Hello everyone, I know it has been a long time but to be honest I fell out of writing fanfiction as I felt like it wasn't what I wanted or I felt like I was rushing it trying to get to the points that I wanted to type out instead of building it up and making it meaningful, well here's my first time giving it all I got! it's an Elden ring x Shield Hero crossover, while I haven't seen it in a while I do read the manga constantly so I will be watching Shield Hero while writing this, and if I mess up please PM me so I can fix it, I don't have a Beta as this is mostly a part-time thing for me.

Exhausted and disoriented, he could barely remember what he was doing. Suddenly, the metallic clang of swords brought him back to reality, and he remembered where he was and why he was there.

As his opponent swung a massive golden sword at him, he instinctively moved out of the way and looked at The Elden Beast. However, he felt no fear or excitement; only emptiness. He wasn't actively thinking about fighting anymore, but his body continued to do so on its own.

As he saw the Elden Beast, he quickly charged towards it and started attacking it vigorously with his sword, slashing its body multiple times. He then saw a crack in its body and plunged his sword into it. However, before he could strike again, the beast swatted him away, sending him flying through the air. He could feel his body adjusting itself in midair before landing back on the ground, but he had no time to waste as the Elden Beast attempted to impale him.

He parried the Elden Beast's attack and then used all his strength to once again stab his sword into its body. This time, the beast fell, and he felt the area shift back into the inner Erdtree. In front of him, lay the broken form of Queen Marika the Eternal. He stared at her for a moment before walking up to her and sitting down. He continued to stare at her shattered body in silence.

He knew how this would play out. The moment he repaired the Elden Ring and sat on the throne, everything he had done would be undone. He would be returned to the broken-down church and all the people he had slain would be alive again, with no memory of him or his deeds. This cycle had happened so many times that it had started to break him mentally. He remembered very little of each occurrence, but when he tried talking to Melina, Blaidd, and Iji about it, they dismissed him as delusional. He thought that if he knew their fates, he could change them. But could he?

How foolish he was to think that.

No matter what actions he took, however major the change, it all ended the same: killing Blaidd due to his insanity; Iji being slain by the Black Knives; Melina sacrificing herself to burn the Erdtree; Roderika and Hewg burning in the Roundtable Hold due to the burning of the Erdtree; and so much more. He almost couldn't bear it any longer and almost broke. It almost became a routine.

After shaking his head, he looked back at Queen Marika and let out a deep sigh. He then picked up her head and placed it back on her body, successfully restoring the Elden Ring. He had been preparing himself for the restart when suddenly he heard something completely new and different.

A soft, feminine voice whispered, "Great Hero, please answer my calls and help us." He knew that ignoring it would result in being stuck in a constant cycle. So he used his magic to respond to the call of this unknown person. As a result, a magic circle formed and drew him in. In one moment, he was there, and in the next, both he and Queen Marika, who was broken, disappeared.

Unknown to him, several other entities had also heard the same call and seized the opportunity to use whatever had transported him to an unknown location and use it to spread their influence throughout the unknown world. Whether their influence turned out to be beneficial or malicious, only time would tell.

The moment he woke up, he saw a beautiful woman with purple hair and eyes dressed in regal fashion, but not as strikingly beautiful as Queen Marika.

"Hello there," she greeted. He recognized the voice; it was the same one who had called for help. "I am deeply thankful that you two helped me when I called for help."

He felt a wave of confusion wash over him. 'Two?' he wondered, taking a moment to gather his thoughts. As he scanned his surroundings, his gaze fell upon a familiar figure lying next to him. It was Queen Marika, with her luscious blonde hair and stunning figure. He couldn't help but admire her beauty, even in this situation. 'Did we both get called here?' he mused, his mind racing with questions.

"I know this must be all new and confusing for you, but please let me explain. My name is Mirella Q Melromarc, and I am the Queen of the Kingdom on Melromarc. I'll get straight to the point. Our world is facing a dire situation called the waves. These waves bring about disaster and death. While our world has a way of solving this, my country, or rather my husband, decided to summon the 4 cardinal heroes. While summoning the 4 heroes isn't the problem as the other major countries and I were planning to summon one each and work together to stop the waves, my country summoned all 4 heroes. Thus causing all the countries to get angry with mine, in turn making me travel everywhere to quell their rage." Mirella said before wiping sweat off her head. "To resolve this, I figured if I used the same summoning method, I could summon other heroes to help, but I had failed the last few attempts. This was my final attempt, and thankfully, it worked." She finished before she started to fall down. The summoned Tarnished caught her.

"I understand," he said, gently lifting her and laying her on the bed. "My life has not been easy, but I promise to do my best to help you. Once you have recovered, we can talk more." As he finished speaking, two servants walked into the room. They were instantly on guard, as they saw a stranger wearing strange armor and another woman lying unconscious on the ground. Just as the two were about to attack, the Queen called out.

"Stand down, these two are the ones I summoned using the summoning spell." She ordered, and the two servants did as she ordered but kept their guard up.

The Tarnished, or the Former Tarnished, looked at his servants before shrugging and picking up the unconscious Queen Marika. "Is there a place where my companion and I can rest?" he asked, wanting to get some rest after all; he couldn't remember the last time he properly rested at a site of grace.

After receiving a nod of approval from the Queen, one of the attendants gracefully stepped forward and addressed the Former Tarnished, "Of course, it would be my pleasure to guide you to your quarters." With a gesture of her hand, she invited them to follow her, and the Former Tarnished trailed behind her.

After everyone had left the room, the remaining servant rushed to the queen's side, her face showing signs of worry. "My lady, I cannot help but be concerned about why you risked such a dangerous ritual. It could have killed you!" she said.

The Queen gave her a small smile, her expression calm and collected. "I know, but with my husband foolishly summoning all four heroes and discriminating against the Shield Hero, and Malty's false allegations that caused the Shield Hero to be hated, I felt like I had no other choice." She paused for a moment before continuing, her voice now filled with determination. "But this ritual will allow us to help the Shield Hero, even if I cannot provide immediate assistance."

The servant left him in a room that was nothing short of extravagant. The walls were adorned with intricate paintings, and the furniture was made of the finest wood. The bed on which he lay, Queen Marika, was big enough to accommodate three people comfortably and had silk sheets that felt like a dream against the skin. The man couldn't help but appreciate the lavishness of the room, but his attention was quickly diverted to the unconscious woman lying in front of him.

As he looked at Queen Marika, he couldn't help but be awestruck by her beauty. Her long, blonde hair framed her delicate features. Her skin was flawless, and her full lips beckoned to be kissed. But it wasn't just her looks that impressed him. Her toned muscles and athletic build suggested that she was a formidable opponent and not someone to be trifled with.

The man shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. He needed to focus, and he couldn't let himself be distracted by Queen Marika's beauty. He needed to ensure that his spatial storage was still functioning correctly, and he also needed to check if he could access his chest to retrieve his extra supplies. He knew that he had to be prepared for any eventuality, and he couldn't afford to be caught off guard.

He took a deep breath and focused on opening his inventory, just like he always did. Fortunately, he was able to do it with ease and decided to take an inventory of his items and change his armor. He switched to the Banished knight set but opted for the bandit mask, which allowed his shoulder-length dark purple hair to flow freely. His eyes were dark pink. When he was with either the Greater Will or sided with Ranni, they would be gold or a deep blue. There was one time he sided with the Frenzied Flame and they were replaced with yellow fire, but now they were his normal color.

He chuckled to himself, 'Guess I'm not a Tarnished anymore, but I do need a name? Tarn? Maybe,' he thought to himself as he went through his inventory. But as he did, he noticed something quite odd about it, It seemed bigger? The more he investigated, the more he slowly realized that the chest from the site of grace was in his inventory. He didn't know how, but he wasn't going to ask.

After spending a long while going through and sorting his inventory, he realized that he hadn't slept properly and was distracted by both Queen Marika and his newly increased inventory. Rubbing his eyes he removed his armor and replaced them with simple garbs, and landed on the opposite side of the bed of Marika.

The sun had risen and set, and with each passing day, the Tarnished spent his time familiarizing himself with this new and wondrous world. He had been summoned to a land that was vastly different from his own, and it would take some time to get used to it. Queen Mirella, along with her devoted servants, had been kind enough to provide him with books and tutors, allowing him to slowly learn the language and currency of this new world. He also learned about the nearby countries, their inhabitants, and various other important information that would help him survive and take care of himself and Marika.

As days turned into a week, the Tarnished had made remarkable progress, having become slightly proficient in reading and writing the language of this world. It was a testament to his determination and dedication.

Queen Marika, on the other hand, had been asleep for some time, completely unaware of her surroundings. When she finally awoke, she was disoriented and confused, struggling to comprehend where she was. Her eyes darted around the unfamiliar room, finally locking onto the face of the Tarnished, whose expression was one of deep concern. As she regained her composure, she straightened herself and politely asked, "Excuse me, Tarnished. Could you please tell me where we are?"

The former tarnished didn't answer Marika immediately. Instead, he offered her a glass of water that the servants had brought earlier. "Well, it's a bit complicated, but after defeating both Radagon and the Elden Beast, I was about to repair the Elden Ring. While doing so, I heard someone cry for help. With the horrors that I saw while in the lands between, I wanted a fresh start. Unknowingly, I brought you along with me. We've only been here for a week, and I have learned much about this world due to Queen Mirella, who summoned us here," he said. As the former tarnished finished, he saw that Marika had a small smile on her face and asked her, "Is everything alright, Queen Marika?"

Queen Marika sat with her head shaking, her expression conflicted. "Yes and no. While I am grateful that I was brought along with you, I can't help but feel like I could have done better back in the lands between," she said with regret in her voice. Her eyes glistened with tears as she continued, "Because of my actions, my firstborn Godwyn was slain by the black knives, and my sons Mogh and Morgott were sent to the sewers, where Mogh was ultimately driven to another outer God while Morgott remained faithful to one that scorned him. My twins Miquella and Malenia, who were brought about with my other half, were inflicted with the curse of eternal youth and the other scarlet rot."

Queen Marika's voice broke as she recounted her losses. "My first husband was exiled due to the will of the Greater Will, while I was forced to marry my own brother because of the Greater Will. Shattering the Elden Ring after Godwyn died and my own imprisonment within the Erdtree, I had years upon years to think about my actions. I could have made different choices, and if I had, I wouldn't have lost everything."

At this point, tears flowed freely from Queen Marika's eyes, and the former tarnished sat by her side to comfort her. He could understand to a point the constant loops and all the choices he made to save his friends, only to fail and break him. But after hearing Mirella's pleas, he was given a way out of that hellhole.

"I have fixed the Elden Ring before," the former tarnished said, surprising Queen Marika. His voice was low and weary, with a hint of sadness that betrayed the weight of his burden. "Every time I fixed it or ushered in a new age, I found myself back at the Chapel of Anticipation. At first, I thought that if I knew everyone's fates, I could change them and prevent their suffering. But it didn't matter what I did or didn't do, the results were always the same. I don't recall when I stopped caring and just went with the flow. I was empty and almost completely broken. The endless repetition of the same events, the same tragedies, the same mistakes had worn me down to a nub. I was ready to continue that loop of hell, but then I heard Mirella's voice. Her words gave me hope that there was a way out of the Lands Between."

The former tarnished paused before continuing, "I don't know if your choices were influenced by the Greater Will or your ego with the Golden Order. Honestly, I don't know the difference between the two. But we're not in the Lands Between anymore. We both have a chance at a new life here, and we only have each other. Let's not waste it."

The warrior's words had a visible effect on Queen Marika. Her previously sad expression turned to one of contemplation, and her eyes fixated on the warrior as if searching for something. However, the moment was brief, as a servant entered the room, interrupting their exchange. The servant was a young girl who seemed to be in her teens and was clad in a simple, yet elegant, dress.

"Excuse me, Sir Warrior," the servant said as she curtsied.

"What is it?" the former tarnished replied.

"Queen Mirella requests your presence, sir warrior," the servant said, addressing the warrior. She then noticed that Queen Marika, his companion, was awake and turned to her. "Does your companion wish to join us, Sir Warrior?"

Queen Marika paused for a moment before nodding her head in agreement. "Yes, I will accompany him," she said before gesturing to the servant to lead the two to Queen Mirella.

As the servant led the two toward the queen's chambers, Queen Marika and her tarnished companion were exchanging glances. Even after being here for a week, the Tarnished hadn't seen much of the Queen since their summoning, but this would be the first time that Queen Marika would meet Queen Mirella. He wondered what would happen, but he was more curious about what the Queen wanted.

As they approached the chambers of the Queen, the young servant looked towards the two before opening the door to Queen Mirella's room, letting the two in. Queen Mirella's room was highly similar to their own but a bit more lavish, but their attention was on the purple-haired Queen who summoned them.

"Good day to you," greeted Queen Mirella with a regal voice. "I am Queen Mirella Q Melromarc, the reigning monarch of Melromarc. As I had mentioned before, my world is currently facing a grave predicament known as the waves. The waves are a series of calamities that strike our world periodically, wreaking havoc and destruction in their wake. To counter these catastrophic events, we have four legendary heroes known as the Four Cardinal Heroes. They are The Spear Hero, The Sword Hero, The Bow Hero, and The Shield Hero, each of whom possesses unique skills and abilities. They are equipped with their respective weapons and can not wield any other. It is customary for each major country to summon one of these heroes to fight the waves. However, due to the reckless actions of my husband and country, all four heroes were summoned, which has led to great unrest among the other countries. As the Queen of Melromarc, it is my duty to resolve this conflict and prevent a war from breaking out."

Queen Marika and her tarnished exchanged nods before the queen spoke up. With a hint of curiosity in her voice, she asked, "How does that concern us?"

"I'm sorry about that," said the Queen. "While other countries are managing to fend off the waves with the help of the Filolian Queen, I'm currently occupied with resolving tensions between nations caused by my own country's foolishness. As a result, I'm unable to provide assistance to one of the four heroes." She spoke with a saddened tone in her voice.

While the tarnished was confused and couldn't comprehend why the Queen had chosen to aid only one of them, Queen Marika was curious, as to why she would only assist one of the 4 heroes. Seeing their looks, the Queen decided to explain her position. "I want to support the Shield Hero," she declared. "My country has unfairly shunned and demonized him due to my husband's hostility towards the Shield itself, and my daughter's false accusations against him. Additionally, my husband has confined all the Heroes within my country, making it impossible for the Shield Hero to seek refuge elsewhere. Therefore, I wish to offer him my assistance."

Queen Marika nodded in agreement and fully comprehended the situation. "So you want us to team up with the Shield Hero, help him, and also keep an eye on your country and husband to prevent any further incidents, is that correct?" she summarized to ensure that her companion understood the matter properly.

After providing a detailed explanation, Queen Mirella turned her attention toward the two individuals and asked inquisitively, "Now that we have the details out of the way, may I have the pleasure of knowing the identities of both of you?"

The Tarnished gave a nod before speaking up, "I don't have a name as such, but rather a title. In my world, I am one of a group of individuals known as Tarnished. I am a skilled warrior and proficient in many weapons, though my particular favorite specialization is in twinblades." The Tarnished was willing to disclose this information, but was reticent to reveal anything further about the Lands between unless he had too.

Queen Marika introduced herself next. "My name is Queen Marika the Eternal," she said in a regal tone. "I used to rule the lands between our world with the Golden Order and the Greater Will as our God, but that is all in the past now. I am just Marika."

Even though her introduction was brief, it achieved the desired outcome she had hoped for. Queen Mirella was taken aback when she realized that the woman standing in front of her was also a queen, but she managed to maintain her composure and gave a nod to the two of them.

"The next wave is expected to arrive in two weeks. According to the latest report, the Shield Hero has purchased a demihuman slave. I hope you can reach them before the wave hits," said Queen Mirella with hope in her voice. She then asked, "When will you be able to leave and provide them with assistance?"

The Tarnished pondered for a moment before turning to Queen Marika and saying, "Well, Marika would need books to learn this world's language, but once we have them, we can leave immediately. It shouldn't take her long to learn the language since she's more intelligent than I am." The Tarnished then looked back at Queen Mirella and added, "That's how fast we can leave."

Marika smiled slightly. She knew her Tarnished was right; she would quickly learn the language of this world. However, she was also eager for an adventure. She might need to find another hammer, but hopefully, her Tarnished would have a solution.

The Queen nodded her head in agreement. "That can be done swiftly," she replied in a calm and collected tone. "We'll make sure to prepare a strong and reliable horse for your travels, and I will personally provide you with the necessary funds to support your journey." With a subtle gesture, she signaled to one of her servants to take care of the arrangements, and the servant quickly acknowledged and left to fulfill the task.

As the servant walked away, Queen Mirella turned her attention back to the two visitors. "I must warn you," she said in a more serious tone. "My husband can be quite foolish at times, so if he tries to order you around, please do not hesitate to remind him that you answer to me and me alone. You are not mere servants, but my trusted allies, and no one in my kingdom has the authority to control or manipulate you." She wanted to make sure that they were fully aware of their status and power in her kingdom.

The Tarnished nodded, while Queen Marika, on the other hand, shrugged her shoulders. She refused to be controlled by anyone. She narrowed her eyes as she spoke. "If they dare to try," she said, her voice low and dangerous, "they will end up as nothing more than stains on the wall." The room fell silent as her words hung in the air, a warning to any who would dare to cross her.

"However," Queen Marika spoke up, ending the hush she had created, "How can we guarantee that they will even heed our words? It would be our voice pitted against theirs, and as they are the king, their voice would hold more weight."

After considering the suggestion, Queen Mirella gave a nod of agreement. "That's a fair point," she said. "To ensure transparency, I'll provide a recording orb and record a message regarding the status of both of you in my country. This will serve as an official record and will be made available to all concerned parties."

The two individuals nodded in agreement after confirming that they would not be controlled or treated as enemies but rather as allies with evidence from the Queen to support their claim. This would be of great help. The Queen then turned to Queen Marika and asked, "You mentioned that you lean towards the Hammer. Should we prepare one for you?"

Queen Marika shook her head and replied, "No, we will manage. It's best if we leave now." She then turned to her companion, the Consort, and they both walked away.

The Tarnished also nodded in agreement and stated, "We will be leaving immediately." He then followed his companion.

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