eyes narrowed on that comment but went back to normal.

"Funny you showed up after I beat you son up, couldn't grow a spin to fight me instead" she said return the smirk, which made his dad smile.

"We wouldn't be here for a week, we're going to vale to see jaune off to Beacon , are you sure you don't want to come, maybe we can make a quick stop to someone and finish this 17 years old shit and get back together".

"don't put your nose in shit you don't understand Nike, this is for the better" Raven look sad saying those words which send jaune on alarm of what this conversation was headed.

" you can't keep running away from this Raven, yan-" was cut off by jaune throwing himself on his father, Raven took the moment to flee, giving jaune a quick nod.

Everytime he train with Raven it ends the same, his father or mother start arguing with her.

"and everytime I ask they never answer, the only thing I gathered was she had a daughter named yang and she left her for reasons nobody knows" jaune thought to himself as his father start yelling about interpreting important conversations, and got saved by his mother.

"give it up Nike, we aren't much better, I mean only saph every met Tai and qrow is rarely around" Juniper arc said while holding a hand over jaune head.

she looked young and people won't believe she had 8 children, despite that her golden long hair stood strong and with her emerald eyes, men still look her way when they wake by.

fortunately Nicholas Arc had opposite effect, with his dark yellow hair and dark blue eyes, no one dares Question him, if not for the look on his face then by the scar under his left eye, Mechanical arm and the claymore on his back.

With her singing voice his aura started regenerating.

"The voice of angel" his mother semblance is one of the rarest semblance in the word ,many would pay millions to have her either in an academy for huntsmen or to help huntsmen after life threatening injuries, but here she was ,his mother helping him back on his feet.

"hopefully I'll get a good semblance like mom" said not so much in his head like he thought.

"Well whatever it will be ,I'm sure you make a good use out of it" is mother said with a smile.

"Now go get a shower, we are going soon" she didn't say to where, but it has been on his mind for the last 3 years.

Beacon academy, even though his father never let him join a huntsmen school, apparently knowing someone in one too, he trained me for almost all my life.

And to be able to become a huntsman like his parents and his uncle is a dream comes true.

On that thought he grimaced, going to vale wasn't only so he can attend Beacon, oh no he has other goal in mind.

"I'm going to find you uncle Roman and get my answers" said jaune in a whisper while he was walking to his house.

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