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"Please stop fidgeting, dear. Honestly, you're acting as if you've never once been fitted for clothes. For a beautiful young lady like yourself, that'd simply be unthinkable!"

Idunn squirmed in place, uncomfortable with the strange woman being so close to her. This was a new experience for her, and one that Idunn had not particularly enjoyed. Still, she'd put up with it as the good lady Eleanora had explained with the utmost patience to her that the tailors would require accurate measurements in order to make clothes that properly fit her.

It had taken Idunn some convincing from Eleanora, who had visited her first thing this morning, that Idunn would require an all-new wardrobe for her new life at Pherae. The former marchioness had, to put it lightly, been distressed to hear that Idunn's wardrobe was so lacking. In her own words, Idunn was now a retainer of the royal family, and would need to look the part.

Now here Eleanora and Idunn were some three hours later; with the former marchioness's personal seamstress attending to her.

Idunn's deepest regret was that while it may have satisfied the purple-haired woman's needs, she herself had missed breakfast, which she'd very much been looking forward to. The matronly woman beside her had merely rolled her eyes, though the look on her face was genuinely kind and not mocking in any way.

"Don't worry about it, dear. I'll make sure you're fed before the day truly starts. After we're done here, why not have tea with me? I've been wanting to speak with you ever since you arrived at our home yesterday."

"Aren't we speaking right now?"

"I meant privately, dear. But really… this morning could've gone a bit smoother. Have you truly never been measured for your own clothes before?"

Idunn gulped. What was she supposed to say? Zephiel had indeed provided her with clothes to wear, but everything she'd received from him- or rather, from his servants on his orders, had been clothes much like the robe she wore so often. Simple clothes that were long and loose and did not require the 'personal element' that Idunn was only now experiencing.

"I'll take your silence as an answer. What a waste… it's rare to see a woman with beauty like yours."

Idunn felt strangely warm inside at that praise, absentmindedly tugging at the collar of the modest but elegant lavender-colored dress she was currently wearing, courtesy of Eleanora. The older-looking woman had explained to her that it was 'hardly suitable for a woman like her, but at present was the only thing that would fit her.'

"Ah… is that so? Still, is all of this… really necessary? I only just arrived at Pherae yesterday."

"Of course it is! You're the talk of the whole castle! You saved my grandson's life like the heroine from some old fairy tale! Not only that, but you've also selflessly volunteered to fill a much-needed position at the castle. I may have some training in the magical and healing arts, but to be honest I was never much good at them. Why, I feel as if simply providing you with clothes, room, and board isn't enough for the services you've done for us!"

Idunn couldn't help at smile at the praise, though she continued tugging at her clothing. It had taken a not insignificant amount of time on Eleanora and her assistants' parts to find a dress that had fit her- hence what had kicked off this entire process of Eleanora having Idunn measured for fitting clothes.

Even now, Idunn felt awkward wearing something other than the robe she'd worn for so long. The long, flowing, and hooded garment that she'd worn for so long had done its job well… but it was also the last remaining link to a past Idunn wished to separate herself from entirely. Continuing to walk about the castle while dressed like a traditional druid or dark mage would not have helped her fit in at Pherae.

And even more than that… Idunn felt a strange burst of excitement at the thought of actually owning something for herself! Eleanora had been very upfront that these clothes would be a gift to Idunn, not something loaned to her.

"Well, I do believe we're finished here for now. It will take some time before your personal wardrobe is done, Miss Idunn, and until then you'll have to put up with hand-me-downs. There aren't many women as tall as you, so your options right now are rather limited. Anyways, it's important to have this done. You won't need to wear anything gaudy like what's popular amongst Etrurian nobility right now, but you are a retainer for the noble house of Pherae, and at the very least you'll need to dress like a respectable young woman."

Idunn didn't really have any frame of reference for what was expected of her, but she had no reason to refuse. She wanted to fit in here, and going along with what Lady Eleanora was telling her was an easy way to do that.

"Now, enough of that! Business has been taken care of, and I'd very much like to have my teatime before noon arrives."

Idunn allowed the good lady to guide her from her room to a cozy, elegantly decorated solar with a large window overlooking the Pheraen countryside. This was evidently a regular part of the lady's schedule, as before Idunn's eyes a small team of maids arranged a tea set and an arrangement of pastries at a table next to the large window.

"Sit with me, would you please?" Idunn wordlessly acknowledged Lady Eleanora's request, sitting opposite her at the table.

The pale dragonkin watched patiently as Eleanora poured tea for both of them- she'd seen some of Zephiel's aids drinking it in the past, though she herself had never drunk tea before.

Thin trails of steam wafted from the elaborate cups- white with blue floral decorations. Eleanora smiled as she passed Idunn's cup to her, the greying-haired woman helpfully letting Idunn no that she would likely want to wait a minute or two before taking her first sip.

"It's a wonderful thing that you've done for my family, though I'm certain you're likely growing tired of people telling you that. Still, I wish to extend my own thanks to you as well." Idunn nodded politely at the former marchioness's words.

"It's quite alright. I am glad that I was in the right place at the right time." That was something that Idunn hadn't thought about earlier, but what were the odds that her temporal displacement just happened to bring her here of all places? And in the very nick of time to save Roy when he'd been in danger, too.

Regardless of whatever private thoughts she held, above all else Idunn was simply glad that she'd been given a chance to work on righting all the wrongs she'd committed in her past life.

Lady Eleanora, Roy, and the rest of Pherae didn't need to know about what she'd done or where she'd come from. Idunn wasn't even sure how they would react if she ever told the truth in the first place.

"You know… As I sit here looking at you, you really are an unusual woman, aren't you? Er, pardon me, that didn't come out quite as I intended it to." Eleanora coughed, clearing her throat before continuing.

"It's just that… well, my son explained a little to me of your arrival yesterday. A powerful mage appearing out of nowhere… and by Roy's account… well, forgive me for speaking bluntly, but Roy made it sound like you didn't have the best of lives prior to arriving at Pherae. It's unseemly to pry into another's affairs, so I won't want to bring it up- but rest assured, my ears are open if you ever wish to vent about your past, dear." Eleanora smiled gently, a warm smile on her face. Idunn had no experience, or at least no positive past experiences speaking to a kindly grandmother like Eleanora, but right now she was finding the older-looking woman's presence oddly comforting.

"Is there anything else you wished to speak about, my lady?" The words felt a bit cumbersome on Idunn's tongue, but Eleanora was Marquess Eliwood's mother, and it wouldn't do to not address her politely.

"Oh, there's no need for that, Miss Idunn. Eleanora will suffice."

Or not.

"Ah… alright. Lady… er, Eleanora. Is there anything else you wished to speak to me about?"

"Mmm… well, I was thinking that I could answer any questions you have about Pherae, if you'd like. I've lived her for over thirty years, ever since the marriage agreement between the royal families of Pherae and Tania."

The next half hour passed in a blur for Idunn, as she asked whatever questions she could think of- ranging from information questions about the populace of Pherae and the surrounding villages, to much less vital topics such as women's fashion (Idunn felt it prudent to ask about, seeing as she would no longer be wearing the same robe every day.) Eleanora was all too eager to answer Idunn's questions- who, as a blank slate up till now soaked up the information given to her like a sponge taking in water.

Idunn didn't know what a corset was, but Eleanora firmly assured her that she should be thankful they only remained in-style amongst the oldest-fashioned of Etrurian nobles.

At last, enough time had passed that Idunn found herself opening up more and more- she was still only making baby steps, but she no longer felt guarded speaking around the marquess. It was a long way to go for someone who'd had so little human interaction up till now, but the friendly noblewoman proved an ideal conversation partner for slowly chipping away at the walls around Idunn's heart.

"Lady Eleanora, if… if you don't mind me asking, how is Roy doing today?" Idunn was relatively certain that Roy was probably fine, as he'd been in high-spirits the previous night, but she felt rather protective of the boy and wanted to make sure he was still in high-spirits.

After all, he'd survived a harrowing experience, and Idunn knew all to well- both from the nightmares that had haunted her for so long, as well as the many soldiers she'd fought alongside- many of them had been haunted by similar experiences during Zephiel's war. Roy was much too young in Idunn's mind to be suffering from any trauma.

"Oh, thank you for asking! That's very sweet of you, dear. He's doing just fine; I believe your timely intervention and subsequent care spared him any nightmares. I know I'm repeating myself, but once again I can't thank you enough for saving my grandson's life! He's such sweet, kind boy… if anything happened to him… Oh, there were dark days in my life after my dear Elbert passed, and I fear to think that I may have slipped back into the depression that took ahold of me back then…" The noblewoman sighed, a melancholic look on her face.

"Who… who was Elbert?" Idunn hoped she hadn't made a mistake asking that, but it had slipped out before she could stop herself!

"Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to let that slip out. Just an old woman rambling on. But if you really wish to know, I don't mind talking reminiscing about the past."

Idunn gave no indication for Eleanora to stop, and the older woman- in spirit, not in years- continued on.

"Elbert was my husband, Miss Idunn. It's been twelve years since he passed away," At this, the woman let out a wistful sigh.

"Not a day goes by that I don't miss him. But it's thanks to him that Pherae is so prosperous, and that my son married such a wonderful woman. When my son first brought her home to Pherae, Ninian spent a great many hours comforting me over my Elbert's passing. She didn't know him long- they were both hostages in some madman's plot to stir up a civil war in the league, apparently- but it was plain to see that she adored Elbert. Both Eliwood and her assured me that neither of them would've been able to return safely to Pherae had it not been for Elbert's heroism. He was always like that, you know. My Elbert was always the kind of man to put the needs of others before his own. It's… It's one of the qualities of his that first caused me to fall in love with him in the first place."

Idunn hoped that she hadn't made a mistake bringing this topic up, Eleanora wasn't crying but her eyes were noticeably misty. As for herself, Idunn didn't know the former marquess of Pherae, but he sounded like a truly heroic man. It helped that Eleanora spoke with a calmness to her words that allowed Idunn to follow along without trouble, even despite the amount of information being shared with her.

A small sniff from Eleanora caught her attention, and after a moment's pause to dab at her eyes with an elaborately embroidered handkerchief, Eleanora continued speaking.

"I… I know it must be unseemly to share so much with someone I've only just met, but I hope you'll forgive this old woman for reminiscing of her past. Oh… sometimes… Sometimes when I'm alone and only God and Elimine are listening, I wonder if the house of Pherae is just as cursed as it is blessed."

That was an unusual thing to say, even to someone as (unwittingly) anti-social as Idunn.

"What do you mean by that, Lady Eleanora?"

"Oh, pardon me, Miss Idunn. I certainly should've kept that to myself. But… well, Pherae has flourished so much under my late husband's rule- and now my son's as well. But… I can't help but feel like great sacrifices were made in the process. It's a selfish wish, but there are nights when I wish my beloved Elbert could've lived to see his son become such a fine ruler. And now… it seems that tragedy will once again strike my family."

Idunn didn't like the morbid tone her conversation had taken with Eleanora, but she knew what the older-looking woman was talking about.

"Ah… It's about Roy's mother, Ninian. Isn't it?"

Eleanora smiled sadly at Idunn.

"Yes, that's it indeed. You've seen her, and even after only a single day… well, it doesn't take a trained healer or apothecary to tell that she isn't doing well. She always was a rather delicate woman, even back when Eliwood first brought her home with him. But… after having Roy, and especially in these last few years… The poor woman's health has been on a dreadful decline. Spring is only just starting out now, and I fear my daughter-in-law won't live to see the summer's harvest festival… It's a terrible tragedy! My son shouldn't lose his wife at such a young age! And Roy especially shouldn't lose his mother before he's even turned ten years old!"

Idunn said nothing. What could she say? A new retainer of Eliwood and Ninian she may have been, but she was still largely a stranger to them.

It was a shame that Idunn's first meeting with the former marchioness ended on such a morbid note, but Idunn… well, she felt as if she'd made another friend, and after only a single morning had passed! Lady Eleanora was a kind woman, one who cared deeply for her family. Anyone who cared so much about good people like Eliwood, Ninian, and especially Roy couldn't be a bad person! The hour soon came to an end, and Eleanora walked Idunn back to her room- as Idunn was still only just getting the layout of the castle down. Idunn didn't feel the need to find lunch for herself, as she'd ended up filling up quite a bit on the pastries provided with the tea.

As dreary as they were, Eleanora's words did help Idunn focus her goals. Whatever illness Ninian was suffering from was one she'd apparently had for many years. As Idunn had thought over earlier, she had experience at healing injuries caused by blades and spells.

Curing a disease? That was an entirely different matter, and one that Idunn knew she didn't have the skills to address.

But that didn't mean she was giving up.

Giving up meant letting Roy's mother die.

And Roy's mother dying meant Roy would be heartbroken, and Idunn would rather die than cause Roy any more pain and suffering!

Alone in the privacy of her own room, Idunn reflected on her conundrum. There had to be something she could do! Sitting in the chair she'd come to prefer, Idunn stared at her dragonstone- which she'd hidden in one of the cabinet drawers prior to being whisked away for her session with Eleanora and the tailors earlier.

The large gemstone remained cracked and charred, just as it had been when Idunn had first woken up to find herself in the past, far away from Bern and Zephiel's machinations. And yet, the incomprehensible, near-godlike power swirling within was unmistakable.

That power was proof that Idunn was not who she presented herself to the kind people of Pherae as. That she was not a passing hedge witch who'd stumbled upon their lord in his moment of need, but a wolf hiding herself among sheep. Jahn had made it painfully clear many times that the might of dragonkin was unmatched by humans. All but the mightiest- such as Zephiel himself, were naught but gnats to be swatted away. Of course, the Demon Dragon's creation had been a necessity among the warring dragon tribes, according to Jahn, as the vermin that walked on two legs could breed at a rate dragonkin could never hope to match.

Idunn didn't recall the exact processes that had turned her from a divine dragon into the Demon Dragon, and she was glad not to. All she remembered were… echoed screams, flashes of pain, and… silence. Complete and utter silence.

Scourge of mankind she may have been, but Idunn would be damned if she allowed her powers to be misused again- or worse, that she herself would once again use her dark and terrible might against the innocent people of Elibe. Her dragonstone shone faintly under the sunlight pouring in from the large window in her room, an ever-present reminder of what she truly was.

Mrrgh… Idunn let out a soft grumble; a rare verbal sound of displeasure from the normally taciturn woman. What was she supposed to do with her dragonstone now? Her old robe had helpfully had a pocket on the inside to contain her dragonstone without her needing to always carry it in her hands. The dress she currently wore lacked the large inner pocket, and though there were pockets- one at each hip, they weren't large enough to hold her dragonstone without conspicuously informing other people that she was attempting to conceal something unusual within her dress.

Idunn supposed that leaving it in her room for now was the best course of action. She couldn't just carry it around with her, and she'd already sworn not to use the power within ever again. It wasn't like she needed to always keep it on her person anyway; it was a receptacle for her power that she was magically connected to. So long as the dragonstone, even in its damaged stage existed, it would serve its intended purpose.

To Jahn or any of the war dragons she'd created, leaving behind their dragonstone would've been an unthinkable action- like suggesting to a human that they cut off an arm or a leg because they didn't currently need it. But to Idunn… it was symbolic. That she was rejecting her own status. That the Demon Dragon had a heart and wished to never again unleash her power on the world.

Something tickled in the back of Idunn's mind, a half-formed thought that she couldn't quite put into words. Odd… Idunn's brow furrowed. It felt like there was something she was overlooking right now, but…

Just as quickly as it had come, the thought faded back into the depths of her mind, leaving Idunn floundering in the metaphorical water.

The sound of knocking on the door to Idunn's room informed her that her brief moment of privacy was over.

"Miss Idunn? Are you busy?"

Idunn vaguely recognized the woman's voice; she was one of the retainers of her new lord who'd been present at the dinner the other night. Idunn had no reason to stay holed up in her room, in fact she would prefer to continue exploring the castle if at all possible. Getting up, she placed her dragonstone in the cabinet she'd stored it in earlier.

Opening the door, Idunn's question- namely, why she was being sought out, died on her lips.

The blue-haired woman from the previous night stood there, Roy at her side. There was a calm, friendly look on the older-looking woman's face, and a nervous smile on Roy's face.

"Good afternoon, Miss Idunn. I hope I haven't found you at a bad time. Lord Roy was most insistent about coming to visit you."

"I am not busy, your visit has not disturbed me." Quite the opposite, Idunn didn't even realize it, but her lips had quirked in a small smile at the fact that her first friend had come back to visit her. Proof that she now had friends, and the previous day hadn't been some long feverish dream her mind had conjured up.

That was something that she had been scared of, if she was being honest with herself. But she'd woken up this morning in her warm, cozy bed in her room at Castle Pherae, and that had been no dream. She truly had gone back in time the previous day. How, Idunn did not know. All that mattered to her was that it had occurred, and that she was here now. In a place- and time- where she could make a difference.

"May I leave Lord Roy with you, Miss? I have to get back to my regular duties. Normally Roy would have at least one guard present… but Lord Eliwood assured me that you were trustworthy."

"That's quite alright. He can stay here as long as he wants."

"Good, then I will be going. Oh, if you did not remember from the previous night, my name is Isadora. I hope you enjoy your time with the young lord, he was certainly eager to see you again. Though I must inform you that his mother was very firm with me that Roy is not allowed to leave the castle under any circumstances."

With that said, the knight departed. Idunn liked her; she was polite but not to the point of coming across as stiff.

That left her and Roy standing in the doorway to her room.

"Ugh… mama said that I'm grounded for 'the rest of the week at least…' But I wanted to go exploring outside…" Roy grumbled, his cheeks puffing up slightly as he pouted. Something about the sight evoked an odd warm feeling in Idunn's chest, and she felt her lips quirk again.

"M-Miss Idunn! Don't laugh at me!"

O-oh! Had… had she just giggled? Evidently, she had, though at Roy's expense.

"My apologies, I did not mean to. But… I cannot fault your mother for being protective of you, not when she almost lost you yesterday. Beyond that, what has brought you here today, Roy?"

Roy huffed, but his frown receded nevertheless.

"Mmm… That's true… and I really, really hate the thought of making mama cry… Oh! But I wanted to make sure you liked it here! Even if I can't leave the castle today, there's still plenty more to do!" Roy smiled brightly, before to Idunn's (pleasant) surprise he darted forwards and hugged his new friend.

Idunn's eyes were wide with surprise, but she returned the hug, wrapping her arms gently around the child who currently had his cheek pressed against her belly.

"I am glad to see you too, Roy," Idunn smiled, patting her companion on the head with one hand. Roy broke the hug, taking Idunn by one hand and tugging her out of her room. Not having any particular desire to isolate herself, Idunn followed along, listening to Roy babble happily about his life at Pherae.

Apparently, her little friend loved eating the sweets that his 'auntie' Rebecca baked, listening to the bedtime stories Ninian would read him, and idolized the heroic tales Marcus and Lowen had told him of his father's status as the 'greatest knight in all Lycia.'

He also didn't like vegetables, having to comb his hair, or take his etiquette lessons from his grandmother.

Oh, and when he was older he wanted to learn to wield a sword too! Apparently, Sir Harken and Dame Isadora's daughter Isolde had bragged to him the other day about how she would be a squire to her father within the next year or two, and Roy felt a little envious that one of his old playmates was so much closer to 'becoming a hero' than he was.

In any other case, Idunn would've felt uncomfortable and overloaded trying to process so much information coming her way, but hearing the words from Roy's mouth was strangely comforting. Almost as if his childlike innocence and wonder was rubbing off on the very words he was speaking.

Unknown to her companion, Idunn was focused on something else, in addition to Roy's words.

Sure enough, her senses hadn't lied to her yesterday. The magical resonance she felt spoke true- there was no doubt that Roy was part dragonkin. It was faint, it was diluted, but… it was there, and that was what was important.

What that meant for the future, Idunn didn't know. She'd certainly never heard of a human and a dragon having a child together.

Jahn would've considered the very thought of such an act- a human and a dragon producing offspring together- as laughably absurd, like suggesting that pigs could fly or that fish could walk on land.

The only other dragons she'd ever seen had been her own war dragons, and… Idunn deeply wished to never dwell on them again. She was in a world where there were currently no war dragons, and that… that was for the best.

Those war dragons had been her primary purpose- a purpose laid out and desired by other people. And while Idunn knew that her war dragons lacked empathy and emotions… now that her lost heart had returned to her, it felt impossibly cruel creating living beings whose sole purpose was to fight till they were killed.

More than that… as Idunn walked behind Roy, one of her hands still firmly clasped in his own much smaller one, Idunn pondered what would happen to her now. She was away from Zephiel, away from Jahn, far away from anyone who knew her true identity. Still… a faint twinge of anxiety pulsed in the back of her mind.

No matter how much she desired to never again use her power for evil… it wasn't like a sword or lance she could just cast aside and forget about. Her powers were a part of her, and as long as she remained in this world, so too would the ability to create war dragons.

An idea began to take root in Idunn's mind as Roy brought her to one of his favorite rooms in the castle; a large room full of bookshelves that, per her young companion's explanation, had been converted into a library several generations earlier. The castle library was well-lit by natural light, with large windows high up that allowed the sunlight to freely filter through, with several comfy-looking seats and couches placed throughout the room for people to sit on.

Idunn's dreary thoughts were swept away as Roy plopped down on a large, well-cushioned sofa, and patted the seat next to him to indicate that he wanted her to sit next to him.

Privately, Idunn resolved herself to the fact that she couldn't just seal her powers away completely- leaving her dragonstone damaged meant she could no longer assume her dragonic form, but it didn't actually inhibit her ability to create war dragons. That was an ability tied to her immense magical power rather than the natural might of her dragon form.

Idunn could do far more with her magic than cast powerful spells. Dragonkin had always been inherently magical, and Idunn's own magical powers had been amplified many times over by the processes that had turned her into the Demon Dragon.

As Roy spread the book he'd chosen while Idunn had been swept up in her internal turmoil across his lap, Idunn once again found her wayward thoughts swept away by Roy's words. While not an experienced narrator, he was at the very least full of energy, and Idunn's mind was soon focused on dashing tails of heroism; knights fighting valiantly against evil, courageous princes and princesses fighting against mad sorcerers, and peoples of many nations uniting to work together to save the day.

That was certainly something inspiring and uplifting. Idunn had no idea how, but as Roy continued reading to her, her thoughts began to swirl, a fire in her ignited by the desire to use the great power that had been forced upon her not to do evil, but to help others!

How would she go about doing that? Well, Idunn didn't have an answer to that question. Not yet anyway. But surely there had to be a way? She was a druid of great power, capable of casting the most powerful human-made spells imaginable, transforming into a dragon more powerful than any other (though not at present,) and even capable of manipulating life energy- quintessence as it was called by the dragonkin- to shape new beings.

This was a new beginning for Idunn- up till now she'd only used her powers to create war dragons, but that could hardly be the limit of her abilities! There had to be so much more that she was capable of, even if she didn't know it yet!

If Roy idolized these tales of heroism… then Idunn wished to become a hero he could look up to!

Hope you all enjoyed the scenes with Eleanora. I can't say whether or not she'll show up too frequently, but she's definitely more than a one-shot character. There's not much information (if any) to go on regarding the other houses of Lycia beyond the names of the provinces, and only a bit more if you count the additional info present in the Champion's Sword manga. I'll be taking some liberties with Lycian history in this story, first of which…

If you missed it earlier, Eleanora is formerly of the house of Tania, having married into house Pherae some 30+ years prior to this story's beginning. For anyone who has read or is familiar with Champion's Sword, that would make Eleanora a distant relative of Tiena.

There's no artwork that I have to go off of, but if you want a reference as to the dress Idunn is wearing, I mostly envision her as currently wearing the same style/color of dress that Sophia wears in her official FE6 artwork.

Harken and Isadora are never mentioned in FE6, due to FE7 and it's characters being created afterwards. There daughter Isolde is an original character, whose name I chose purely because it shared the same beginning (the 'Is') with her mother Isadora.

And yes, lastly, and perhaps most importantly, regarding Idunn's usage of quintessence… The war dragons she creates are what veteran FE7 players would know as morphs. Here's hoping she keeps that power under wraps for now. Eliwood and Ninian don't have any reason to distrust her for now, but… a powerful dark magician capable of wielding and shaping quintessence? Hmm… just where have Eliwood and Ninian seen that before?