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It didn't take much effort for them to locate a suitable Inn for the night. They simply asked someone in the area for directions to a cozy Inn where they could rest and focus on the next day of looking for the Shield Hero. After that, figure out when or how the Outer Gods will make their appearance.

As they made their way into their new room, they took a glance around. It wasn't as grand as the room they had when they were summoned, but it was still a decent enough room.

The Tarnished began to remove the banished armor set that he had been wearing. As he took it off, he couldn't help but feel relieved. The armor was unnecessary and stuffy, and he was glad to take it off. He took a moment to stretch and take in his surroundings. The room was okay in size, the bed itself looked comfortable enough, with soft sheets and a fluffy pillow.

Putting the Banished Knight Armor back within his inventory and pulled out a garb that he could wear for the night.

The Tarnished took a glance at Marika and the sight of her was burned into his memory. She had not a piece of fabric on her skin, her clothes were nearly folded along with her heels. boots? and everything else was neatly placed on the table.

He could see her bare, her firm but soft-looking breasts with her bright pink nipples slightly erect. Marika looked like she had never once held a child within her. She was freshly shaven somehow, he completely understood why women wanted to be her now, she was perfect in all bodily aspects.

Marika noticed her new consort gazing at her, and a mischievous smirk formed on her lips as she asked, "Does my body arouse you, my dear consort?"

The Tarnished didn't bother to deny it, "Of course it does, I can see why all the women envied you, while all the men wanted to sleep with you," he understood all the men who lusted after Marika.

Marika walked over to her consort, her hips swaying with each step, she wanted his eyes on her. The moment she reached him, she pressed her body up against him. He could feel her bare breasts squishing against his chest, the only thing separating them was the simple garb he was wearing.

"You are mine consort, Tarnished," Marika began wrapping her arms around his neck, "Only two others have tasted my flesh and you shall be the last, but as of now, we must rest for the morrow search. Maybe after we find the Shield Hero, we shall bed one another." She said with a hint of eagerness. Marika unwrapped arms from her consort before going towards the bed, swaying her hips to give her tarnish a show.

The Tarnished stared at her swaying backside before thinking, 'I sincerely hope that we find the Shield Hero soon.'

Marika still had her mischievous smirk on her and looked towards her tarnished consort, "Are you going to join me in that garb, or are do you want a feel of what you will get when we find the Shield Hero?" she questioned.

It didn't take him but a moment to discard the garb the recently put on and join Marika in bed. Marika laid next to him using his chest as a pillow while he could feel her breasts near his stomach area, while she put one leg over his, allowing him to feel her womanhood near his manhood.

"Are you that eager to make me yours, my dear Tarnished?" she whispered into his ear, "Well, we better find the Shield Hero soon cause until we do, I'm going to tease you every night, and each night will be more... enticing." she said seductively.

The Tarnished wrapped his arm around Marika, pulling her closer and pressing her breasts into him further. He wasn't going to give Marika all the leverage, "I wonder which one of us is more excited? Me or you?

Marika smirked before staddling the Tarnished, "Really dear consort? From what I can feel, thou are more eager to ravage me." She moved her hips back and forth, stroking her womanhood up and down her consort manhood.

"R-Really? Seems to me you are just as eager, Marika," the tarnished retorted as he could feel her juices leaking from her womanhood and running down his manhood.

Her eyes were filled with lust as she moved her hips faster, earning a groan from her tarnished, "Can thou blame me? I was imprisoned for centuries." she let out a soft moan as she went faster, "Hopefully the search for the Shield Hero isn't long," she added, she could feel her tarnished getting near and she wasn't far behind.

The Tarnished grabbed her hips as they started to move in sync, "It might take more than a few nights to satisfy you, or maybe an entire day." her grunted out before he felt him and Marika both cum together.

Looking at her tarnished, her consort, with lust-filled eyes, "I do hope so as I do plan on breaking that bed throughout that night."

The Tarnished looked at the mess that they made as most of it was on his dick, "Well. how are we gonna clean this up?" he wondered aloud.

Marika, still with lust-filled eyes, slid down, so her face was directly placed near his dick, "Just let me take care of that," she said full of lust.

Before the Tarnished could question what she was doing, Marika licked his seed clean off his body and swallowed. Marika licked her lips, "Tastes sweet, well now to clean the main culprit, and I must say it still looks lively," she stated as she began licking her consorts dick, cleaning it of her juices and the remaining seed. "As much as I want to continue this, we need rest for the morrow search," she stated as she climbed back up to her consort and went back to their previous position.

The tarnished reigning in his drive of lust nodded back, "I agree, but don't think that I won't tease you back," he said before closing his eyes.

"I'm counting on it," she muttered back as she also closed her eyes.

Unbeknownst to either of them, two individuals were notified of their arrival, while the guard who gave them the report added that they were under orders of Queen Mirella, so they had a very good guess on why they were here.

In the Church of the Three Hero's...

In the church, a middle-aged man wearing spectacles and a white religious robe was walking around. He had a rosary in his hand that was adorned with the symbols of the Bow, Spear, and Sword, but it lacked the Shield. The man's face had a false smile plastered on it as he waved towards the nuns who were finishing up their daily duties, That man was Pope Balmus.

Upon reaching his office, the false smile that he had put on earlier fell off his face, and he replaced it with a scowl. One of his followers from the Three Heroes had reported something to him, and he did not like what he had heard. Queen Mirella had sent two individuals of unknown origins to assist the Shield Demon. It wasn't difficult to guess that she must have been alerted about the clear discrimination and false allegations that had been made against the Shield.

Despite his desire to take action, he knew it was too soon to make any definite plans. He needed to take into account the numerous variables at play. He did not know the extent of the skills or power of the two individuals who might interfere with his plans. Moreover, if they were indeed under the command of Queen Mirella, they would be impervious to his or the king's demands. To make matters worse, he did not even know their names to gather any information about them. As he deliberated his next move, he could not shake the feeling of uncertainty and risk that loomed over him, causing him to grit his teeth in frustration.

The mere thought of persuading them to join the Three Heroes Church never even crossed his mind. He knew that they were present at Queen Mirella's command, and any attempt to discriminate against the Shield would only drive them away. Despite the tempting possibility of converting them to his faith and having more pawns, he had to be practical and focus on the task at hand.

As he paced around the room, pondering the best approach to overcome the obstacle at hand, an idea suddenly struck him. He remembered that his follower had mentioned sending a report identical to theirs to King Aultcray. Given what he knew about King Aultcray, Pope Balmus deduced that the king might try to give them orders even though they were Queen Mirella's subordinates.

"Chances are that he would forcefully summon them tomorrow and try to give them to one of the three false heroes to keep them on his side," guessed Pope Balmus as he stopped pacing around the room. "All I have to do is go there tomorrow acting like I'm there to see the Aultcray, and I can study them right then and there."

Pope Balmus's smile twisted, "Well now, I better get some rest for tomorrow," he whispered to himself as he left his office.

At the Castle...

King Aultcray was an older man with white hair and beard. He was reading a report with a small frown on his face. While he would have liked to bring the two people who entered Castle Town and give the Spear Hero the woman and the male to either the Sword or Bow, he knew he couldn't. The reason for that was another message that was hand-delivered by his wife's personal shadow.

Aultcray rubbed his face as he went from reading the report that the guard had given him to the letter his wife's shadow presented to him, as he read it for the second time.

"Dear Aultcray,

I will make this short and simple, dear husband of mine. I have summoned, yes, summoned two people with a modified Heroes summoning circle. These two individuals are not my subordinates or slaves. They are my allies, they are not for you to command, they will follow our laws accordingly but under no circumstances are they forced to listen to you or the nobles of our land should you order them to do something that doesn't regard our laws.

The male one has no name but has the title of Tarnished, while the woman is of equal standing as I, her name is Marika, but her title is Queen Marika the Eternal.

I am ordering you not to provoke them unnecessarily. Should you or any nobles do, they are allowed to retaliate. Should that mean your death or the death of a few foolish nobles, then so be it.

I should not have to explain why they are there, but I will. Since you personally assist the Spear, Bow, and Sword then I will assist the Shield.

I know Aultcray about Malty's false allegations against the Shield and your distaste for Demi-Humans and thus the Shield. Why you listen to Malty even after I kept telling you she is a Pathological liar, I do not know, but know this, any attempt on Marika or the Tarnished shall be meet with immediate execution.

That is all, Goodbye Aultcray

Sincerely, Queen Mirella Q Melromarc

Aultcray rubbed his face in disbelief as his wife successfully modified the summoning circle and summoned not one but two individuals.

As he read the report, he noticed that his wife had omitted any mention of the strength or appearance of the two individuals. However, thanks to the guard's account, he had a general idea of what they looked like, but their strength remained a mystery.

As he pondered the situation, he couldn't help but wish that his wife could see his perspective. He believed his daughter Malty's claim that the Shield had assaulted her. After all, she was his beloved daughter. However, he knew that she had a tendency to lie, but not to the extent of being a pathological liar.

To his dismay, he was about to find out how wrong he was.

With no other options, he decided to request their presence at the castle by sending a message early in the morning. Letting out a deep sigh, he beckoned a guard to approach him.

The soldier knelt before Aultcray and asked, "Your Majesty, what can I do for you?"

"Please inform the two individuals who arrived in the evening to come to the castle in the morning and inquire around if necessary. Please do not force them to come. They are allies of my wife, so please treat them with respect," Aultcray instructed.

"Your Majesty, may I ask what they look like?" he inquired

Aultcray nodded before grabbing the report from the guard earlier, "According to this report from the guard stationed at the gate, the two consist of a man and a woman. The woman has long blonde hair and golden eyes and wears a black, slightly revealing dress. While the man wore a variation of armor silver in color, he had purple hair and dark pink eyes. That's the general characteristics of them. With their hair and eye color, it shouldn't be hard to locate them, especially since they entered Castle Town recently." he said while the guard nodded before bowing his head and going out, but Aultcray called out to him once more, "Also, send word to the Cardinal Heroes as well so they may join us."

"Of course, your Majesty," the guard said as he left to carry out the King's orders.

Once the guard had gone, King Aultcray got ready for bed. He knew that tomorrow would be an interesting day because the Shield would be getting two new party members, and he was curious to find out more about them. After sighing for what felt like the millionth time, he lay down in bed and closed his eyes.

The Next Day...

As the Tarnished opened his eyes, he was met with the sight of Marika lying on his chest, her mouth slightly agape as she drooled across his chest. He could feel the warmth of her body against his skin and the gentle rise and fall of her chest with each breath.

As Marika woke up, she noticed that her tarnished consort was also stirring. Still groggy, she rubbed her eyes and lifted her head, only to find him gazing back at her with a playful expression. She couldn't help but wonder what had amused him so much and asked, "What's so funny?"

"Nothing at all, Marika," he replied with a smile, dodging her question. "It's morning, and we should start our search for the Shield Hero," he added, his eyes gleaming with determination.

Getting up, Marika got off of the Tarnished and went to get dressed. While she wanted to bathe herself before getting dressed, there was no such bath they had come across so far, "I wish I had a chance to wash myself before clothing myself," she said, still a little tired.

"I might have a solution to that problem," the tarnished spoke up. It was something he would use to do while still in the Lands Between.

Marika was confused when her consort pulled out two bars of soap from his inventory. "Why don't we use these?" he suggested. "While I was in the Lands Between, I used soap to completely clean my body. Watch," he explained before holding the soap from his left shoulder and swiping it diagonally. Soap bubbles then spread across his body, cleaning him up. Before Marika could ask what was going on, the soap had done its job.

While it was unconventional, the soap did its job to completely clean him. He then handed her the remaining bar to clean herself, "While I would prefer a nice bath, I guess this would suffice," she said as she mimicked his action. Soon the bubbles cleaned her. "Well, where do we start looking for the Shield Hero?"

Her tarnished shrugged before answering, "Maybe we should look around. We're searching for someone who carries a shield and has a Demi-Human with them. However, I wonder if they are similar to the Demi-Humans from the Lands Between," said the speaker.

Marika added, "Yes, now that you mention it, I do wonder if these Demi-Humans are similar or completely different from the ones we know. We are supposed to join the Shield Hero, and I would rather not be around an annoying creature that does nothing more than scream." She expressed her concern about traveling with a feral animal that would be a nuisance.

"Well, we better get ready," the Tarnished said as he picked out an armor set that he wouldn't change for a while. He chose the Raging Wolf set, but he went without the helmet and used the Bandits Mask that he had worn before.

"Are you ready, my dear consort?" Marika asked as her tarnished lifted up the bandits mask to cover his lower face.

"Yes, hopefully, this won't be a long search," the Tarnished replied.

As they left the inn to search for the Shield Hero, they refrained from asking around due to the general public's hatred towards him. They searched the surroundings, hoping to spot a person with a Shield and a Demi-Human.

Fortunately, it didn't take them long to be approached by an out-of-breath guard. "Excuse me," he said, gasping for air, "Did you two enter Castle Town yesterday?"

Marika, seeing no reason to lie, answered honestly, "Yes, we did. Is there a reason you're asking?"

After catching his breath, the guard finally got a good look at the two. He thought to himself, 'Holy shit, these two are drop-dead gorgeous. Blond hair? Her hair looks like it's made of gold. They were right about the slightly revealing dress.' He then looked at the Tarnished and thought, 'The report said silver armor, but that doesn't look completely silver. He has purple hair, but it's not a shade I've ever seen. Pink eyes. Yeah. While I can't see his lower face, if he's this good-looking above, hell.'

The guard cleared his throat before stating his reason for asking. "The King had been informed of your standing as allies to Queen Mirella. As such, he would like to have an audience with you. This is a request, not an order. The Cardinal Heroes are in attendance as well, " he said in a normal voice, but still garnering the attention of bystanders.

'Ah, so the Queen has already informed those who need to know about us,' Marika thought to herself before responding to the guard. "Alright, if it's a request and he's aware of our status, then it shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience," she replied and motioned for him to lead the way.

As they followed, the Tarnished Leaned in close and spoke in a hushed tone, "Do you think they'll try something sneaky, even though they know about us?" he asked, his eyes looking at Marika's face for any sign of agreement. Though he already had an inkling of what her answer would be, he needed to hear it from her to confirm his suspicions.

"I'm hoping for it," she said before continuing, "If they attempt anything, we will retaliate and show our strength. Additionally, if the nobles here are similar to those in the Lands Between, they will likely be self-centered. With my beauty, I imagine some may to court me" She was said with a small frown on her face.

"I understand that your beauty may attract some unwanted attention, and we may have to deal with people who try to court you or take drastic measures. Though we are capable of handling those situations," he said as they walked up the steps to enter the castle.

As they walked into the castle, he leaned back and took in the sight. The differences in architecture between the castle and the town below were noticeable and easy to spot.

As he strolled through the castle, his thoughts drifted to the Lands Between, and he couldn't help but compare Castle Morne, Stormveil Castle, and other castles to the one he was currently in.

Marika interrupted his thoughts, "What are you thinking about, my dear?"

"I'm thinking about how different this castle is compared to Stormveil, Sol, and others," he replied.

Marika hummed, "And?"

"This place has mostly art compared to the weapons and bodies that litter the castles of our land," he said surreal.

"Yes, this land seems to be mostly peaceful compared to the war-torn land the Land Between was after the Shattering," Marika stated.

As they continued their walk, the guard stopped before a pair of grand doors, ornately decorated with intricate carvings and gold accents. With a sweeping gesture, he announced, "The King and the Cardinal Heroes are in the Throne room," before pushing the doors open.

The room was vast and impressive, with a long red carpet stretching from the doors to the thrones. The carpet was adorned with golden trims and elaborate embroidery, giving it an air of regal sophistication. Along the walls, guards stood at attention, their polished armor gleaming in the light.

Marika and her consort made their way towards the front of the room, where they could see a second-floor balcony filled with elegantly dressed nobles. As they approached the Throne, they noticed a group of individuals, each holding a unique weapon.

The first was a young man with curly, light-brown hair and dull golden eyes. He held a bow with a yellow gem.

Next was a younger-looking boy with black hair and deep blue eyes that seemed to gaze off into the distance. He held a sword with a blue gem.

The third individual had blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and piercing orange eyes. He glared at the fourth individual, a slightly older man with black hair like the second individual, but with green eyes. He held a shield with a green gem at its center, while the third individual held a spear with a red gem.

As they approached, the Tarnished silently summoned an Uchigatana and the Dragon Communion Seal in his left hand.

The King noticed them and clapped his hands to gain the attention of everyone. "I see my wife's allies have arrived," he said as everyone looked towards the new arrivals. Almost instantly, the Tarnished could hear the nobles making comments about Marika and a few towards him.

The moment everyone's eyes looked towards them they all thought the same thing, for one the woman had hair and eyes that looked like they were weaved from gold itself, she had smooth creamy skin that all the noble women were jealous of. The dress Marika wore was quite revealing making all the men try to get a glimpse of any part they could peek at while she walked.

As for the Tarnished, while they couldn't see his lower face, they could tell he was quite handsome. He stood a head taller than his companion and was lean but built. His hair sparkled as if it were made of amethyst.

The King was slightly surprised as the report on the woman almost accurately made, the male on the other hand only had his physical appearance accurate as the armor he was wearing had both silver armor on it and leather.

Meanwhile, the Tarnished could hear whispers like "Wouldn't mind making her my concubine," "I hope she accepts my invitation to dinner," and "That dress is quite revealing." He also heard questions like "What kind of armor is that man wearing?" and "I wonder what their relationship is, you think they are married?"

He blocked them out as he stared toward the four individuals and slightly off to the side, he could see another man, one wearing religious clothing, just standing there. Without missing a beat, the Tarnished made his thoughts known. "You must be Queen Mirella's consort, and the four there must be the Cardinal Heroes," he said, getting everyone's attention.

Aultcray confirmed, "Yes, my name is King Aultcray Melromarc XXXII, and these four are the Cardinal Heroes."

The curly-haired one stepped forward first and said, "My name is Itsuki Kawasumi, the Bow Hero," with a bit of superiority in his voice.

The Sword Hero spoke next, only saying his name, "Ren Amaki," disinterestedly.

"My name is Motoyasu Kitamura! I'm the Spear Hero, and I must say you are a lovely lady. Do you want to join me? I promise you won't have to fight a thing," he flirted towards Marika, but Marika didn't care about what he said.

Near him, a reheaded girl glared at Marika.

The Shield Hero frowned, and the woman next to him looked nervous. "Naofumi Iwatani," he plainly said.

The Tarnished, staring at the Shield, was the first to introduce himself. "It's a pleasure to meet you all. Although I have no name, you may call me Tarnished, the Third Elden Lord."

Marika introduced herself immediately, "I am Queen Marika the Eternal," she declared, then gestured towards the Tarnished, "and the Tarnished is my consort. Therefore, Spear Hero, I have no desire to join you," she said, much to his disappointment. "From what I can see, you are someone who thinks more with their loins than their brains." She uttered in disgust, causing the Spear Hero to look hurt.

Itsuki chuckled, "She got you there, Motoyasu."

Ren spoke up next, "Now that introductions are done, can you explain why we are here? And Naofumi, can you explain why you have a Slaved Demi-Human with you?" the Sword Hero inquired.

Naofumi gave Ren a scowl, his eyes narrowing. "And why do you care?" he retorted, his voice low and dangerous.

Motoyasu's voice rose, his frustration noticeably evident. "Because we are supposed to be heroes! We shouldn't have slaves," he declared, his face reddening with anger.

To everyone's surprise, it was the Tarnished who spoke up, his voice calm, "If I remember correctly, slavery of demi-humans is completely legal under the laws of Melromarc," he said, his eyes flickering between the three offensive heroes.

The Spear Hero didn't back down, determined to prove his point. "Even so, in our world, slavery is outlawed. We shouldn't be doing it because of that, right Marika-chan?" he asked, his voice pleading for her agreement.

Marika shrugged nonchalantly, "And? We aren't in YOUR world. We are in this one," she said, her tone dismissive. "If you're so eager to get rid of slavery, talk to either the Queen or her consort over there." She pointed her thumb at the nobles on the second floor, her gaze unwavering. "To prove my point further, I'm willing to guess that most, if not all, those nobles up there have slaves."

The Spear Hero sputtered, his mind racing for a counter-argument, but before he could speak, Aultcray cleared his throat loudly, commanding the attention of everyone in the room.

"While it is... unfortunate that the Shield Hero resorted to acquiring a slave instead of gaining trusted allies, there is not much that can be done about it as it is legal," Aultcray said in disgust as he wished that he could do something to strip the Shield of his slave but doing it in front of two people that his wife personally sent wouldn't end up well. "But to answer the Sword Hero's first question as to why you are here." he gestured towards the Tarnished and Marika, "My wife modified the Heroes Summoning Circle and summoned both Queen Marika and the Tarnished, and she wished for them to join the Shield Hero."

While the Bow Hero and the Sword Hero were more interested in the summoning circle that the Queen used, the Spear was in a turmoil of emotions from what he just heard.

You can't be serious! Motoyasu shouted in anger. "Who knows what he'll do to Marika-chan? He already tried to take advantage of Myne."

Naofumi scowled, "And like I told you, I didn't do it!"

"How can we believe you, Naofumi? Myne has already told us everything, and the evidence seems to support her claims. Unless you can prove your innocence and provide us with evidence to support your case, we have no choice but to believe Myne," said Itsuki.

"I told you I didn't do it!" Naofumi shouted.

Motoyasu was infuriated as he shouted back, "That's all you say!" His eyes locked onto Marika as he walked up to her, "I won't let you take advantage of someone else. Please come with me, Marika-chan. I promise to protect you." He reached out for her hand, hoping that she would take it, but she seemed disinterested and unresponsive to his gesture.

Before he could get any closer, a blade cut through the air, stopping at his neck, "What part of 'she doesn't want to join you' don't you understand?" the Tarnished said sharply.

The air tensed, and everyone was on guard. In a single movement, the Tarnished grabbed Motoyasu and tossed him back to his original position, "I can already tell what kind of person you are, Spear Hero." The Tarnished stated as he sheathed his Uchigatana, "You think that women can do no wrong no matter what. Even if all the evidence was shoved down your throat, you would still deny it."

The Tarnished continued as he looked towards the Bow and Sword, "While the Bow speaks with superiority, thinking he is above others, while the Sword only thinks of himself," he continued, "While I can't say much about the Shield, I can say that Queen Mirella doesn't believe that he did it."

"T-The Queen believes in Naofumi and not her daughter?" Motoyasu stuttered as he slowly rose, "There's no way that's true."

Marika rolled her eyes at that statement, "Who do you think we would believe? You, who knew the girl for a short time, or the woman who raised her her entire life?" Marika questioned, but she shrugged before speaking again, "She asked us to join the Shield, and with my consort observation of the three of you, I'm more inclined to join the Shield than a boy with a superiority complex, a selfish boy or a boy who only thinks with his dick than his mind."

With that, both the Tarnished and Marika went towards the Shield Hero and his female companion. Getting closer to the female Demi-Human of this world, they noticed that she had a pair of animal ears on top of her head and a tail.

"So Naofumi, would you accept us as your allies?" The Tarnished asked while Marika stood next to him.

"You believe me when I said I didn't do it?" The Shield Hero asked.

Marika chuckled, "Well, out of this entire room, you were the only one to keep eye contact with me without undressing me with your eyes." Marika stated before she looked over to the redhead in Motoyasu's group, "Though there is another reason, but one I rather say in private than public." she whispered.

Aultcray cleared his throat to get the attention of everyone in the room, "With that settled, you may leave."

With that, The Shield Hero and his companion, along with two new additions, were the first to leave the room.

Soon, all four Cardinal Heroes left the Throne room, leaving the King and Pope Balmus alone with the guards that lined the room.

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