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Parappa Rappa rode his skateboard to meet up with his friends...

"Whoa, there's the gang! And Sunny Funny is with them!" Parappa thought to himself as he approached his friends and said... "Hey guys! Do you want to go to the movies?"

"The movies? No." PJ Berri was the first to answer who then said... "Check out this new comic book."

"Wow! Joe Chin is such a great hero!" Katy Kat excitedly said.

"Look how he handles all those bad guys." PJ said with admiration.

" I guess being in your own comic book would be cool, if you're into that sort of thing." said Sunny Funny.

"My own comic book? I'd have to be a hero like Joe Chin. But how can I do that?" Parappa ponders to himself. He suddenly gets an idea and said... 'Yeah, i know! I gotta believe!"

Parappa rides his skateboard out of town and enters a fighting contest for the chance at the ultimate prize. After battling Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Sir Daniel and many other combatants, he is seen riding his skateboard through the rival arena but a portal comes out of nowhere in front of him and he falls off his skateboard and landed on his bottom, exiting the portal is a short sized, brown-furred hellhound who looks similar to Parappa but has beige hair, and is wearing black shade sunglasses, a digital wristwatch a black tank top, gray jeans and black and red sneakers.

"What the...? Who are you?" Parappa asked the stranger.

"Who am i?" The brown furred dog said with a chuckle. "I am your future."

The hellhound takes off his shades to reveal his eyes with an orange sclera and white irises. He then said... "Forged in the flames of hell."

"H-Hell?! But i haven't done anything wrong!" Parappa denied.

"Did you forget that you destroyed your father's car and worked with a thieving scumbag to pay for the repairs?" Hellhound Parappa brought up. "It was the beginning of your own descent."

"I know i messed up that time, but i learned my lesson." Parappa assured his evil counterpart. "And i'll never let anything turn me into a monster like you!"

'It's useless, the devil's hands will reach you one day and that's when your reign of evil begins." said Hellhound Parappa.

"Whoever he is, he won't get me while I'm still kickin!" Parappa stood firm strong in his beliefs as he does a karate pose.

Hellhound Parappa got down on all fours and starts growling like a feral wolf, as both sides of the rapping dog prepare for battle. Hellhound Parappa was quick and powerful, but the willpower of the good side of Parappa and the teachings of Chop Chop Master Onion overpowered him. (Or maybe that was a stroke of luck) Parappa continued on after defeating the demonic dog and eventually won the competition. Some time later, Parappa returns home and finds his friends looking at a poster of Joe Chin.

"The gang! I thought i'd never see them again." Parappa thought to himself.

"Parappa! You're back!" PJ Berri said happy to see his best friend again.

"We've all been wondering where you went." said Katy Kat.

"It's good to see you all, too." Parappa said feeling relieved. He looked at the poster and asked... "Is that Joe Chin on that poster?"

"Yeah. He's gone missing." Sunny Funny answered.

"It seems as though he wanted to be in some contest, but he wasn't invited." PJ explained.

"No one knows where he is, now." said Katy.

"A contest? I wonder..." Parappa pondered still remembering about the tournament. "Let's go to the Club Fun!"

"Sounds fun! Are you going to perform, PaRappa?" asked Sunny.

"Yeah! And I can't wait to show off my new style!" Parappa replied confidently as he and his friends headed toward the club.

Unbeknownst to our hero, orange glowing eyes appeared in Parappa's shadow...

The End.