A/N: This Chapter's title was SUPPOSED to be "Nicknames", but I messed up while formatting it :/ Anyways, this takes place a few months after the end of the game!

Jo'Tenarr sat next to the statue of Meridia, scratching something onto a roll of paper with charcoal. Two books sat open next to him, one on a page adorned with spiders, and the other on what looked like a Ta'Agra dictionary. "So, for Mephala, there's technically already a word for her: Mafala." As the Khajiit said this, he marked down a line of Ta'Agra letters. The paper was split into two columns, with daedric symbols on the left and Ta'Agra on the right. About half of the daedric words had Ta'Agra words next to them.

"That means that next up is…" He turned the page of the smaller book to one decorated with images of wings and flowing lines. There was a sketch of a sword quite similar to the one clipped to his belt down in the temple, and another of a figure in horned golden armor with an axe in their hand. "You!"

Finally. I do not understand why we didn't start with me.

"We're doing this in alphabetical order," The Dragonborn huffed. "Anyways, I was thinking. How do you feel about Ro'Vijah?"

It is acceptable. What does it mean?

Jo'Tenarr grinned. He hefted the massive dictionary into his lap and started flipping towards the back. "Ro is an honorific assigned to women in positions of power, meaning Queen in this context. It's the feminine form of Ri. Since you always appear as feminine, I thought that fit best."

Go on.

"Vijah is fairly simple, it just means life. So, Ro'Vijah roughly translates to Queen of Life."

Very well. Mark it down.

Jo'Tenarr complied, shifting the heavy tome out of his lap and onto the stones beneath him. Once the last stroke of the name was finished, he placed the paper and charcoal down, heaving a sigh. "Now, Ro'Vijah, the next prince is-"

Molag Bal. I am aware. You understand my trepidation to give him a Ta'Agra name, but I fear he may be horribly angered if we don't… Chosen, what is with that expression?

The "expression" Meridia was talking about was what Jo'Tenarr's friends liked to call the "bounty look". He only took on this look when he had a particularly devious idea in mind, the kind that almost always ended with a bounty on someone's head. His grin was wild and his eyes were gleaming with mischief. "My idea for Molag's name is Ri'Isoveza."

That… Is that supposed to be funny?

"Oh, it is. As you already know, Ri means man in power, king in this context. Isozeva, on the other hand, is a Ta'agra insult that translates to Small-Tail." Jo'Tenarr's grin grew even wider, if that was even possible, and in that moment, he looked an awful lot like Sheogorath at their most chaotic.

Another voice cut into the conversation. This voice belonged to Shrike, Jo'Tenarr's enigmatic guide and closest friend.

"I'm sorry." The spirit could barely get his words out through laughter, and his voice was filled with mirth. "Are you saying that you're essentially calling Molag Bal 'King Little Dick'?"

"Yep. Made even better by the fact he's the Lord of Domination." At this, Shrike roared with laughter. Jo'Tenarr, despite trying to remain composed, broke soon after.

That name is perfect, Chosen. I know for a fact that Molag Bal doesn't understand Ta'Agra, so he won't notice immediately. That is, if he notices at all.

Despite the goddess's constant aloofness, the paladin could sense just the slightest bit of amusement from her. A minor victory.

A/N: So that's the first bit of writing I've ever posted! Hopefully you've enjoyed. I do plan to use this as a one-shot book of sorts, following Tenarr throughout his lifetime. Keep in mind, I am fairly new to the Elder Scrolls community, and I haven't yet finished Skyrim, so if anything's off, please let me know!