This is a crossover of Harry Potter, all rights to JK Rowling and Warner Bros and Babylon 5: Crusade -all rights to TNT; Babylon 5 rights split between Warner Bros and JMS.

When Harry grabs the Goblet of Fire after the Third task in the TriWizard Tournament he is sent to the Excalibur where he appears curled up in a ball, stark naked, holding his wand. This takes place during Each Night I Dream of Home. The unfilmed scripts that I have seen reference to are used to provide plot.

Galen was watching his instruments as they showed the passage of the virus nanites as they moved through their victim's blood stream. Galen recognized the handshake the tech did with the blood. It was the same as his shadow tech and his blood only with far less benign intent. Unless a cure was found for the virus that had infected its victim inside 5 years, everyone on earth would be dead. Worse. Everything on Earth would be dead and Earth would be a lifeless rock in space. Dr Franklin was monitoring the procedure inside a biohazard suite on board Excalibur.

A second display unit showed unusual visitor to Excalibur. A boy, just under 6' was curled up naked on the main deck. He was grasping a wooden stick with the same fervour as Galen did his staff. A medical wagon arrived and the patient was loaded on board and taken away to med lab 4. Galen knew that was unusual. It was an iso-unit and very seldom used.

Galen switched his attention back to the poor individual who had volunteered to undergo this infection just to return to Earth to be with his fiancé. There were three more hours before the individual and Dr Franklin got into capsules that were then blown out into space. The room was then fired with extreme heat. Galen knew there were others with a great deal more experience of nanites, within the technomage order, than he possessed. Galen had been, officially, booted out of the Order. He'd have to go talk with them. He was not looking forward to that. He'd have to explain to Gideon why he needed to go. He did not usually explain anything, so he was re-assessing how he interacted with others.

Dr Sarah Chambers was bemused. Her newest patient was wearing hospital issue, now. His back, criss-crossed by scars, spoke of abuse. He had not spoken, since his arrival. He did not take the removal of his stick without reaction. He had struggled until the medication took effect.

Captain Matthew Gideon arrived to talk with his chief medical officer.

"Who is he? How did he get on board? One minute the deck is empty and the next, he is there."

"He has not said a word, since his arrival. Babylon 5 talks about temporal rifts. Perhaps there are some around Earth."

"Temporal rifts, doctor? I am not buying it. Does he have the Drahk plague?"

"No, Captain he does not. Normally, I would not recommend what I am about to. John needs to scan him."

"I'll take that under advisement, doctor. Keep him sedated. Send his face to Earth. Meanwhile we have to go see a telepath about gaining access to a vault that may contain a cure."

Harry Potter, for that is who the wizard was had caught the conversation between Doctor and Starship captain. Yes, it made perfect sense. An ancient time rift had reached out and grabbed him and then deposited here, whenever here was. Why him? It always was. Here was in the future, Harry was certain. Hermione had told him about the unfortunate Eloise Mintumble who had aged 499 years. This had Harry doubting time travel, because he had not aged. If he never returned, he'd not have any descendants. If he did, he would have. The last thing he wanted was to be here, should he be identified.

The technomage, Galen, decided to visit the visitor. The Order always investigated potential time travel incidents. Galen reached isolab 4 and found no one there. He now had to leave, without explaining to Gideon where he was going.

Galen got into his ship and went about his business. Gideon had wanted Galen to interrogate the guest. Galen's ship was no longer in the hangar. Damn. Galen was off doing his own thing. Gideon was much less pleased that the guest had also vanished.

Galen found he had a stowaway on board. How he had got aboard? The ship had sensors to prevent entry. The boy was still wearing his hospital gown.

"Hello, boy. How did you get on board?"

"What year is this?"


"You are?"

"I'm a technomage called Galen. What is your name?"

"Harry Potter." Galen did not react to the name. This pleased Harry immensely. "I could do with some new clothes."

"I am going to my people. They did throw me out. They're on a planet in the Rim."

"Where do the Drahk live?"

"They lived on the Rim. No-one knows where they are now."

"If I were them, I'd have left monitors to see if anyone turned up on these planets." Galen paled. He sent a deep encrypted code to his people that the Drahk knew where they were. Galen did not have clothes for Harry to wear. He did make plans. When he entered the system where his people were, Galen had his ship destroy the monitors. He left the ship, wearing a space suit. The ship landed, Harry got out and then it took off to pick Galen back up. He had one of Galen's old cloaks to wear.

The Drahk Raider ship exploded. Galen had used his spell of Destruction on it. Harry left the ship and advanced towards the Drahk. The Drahk attempted to use telepathy on Harry. Harry used reducto on the Drahk and Ivanesco on twice on the two parts of its corpse. Councillor Du'shan was no more.

Harry got outfitted with new clothes, whilst the pinnaces of the technomages engaged a similar number of Drahk fighters. 15 technomages and their ships perished that day. Every Drahk fighter was destroyed. The Drahk mothership in system did not get away. It, too, died along with 4 million Drahk.

The technomage council was less than pleased that Galen had plunged them into war with the Drahk. Galen effectively shrugged his shoulders and said hiding was no longer an option. Too many technomages had made this world their place of power. Harry had told them who he was. He noticed recognition on the faces of several. He'd long since learned to recognize interest in him from people. They usually had it in for him. Harry needed to talk with Galen and he got the chance much later that evening.

"What are you not telling me, Galen?"

"I am telling you what it is in your interest to know."

"Thanks Galen. I know you are not telling me everything. You got interested in those technomages who seemed to know of me and again when shadow tech was used. So arrange a meeting between me and those who seemed to know me and tell me who is using shadow tech other than the Drahk."

"You will have the meeting. The Council insisted. As for the other information, I do not see why you need it or what you'd do with it. Earth is the only race that uses Shadow Technology and attempts to acquire more."

"Your job is to stop that?"


"Your group seems to like hedging their bets. What if they are playing both sides?"

"They would not," Galen said.

"Why would the Drahk come here to negotiate?" Harry Potter made a good point. Galen directed him to a rest area. Would the technomages play both sides? Galen rather suspected they would. He had his spells to get to the bottom of this. His spies, low level spells for a mage of his skills, listened in to conversations. There was nothing; still Galen kept on. Meanwhile, Harry slept.

Harry had a good night's sleep and woke up refreshed. He had a good breakfast. The food was not anything he recognized, but it tasted good. About 10am, Harry met with a group of technomages.

"The Boy-Who-Lived. Such an honour," a young woman said.

"Not that again," Harry groaned.

"Dumbledore's pig raised to slaughter, if you'd prefer that," the young woman said.

"What?" was Harry's considered response to that.

"You look about 15. You know you died in 2256. That's only 11 years ago." The young woman seemed very knowledgeable about Harry's life.

"A nice temporal paradox in operation," Harry said.

"So it would seem. It could mean that whatever you do here does not stop you returning."

"Tell me more about Dumbledore," Harry demanded.

"Failed to provide you with information about your family. Left Sirius to rot in Azkaban and then ensured he did not get cleared and trapped in his family home. Failed to protect Barty Crouch Jr from getting kissed by a Dementor."

"I've yet to experience Barty Crouch Jr getting kissed."

"Ah, the TriWizard Tournament with four champions. You do know that the Tournament can only have three champions, don't you? Yes. It's in the rules that they never provided you with. Hermione only got the amended version Dumbledore provided. He wanted Voldie to be resurrected using your blood. Wasn't necessary. Voldie created 6 horcrux and then got his remaining 7th soul piece that controlled all of them moved into you, without the rest of him, when he tried to use the killing curse on you and it backfired on him."

Harry listened, shocked by the information these people were telling him. Headmaster of Hogwarts for 140 years. He learned how he had negotiated a Treaty between the wizarding world and Earth Alliance in 2056. He was instrumental in proving that humans were not a misplaced Centauri colony and served as Wizarding Liaison to Earth Alliance from 2180 to 2256. He was only about a decade dead. Harry felt reasonably good for a corpse. Reality for him was 24th June 1995. All this that he was hearing was so much fantasy. Harry could not believe what he was hearing about Dumbledore.

Galen, unsuccessful in proving technomage involvement with Earth, was also listening to the achievements of this abused young boy. He'd been the reason Sinclair had been on the line. He was the one who transmitted the abort order, after the Minbari had surrendered, to the Samson strike force that had been launched to Minbar, despite the fleet being out of communications. His had been a voice to build the Babylon stations. A powerful voice.

Harry asked the group to find out what was really going on, on Earth. Galen suspected that the boy wizard had returned to his own present and kept his memories. That meant he would have told them about the Drahk plague. One thing Harry did not know was that all shadow tech, and the plague had shadowtech in it, induced aggressiveness in those who were influenced by it.

Harry did find one of the requests the Harry Potter group demanded a little strange. 20 girls wanted to have his babies. Sex was the one thing Harry had never thought about. He thought, on reflection, that was very strange. He knew Ron did from all his requests that Harry fix him up with practice girlfriends. Harry had had one date, with Cho, last year and that had been an unmitigated disaster.

Harry fixed the two bindings on his magic that should not have been there. He removed them. He spent his days practicing his magic, teaching classes, learning about how Dumbledore had played him and his nights having sex with one of those girls. Harry did get the hang of fiendfyre.

He did have a brief interlude when a mage, Ron Weasley VI, claiming to be a descendant of Percy Weasley showed up. He did not stay long. Ron decided that he did not like Harry learning about Ron's betrayals so much that he tried to obliviate Harry. Ron had been caught in a web of protection and frogmarched to his ship and forced off planet.

Harry learnt that Galen's pod was formed of six people. Federico and Galen and 4 women whose names Harry never learnt. The 4 did decide that they wanted to have Harry's babies. Harry was happy to oblige. Why they wanted to, Harry could not fathom. That evening Harry and Galen departed the planet and went in search of Excalibur and Matthew Gideon. Harry asked Galen why so many women wanted to have his babies, even if the chances were that none of them would get pregnant.

"Harry," Galen said. "You are what we call a nexus. Someone whom events flow around. You were a major historical figure. Your genes will enhance our group. We technomages have the means to ensure that our women become pregnant after sex, if they wish to. You will become the father to 24 babies in nine months. Wizards who are also technomages will become a thing. Everything coming from Earth suggests that people are coping."

"People who are supposed to be dead have been turning up. Things everyone knows turn out to be false. I could fill your mind with things you would believe to be true." Harry was very matter of fact.

Galen reviewed what he knew from what he had been told. Was what Harry was saying important enough to divert to Earth. It probably was. Just not today. Galen did not trust Gideon to stay out of trouble.

"This Gideon you keep talking about. What's his story?" Harry asked.

"I picked him up a decade ago after he lost his ship. He was a Lieutenant then. He was appointed Captain on the Explorer ship Magellan."

"He was promoted three levels?" Harry asked. "To Lt Commander, Commander and thence to Captain. Unless Naval rank has changed since I went to Muggle, I mean ordinary, school."

"You think that's too many ranks to be promoted?" Galen wanted to know what Harry thought. He had good instincts.

"It's like he's being bought off, to silence him. Is he the kind of man who can be silenced?"

"No. I don't think he is," Galen mused.

The trip back to Excalibur would take a total of 8 days. Harry expressed shock and awe at the many technological marvels aboard Galen's pinnace. He studied the many crystals full of information about Earth. 3 days out, Harry had a question for Galen.

"You tell me there's a Lieutenant Matheson aboard who is a P6 telepath."

"Yes, that's true."

"He was in the Telepath War of a couple of years back."

"That is also the case."

"Earthforce assigned P10s to starships and according to you Matheson has served the entire time as Gideon's second in command. Matheson's only a P6 and would not have been assigned. Matheson could not have been both on the Rim aboard the Magellan and in the Telepath War. Galen, given enough telepaths, you'll believe almost anything."

Harry was proud of himself. Usually, it was Hermione doing the research. He had found an anomaly. His second question would pose Galen an even bigger question.

"How is the Earth Alliance governed?"

"Politically most of the power is in the Legislative, housed in Geneva, Switzerland. There are 100 Senators. 25, and that's the number the Senate needs to be quorate, were off planet, when the Drahk attacked."

"That's convenient," Harry chuckled. Galen agreed. He'd argued that the technomages should help Earth purge the allies of the traitor President Clark. He'd been defeated and ordered not to help. Of course, he had looked for Shadow agents and their friends, but had drawn a blank. The only place he had not looked was Earth; the place he was specifically prohibited from going to. If all the shadow agents were on Earth, the Drahk plague was working against their interest. After nearly a year of investigating this plague, and with the evidence from the infected surviving Zander Primates on Theta 49, that this plague was the Drahk's with some shadow modifications. Human refugees had settled there and they were carrying the plague, thanks to infected food supplies.

"Galen?" Harry asked.

"Just thinking."

"When did humans start to be technomages?" Galen thought that was another question that had serious ramifications.

"About a thousand years ago," Galen replied.

"The previous Shadow War," Harry said.

"Yes, that is correct."

"Before the Vorlons, I was told so little about."


"When did the Vorlon get interested in Earth?"

"About 1700 in your Christian calendar. They wanted to make it difficult for the Centauri to reach Earth. When they finally did in 2156, their days of glory were over and they were a power on the wane."

"The Shadows were on Earth centuries before the Vorlons. Is it possible there is still a Vorlon presence on Earth? A Shadow base?"

"An interesting question, young Harry, and one I do not have an answer to." Galen needed a source inside Earth Intelligence. Federico had been tight lipped about what the Council was doing. Apparently, Federico had been less than pleased that his on-off lover was one of the 4 women who would bear a child of Harry Potter.

A Drahk leader had been taken into Earth custody on Ceti and was now on Earth. Eilerson had provided language information. The interesting fact would have been whether the Drahk had immunity from their own plague. If they did, the Earth doctors would find it and create their own imperfect cure.

"Who has final responsibility for the mission?"

"The Earth Alliance and ISA are in dispute over this. Whenever there is a different party in control the uniforms the crew wear changes," Galen answered, amused.

"What situation do you expect to find this Gideon in on your return?"

"I expect he will have got himself into trouble. He usually does." Galen seemed less sure of his answer than his words implied.

Harry did not press Galen further. He immersed himself in research and practicing his magic. Galen found Excalibur above a mining station on a moon. A human outpost. There were a couple of strange ships also in orbit. Galen listened in. They had missed capturing him and were reporting this failure to a Mr Garibaldi. Harry wondered who 'him' and Mr Garibaldi were. Galen was not forthcoming. Harry was now dressed in one of the technomage cloaks over clothes the technomages had provided. He moved through the ship at Galen's side. He caught the less than pleasant smile directed his way by Dureena Nafeel.

Galen and Harry made their way to the Captain's office and sat down. Gideon and Matheson joined them.

"Do you know who our naked stowaway is, now?" Gideon asked.

"Yes, Matthew, I do. His name is Harry Potter. He's just visiting for a while."

"He's dressed like you."

"You'll recall Lieutenant that he had no clothes when he arrived and he's been with me pretty much ever since. I am responsible for what he is wearing."

"Are you paying his way, too?" Matheson sneered.

"What trouble have you go into, Captain Gideon? Galen has told me so much about you."

"I don't know as this briefing is for a boy who has no official standing with this mission."

"Matthew, I don't have any official standing, either. Please get on with the briefing."

"We secured a means to increase your lifespan by 50%, we met Alfred Bester and spent a day arguing with agents of Garibaldi Industries as to why we let him go."

"This Bester supposed to be dead?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Matheson answered. The reason for his shortness became clear. "He was the leader of the Psi Cops and by extension the Psi Corps. He was defeated in the Telepath War, captured, put on trial, convicted and executed."

"The execution did not take" Harry quipped.

"He was the reason we got into the secured vault," Gideon clarified. "He got a shot of the long life, too."

"That was very generous, Matthew," Gideon said, his voice low. Harry thought he was very dangerous. This was the first time Harry had seen Galen as the rest of the Universe did. Harry was using low level legilimens on Gideon, seeing if he could tell where the telepathic modification began.

Harry had been scanning Gideon for a few minutes, when he felt an intrusion. He switched into occlumens mode and a silent protego later he was in the mind of his attacker. The man was named Stromvik and he was an alien. He was relatively humanoid. He was one of 16 high level P12 telepaths who would merge their consciousness into a box, which would be launched into space in an attempt to preserve their civilization after the Shadows had destroyed it. Harry explained in his head why he was doing what he was doing. The presence accepted what he was saying. It told him to go to Gideon's cabin for further discussion. Then it was gone.

"Trace and Dureena are taking supplies to Theta 49. They should be leaving about now," Gideon was saying. "Dureena is a member of the Thieves Guild."

"I am sure the Thieves Guild is delighted you know this. You can protect her here. Out there, she's got many people wishing her ill, I should guess. Just as well she's not a member of the Assassins Guild," Harry interrupted.

"How did you get so cynical so young?" Galen asked.

"He's not wrong, Captain," Matheson said.

"We'll swing by Theta 49 and pick them up. Then where, Galen?"

"Thenothk IV was a world used by the shadows and their allies. It's out on the Rim. There may be clues as to the cure for the Drahk plague."

"That's as good a place as any other. Thank you, Galen. Now let's get you and your friend some life extension," Gideon chuckled. He, Matheson and Galen moved off down the ship. Harry ducked into Gideon's cabin. Stromvik was ready with questions.

"What is your name? How did you resist me? I'm a P12. What do you mean high level tampering?"

"I'm a wizard. Harry Potter. There are spells to prevent people accessing my mind. Earthforce regs required a P10 on board Earth Alliance ships. Matheson is a P6. Was said to have been on board ship for the whole 10 year explorer mission, yet also took part in the Telepath War. With the number of friends Bester has, who knows, perhaps you were amongst the crew who suffered tampering with your mind. The skill involved suggests they have done this a lot."

"You have given me much to think about. I shall do that. Do you think going to Thenothk IV is a good idea?

"It would make sense to be a base for the Drahk. I am not so sure they would leave a clue to their plague there. It is as good as any other lead that you have."

"What are you doing in here?" Gideon demanded to know.

"I wanted to see the cabin of the ship's captain. It's a lot smaller than I imagined and it's so Spartan."

"That's all right," Gideon said. "Now, come along with me." Harry did so and was soon in Med Lab 1. Dr Sarah Chambers was a tall woman, with long straight black hair, black eyes and a light coffee coloured skin. She had a heart shaped face. She was a beautiful woman. She gave Harry his shot. Harry bent level to her right ear.

"Doctor, I am from the past. I'll need a full write up on the plague, so I can leave a warning to humanity of this time. In paper."

"Come on, Harry. It's time to leave," Galen said. "Stop whispering sweet nothings to the Doctor."

"I need to run some tests on Harry." Chambers was intrigued. This boy interested her.

"Don't be too long," Galen said. Harry was half an hour. Dr Chambers was horrified by the results of what her scans revealed. Harry was malnourished and showed the effect. His bones had been broken. Not all of them, but most revealed abnormalities. His vision was impaired. That seemed to be faulty genes, not the result of beatings. She was able to give Harry 20/20 vision, healed the skin of scar tissue and repair the bones. She gave Harry 30 pills, to be taken one-a-day to combat the results of malnutrition. She also gave Harry 4 sheets of tightly formatted text detailing everything she and her team had discovered about the plague. The doctor took a couple of vials of Harry's blood.

When Harry's blood came in contact with the plague, the plague was destroyed. Sadly, the Doc did not have enough blood to make a serum that could be expanded into a mass cure. Next time she saw Harry, she'd be taking more of his blood. Harry had already left with Galen onboard his ship.

"Galen?" Harry asked, as the ship entered hyperspace. Why did I get a dirty look from Dureena?"

"Dureena wishes to become a technomage. She thinks I have chosen you instead of her."

"Becoming a technomage would give me many advantages. Will you accede to Dureena's request?"

"Yes. Yes, I will," Galen said. His answer had surprised himself. He had not considered making Harry a technomage. It did open up many possibilities. Not least of which was that the Order would learn about Earth much, much sooner than they had.

They sped off to Theta 49. Harry asked why they would reach there in half the time of Excalibur, when they had the same anti-matter engines. Galen explained that his engines were a lot more efficient than Excalibur's. The Vree had antimatter drives that were more efficient. They were not technomage efficient, but still faster than Excalibur. Humans do not talk with them much, because they were the Roswell Greys. Harry made a mental note to ask Hermione about Rosewell Greys. Galen said that Vree ships had performed well against Drahk cruisers. Harry thought they should be thanked. He said so. Galen smiled. He started training Harry in the ways of the technomage.

Harry enjoyed his training. He was starting to get the hang of it, when they reached Theta 49. Trace Miller said he'd been forced down onto the planet by a raider ship, which had taken Dureena off it. Galen furrowed his eyebrows. Gideon would drop everything to find her. He should stick to finding a cure to the plague. Galen asked Harry where he'd like to go. He was expecting Harry to say Praxis IX or Babylon 5, but Harry had surprised him by saying Omelos.

Omelos, the home system of the Dilgar had been destroyed by its sun going nova at the end of the Dilgar War thirty-five years earlier. Galen would show Harry a destroyed solar system. He could also teach the boy some more. Harry proved to be an excellent student.

Arriving in the Omelos system was more of a shock to Galen. It was still intact and an Extended Omega Destroyer was nose to nose with his ship.

"I am Alfred Bester. Prepare to be boarded."

"Do come aboard, Mr Bester," Harry invited. Galen was still in shock. He delegated the answer comslink to Harry. Bester was soon on board and came to meet with Galen.

"You must be Galen," Bester said.

"Yes, I suppose I must," Galen answered.

"Who are you?" Bester asked Harry.

"I'm Harry. I heard you were dead and this star system and all its planets was destroyed. I take people and things that are not supposed to be around turning up, in my stride. Now, if you did not want something from a technomage, you'd have opened fire and turned us extra crispy."

"You are correct. There's a freighter in high security that has 70 P12 Psi Cops that the Shadows turned into CPUs for their battle crabs. I need you to remove the Shadow Tech from them."

Harry could hear the capital letters and the personal hurt that Bester was nursing.

"Do you have personality recordings of them?" Galen enquired.

"Yes, we do. Psi Cops always have them done, every six months in case blips corner them," Bester said. Harry did not want to know what blips did to Psi Cops and vice versa. Galen smiled. Harry hoped that was not from doing something to Psi Cops.

"We'll need to get Gideon to go to Earth," Galen told Bester.

"Why?" Bester enquired.

"You want me to go to Io. I have no reason to be there," Galen said. "Gideon does."

"Have the Dilgar seen the Drahk Plague before?" Harry asked.

"Look, there are several billion Dilgar on this planet and only 30000 of us."

"You have not got enough of you to rule by force. Once they realise that, you will have a problem. Unless Humans and Dilgar are capable of producing offspring," Galen laid it on, thick. Harry realized that Galen was saying the telepaths were dangling the telepathic gene in front of the Dilgar. They'd play along, until they got the gene. Harry suspected Bester had other cards to play.

Bester did not attempt to scan either Galen or Harry. He'd heard tales about technomages and their Shadow tech. He was not about to test them. There would be time to alter their memories after they had performed this task for him. Bester left and Galen set the controls.

"Harry, we can do the mission to Io in two weeks and be at Babylon 5 the week after. It should take Gideon that length of time to search for Dureena." Galen was already directing his ship towards the Solar system that held Earth and Io.

Harry shrugged his shoulders. Galen continued to teach him. These were practical flying a starship lessons. Harry loved flying and took to these lessons like a duck to water.

Arriving in the vicinity of Io, the ship detected a dozen Warlock class destroyers and various moon-based laser gun emplacements. The freighter in question was berthed and protected by dockyard guns. They looked recent additions. Post Drahk attack improvements to the defences. There was another freighter preparing to leave.

Galen downloaded a summary of the EA position, details on all EA planets and other bases, including reports on those no longer in the EA or earth Alliance. He also drew a report on the secret research bases, including their locations and what they were working on. Stealing the freighter proved to be the easier of the two things Galen was working on. He switched transponders, ie identities of the two freighters. The ship docked with the freighter with the 70 cryo-frozen telepaths and took it out using the flight path already cleared for the other freighter. Galen removed the Shadow Tech and Harry obliviated the telepath of all memories of being converted into a part of a Shadow ship. Each was then re-frozen. Galen moved the Shadow Tech to his ship.

The freighter had used the standard hyperspace lanes' jump points to get where it needed to go. Its black box had been removed, by Galen. The final jump would made by Galen's ship creating the open jump point and Harry following Galen in, whilst flying the freighter. Once in the Omelos system, Harry apparated, for the first time since he was 8-years-old. Fortunately, he did not splinch himself. The ship was a familiar place for him, now. They were out of the system before Bester and his telepaths arrived.

"Be seeing you," Bester said, flipping an ironic salute to the now departed ship. Plans could move from the planning stages to actual preparation for the invasion of Earth. The Psi Corps would be reconstituted and the telepaths would rule the normals. The Dilgar fleet was progressing quickly and its ships were still superior to Earthforce destroyers.