This is a crossover of Harry Potter, all rights to JK Rowling and Warner Bros and Babylon 5: Crusade -all rights to TNT; Babylon 5 rights split between Warner Bros and JMS.

When Harry grabs the Goblet of Fire after the Third task in the TriWizard Tournament he is sent to the Excalibur where he appears curled up in a ball, stark naked, holding his wand. This takes place during Each Night I Dream of Home. The unfilmed scripts that I have seen reference to are used to provide plot.

A week into the flight to the technomage's new home out on the Rim, Harry Potter came out with something that made Galen forget what he was doing.

"Matthew Gideon had an Apocalypse Box. I expect Matheson has it now."

"He had what?" Galen demanded. "Why did you not tell me earlier? I would have made him get rid of it. There are six of those accursed things left."

"What good would that have done? You know where one is and perhaps the other five will be drawn to it. I sensed something behind the one that Gideon had."

"Like what?"

"Something mad."

"I can't let anything delay your learning how to construct a staff or the process of incorporation of the shadow tech," Galen huffed. Galen redoubled the lessons. Harry thought he was punishing him in some way. By the time they reached the planet, Harry was ready. The following two weeks of surgery were accompanied by the most pain Harry had ever experienced. His experiences with the Dursleys meant he could block or ignore most of it. A week later and he'd completed a 5' staff. Harry Potter was now a bone fide technomage.

Galen would be taking Harry to see Draal on Epsilon Indi. He'd been talking to Sheridan during Harry's surgery and recovery. Sheridan had heard of Harry James Potter. He had not heard of the time travelling Harry. Draal was his first suggestion. He explained Draal to Galen.

Harry practiced his spell work. That now included the incantations for technomage spells. Galen

taught him, including multiple warnings not to lose his temper. Galen told Harry how his parents had got into an argument that had culminated in their killing each other. Harry explained quite bitterly that he did not have any parents who would do that. Harry embroidered his technomage cloak. He found it relaxing. The glyphs included low level warning and warding spells. They were wizarding spells. Harry wondered how he knew those warding spells. He knew that once he met Draal, whoever he was, he would be returning to the past.

The ship descended into the bowels of Epsilon III of the Epsilon Eridani system. No-one shot at them. Galen reckoned that a positive sign that Draal was expecting them. Harry laughed. Draal had sent Zathras to meet them. Zathras explained that there were many Zathri, a cloned race of someone named Zathras. They were all named Zathras. Zathras complained that he had been overlooked when Zathras was sent into the past one thousand years into the past to be exact, sort of, who fought in the great war against the Shadows along with Valen, had stayed with the Great Machine and been the first model for the cloning machine that had produced Zathgras clones, part of the Great Machine.

Draal greeted them warmly. He said he was a Minbari. He had a bone head crest instead of hair. He was also jovial, something he claimed his people were not. Harry thought even his joviality would be strained if he had to listen to the Zathri complaining all the time.

"Greetings young wizard. It is time to send you back. You can only take back what you can hold. Sorry, but those are the rules," Draal said.

"Time travel has rules," Harry said, querulously.

"Oh, many of them," Draal replied.

"When I return to this time, you can tell me all of them," Harry said.

Draal looked at Harry, shrewdly. "I will, at that."

"Will you return?" Galen asked, wistfully. He'd grown to like Harry and enjoyed his company. He would not make just anyone a technomage.

"If I have the means, I shall come back to the future," Harry said. "Look after my stuff."

Draal instructed Harry that only what he could hold would go back with him. Harry struggled to hold his staff, 2 wands, cure for Hermione, cloak and the pages of notes Dr Chambers had prepared for him that he had sent via Western Union to the President of Earth Alliance, December 6th 2266.

Then the temporal rift caught him up and transported him back whence he'd come. Galen looked at the pile of clothes. That was all he had to remind him of Harry Potter. Draal looked at him and said.

"You and young Harry are the only technomages who will ever be welcome here. The Great Machine senses the shadowtech present in you. Be very careful in what you do, whilst you are here."

Galen sat and ate. He conversed with Draal. He would depart soon enough with Harry's clothes. He still had to save Excalibur and all those on board.

Harry arrived with the cup and Cedric. He dropped his staff.

"Kill the spare," rang out. Moments later Cedric Diggory was dead. Killed by Peter Pettigrew. Harry transfigured his redwood wand into a button and spelled it onto his blazer. The cloak, cure and that note went into a pocket in the blazer. Harry had time to place Cedric's hands around his staff before he was stupefied.

He awoke to find himself tied up and listening to Voldemort recite the ritual for Pettigrew to follow. Bones of my father, flesh of my servant (seeing Pettigrew cut off his own hand had been particularly unpleasant) and blood of my enemy. Harry winced as blood was taken from his forearm. An adulty Voldemort rose from the cauldron. Naked. Harry could have done without that sight. Pettigrew handed him his cloak and his wand. That marked Pettigrew as present that Halloween night, in his room.

Voldemort launched into a monologue. Furthest ever into stopping Death. The madman had made the diary. Had he made more than one? Had doing so made him mad? Harry suspected the answer was yes on both counts. He watched as Voldemort gave Pettigrew an arm of silver, well mostly hand and a bit of arm. Voldemort than pressed his wand into his mark calling his Death Eaters to him.

Voldemort named all 30 present. Harry recorded all the names. The traitor was already dead. Harry suspected he meant Karkorov. Snape and Pettigrew were also present. Harry filed that away for later. The Carrows, brother and sister, were in France. His most faithful servant was at Hogwarts. That explained the two Barty Crouches that Harry had seen on the Map. Sirius had said the son died. Perhaps, he had not. Certainly not. Harry connected Alastor Moody being attacked and Moody drinking regularly from a hip flask. Harry had drunk Polyjuice that Hermione had brewed in their second year. So, the Moody who had taught them was in fact Barty Crouch Junior. Crouch senior was probably dead. That was something that Harry thought appropriate after what he had done to Sirius.

Voldemort got to the point where he told Harry they would duel. Voldemort touched Harry's hand. He did not crumble into dust. Harry was released and given his wand back. Voldemort commiserated with Harry that duelling was no longer a part of Hogwarts curriculum.

"Where are we?" Harry asked, cutting Voldemort off mid-sentence.

"We are in Little Hangleton, where my parents used to live. Specifically in the graveyard."

"How appropriate for Death Eaters," Harry said. Voldemort appeared to appreciate the joke.

"You never did learn wizarding etiquette did you?"

"No, something else Dumbledore neglected to teach me." Harry spoke with venom. That stopped Voldemort in his tracks. He almost regretted having to kill Harry.

"You know that I would have spared your parents had they stood aside and let me kill you."

"What and miss the sparkling repartee that we're having today? The rat betrayed my parents. He will die screaming."

"Not after today, young wizard. You never have duelled have you?" Voldemort mocked him.

"Once, in a special club that the fraud Lockhart hosted against Malfoy. He cheated, naturally." The noseless Voldemort attempted to snort. No noise came.

"We bow and then we duel," the noseless one said. They bowed. Voldemort sent a killing curse Harry's way. Harry had sent the disarming curse towards Voldemort. The two spells collided. A lattice began to form. Harry ripped the button that was a wand off his blazer. He transfigured it back into a wand and cast two fiendfyres. One took the 30 would-be tyrants by surprise, incinerating them. The other burnt the snake horcrux, Nagini, to a crisp. Snape and Pettigrew apparated away with the cauldron. Ghosts began to emerge. Cedric and Harry's parents hung back. He exchanged words with all the ghosts as they emerged. His parents just told him how proud they were of him before vanishing. Useful – not, Harry thought.

"I'm so sorry Cedric. I could not save you."

"It was not your fault, Harry. Tell my dad to stand for Minister."

"I will, Cedric," Harry promised.

The lattice collapsed as Harry's disarming curse propelled Voldemort 30 feet backwards and caused his wand to fly towards Harry. Harry caught the wand, snapped it and vanished both halves. Voldemort apparated away. Harry transfigured his wand, again and reattached it to his blazer.

Harry collected everything and then accio Goblet of Fire. The goblet came into Harry's hand and everything turned upside down again and Harry was back at the winner's podium at Hogwarts with a dead body. Amos Diggory was beside himself.

"Mr Diggory," Harry repeated until the man paid attention to him. "We arrived in a graveyard. There were 30 men in full Death Eater regalia and they killed him. Cedric's ghost told me that he did not blame me and told me to tell you to stand for Minister."

"He had no enemies," Amos said.

"You are correct. None at school. Everyone liked him, even the Slytherins. He was a shoe in for Head Boy next year. We became friends during the Tournament. I only survived because I fell over. They did not think of me as a threat. I got them with a fiendfyre and a giant ruddy snake with another. I was not trying to control the spells. Then I summoned the goblet and it transported me here and I fell over, again."

Amos laughed, in spite of himself. "Will you endorse me?"

"Yes. It is the least I could do for Cedric." Amos nodded. Moody rushed up to the podium. Harry stunned him and then incarcerated him. He cast a silence spell over Crouch Jr. The Minister wondered why they were waiting for. About 5 minutes later he found out. Moody turned into Barty Crouch. A dementor entered the podium and sucked his soul out. Fudge had sent it in. He gave Harry his winnings and left. Harry descended the podium and encountered an irate George and Fred Weasley. Bagman had welched on another bet. Harry calmed them down. They offered him a 20% stake in Weasley Wizard Wheezes, with a 20% share of any dividends paid. Harry agreed. The Weasleys produced a contract in triplicate. He signed them all. He signed as Henry, his given name. Lord Henry James Potter. Harry handed over the bag containing his 1000 galleon winnings. He pocketed his contract. He made it back to his bed without encountering anyone else.

Hermione found him, dozing on his bed.

"Nice staff, Harry."

"Oh, it's you, Hermione. I thought, for a moment, it was a really cool dream. The staff is a souvenir on my travels." That was true, from a certain point of view.

"Hermione," Harry began. He was interrupted by Ron shouting, "Harry, what happened?"

"Not polite, Ron. I am speaking with Hermione."

"She should not be in this dorm. I am more important than her."

"I suggest you leave this dorm, Ron," Harry said, icily. Ron did not move. Harry pointed his wand at Ron.

"Mental, the pair of you," Ron said, departing the dorm.

"As I was saying," Harry said. "It's good that you are here." Hermione beamed. "I could not have survived without all your help. It struck me that I don't know all the girls in our House year."

"Oh, you don't know Sally-Anne Perks and Lily Moon?"

"No, Hermione, I do not. I have no idea how I do not know them or have never spoken to them. In four years. Will you introduce me?"

"Sure will," Hermione. She got up. Feeling on top of the world. Harry had stood up for her. She took him to speak with two girls trying their hardest not to be noticed.

"Harry this is Sally -Anne Perks and Lily Moon, Girls this is Harry Potter."

"Delighted to meet you both," Harry said. "I am so sorry for not speaking to you in four years."

"Ron said you did not want to speak with girls like us," Sally-Anne said. "I'm muggleborn and Lily is a bastard."

"If you give me your phone number, I'll call you and set a date for us to speak, properly. Lily, your birth status does not matter to me in the slightest."

"That was not what Ron Werasley told us," Lily said. Harry suspected she deliberately got Ron's name wrong. "He kept us from talking with you," Lily added.

"He had no right to," Harry said. Sally-Anne gave him a piece of paper with her number written on it. "Thank you, Sally-Anne." Sally-Anne blushed. Ron saw Harry talking with Sally-Anne and Lily and came over.

"You don't want to be associating with their sort," Ron growled.

"Why is that, Ron?" Harry's voice took on a dangerous twang.

"They aren't the right sort of wizard," Ron spluttered.

"Is it true you've stopped me speaking to each of them for four years?" Harry asked.

"I have to protect you from their sort," Ron stated.

"It was not and is not your place to keep people from me," Harry said, anger building. He then remembered what Galen had said. "When did you turn into Malfoy?"

Ron looked at Harry and stormed off. As to what sort they were was solved when the two girls kissed. Harry noticed and said." I'll cross you off my interested-in-me list." The two detached themselves and shook their heads, vigorously.

"Oh, we're both interested in you," Lily Moon said. Both girls ran off.

"Hermione, I don't think I want any Weasley in the carriage, tomorrow. Where is it you're going on holiday?"

"We'll arrive late on first of August at a small fishing village on the Atlantic Coast in the South of France. It's not too far from Spain." She proceeded to tell him the name of the village. Harry nodded and smiled politely. Harry went off to his dorm and spelled the curtains shut, with wards preventing entry. Harry knew Dobby would keep anyone hostile away from him.

Hermione pondered Harry's interest. He'd never shown any interest in where she was going over the summer holidays. He was usually dragged off by Ron to play exploding chess or whatever game he played. If Harry weren't friends with Ron, she wouldn't give the git a second glance.

Harry woke at half five on the morning of departure, Sunday June 25th 1995. He was ready to leave and packed by 6am. He had an hour before breakfast. He went around the Castle for what felt like the first time with all his senses firing on all cylinders. The Castle seemed to be speaking with him, but he couldn't make out the words. He encountered a girl with her wand in her hair, wearing necklaces of pieces of cork.

"Hello," Harry said.

"Hello, Harry. I'm Luna Lovegood. I'm searching for my stuff that always goes missing. All those Nargles and Wrackspurts."

Harry noticed Luna was wearing two left shoes. Harry used the summoning spell to get all of Luna's things within range. Harry remembered hearing Ron and Ginny talking about someone named Looney.

"Would you be the girl the Weasleys refer to as Looney?"

Luna looked sad and then said," We used to be friends and then we weren't."

"You've a friend in me, Luna."

"Like almost friends?" Luna asked.

"You can travel with me on the train today."

"Just like real friends," Luna said, joyfully.

"Let's go back to your common room and get the rest of your stuff back."

"Nice staff," Luna commented as she lead Harry to the Ravenclaw common room.

"It's a souvenir," Harry said. Luna looked at Harry, shrewdly. She smiled.

The Ravenclaw door wisely decided against asking the pair a riddle and just opened up.

"Right, Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood's things have been taken from her. You might think it's a game. I call it bullying and it stops. Now. For good. If I have to summon her things, everyone whose trunk has items in it belonging to Luna will result in a complaint made by me."

In a few minutes, everything was returned to Luna.

"What do you think you're doing here," the Ravenclaw beater said." If you don't leave, I'll hit you."

"Baxter, you've been trying to hit me for three years, missing every time. What makes you think you'll hit me now?" There was laughter in the Common room. "Okay, Ravenclaw prefects. I have just done your job for you. Allow a repeat on anyone and I will report you to Professor Flitwick. Later, Luna."

"Thanks, Harry." Luna took her stuff back into her room. Harry went off to eat. He found Hermione eating.

"I see you've decided to give the open stomach a miss today, as well."

"Yes, Harry. Found Susan and Hannah to ride with us today."

"Excellent. I found Luna Lovegood who will be travelling with us today." Hermione had heard about Looney Lovegood, but said nothing about that to Harry. With Neville also travelling with them, it meant no space for the Weasleys. That was a good trade as far as Hermione was concerned.

Dobby ensured all their luggage was in the racks in the carriage they would be travelling in. The first hour was spent with Neville getting the third degree over his wand and the fact he didn't have his own. The next seven hours were spent in Luna interviewing Harry for the Quibbler. Harry's life story and Hogwarts experience came out in every gory detail. Hermione was taken aback about how open Harry was being. Luna said Fudge was backed by a heliopath army. Harry said that the man had to have something backing him since he was an incompetent Minister. Harry was endorsing Amos Diggory as Minister in the election later that year. Harry hoped that persons of quality would jointly contest the Hogwarts Governors election. Harry saw steely eyed determination in Susan and Hannah's eyes and mirth in Luna's.

Harry got off the train. They all promised to keep in touch. Dumbledore had told Harry, by letter, that Harry was to stay inside his house and not communicate with anyone. Harry would ignore Dumbledore's orders. He avoided Vernon on King's Cross station. He found a space where he could not be seen. He summoned his rings by inheritance and right of conquest. His fingers soon had the Potter Lord ring and Black Heir ring on them. There was no sign of the Gaunt ring. Harry did not even know if they had one and the Peverell ring had not come. Harry suspected it was one of those things like the Diary. Harry released Hedwig. The owl flew off.

Harry summoned Dobby.

"The Great Master Harry Potter, Sir, summons Dobby." Dobby clung to Harry's leg. Was it Harry's imagination or was Dobby taller?

"Please, take all my stuff back to my room in 4 Privet Drive. If the trunks of my parents and anything else they wanted me to have are up in the attic, please move them to my room. The bars on my window should go. Please don't use my magical signature."

Dobby grinned. "Dobby know just the wizard to use." Harry had sent all of his future stuff to his room. "Study, Black family townhouse, London." Harry apparated. He surprised Sirius.

"Summon your Lord ring," Harry ordered. Sirius did. "What's happening?"

"Dumbledore and the Order are doing a Fidelius."

"Yeah. He did one for my family. Look how that turned out. You owe the man nothing. He left you to rot in Azkaban for the worst part of a dozen years and me to be beaten up by the Dursleys. Kreacher's probably waiting for you to say the word to evict them."

"They have excluded me from a room in my own home. Wait here." Sirius dashed off to stop the ritual. Kreacher came back with Sirius looking very smug.

"Crouch Junior got kissed by one of Fudge's dementors. He did not die like everyone thought. I think he killed his father."

"Kreacher go check with mother, if there's a way to get all House Crouch absorbed." Kreacher vanished.

Kreacher returned moments later. "There is a way. Sue for restitution." Sirius grinned.

"Now to kick my cousin Bellatrix out of House Black."

"Is there a way to take everything she has, without kicking her out?"

"What are you thinking, Harry?"

If something fatal were to happen to House Lestrange that would give House Black an in."

"It would at that. Kreacher!" Kreacher went off and then flashed back in. It was possible. Sirius invited Harry to dine with him. He almost had a hernia, when Harry suggested that Kreacher and Sirius' mother dine with them. Sirius nodded. That was more out of shock than anything else.

During the meal, Harry explained about the Diary. Kreacher vanished, bringing back a locket. Harry said open in parseltongue and then fought with all his might against the dark soul piece that tried to take him over. His love for Hermione was what won him the day.

"Master Regulus' command is fulfilled," Kreacher said.

Harry's parting words that Dumbledore had a lot to answer for had earned him the grudging respect of Walburga Black, portrait. Kreacher took Harry back to his room in Little Whinging. Harry waited till he heard Vernon complaining that Harry was not there and went downstairs.

"Of course, I was with you Uncle Vernon. I had everything under an Invisibility Cloak. I thought you'd be happy that no-one saw me with you."

Vernon huffed. Dudley said, "You have an Invisibility Cloak?"

"I do not know if it will work for non-magicals. If it does, any children you father might be magical." None of the Dursleys looked too keen on that happening.

"We're leaving to go on holiday, tomorrow. We'll be gone a month. We'll leave you £20 and you can always go see Mrs Figg." Petunia thought she was being generous. Harry thought that by her standards, she was.

Harry sent Hedwig off with a letter he sent Amelia Bones inviting her to visit him at 10am. Harry explained that Dumbledore had forbidden him from going anywhere. Harry had a good night's sleep. If Dudley had tried to get in, he'd been unsuccessful. Harry heard the Dursleys leaving. Freedom. Harry got up and then had breakfast. He found his parents' trunks. His mother's had four spells on a sheet, he pocketed it. The address of a solicitors in Godric's Hollow. Harry pocketed that, too. Harry completed his chores. At 10am, the front door bell rang. Harry opened it. There was a distinguished woman wearing a monocle over her right eye. Harry invited her in and spent the next couple of hours telling her what had gone on at Hogwarts for four years.

Harry showed Madam Bones the note from Dumbledore and asked if there was a way he could be emancipated. Harry also suggested that Amelia be one of twelve distinguished citizens who would serve this year on Hogwarts Board of Governors. Amelia said he should come with her to the Ministry to sign a statement and get the process of emancipation started. Harry agreed. He quickly cast the spells for Unplottable, Untrackable and Untraceable. He felt drained. The spells were coming with him. He took a couple of bags of sickles for the Night Bus or, as he called it, the Puke Bus.

At the Ministry, Harry signed his statement and said that he wanted to be emancipated. He then had a trip to the department of Mysteries, escorted by Amelia. The Wall of Life confirmed that Pettigrew and Riddle had survived. Harry would have to do something about that. Harry heard the Prophecy. Amelia was staggered that Dumbledore had done nothing to prepare Harry for his date with Destiny.

Harry left the Ministry and went to Gringotts. He didn't have his Vault Key. He did have his Lord ring. The goblins got helpful. He grabbed 1000 galleons out of his Vault. He met his account manager. Battlehammer was his name. He took the mail redirect rather personally. Since the Wills of the dead Potters had not been read, Harry could access the Fleamont and Potter main Vault. He did There were the time machines. The Black account manager was Sharpaxe. Harry had expected Dumbledore and Molly Weasley would have drained his accounts. He was pleasantly surprised that they had not.

Harry sorted out a time machine to use with Hermione. It was a sleek, two people covered model with plenty of baggage space. The controls were so easy to use that it might have been made for him.

In the Black Vault he found a cup that seemed to be one of those things. He had Kreacher take it back to 12 Grimmauld Place. Harry knew where it was, officially now. Harry did his shopping in Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley. He spent all his money. He bought the two books, the pamphlets and Hogwarts Rule book, a brand spanking new trunk that Harry hoped would be Ron proof and the Hand of Glory. He sent Dobby back with his purchases.

Harry went back to the Ministry. He asked her to go to maximum security. She did. More to really tell him off than anything else. When Harry told her that Voldemort was back, she was glad she had. Harry said he'd deny that he fought the guy, but she had to know. The 10 Death Eaters in Azkaban had to die. Voldemort would be sure to go after freeing them.

Harry ate lunch at Tom's. His emergency funds covered the expense. His afternoon began with Dobby apparating him to Godric's Hollow. Harry said all 4 spells in his property. Sirius had told him that he'd met Hagrid who was coming downstairs. There were no stairs. Someone had blown a third of his house up. There was a sheet of paper addressed to him. There should have been a 2nd sheet, but that was missing. That had to be talking about Snape. He was marked as having been inside that Halloween and for burying Harry's parents.

The solicitor told Harry that he was very well-off. Lily's portfolio was doing well. Harry was pleased to allow the people looking after it, to continue. The repairs would be started on the house. Harry instructed the solicitor to pursue back rents and get them paid and then evicts al his tenants and sell the properties. He had a sizeable bank account for his personal needs under the name Henry Evans and it was a checking account.

Harry went to sit in a park area. On old woman joined him and left him a bag containing a book and a portkey. The address of Nurmengard was given. Harry knew what he had to do. He used the portkey to get there to kill Grindelwald and ended the Fidelius. Harry used the other three spells his mother had left him. It did mean Dumbledore would no longer remember anything about the place. Unfortunately, that meant Dumbles would not take his usual holiday break. Harry took the portkey back to Godric's Hollow and called Dobby to take him home.

Harry did not have any homework, because he'd only been auditing the classes. He wanted to pick up the text books for his OWL year. He also wanted to pick up the textbooks for years 3 and 4 in Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. He'd have to go to Gringotts again. It would have to wait for the morrow. Harry found letters from his mother and father. He read the single sheet that his mother had written to him. His father said he had to dress the part as he would one day be Lord Potter.

The letter from his father gave Harry tips on being Lord Potter. Things he had learnt from the Heir Fleamont Potter, his father. His mother letter in the trunk detailed her private share portfolio and solicitors in Cokeworth that Harry needed to visit. There were warnings about Petunia and Vernon that Harry thought were, if anything, understated. He'd lived the nightmare. There were warnings, too, about trusting Albus Dumbledore. Harry learnt that the family name of Euphemia was Forley not Fawley or Farley as Harry had thought. There were also portraits of his parents. Harry could not bring himself to look at them or talk with them.

Harry was convinced Hermione had said she was going on holiday in August. He'd have to check that she was on holiday from July First. She was probably throwing off any eavesdroppers. He'd have Dobby check.

Harry remembered seeing a tiara in what must have been the Room of Requirement when he had served detention with Filch. He'd get Dobby retrieve that Thursday. Harry spent the time before going to bed on Tuesday going through the two trunks. Harry was specifically going through the trunks looking for descriptions of the Potter and Fleamont Manors. He found the reference to what sounded to him like the parking garage for an in-use time machine.

Wednesday 28th June 1995 was a fine day. Harry awoke. He found Dobby and Winky in his bedroom. He took them on as personal House-elves. He asked Dobby to make his properties House-elf and Phoenix proof. Dobby clicked his fingers, vanished and re-appeared. Winky set about cleaning 4 Privet Drive. Harry explained to Dooby that he'd be going into the Muggle world on Thursday and would not be back until late on his birthday, July 31st. Dobby got it hat he was to pretend to be Harry for that time. It took Harry quite a while to calm Dobby down.

Harry summoned Kreacher and introduced the House-elf to Dobby and Winky. Kreacher did not look happy. Harry did not care one little bit. Harry had Kreacher take him to 12 Grimmauld Place. Harry ate with Sirius and Remus Lupin who had agreed to become Steward for House Black. Harry took a dark magic bag and bottomless bag with him to Gringotts. He took out 5000 galleons. Harry found the Cup of Hufflepuff in the Black Vault and placed it in the Dark Magic bag. There were another 1500 galleons that had belonged to Bellatrix. Harry added those to his bag. He passed on the jewellery. Kreacher came when summoned and took the Dark Magic bag back to the Black townhouse. Harry picked up the books. He summoned Dobby to take them 'home'.

Harry went clothes shopping at Twilfitt and Tattings. He paid 4000 galleons for an expandable full Wizengamot dress robe set. He paid another 500 galleons for a wardrobe befitting his status as a Lord of magical Britain. Harry folded them carefully and added them to his bag. He summoned Dobby, who took the bag back home.

Harry took the Night Bus to Cokeworth. He went to the library to see if the death of his Evans grandparents had made the local paper. It had. Harry read the microfiche story. They had died in a car crash. They'd been at a set of traffic light and for some in explicable reason had cross on red, straight into an articulated lorry. Witnesses reported seeing a man with greasy hair and dressed in black fleeing the scene. Harry instantly thought of Snape.

Harry ate lunch in the café in the Library. Dobby had brought him a packed lunch. Then harry spent all afternoon in the solicitor's office that his mother had written down. Harry eventually discovered he had an £80000 education trust fund and £20000 in a share portfolio. These had been transferred to his Godric's Hollow Solicitors with Harry's instruction to sell the Evans share portfolio and put it in his checking account. Harry used his checking account to purchase a set of 3 suitcases. They were a rather garish colour and were on sale - two decent sized suitcases and a hand luggage bag.

Kreacher came to take him back to eat with Sirius. Remus was present as well. At the end of dinner, Harry opened a conversation.

"Sirius, Remus, I am going into the Muggle world tomorrow and Friday and on Saturday I am going on my first ever holiday. I'll be back late on my birthday. I would recommend that, if the Black's own any Health Spa's, you check in to one on Saturday and spend a year there. Remus can start the process of getting you cleared and should have completed that by the time you return."

"That's a good suggestion, Harry," Remus said.

"Okay, I can see I am outnumbered, here. I'll check in at our South of France Spa. Pretty nurses there, from what I remember."

Remus laughed. "They'll get you back to your old self in record time."

"What can you tell me about Little Hangleton?" Harry asked.

"That was the seat of the Gaunts. They were descended from Salazar Slytherin and were rivals of the Peverells and then the Potters. They backed Grindelwald and paid for it," Sirius said.

"This is the townhouse, where is the Black Manor House?" Harry enquired.

Both Sirius and Remus snorted. Sirius replied, "Malfoy Manor used to be Black manor. My grandfather gave it to Abraxas Malfoy in recognition of their camaraderie in ending the Knights of Walpurgis in magical Britain and then on the continent. That was in 1946. I want it back, before the 50th anniversary comes up."

"What's significant about the 50th anniversary?" Harry asked, intrigued.

Remus answered. "If it is not reclaimed by then, it cannot be, ever."

"The current Lord is Draco Malfoy. I killed his father in the graveyard of Little Hangleton."

"That opens up some possibilities," Remus said.

"And now for your draining of one of those damnable horcrux," Sirius announced. The three retired to a dungeon where Harry did indeed drain the cup of its unwelcome guest. He was less tired after doing that one.

"I'll take a Dark Magic bag. I think I remember seeing another item that could be one. If it is, I'll be back tomorrow morning." Both Sirius and Remus grimaced.

Kreacher took Harry back to 4 Privet Drive. Harry read a chapter of the 13th Edition of A History of magic. It finally dawned on him who the old woman was. He slept fitfully. He awoke to breakfast in bed. Winky was spoiling him. Dobby went off to retrieve the dark item with a bag and a warning from Harry not to touch it. Dobby returned moments later with the item. He confirmed the item was dark.

Harry packed his suitcases. The six textbooks and the History of Magic were the first items in. His technomage staff and cloak followed. That was it. He summoned Kreacher and the pair went off with the 3 garish suitcases and Kreacher holding the Dark Bag. He was soon back at Black townhouse. Harry had two wands both in holsters.

"That is one garish set of suitcases, Harry," Sirius said.

"I'd rather people remember my garish suitcases than me," Harry replied.

Harry did his draining of the tiara thing and found that he was not tired at all. Kreacher took him outside of the Leaky Cauldron. Harry did not enter. Instead, he went to The Clermont Hotel on the Strand. The staff there looked askance at the garish suitcases and kid dressed in rags. Harry explained that he wanted full board for Thursday (today), Friday and check out after dinner Saturday evening.

A phone call to his bank confirmed that Henry Evans did have an account and did have the funds to pay his hotel bill. Harry had a room key rather than a key card. He did not want to scramble any electronics. The room was great. He had a king-sized bed. He was paying for luxury and he'd got it.

Harry went clothes shopping at a very up market store near to the Leaky Cauldron. Again, Harry was dressed in his tatters, courtesy of the Dursleys. The shop assistants looked askance at his appearance. Another call to the bank, which assured the store that Henry Evans had the funds to pay them and if he were dressed in the rags he'd showed up at the bank in, he definitely needed new clothes.

"Well, there was a sea change in attitude. Harry became an aspiring young gentleman. If they wanted snob, Harry could do snob. He channelled his inner Draco Malfoy. There were five major categories. Casualwear, Smartwear and Formal Tuxedo. Harry added Schoolwear and Beachwear. There was Slumberwear as well. Harry went for an optional, Countrywear, too. Harry spent £7000 on clothes, gratuities and taxi fare back to the Hotel. Harry also had a full makeover; pedicure, manicure, hair styled and fully body waxing. That was included in the price. It was all a ploy of course to get people to come back to the store and spend loads of money.

Harry missed lunch. He could still have lunch sent up to his room. So, he had lunch sent up to his room. He'd gone for the cold luncheon. A pretty maid delivered lunch. Harry decided against channelling his inner Sirius Black. Harry enjoyed his meal. The luncheon was exceedingly good. The same maid returned to take the empty tray, plates and cutlery away.

Harry changed into some of his new casualwear clothing. He was very tempted to throw his Dursley rags away. He realised that he needed to keep them, for the time being. He packed the rest into his suitcases. The shoes and caps just about fit.

Harry spent the afternoon using plain blank paper and the hotel pens to note down everything he could find about House Potter. The 13th Edition stopped in 1947. Harry noted the page number and copied the exact text for every entry about the Potters.

Harry wore his smartwear to dinner. Dinner was an extravaganza. It started with hors d'oeuvres. Harry had a prawn cocktail. Next was a fine chicken soup with a couple of bread rolls. Harry did not trust any of the fancier soup choices. Harry chose duck for his main course served with roast potatoes and a selection of season vegetables. For dessert Harry selected a chocolate offering with a sauce that may or may not have had alcohol in it. Harry chose a selection of cheeses and cheese biscuits next. He tried the liqueur that came with his chocolate biscuit. He then had a pot of tea that he could slowly sip. He rounded his meal off with a cola, having declined a brandy. Harry declined joining the adult men in the Smoking Room. He had no wish to indulge in passive smoking.

He had spent three hours in the dining room. It was now 10 o'clock. Harry decided to watch TV. By mistake he selected the Adult version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. He decided, since he was paying extra, that he'd jolly well watch it all the way through. He did spend pretty much all of the film with a face as red as the Weasleys turned in embarrassment. Harry had never had the 'birds and the bees' talk and did not need it after watching the film.

He wore one of his slumberwear pyjamas set. He slept very well. In the morning, he luxuriated in the shower, He noticed that there was enough soap, shampoo, shower gel to last him the three days he was staying. He put out the clothes he had worn the previous day for washing, except that is for the Dursley rags. He did not believe they would survive being washed, muggle style.

Breakfast did not have quite the number of courses that dinner had had. Harry started with some orange juice. He then had a couple of kippers. A bowl of cornflakes followed. He partook of a full English plate full. A couple of croissants with some strawberry jam completed the eating part of breakfast. He had a pot of tea to complete his breakfast. Harry reckoned that the amount of eating the way he had would see him equalling Dudley's size in a month.

Harry stopped by reception to explain his mistake in viewing and to ask that all Adult channels be disabled. He claimed that he found it most educational, his face turning bright red as he said that. The receptionist chuckled and did as he had asked.

Back in his room, Harry noticed that the clothes he had left out, neatly stacked, had been taken away for washing. He attended to references to House Dumbledore in the 13th Edition that Friday morning. At lunch time, Harry went down to the lunch room and had the same cold luncheon he had eaten in his room, the previous day. A family of two parents and a pretty girl around Harry's age asked him if they could join him, seating being at a premium. Harry agreed. He stood as the others sat down. He then sat down. The meals came together. Harry was careful to introduce himself as Henry Evans and start with a cola, like the girl.

The others turned out to be a Duke and his family. Harry remembered that Dukes were addressed as 'your grace'. The Duke said he needn't bother addressing him as such. Harry did remember Sir and Madam. The girl said she could not inherit the Dukedom, but there was a Marquisate that she could. Harry commiserated with her. They were flying out early on Saturday to Monaco. They'd be taking the boxed continental breakfast that the hotel made up that they could eat in the airport. They did most of the talking, saving Harry having to lie.

After Harry's most interesting lunch, he returned to write down all the references to House Malfoy. Harry used the hotel stapler to create mini-books. Mid-afternoon, his clothes returned, all neatly folded.

Harry wore his smart clothes for his evening meal. He ran into the Duke and his family, just as he was about to enter the dining area.

"Your Grace," Harry began.

"What have I told you about using my formal address?" the Duke asked.

"Not to. Sir, madam and lady Natasha, a pleasure to make your acquaintance again."

"Shall we dine together?" Madam asked.

"I'd be honoured, Madam."

The family were actually surprised that Harry was staying in same class of service as them. They were lead to the table the Duke always had. Harry watched the Duke start with a gin and tonic and ordered the same. He had a stuffed avocado next. He did not know what it was stuffed with, but it was very nice. That was followed by trout served with a light salad, tartare sauce and various salad dressings and a couple of slices of white bread. Harry then had tomato soup with a couple of brown bread rolls. He put butter on them. Harry's main course was a plateful he thought even Ron Weasley would struggle with. Lamb cutlets with mint sauce, boiled and roast potatoes, carrots, peas, sprouts and broccoli. That was washed down by a reserved red wine that the Duke always had. Harry's eyes lit up for dessert. There was his favourite treacle tart and whipped cream. He had dessert wine to go with that. Harry stuck with his cheeseboard selection from the previous night. There was a cheese wine to go with that. There would be, Harry thought. Harry chose a different liqueur and another chocolate biscuit. Harry was ready for his pot of tea. The brandy might have been a drink too far. He suspected a set up.

The Duke began. "We're a fairly old family. We're descended from a prominent family, the Peverils." It was all Harry could do not to splutter brandy everywhere. "They also spelled their name -ell rather than -il. They held the Feudal Barony of the Peak, in the peak district. They were descended from King William the Conqueror and a Saxon princess, allegedly. Because of this Royal association, a Duchy soon followed. The last Duke from our family was Antioch Peverell. He only had a daughter from whom we descend. She took the Scottish Marquisate, after Antioch died. The Duchy passed to Ignotus Peverell and then went into abeyance a couple of generations later with an only daughter.

We came south with James VI and I and sometime in the 19th century got our Duchy back, although it was just a Union Dukedom. At least our daughter will inherit the Scottish title. What about you?"

"I haven't such an illustrious set of ancestors. My name is Henry Evans."

"Evans," the lady said "Would you be related to the Cokeworth Evans'?"

"Since I just inherited a load of stuff from them, I suppose I must be."

"Theirs is a sad tale," the Duke said. "At one time they owned Cokeworth, lock stock and barrel. They were the Lords of the Manor, Squires of the land. They may even have purchased a Baronetcy. They made an absolute fortune mining coke. Unfortunately for them, they made unwise investments and lost it all in the Great Crash of 1929. I heard they died in a car crash, the most recent husband and wife. A great shame. My wife is from that family, so you'll be related in some way. There was nothing for her side of the family to inherit. So, are you upwardly mobile, again, Henry?"

"Yes, Sir. After the amount I have had to drink I am so glad I got reception to disable all adult channels, especially after my mistake yesterday."

"You can do that, can you?" Madam asked.


Harry accompanied them to reception. They disabled the adult content off their viewing selection. They told reception the time they'd check out and that they would want three of their boxed continental breakfasts. Harry waited until they had gone up in the lift before addressing reception.

"What time will you be checking out, sir?"

"20 hundred hours."

"That is the latest you can check out, before being charged another day."

"I shall take my meals in my room tomorrow. Since I paid for breakfast on Thursday but came after, do I get one of your coveted continental boxed breakfasts?"

"You do. I'll just print off one of the meal selections and choices for you tomorrow."

"Thank you."

Reception handed him his meal choice with the continental box breakfast ticked to be at reception at checkout. Back in his room, Harry considered the options. He went with the full English selection for breakfast. The cold luncheon for lunch and melon, roast beef meal and treacle tart and ice cream for supper. That would be served at 5pm. He made his selections and attached the menu choice outside his room around the handle.

Harry slept well and woke in time for breakfast. He put his Dursley rags back on. He left the clothes for washing, neatly folded. They were gone, when he came out of the bathroom. He decided to have a bath. He had never had one, at least since he left Godric's Hollow aged 15 months.

Harry worked through the references to House Black. It took him until just after lunch to complete. He then did one for House Weasley. He just finished that before supper arrived. He had a quick shower. Whilst in there, his clothes were returned. It was now 7pm.

Harry packed everything in his suitcases. He checked he had everything. He took the rest of the complimentary writing kit the hotel had put out for him. He took a hairnet more in hope than expectation that it would control his unruly hair. Harry checked again that he had everything, confirmed he had. He closed the door behind him.

He arrived at reception at 7:45pm. He handed over his key. He used his cheque book and card to pay the £3000 in charges, gratuities and tips. In one journey he had spent half of what was in his checking account. No doubt the bank would chalk that up to another loser who came into money and blew the lot. Harry picked up his boxed continental breakfast, put it in his hand luggage bag and thanked the staff for their attention.

Harry put on a cap. He walked to the Leaky Cauldron, out the back and tapped on the three bricks with his wand. He walked into Gringotts. At the teller's desk, he said "Vault 687."

"Key," the very bored teller said. Harry handed over the Key. It was returned to him and he was directed to a waiting cart.

"Potter main vault." Harry flashed the goblin a look at the Potter Head of House ring. At the Vault, the goblin used the master key to effect entry. Harry closed the door. He was not worried about getting looked in. Harry made his way to the time machine that he would be using and placed his suitcases in the boot. What else could he call it? The cap went into the hand luggage bag.

Harry got into the driving seat. If Hermione was not there, he'd feel very foolish. He set the location and current date and time. He had forgotten that France was an hour ahead. He would actually arrive an hour before he'd set off. He pressed the start handle. For a moment, the machine thought about it. Then it whirled into action. A few minutes later, Harry was in the south of France in the middle of a briar patch. Harry cleared an entrance way and passage to his vehicle. He cast a silent, wandless Notice-me-Not Charm. He changed into beachwear. His trunks were a little tight. Maybe all that food had not been a good idea. He still had a hangover from the night before. His beach towel was of a style and quality to rival, no surpass, any towel that a German might use to claim a beach chair or spot in the beach. He chose a spot on the beach. He added more Notice-me-not charms on his wands, holsters and clothes. A repel muggle charm was added to safeguard his beach towel. Clad only in trunks, Harry made his way to the sea.

Hermione was clad in a sky-blue one-piece bathing suit. In fact, had not seen Hermione at the Yule Ball, he would not have recognized her. Harry admired her legs. He followed her into the water -parallel, naturally. She did not see him. She swam well. Unlike Harry, whose only swimming experience was in the future, for a week.

Hermione's mother came to the water to call her out. Harry tailed them, first to their spot on the beach and then to their tent in the campsite. Their tent had an honest to goodness door knocker. Harry went back to his towel and dried himself off. He did use magic on his trunks and towel to dry them. He then went back, clad in beachwear to his vehicle. He finished getting out of his clothes and folded them neatly back in his suitcase #2. This was where he had included his country clothing. He could wear his cap again. He cancelled the spells on his wands and holsters. He dressed in his country clothes. The very image of a country squire. He was very pleased he had his shoehorn. The shoes took a bit of persuading to go on his feet.

Harry took a few deep breaths. He was a Gryffindor, wasn't he? A ten minute walk later and he knocked on the tent door.

Mrs Granger answered it. "Hello," she said.

"Is Miss Hermione in?" Harry asked, deepening his voice. Mrs Granger took in the expensive clothes and confident persona and invited Harry in.

Mr Granger was asking Hermione through a closed partition if Harry Potter had written to her. A muffled, "No" could just about be heard, along with some sobs.

Mrs Granger said," You've a visitor."

Hermione, still in her bathing suit opened the partition enough to look at her visitor. "Don't know him." She closed the partition up again. Harry counted slowly to three. The partition was opened with some force. Harry wondered if the zip was still in one piece.

"Harry," Hermione shrieked. A Hermione shaped missile launched itself into Harry and a Hermi-hug enveloped him. She disengaged from him and said," I'll change."

"Fetching bathing suit," Harry said. Hermione went red. She made sure the partition was fully zipped. Harry could hear her question, though. "Do you have any idea what your article in the Quibbler caused?"

"No, I have been in normal world."

"Where were you staying?" Mr Granger asked.

"At The Clermont, in the Strand. I spent too much money so that my bank manager is going to read me the riot act next time we meet up. I experienced my first hangover. I met a Duke and a very nice pretty daughter. I have no idea what I said to her."

"How did she compare with Hermione?" Mrs Granger asked. Mr Granger recognized the danger signal in her voice. Harry did not.

"Not in my eyes."

"Why are you here?" Mrs Granger was not finished.

"I am having my first ever holiday. I hear they are more enjoyable, if shared. I'd like to whisk Hermione away with me. I could not think of someone I should like to share a holiday with more."

"When will you bring her back?" Mrs Granger was still not done.

"I'll bring her back in the afternoon of July 31st, my birthday."

"Will she need her passport?" Mrs Granger was still in full protection mode.

"Not where we're going." Mrs Granger was now sure that Harry had checked into a hotel nearby.

Hermione emerged changed and carrying her packed suitcase. "Can I go, mom, dad?" Harry choked back a laugh. Seeing their daughter standing like that, there was no doubt about the answer.

"Okay, honey," both parents answered. Hermione kissed both on the cheek and then strode out of the tent.

"Behave," Harry was told by Mr Granger. He followed Hermione out of the tent. He offered to carry her case; a gesture not missed by the Grangers. Nor was the one of her giving Harry the case whilst still talking.

"Your article was taken to heart by so many people. They wanted to lynch Dumbledore. Me included. You should have seen the letters in the Daily Prophet. Molly sent a letter saying that Albus Dumbledore could not possibly have done anything as despicable as that."

"Despicable?" Harry enquired.

"Yes, despicable. There were many letters saying that she should keep her ignorant nose out of things she did not understand. I can see Howlers heading their way."

"Very likely," Harry agreed.

Hermoine then launched into her holiday homework, telling Harry every little detail about each of her assignments. She had yet to ask Harry where they were going or how long for. Ten minutes later the pair was standing outside a briar patch.

"Where are we going, Harry?"