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"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

I sit up with a gasp, water sputtering from my mouth as I blearily look around.

'wh- what- where the hell am I?! What's going on?!'

I am in some sort of bathroom, laying in a large tub.

The most... disturbing aspect of my current situation is the fact that the bath water is stained a deep cherry red.

'd-d-did someone steal my fucking kidneys?!'

The water sloshes as I rocket to my feet, looking around the room in sheer panic.

Then, I notice the extremely long reddened marks on the underside of my forearms. They appear to have been long-since healed and scarred over, but...

"Remember kids... sideways for attention, lengthwise for results." I whisper, gazing at the scars that were most definitely caused by... myself?

But I didn't-

I stagger slightly, my hand coming to my head as bits and pieces of information are forced into my head.

'What- what the hell?!'

"Don't worry, Lechonk! We'll become pokemon champions just like Lance!"



"Alright. I'm fucking crazy." I whisper. "That can't be real-"

Another memory crosses my mind.

"Let's go!" *Swish* LECHOOOOONK!"

"PAHAHAH!" I cackle. "Oh my god, he took one step outside and his Lechonk got fuckin kidnapped by a staraptor."

Get fucked kid. I mean, Really. Lechonk? A LECHONK was your start-

That was me.

Holy shit I got reincarnated into the pokemon world after the owner of this body killed themselves over a Lechonk.

Like, not even a good pokemon like Eevee or some other cute pet pokemon. LITERAL slaughterhouse fodder.

I pull the plug in the bathtub then let out a quiet sigh as I begin to refill it with clean water.

'Washing all my blood off is going to take forever. Ugh.' I mentally growl as I look around the bathroom blearily, Information coming to me in flashes.

My name?

Xander Welsh.

Parents? Absent. Either dead or deadbeat.

Barely managed to get into Blueberry Academy. Starter immediately natural selection-ed the second I step outside to do some 'training'.

School starts in just five days.

What the actual FUCK am I supposed to do?

I clean myself off as much as I can, then after that, I grab a pair of clothes and step outside into a one-room apartment.

"Fuck. What the hell do I even do?" I whisper.

I'm in the pokemon world with zero pokemon.

I am instantly struck with mind-numbing brain-piercing pain.

I hunch over, hands coming to the sides of my head, my teeth clench shut, nearly biting my tongue.

A feral scream is forced down as I collapse forwards onto my hands and knees.

My vision blurs slightly, be it from tears or my vision actually waining.


Its gone.

The pain is gone just as fast as it appeared.


Congratulations on being successfully reincarnated!

I flinch back as a little floating screen appears beside my head.

'Wh-what the hell?!'

You have won our fifth place grand prize for this year's 'Isekai Lottery'. Congratulations!

"Wh-What the fuck?" I whisper.

You, sir, have won one free all expense paid trip to a land of your wildest dreams! But. Such a prize is merely a lowly side effect of what you have been given! You have been granted incredible skill with genetics.

In a pokemon world, there's only one path to proceed from here, right? Go forth! Create your perfect team to defeat the opposition!

But. This isn't your only benefit. You are also given an in-house trainer shop system which you may use to purchase potentially useful items for crafting your ideal team. This ranges from DNA to evolutionary items and techniques. But keep in mind, these items cannot be used on you yourself. Only your pokemon and other followers. That being said, nothing is stopping you from studying a purchased item and figuring out how to make it benefit you. However there is no easy path via system. You will need to study intently and make your dream a reality through your own blood, sweat, and tears.

A final benefit for you, lucky winner, would be one of three potential 'starter' pokemon as your body's previous starter has... regretfully... become staraptor chow. No, we didn't have anything to do with this.

These three starter pokemon are far beyond the standard pokemon. If you treat them well, perhaps they might even be able to defend you against attacks from Mythical and Legendary pokemon.

I watch as the screen warbles and splits into three separate options.

Three pokemon.


A little issue.

One pokemon.

The first option is a little black Eevee with red eyes.

It's fucking adorable and I want it.

Species: Eevee
Gender: Male
Type: Normal
Ability: Eeveemental Flux: Eevee can revert back to its base form at any point in time. in addition, when stuck by an attack whose type perfectly matches Eevee's current type, Eevee's wounds will heal and their energy shall be restored. A side effect of this trait, is that when Eevee returns to it's 'base state' it learns how to adjust its energy to evolve into the evolution it had previously transformed out of, meaning at any point in the future, it may now transform back into this evolved state with no prerequisite like elemental stones or high friendship values.
Moves: Covet, Extreme Speed, Swift, Double Team, Takedown* (Move changes based on current evolution)

A beefed up Pokemon of a unique coloration, sure to make you stand out amongst your classmates. Perhaps the strongest of the three starters we are offering you due to people knowing what to expect.

That is fucking broken.

Can you fucking IMAGINE?!

It is not ONLY immune to its damage type like some sort of fucking water-absorb nonsense, but it can ALSO swap its form at will!

With my new knowledge of genetic alteration, it's ASKING for me to make stuff like this, but, even with my implanted knowledge, it's likely to take years before I can make something like this.

Wait. Does it knowing Takedown mean that it'll HEAL from the recoil damage?!

I shake my head and look to the right slightly. To the next potential option.

"Alright, what the fuck is this?"

Species: Purrely
Gender: Female
Type: Light
Ability: Unyielding Light: Transforms Normal Type moves into the Light Type and grants them a 30% power boost.
Moves: Tail Whip, Tackle, Headbutt, Twinkle, Shine.

Notes: A 'Pokemon' with the purely unique Light typing.

I rub my temples, letting out a long sigh, then look to the last of my options. It is some sort of cute deer thing. Very fluffy looking and snow white in color.

Species: Vari
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Vari-ous Forms: Grants the ability to revert back to its base form and swap between its many forms after being evolved into them at least once. It also functions as Pixilate/Refrigerate/Aerilate but for the element in question after it evolves.
Moves: Tackle, Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Agility

Notes: A 'Pokemon' which is a mirror of Eevee, being capable of evolving into all things it cant. Dragon Type, Poison Type, Ghost Type, it even has access to Fire, Ice and Water type as well. This could be your chance to figure out a method to evolve Eevee into its many new forms.


So. Eevee. Eevee-deer. Or fucking Light fox-cat.

My finger taps on the floor, eyes flicking between the options.

Light type is regretfully going to be put aside for now. There's no telling WHAT it even does. I'll figure that out later as-

I look to the shop. 'Yes, I can just purchase DNA for this thing later. The only issue is that it is very expensive.'

There's no reason to risk the Light type for now. So that leaves me with Eevee, and Diet Eevee.


Realistically, the correct choice here is Eevee... because its ability is just so much more powerful than Vari's.

Also. Debatably. It's cuter.

At least to me.

I double tap the Eevee, and with a bright glow, a red and white sphere appears in front of me.

Your new Eevee has been registered to your Pokemon database. Congratulations, and live a good life!

I slowly lift the red and white sphere up to eye-level, then push the large white button in the center.

It clicks open, a red light exploding from the inside of the ball.

With a flash, standing before me is a little black Eevee, unlike anything I have ever seen before. It is... so cute.

"Eevoy!" It cheers, flashing me a bright cheerful smile that nearly causes my heart to explode from its sheer adorability.

"Oh my g-"

It lunges forwards, latching to my face, paws grabbing around my head like a miniature little face hugger from Alien.

"Eevoy!" It cheers again as I collapse to the ground with a muffled scream of 'MHHHHHHHH'.

I eventually pry the little bastard off, revealing that it has a mischivous little grin on its maw.

"You." I frown, eyes narrowing slightly. "Not a big fan. Of that."


"But I forgive you!" I gasp, stars in my eyes.

I shake my head, then stand up, holding the fox by the scruff. "Ahem. Yes. Do not do that again."


I sit him on my shoulder which he lays upon, front paws going over my front shoulder, back paws going over my shoulder blade.

He's soooo soft.

"So. You need a name." I mutter under my breath. "Just calling you 'Eevee' would rub me the wrong way. You're special! That means You should be differentiated from the standard Eevee!"

The little brat seems to preen under my praise.


His ear flicks back, slapping me in the face.

I let out a quiet hiss, cradling my face as I briefly writhe in pain. "Ah- you little fucker! My eye!"

The Eevee gives me a disappointed look as I frown at him.

"So. You don't like Fluffy?"

"Vee-Vee-Vee-Ve." The Eevee scoffs, giving me a half lidded stare seemingly saying 'what do you think?'


The fox cocks his head to the side, his ear flopping slightly. Then he shakes his head 'no'.


He seems equally as disappointed in that name as 'Fluffy'.

"Nick Wild."

He slaps me with his ear again, causing me to let out another small hiss at the stinging sensation.

"Swiper? Wait. You're not a Nickit. Fuck that's good though... what about Tails?"

The fox lets out a long disappointed sigh.

"Don't you sigh at me! If you were a Vulpix I'd have so many more options. Senko. Yasaka. Kunou. Kitsu. But most of those are girl names anyways."

"What about Loki?" I eventually try. "I can tell at a glance you are probably going to be a little tricky bastard, so what better name than the god of tricks himself?"

The fox's eyes gleam. It looks like we have a winner.

"Vee Eevee!" He cheers.

"Alright, then, pleased to meet you, Loki. My name is Xander."


"Now. I need to go look up how to actually take care of you. Oh boy what a pain."

I let out a quiet yawn, a small fox curled up in my lap as I continue to look through the pokenet.

My eyes flick down towards Loki, the smallest of smiles on my lips.

I've only had Loki for about six hours, but if anything were to happen to him I'd kill everyone close by then myself!

My eyes flick to the underside of my arms. Gazing at the large reddened scars that will likely never fade.

Ah. Don't want to find myself back in that tub, so I'll need to take good care of him.

Speaking of how I woke up, maybe I should consider some sort of compression sleeve or something to hide my arms. That'd probably be a good idea.

Eevees are surprisingly not very high maintenance.

Sure, they need a bath every couple of weeks, but overall they seem to be quite easy to take care of. Omnivorous, but preferring meat, requires some brushing to keep the fur nice, straight and unmatted.

An optimized diet for a battler Eevee is mix of roughly ten percent vegetable, twenty five percent fruit and sixty five percent meat... with, of course, some dietary supplements here. You know, your calciums and your zincs.

It's probably a good thing I chose an actual pokemon instead of either of the two fakemon. At least the Eevee has guides on how to take care of it.

As for other things I've looked up... it appears that genetic alteration is outlawed.

Thus, my knowledge granted to me... is useless.

Is what I would say if I were a fucking pansy. The pokemon government can suck my fucking dick. This world has deities. Creatures that can control time and space. Gardevoir is said to be able to create fuckin black holes!

I'm going to have my genetically altered kaiju Tyranitar. There's nothing the Pokemon League can do to stop me!

Well, I mean. I'm being stopped pretty handily at the moment.

Tuition fees.

Creating all powerful pokemon legends isn't something you can do with fifty cents and some pocket lint.

You need some real money to do that.

Like, at lot of money.

Far more than I, as an orphan, have access to.

Then there's the fact I need to worry about my tuition.

I've been given a loan to get into Blueberry academy. One I'm expected to pay back with my earnings from being a successful pokemon battler.

Now, this begs the question... how much do I owe?

A quarter of a million poke.

And that's an E with a funny little squiggle on top of it, by the way.

Currency here called 'poke' like 'poke-mon'.

Now, you might ask, how much is that in actual currency?

It's about the same.

So, like, quarter of a million dollars.

Luckily, there are protections in place around any pokemon we might catch, so they can't just walk in here and be all 'we'll be stealing your boy in order to pay back your student loans!' Then I'd go from my mild indifference of everyone to legitimate school bombing terrorist.


What's a good way to get money?

Winning pokemon tournaments, beating gym battles, pokemon breeding.

Those are all ways, certainly.

I'll be keeping the last one in mind but I don't really want to have Loki's genes freely pass on like that, as the next thing I know I'll be facing a horde of super-eevees in the next tournament.

There are other ways to make money though.

Rewards for scientific pieces... and inventions.

The scientific pieces thing is quite relevant.


Fairy Type doesn't exist yet.

That gives me a tremendous opportunity.

I have an Eevee. A pokemon known to only have one type upon evolution.

My Eevee can reset its form at will then evolve into forms it has previously taken.

All I need to do... is make this little bastard like me, then bing bam boom. Sylveon.

I'll need to do some greater research beyond that, however, such as ways to explain Fairy Type instead of having it be confused with fighting, normal, or flying type.

I scratch my chin with my hand, an annoyed expression on my face. 'ah. What a pain.'

Five days of preparation really sped past.

Well, I call them 'preparation' days, but I have no real spending money at the moment. I mainly spent it bonding with Loki.

He fits the name well... little shit.

He just straight up yoinked by granola bar this morning and hid under the couch until he finished eating it.

I gaze out into the wide ocean, hand perching on the guard rail along a large bridge-like structure.

One side, there is a large circular-like building perched atop the waves, a bright light seems to shine from underneath the waves, the little building perched atop whatever seems to be making this light.

On the other side is a little elevator leading downwards into the depths. Within said depths is a train that leads directly to Undella Town. A summer retreat spot with dozens of villas out towards one side, far away from the smaller town itself with a power plant, super markets, and other stuff that the games didn't really show it had.

On the upside, summer resort is within train riding distance.

On the downside?

The chance I run into the accursed piano woman is considerably high than zero... and considering I plan to create some 'primal reversions' of pokemon, turning back the clock on their genetic code, she may just take interest in me... and the last thing I need is her finding the lab in my basement.

I should get a license to revive fossil pokemon. Purely as a sort of smokescreen for my nonsense.

Luckily, Blueberry academy is THE place to get something like that.

Any teen my age could try the pokemon circuit. But this world is rough.

They won't get very far.

Sure. One person might manage to break through it all and get a place in the Vertress Conference.

But that's one person out of thousands. Tens of thousands.

The majority of people who place in the end of the year conference are people who have attempted several times to collect all eight gym badges (Or have previously succeeded), or students from expensive ass prep schools that put them a step ahead of basically everyone else.

Sure, Little Timmy can go out and try and become the pokemon champion, but the chances of being eaten alive by beartic is much higher than even getting a place in the conference.

Blueberry academy is many things. The place rich kids are sent. the place with the best school facilities in all of Unova. The place where those with potential are sent. And above all else, the place where smart kids go. The future professors of the pokemon world.

Getting a license to revive fossil pokemon here... is very possible, actually.

Oh, and I'm using the term 'kid' very loosely here. The age of application is sixteen, and the school has four years.

Xander- my previous body- paid for a full four years.

Luckily I have a very broken Eevee and I can earn 'Blueberry Points' here which I can trade for things I might want or need like TMS or evolution stones. But said items tend to take a lot. It's much easier to just trade BP dirrectly for money at a rate of one BP for every ten Poke.

It might sound like a lot, as you are very rarely able to earn hundreds of BP at once, but the thing is... being a pokemon trainer is expensive. Sure, pokemon health care is covered while you are here, and if you are participating in the gym circuit it's also free, but pokeballs aren't free. Nor are TMs.

A single pokeball costs two hundred fucking dollars. But, here in the academy, we can get them for about fifteen blueberry points, so we actually save quite a bit!

the main issue of the academy is the fact that we are required to be here almost exclusively. The benefit of being a trainer doing your gym circuit is that you get some real experience and can freely make your own team.

While it isn't against the rules for Blueberry Academy students to compete in the gym circuit, we would be forced to only take part during our breaks. So spring break, summer break, fall break, and winter break.

And let me just say, without some sort of teleporter or flying pokemon, it'd be difficult to travel across the entire region to get to each gym, then make it back before the break ends.

Regardless. Gym prizes are good money. You get all of your registration money back, then a bit on top of that. At later gym badges you even get a free TM which I could absolutely sell. I'll totally slip out and try my luck at the nearest gym.

I turn, quickly catching up with the rest of the group of new first year students. There's not really many that catch my attention so far. They seem to be a bunch of nameless goons and rich snobs.

I mean, sure, there's some characters that look vaguely important.

Some dark-skinned girl who has her hair stylized like large steel bolts walks around like she's the terminator. There's some red haired dude with a chef's hat wearing an apron, a white haired dude- with a single streak of purple in his hair- with a leather jacket is another.

Then you have 'girl with fucking impossible hair'. Like, it's black on the outside, but red on the inside. Like, what?! How?!

Those are basically all of the vaguely important looking characters, though. You know, the ones with yugioh hair.


Huh, I should see if I can get my hands on some blue eyes DNA.

Anyways, some of these guys are just casually announcing what type of trainer they are without even looking.

We obviously have a steel type specialist and a fire type specialist.

Or... perhaps he's going for a more 'cook' specialist. So he'll have pokemon like Applin, Alcreme, or Vanilluxe. The latter would be a bit harder to prepare for, so I hope for his sake it's not the prior.

An older gentleman in a blue suit continues walking forwards as he shows us the school. "-Yes, I spent quite a lot of time picking out that wonderful blueberry blue color."

"This, here is the entrance to my glorious academy... if you will notice here, we have a spot for pokemon battling. We will use this for official matches and events throughout the year, but any student may make use of it provided it is not already in use."

There's really not much up here. There's a building in the distance that looks a little bit like one of those subway turnstile things that leads deeper inside the academy.

The only thing is... that building doesn't look large enough for a school.

"Now, a lot of you might be wondering... most of this area is taken up by a battle arena! Surely this is too small of an area to teach all of you young, briliant trainers... and you'd be right! Most of Blueberry Academy is actually underwater!"

Oh, sure. Fucking underwater school. I bet that won't ever fucking backfire.

It already is secluded like some sort of fort knox prison. Now you're saying most of the rooms are underwater?

Whatever. Let's just serve my four years and get this over with.

"Now come along, allow me to give you all a tour of our facilities!" The man smiles as he leads us towards the door at the back.

I linger towards the back of the group, my hands in my pockets, a bored frown on my face. 'well, then. Let's see what this place can really offer me.'

There probably won't be any classes today. Merely being a day for us to settle in.

I will probably make my way to the library in that time.

This place has to have a library, right? Surely.

After the library, I'll need to make some money. At least ten thousand poke worth or as I have a little idea in my head which could give me some considerable pocket cash.

I plan to make a little scanner for pokemon.

The knowledge granted to my body might be genetics... however, it seems some more information slipped in. Information that makes studying genetics easier I suppose. Like, I know how to build a gestation tube, or a fossil reviver, but it's not like I can build a death robot or cybernetic enhancements.

My knowledge is limited to the archetype of genetics... which is sad, as if I remember correctly from Pokemon Violet most 'Future' pokemon are just fucking boring robots.

Regardless of how boring they are, it'd be useful to have mecha-tyranitar on hand, but sadly it's not meant to be.

I gaze out into the sea briefly. 'Oh yes, I'm sure noooothing ever bad could ever happen to this underwater school... like a tsunami... or a hurricane.'

I wonder if I can sue when things inevitably go horribly wrong?

Heyo! Here's another trash proto-reboot like Gaius AU. I felt that Villainous Ventures has distanced itself from its core aspect. Building a team.

That's why I made this. Loki's probably going to be Xander's only Pokemon. As for what else fills his team? Hmmm I wonder.

What could possibly become a Pal for him. A part of his team-tem. A guy who is just living one day to the Nexo-t. What sort of special 'mon could help him make his challengers get 'gan'. And...

Something something card games on motorcycles.

Though, I suppose Loke is a bit of a grey area as I'll probably include from Fanon Eeveelutions for him.

Anyways, I also sort of felt that I added FAR too many girls too quickly and felt tremendous character bloat, plus letting him buy powers was sort of uncool.

don't worry, he will still get stronger, it's just... he might be taking a different path this time. one that takes physical effort!

Also I have an Accursed P word that ends with Treon. where you can read chapters early. it also has the entirety of D&Devil for free there, smut included. I'll also eventually be adding D&Devil 2 there (Also for free as I've already posted them).