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Chapter 14


Come the morning and everyone were getting ready.

After Raven and Qrow came back with the location of the Tribe , they took a nap till the sunrise.

None of them got a goodnight sleep, everyone was anxious about the showdown, and it was about to get started.

They moved into the forest, spotting a wall made of wooden spikes, they moved slowly till they found the entrance.

"so do we just go in and ask nicely or do we knock them out" Summer asked in a low voice.

"we go in guns blazing" Raven answer with a smirk, she stood up, pulled her sword and walking towards the guards.

"hey you two, nothing personal but I'm going to beat you up" Raven said, and before they could answer they went down.

"HEY, what was the point of us coming in night with hoodes if we were going to do THAT" Roman Gestured to the two knocked guards.

"Well we didn't want our surprise to be notice, and we do need to make a big show out of this" Qrow answered walking behind his sister.

They entered the Tribe camp, the first thing they noticed was how many tents were there, then how many people.

It was like a small village, people going about their day, kids playing around, and people sparing.

When they noticed them however, everything stopped, and people with weapons came out of everywhere.

The team immediately were ready for a fight but a voice call for a stop.

"Well well well, look who's back, the Branwen children, finally back to your senses " a man 6 feet tall walked from the largest tent that was in the middle of the camp, he had two sword on his hip and a scar on his face.

His green eyes looked them up and down then dismissed them all and returned to Qrow and Raven, but he did linger on the Professor for a moment there.

"I see you brought fresh blood, you know they need to do the trail by blood right, I wonder who will they kill" he said those words looking at both Summer and Juniper, they both glared at him, weapons ready but not moving.

"cut it out Matholwch, I'm here to challenge you for the right of leading this Tribe "Raven said with a growl, she had her hand rest on her sword hilt which was back in it Sheath, he laughed.

"And do you thing you can win against me in battle? " he asked with a smirk.

From what Raven and Qrow told them, he had training, and that training was on huntsmen level, and he had weird visitors coming and going, he wasn't just a nobody, and he definitely had a reason to send them to Beacon.

"a Tribe leader isn't just about how strong he is, it's also about the people he can bring with him" she looked back at her team, at her friends.

"I'll pick 3 champions and you do the same, if you win, we all join the Tribe and our fate will be in your hand, if you lose, your fate will be in mine" a grin on her face.

" And you think those people can defeat mine, huh, fine, I'll enjoy beating the shit out of you two after this is all done" he sat at the front of his tent, then Whistled.

3 Men and 3 women came from nowhere, they all had weapons and they were locked on them.

"it would be free for all, I don't have enough time for your bullshit, I have visitors coming" he said motioning to the men in front to him, the 3 men moved forward, while the 3 women kept their eyes on them.

"Great, when did you plan on telling us this plan" Roman growled.

"I just made it anyway, but something is wrong, he agreed to fast and the people coming are strong, we need to finish this and fast" she whispered to them.

"Tai, Nicholas, and Qrow, on the field, Juniper I want you to be ready for anything, if any of them aura even got close to red, heal them, and if anyone intervenes you have Summer as a backup, Bart and Roman, keep an eye on those three, I'm sure they'll try to pull something if they were losing, and professor" he looked at them at his mention, he was looking around the camp, curiosity in his eyes.

"Please don't interfere" he frowned at that.

"Ms Branwen, if this gets too dangerous, I will intervene, so I suggest not lowering your defenses" he told her.

"Well then let's start" Matholwch announce and the fight begun.

Their team will obviously win, Raven wasn't Concerned about that, but she was Concern about what Matholwch was doing.

His hands traveled to his swords, each time one of her champions scores a hit, he moves his hand to his blades.

He started to look nervous and his hands now rested on the hilt.

Qrow was pushed back to Matholwch side, he took the opportunity and attacked Qrow, but Raven was ready.

She open a portal to Qrow, she parried the first sword and deflected the other with a quick move of her sword.

He bite his lips and started his attack, which was all they needed to fight at their full force.

Juniper started by restoring everyone aura and buffing them, Summer made a quick work with the people who decided to attack, while both Roman and Bart took out those 3 trained women.

She kept on pushing, slashing at his legs and arms, he was weak, weaker than she remembered.

"this Bastard always acted high and mighty with us, he tortured us, he mocked our dead father, and he dare be this weak" Raven thought as anger started to boil.

Her attacks became much faster and more powerful, he stood no chance.

"you Bastards, after everything I've done for you two, this is how you repay me" she shouted at her, which was a bad move.

"Exactly, because of everything you've done for us, this is the day you pay for EVERYTHING" Raven cut sideways while he defended with both swords, they broke on contact, same as Ravens.

But she took that opportunity and went with her fists, the way Tai fights.

She started beat him up, from his face to his arms, he aura already Shattered for sometime now, but Raven didn't care, she kept going.

"Raven enough" Tai held her back by the arms, then she finally realized what she did.

Her fists had blood dripping from them, not hers but his, she looked back to see her work, what she saw was horrifying.

The man she hated, the man that Taunted her all her life, was laying on the ground dead.

His face was unrecognizable from the brute force she hit with, his teeth were on the floor blooded, he tried to block with his arms but they were also broken.

Raven looked at her hand, not knowing how to feel.

Fear, hatred, satisfaction, happiness.

She felt empty, her revenge ended like this, she wanted to fight him at his strongest, but she got this weak version of him.

She shook her head, closed her fists, stood up, and looked at the Tribe.

"From this day on, this Tribe will be the Branwen Tribe once again, anyone who disagree can talk now or be silent" she didn't hear a sound not even from her team.

She looked at her leader, Summer couldn't meet her eyes, Juniper had a look of guilt in hers.

Roman and Bart both looked uncomfortable with the situation.

While Taiyang did stop her, he also couldn't meet her eyes.

The only ones who did were her own brother who suffered the same as her, and…

"alright listen up people, I still have training to do in Beacon, after that I'll come back to lead you fools, until then I'll make Roland the Leader temporarily, I'll be dropping by whenever I want so if I see any of you disobey his order your fate will be the same as his" she pointed at the dead body beside her.

She couldn't stay her, she made her decision to fight along side her friends, even if they couldn't meet her eye at the moment.

Roland was trained by her father, he tried to keep them safe when her father died and she owed him for it, and she payed him back by making him the leader, until she finish with Beacon, until she's finished with Salem, this was good enough.

She gestured to her team to come with her inside the tent, Qrow and Nicholas did and the rest soon followed.

The moment she stepped inside she fell on her knees shaking.

"Wow slow down there" Qrow said, both him and Nicholas caught her and helping her to sit down.

"You did it sister, you killed him, you killed that son of bitch" Qrow cheered.

"this wasn't your first right?" Nicholas asked, his voice low, the other were still making there way so she answered honestly.

"both me and Qrow killed before, but after Beacon and you guys, it feels wrong" she opened and closed hands, they still shaking.

"I also killed before" she looked at him with wide surprised eyes.

"there's an Arc family tradition, to be worthy to hold the name Arc you need to be ready to kill for it, my sister did, same as me, if I ever get children I'll never let them do this, no one need to hold this kind of burden" his eyes were closed, she didn't know much about his family, she just discovered he had a sister.

"Guess my past isn't the only fucked up one huh" she sighed and everyone else arrived.

"Good work Ms Branwen, although I would have preferred it less blooded, I want to talk about those 'visitors', there's a high likelihood that they're working with Salem, so we'll need to stay here a little longer" he told everyone and they nodded.

What's few more days here.

"Qrow, can you ask someone to move the..ahh corpse from the way" Roman asked and Qrow nodded heading out .




"So let me get this straight" Nora said.

"your family team, worked with their family team" she pointed at Ruby and Yang.

"and they were best friends until something happened which made Yang mom le-"

"egg donor" Yang yelled to her.

"egg donor to leave, your uncle turning into a Criminal, and you never met Ruby's mom and dad?, and also the egg donor still has a good relationship with your parents to the point she visit regularly?" Nora asked.

"Yes Nora, aunt Raven left her family for reasons unknown but kept contact with my parents not her own team, and apparently my parents relationship with team STRQ fell off or something, because I never heard of Summer Rose, although looking at Ruby now, I did see some photos of someone similar with my mom, I'll need to check that out too" Jaune hummed.

"and here I thought my family was confusing " Weiss deadpan.

"so what now?, that woman you guys fought is strong, you'll need all of us" Yang said.

"Well I still don't want to drag you guys into this, and I'm planning to not let the headmaster and my parents know what I'm doing , so last Chace anyone?" he asked hopefully.

"Dude, did you really expect anyone to back out" Sun deadpan.

"Alright then, let see what we have."

"So what I know is the last mission everyone worked on was the MT. Glenn mission, after that the situation became foggy, the records show that after the incident, my parents, uncle Oobleck, and the rest of team STRQ expect Raven where hospitalized, which leaves conveniently uncle Roman and aunt Raven " he said putting his scroll in the middle, holograms started showing documents for everything he said.

"after that, both seemed off as my parents put it, according to the timeline of events Aunt Raven had yang 6 months later, and after less than a year she left, after 2 months of Yang birth I and my sister came to this world, as far as I remember, Raven was always there, and uncle Roman still visited" he pointed to both his and Yang birth certificates drawing lines.

"how long have you been on this" Ruby asked in amazement.

"your like super detective" Nora said.

"How did you get all of those document, most of them are classified" Weiss asked, and Jaune smiled in return.

"Well as the favorite nephew of the trickster, I got enough training from my uncle to at less hack both Beacon and Vale government" he said with a smirk.

Everyone face was in full shock.

"Trickster?, what's that" Nora was confused.

"I'll tell you later, anyway after this Roman turned to Crime for some reason , but he only hit specific targets, I still don't see the connection between them, until recently the dust robberies started, this is where my leads end" jaune sighed.

"aright so what's our first move, I'm ready to kick some butts, I'm sure junior is back in business, we can pay him a visit" Yang said while slamming her fist into her palm.

"Well let's say our last gamble results in a big payoff" he smirked and showed them white, brown, and pink card.




Jaune entered the weirdly name Café shop named after him, Jaune's.

He looked around and took the seat close to the window, viewing the street.

Velvet, apparently works here, he saw her the first time and recommended some drinks when team PAWS was here.

He asked for a latte and sat waiting, he took a sip of his drink and relaxed himself in his leather chair, he didn't wait long.

"I see you have a good taste in dining my nephew, Jaune's is my favorite place for relaxing after a day of work" Roman sat opposite to him.

"Good to see you to uncle Roman, at less this time your aren't trying to kill me or rob dust" Roman winced at that.

"so straight to the topic huh" Roman visibly looked tired.

"Well let's see, I've been working for the last 3 years on both finding you and getting to Beacon, and when I just found you, it was literally on the first day I got to Vale" jaune deadpan, showing his scroll, everything started 3 years ago, from research to the unanswered calls

"yes, I think I do deserve an explanation for everything".

Roman had guilty look on his face, he looked like he was thinking of a way out if this, but resigned himself.

"You do deserve it for a good job, well done Jaune, I'll answer some of your questions, not all of them, because this is a dangerous territory Jaune, and it goes way deeper than you'll ever know now, and this does have a lot of connection to Opzin" Roman said, adding the last part when Jaune was about to complain.

"fine, but I'll keep the number to call you" he tried.

"Sure, I'm sure Neo will have a great conversation with you without the option of video call" He smirked.

"Why did you become a Criminal" Roma smirk was replaced with serious expression.

"It was the only way to do good, but I mostly did it for thrill, when you know your death is imminent, breaking the law wasn't that bad, besides all those rich people break the law everyday and nobody question them, that's why it's so fun to go to them and break their world, showing them the consequences of there actions" Roman laughed a little at the end.

"what do you mean your death imminent, are you dying" Jaune gave a look of concern, but Roman laughed it off.

"Nothing like that, I can't give you the details but after what I've seen, fighting is worthless " he answered, Jaune had a confused look, but he asked another question.

"why did you leave team JNBR" he asked.

" I technically didn't leave, I just visit less" he smiled when Jaune didn't look so happy.

"fine, it wasn't because of anything they've done, it was more because of the person we worked for, Opzin isn't the kind of guy you can trust, and I'm glad your parents left early, can't say that to all our friends back then" Roman had a sorrow look.

"You're referring to Summer Roes right, the Leader of team STRQ" Jaune said.

" You did your research right kid, Team STRQ and Team JNBA were the best Teams Beacon had, but enough about this, what's your next question" Roman took a sip of his coffee.

"who's that woman you were working with?, and what are those powers she used" Jaune tone changed, and Roman picked done it.

"well she works with my current employer, I don't know their deal exactly but she seems not to happy about it, and her semblance is elements control, she's just too skilled with it." he answered, if Jaune didn't know is uncle poker face, he would have missed the small twist on his face.

"You said you'll answer me, so why are you lying now" he said accusingly.

"What? I'm telling the truth" he argued, but Jaune gave him a look.

"So why did both uncle Bart and the Headmaster just ask about her and barely acknowledge the docks fight, you're hidden something" his eye narrowed.

"This is highly classified information. If I give you this, your parents will hunt me down, and I don't want to give Nicholas Arc and Juniper Arc more reason to do that." he sighed when Jaune didn't back down.

"Aright just a weaning, you shouldn't share this information with anyone, even your Team, but I'm sure you won't listen so, what you and your Team fought called a Maiden, Maidens have basically magic powers that let them use Elemental powers, fire, lighting, ice, all possible with just a thought, they don't have limits, or at less that anyone knows about" Jaune looked stunned, and Roman smirked, but it died quicky when he continued.

"Their is 4 Maidens at the same time, Spring, Fall, Winter, and Summer, each of them have the same power, but each have more control on the season she's named after".

"She?" Jaune questioned.

"Yes, now when a Maiden dies, her power transform to the next person she think of, unfortunately for us males, the power only transform to woman below 30, I don't know if the one who designed those power is stupid for giving them to teenage girls or a creep for only allowing teenage girls to have them" Roman finished.

"And you want me to believe all of this?" Jaune asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You can believe what you want, I'm just telling you what I know isn't that what you wanted, besides, don't you have anything else you want to ask me".

"Last question, are you happy now?" Jaune asked with sad look, Roman hesitated to answer.

"I- no I'm not, don't get me wrong, steeling from the rich and giving to the poor is great, but I do miss you all, but I'm in too deep to get out now." he sighed.

"Then let us help you, I'm sure we can do something about this, It's not too late" Jaune begged.

"There is things you still don't fully understand, I know if I tell you to leave it you won't, you have too much Juniper in you to do that, so Jaune, do me a favor and try everything you can to stop what's coming, you have Neo's number, I'll send information to you, and you and your Team stop it, I'm working to save my life here, my current employer isn't one that you can disagree with, that's why I need you to do this, if everything works out I may be free man, out of any crime" Roman explained, and Jaune was too happy to finally work with his uncle.

"This is a great opportunity, I can get more information and help my uncle get clean" Jaune thought as Neo suddenly apperard besides him, she gave him a hug and a loving sister look, then she stood beside his uncle."Where have you been, Neo?" Jaune asked. She was about to sign the answer, but his uncle stopped her."Oh, she kept an eye on your sniper." Jaune's blood ran cold for a moment before his uncle continued.

"You think I didn't check the area, you're a smart kid, but you have a long way to beat the Trickster himself" he said with a smirk.

Neo signed to him to not worry, that she only knocked the people on the building out, andleftt the rest.

of course both Teams didn't like Jaune going alone so they made backup, if things went wrong, Ruby will be on standby with her sniper, Guarded by Weiss and Yang.

while on the ground, they had the rest.

"It was good to see you again Jaune, I did miss you and your sisters" Roman said with a warm smile before turning into Shattered Glass, and Neo did wave goodbye too.

Neo best girl, second only to Weiss.

so yes maidens is now on the table, Roman has Jaune as an agent, while Raven had Adam ad an agent.

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