Summary: Naruto is dying. He has many regrets, including not being able to save his best friend. Meanwhile, Rimuru and Veldora are waiting for their first egg to hatch. This time, Naruto is given the chance to fulfill his dreams and more. VeldoraXRimuru Future SasuNaru Alpha/Beta/Omega Omega!Veldora

It's cold.

The water crashed against my body painfully. My vision blurred. My body feels hot.


[Cold Resistance acquisition successful]

Is it the kyuubi healing my wounds? It… doesn't matter. I can feel the cold water crushing my lungs. Even if my wounds heal, I wouldn't survive this. I know that. Next time, I won't die this easily.

[Unique Skill: Undying acquisition successful.]

I can't believe I'm dying. I'm still genin. There's so much more I want to do. I wish I can eat ramen one last time. In my next life… I'll definitely… eat more. Try all the food I haven't tried.

[Unique Skill: Devourer Acquisition Successful]

Man, this makes me hungry… So hungry…. I feel.. empty…

[Unique Skill: Starved acquisition successful]

[Notice: Devourer and Starved combined resulting in Unique Skill: Gluttony acquisition]

Am I really dying? I… I haven't even saved Sasuke yet. This is the worst. To have lived and died alone. To have failed my one and only best friend. I wish… I wish to have… to have a friend.

One who will always be by my side. I don't want to be alone.

[Exception granted. Querying]

[Querying for closest skill match. Failed]

[Attempting to re-execute…]

A dark and deep voice echoed. "So shall I young one. I will accompany you from this life to the next."

[Warning: Interference from a secondary soul]

[Attempting to re-execute…]

[Unique Skill: Kitsune Sage Acquisition Successful]

[Warning: Extra soul detected… Creating compatible host body…. Failed]

[Warning: Souls too great for any created host body…]

[Querying compatible body… Searching for compatible body with acceptable parameters… Successfully found. Executing…]

The whole of Tempest is abuzz. Excitement filled the air and the streets of Rimuru city as people gathered to the nesting ground. This has been constructed as a nesting ground for the Dragon Newts, to help them hatch their eggs in a more stable temperature and condition, to ensure a communal care for their eggs away from their swamp lands as Jura Forest is dryer than their homeland.

But that is not the cause for excitement today.

The monsters gathered at the very center, the largest nest proudly in display. On its center is the guardian deity of Jura Forest- the Storm Dragon Veldora Tempest. This day, and indeed in the last few months, he has forgone his usual human appearance, choosing instead to assume his original form, a large imposing figure that many from all over the world sought to see for themselves and pray for protection.

This is partly the reason why the nesting ground is a popular stop for many of the residents of the Jura Tempest Federation. Even residents far to the swamp lands are seen visiting. For it is a rare sight to see their protector in full display, and in such an approachable mood. Many have brought offerings and prayed.

And while Veldora would usually deny these actions, he is far too exhausted to care at the moment. The reason being, the other reason for the excitement. Cradled protectively in the dragon's arms is an orange egg. The egg is drawing massive energy from him and it had tempered his strength a great deal. Even his alpha, the current ruler of Rimuru City can be seen often in his slime form, when he comes to care for their egg. They took turns nourishing their egg and it still leaves them exhausted.

Now this would have been a normal sight. Both alpha and omega taking turns to care for their egg while the other presides the daily affairs of their kingdom. However, this time, both Rimuru and his mate are in their nest.

A few days ago, the egg has been emitting huge quantities of aura, signifying that the hatchling within it is awakening in the coming days, ready to emerge from its dark confines. And it is drawing massive magicules, not just from its parents but from the environment around it.

"Greedy little hatchling." Veldora whispered, slightly out of breath as Rimuru gently nuzzled against the dragon's torso. The entire officers are there, just as so many of their subordinates and citizens.

"I agree. Who did it take after, I wonder?" Rimuru joked, earning him a sharp look from the dragon.

"Shut up you… I was only eating so much because of how big this egg is. You have any idea how long this little one to leave my body?" Veldora muttered with a blush.

The public gathered at the nesting ground laughed. The banter between their lord and guardian deity a common source of entertainment ever since they started nesting. While the rest watched on in anticipation, some were busy perusing the makeshift stalls of food and merchandise lining the edges of the ground.

The once solemn dark and damp cave transformed into a mini festival as the hour of the hatching draws near. Not just stalls but children around were running joyfully as they came with their parents to visit Veldora's Nest.

Then, it happened.

A spike of tremendous aura caused the public gathered to tremble. But they showed no fear… just anticipation and reverence for the new being to come into their world.

"Great Rimuru, Lord Veldora, Shuna and Shion are here with the supplies. It is an honor to be a part of this occasion." Benimaru bowed in front of them. Rimuru just nodded as he accepted the wrap, cloth and other supplies from his attendants.

A surge of energy filled the cave until a small crack becomes visible on the egg. Everyone took a collective gasp as golden light filled the cave. Then, the nesting ground is entirely silent. Monsters and humans watched on as a golden slime emerged from the egg, earning gasps at the onlookers. Golden slimes are rare in their world. Practically unheard of.

But it doesn't end there.

FIrst it transformed into a golden dragon, similar to their guardian deity which evoked a sense of reverence and chill at the onlookers. It gave a small cry, a cute roar that caused some onlookers to coo and swoon. Before finally, it transformed into a human baby.

"Look love… he has your hair." Rimuru cradled their newborn infant in his arms. The tenderness that their lord showed to the small being touched everyone- some even began to cry. Some knelt in reverence. And some jumped for joy at the coming of a new life in Tempest.

"It's not fair… why doesn't he have my eyes?"

A claw tenderly cupped Rimuru's face.

"Doesn't he? His eyes are close to your hair. And look… he has our face." This seemed to placate Rimuru somehow. "And he has your beautiful tanned skin." They looked in awe at the perfect merging of their features in one being. Their son has horizontal lightning marks, three on each cheeks, signifying his heritage as a storm dragon.

This is definitely their son.

Veldora's heart soared with joy. Their long awaited moment has finally come. He took this opportunity to take his son from his alpha's arms and presented the infant to their subjects.

"Everyone, meet my glorious, handsome, strong and super cute son, Naruto Tempest, the heir to your lord and master. Isn't he the best? Kneel before his unequaled greatness and awesome presence!" Rimuru facepalmed at the overly enthusiastic way his omega introduced their son but a soft smile was playing on his lips. He will let Veldora have his moment for now.

After all, the dragon has given him his miracle.

For someone who died alone and unloved as Mikami Satoru, Rimuru could not believe that in this life, he would have a family.

A large family in the name of the Jura Tempest Federation, who he considers all to be his children after he gave them all names. But now, he has his own son, a strong and beautiful boy from his beloved omega.

What more can he ask at this point?

His dream country where both humans and monsters alike can live and coexist in harmony stands unchallenged at the center of the continent. He has established the family he always dreamed about.

Everyone's cheers died down for a moment as a menacing aura entered through the cave.

"Rimuru!" A childish whine warned before the coming of a gust of wind. "Where is he? Where is my cousin? A demon lord like me can feel that aura. I know he hatched. Nothing can escape Milim's Eye. No fair best friend. Why do you always forget to invite me."

"Ahhh…. Milim…" Rimuru chuckled before Milim stopped as she saw who's holding said cousin.

"Uncle! Let me hold him! I want to hold my cousin! So unfair!"

"Ahh my niece. You'll get your chance later. For now, this hatchling is mine and Rimuru's." Veldora just laughed off Milim's whines.

"You'll get lots of time to play with him when he grows older, Milim." Rimuru added, which seemed to placate the demon lord.

The atmosphere turned lighter after that. As everyone instead turned their attention to the new hatchling. Wishes of congratulations and well wishes resumed. And the joyous occasion filled the night.

No one could predict what the coming of Naruto Tempest into their world would entail. But for now, the little family and the kingdom of Tempest celebrates. After all, a new life is always precious. Even in a harsh world like this, they are cherished and celebrated.

But the birth of a new Storm Dragon is an event that will be told in legends for centuries to come.

A/N: And it's done. To be continued.

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