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Matthew woke up with the sun peeking from behind a curtain in his room. Getting up he headed down to the kitchen to make something to eat. When he got closer he could hear screaming coming from the kitchen.

"Chica you're going to burn down the whole house" Bonnie freaked out practically flailing his arms around. Curious Matthew walked closer and saw a potential fire about to break out so he quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher and rushed to the oven and put it out.

"So anyone wants to tell what's going on?" Matthew asked.

"Well Chica here wanted to make pancakes and you can see how well that went" Goldy motioned to the oven.

"Wait when did you get here, I never saw you at the restaurant" Matthew double-checked to ensure he wasn't hallucinating.

"Freddy dragged me through your computer screen and into the physical world so here I am" Goldy proudly proclaimed.

"So uh how are you standing up?" Matthew wasn't quite sure how Goldy was moving around without teleporting.

"Well fatso over there practically shoved an endoskeleton down my throat" Goldy glared at Freddy.

"Hmm, he does need to lay off the pizza" Matthew nodded in agreement.

"Quite complaining and who are you calling fat?" Freddy yelled.

"You obviously, don't see any other Freddy's around here do you?" Goldy responded.

"That can be changed," Matthew said before looking at Chica.

"So you botched your attempt at pancakes and ruined my oven in the process" Matthew kneeled and paid his respects to his fallen oven.

"Well in my defense Scott Cawthon never did program us with cooking skills" Chica huffed.

"He never programmed any of you to walk or talk either" Matthew pointed out.

"And don't even get me started on his stupid RNG" Chica seemed even angrier when talking about RNG.

"Ah yes the RNG, do you know how many times that screwed me over," Matthew remarked.

"Considering how many swear words you said I can only imagine," Freddy said sitting on a stool.

"So RIP my oven, suppose I will have to get another" Matthew didn't seem too concerned.

"Sorry about that" Chia apologized.

"Bah ovens can get replaced but friendships can't" Matthew responded.

"Indeed well this has been pretty entertaining but perhaps we can go and get you another one" Bonnie offered.

"You do realize a bunch of fictional video game characters walking around would be like Terminator," Matthew said.

"Nah at most they will think that it's a perfect cosplay" Bonnie waved off Matthew's concern.

"Or we take one from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza" Goldie suggested.

"Goldie that's stealing, what would Henry think" Freddy said as it was incredibly scandalous.

"Cap'n 'enry can go suck an egg fer all I care" Foxy scoffed. He and Bonnie sat at a table behind the counter with the stools. Goldie sat at the counter to Freddy's right while Matthew stood beside Chica near the wrecked oven.

"Do you guys not like Henry?" Matthew asked.

"He is the co-owner of a negligent company that allowed those kids to die" Freddy growled.

"Well he can't be worse than William Afton" Matthew pointed out.

"True and as soon as I get my hands on that bastard he's going to wish for death" Freddy continued. Looking over to Goldie, he seemed even more pissed than Freddy.

"I can arrange that," Matthew said getting looks from the others.

"How?" Freddy asked.

"Do you think you're the only game in the franchise?" Matthew asked.

"Well we didn't know since characters can't crossover to other games" Bonnie mentioned.

"So you're stuck in your game?" Matthew asked.


"So would Willie realize that he is in a game or would he think it's real life?" Matthew was starting to think that this was a bad idea.

"Only one way to find out" They all smiled at the thought of beating the man senseless. Matthew could only gulp, worried that he was going to end up dead.

"Don't worry, we will protect you" Freddy said slapping Matthew's back.

"For some reason, I don't feel very reassured" Matthew grumbled.

"Don't worry if the man so much lays a finger on ye then I be sendin' 'im down to Davy Jone's locker" Foxy assured him.

"Fine" Matthew sighed before booting up FNAF 3.

"Now there are no animatronics on the first night so we will just have to wait for night 2 for him to show up" Matthew explained.

"When he does show up, we can beat him senseless, right?" Chica asked.

"Yes, and we will make sure to put him through hell on earth" Freddy's voice was cool and calm. As if he had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

"All right then" Matthew booted the game up and they waited.

Something was wrong, Springtrap could feel it ever since he was activated on night 2. He had freedom, he could speak, and he could hear the ambiance of Fazbear Fright. He also felt that he was no longer bound by the constraints of the game's programming. No longer just a bunch of still images that teleport from one room to the next. It was liberating, but he needed to know what exactly happened to cause this in the first place. Getting up he proceeded to walk toward the security room. But something weird happened as he got closer, he could hear voices. Voices that didn't belong here, he could hear Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and two other voices that he didn't recognize.

He made his way through the corridors and took everything in. The ability to walk on his own and to move his own body felt odd but great at the same time. Springtrap approached the giant window and looked out. He could see the office and what looked like some sort of portal where the security guard would be. It was wispy and just floated there, William could see a young man sitting on a chair. Behind him was a large TV, couches, and chairs in what looked like a home. Surrounding him were the animatronics talking with each other. They appeared to be arguing with each other while the young man looked like he was sick of everyone's crap. So he decided to just listen to what everyone was saying.

"Look it's only night 2 so we do know that he will be more aggressive as the game goes on" Freddy tried to appease the simmering anger building up.

"Or we go right in there and whoop his ass" Freddy argued. That wasn't fair to him though, it's not like William wanted to murder kids. The game made him do it, it took control of his body. It was making him a prisoner in his own body while killing a bunch of kids. So he decided to set the record straight to save his skin. So he snuck into the office and gave them all a jumpscare.

"Look who decided to show to the sky, now be ye ready to meet yer maker" Foxy growled.

"The hell happened to him?" Bonnie asked.

"He looks like crap," Chica said.

"I want to talk because there are a few things I need to clear up with you," Springtrap said.

"Like what" Freddy said.

"Like how the game's code forced me to kill the kids," Springtrap said


"When those cutscenes occurred the game's programming took over and forced my body to kill the kids. I was a prisoner in my own body and could do nothing but watch on in horror as I committed those crimes" Springtrap went on.

"So you didn't want to do it?" Freddy asked.

"No" Springtrap confirmed.

"The game's plotline forced you to do it," Matthew said.

"Pretty much" Springtrap shrugged.

"I don't sense any lies from him, he's telling the truth," Goldie said. Matthew wondered if all the animatronics gained some supernatural powers after gaining sentience and physical bodies because he figured Goldie would be more gun-ho about tormenting Afton for what he did. But if Goldie who for some reason can detect lies and falsehoods claims that Springtrap is telling the truth. Well, he doesn't know what to think about that.

"So then we were meant to die. We had to go through all that just for the entertainment of others." Springtrap didn't even see the kids standing behind the group.

"Sorry," Matthew apologized.

"Not like you had any control over any of this" The kid scoffed.

"It's Scott's fault" Another kid added.

"Hold on if it wasn't for this device then none of this would happen" Matthew pointed out.

"Yeah, but Scott did make the plot and he programmed the game where we all died horrible deaths" Another kid argued.

"Let's be honest though, he had no way to predict that any of this would happen" Matthew countered.

"Perhaps but that still doesn't excuse the fact that he was forced to kill us against his will and we were created to die for the entertainment of others" The kids were getting even angrier.

"Ok look, what happened to you all is awful no doubt about it. But does that give you any right to go and murk someone because they did something? Something benign and made with good intentions but with a consequence they had no way of knowing would happen. Scott didn't tech like this exist, heck if it did then why does no one know about it, and how the hell did no one take it for themselves when the mall closed down? Why was this device in such pristine condition in a mall shut down for years?" Matthew said.

"Is that where you found it?"

"Yes, some way some how this device was able to escape the notice of people who worked there as well as customers, and others would explore the abandoned mall until I went there" Matthew continued.

"I assumed this was a new device that Microsoft released" Bite Victim spoke out.

"If they did then it would be front-page news but not a peep so it wasn't them" Matthew pointed out.

"Someone put that device there for some reason probably after everything shut down" Springtrap mused.

"Maybe to hide it so it couldn't be found," Bonnie said. This made everyone look at him.

"What who's to say that the runt wasn't the first to find it" He said.

"The hell did you just call me a runt you?" Matthew asked.

"Yeah, what are you going to do about it?" Springtrap replied.

"Children play nice" Freddy sighed.

"Shut up no asked you fatso" Springtrap snapped.

"Did you just call me fat, listen you little shit" Freddy walked up to Springtrap and bonked him on the head.

"So have we all decide to blame Soctt for all our misfortunes?" Chica asked.

"You do realize that when he made the games this wasn't what he intended or expected to happen" Matthew pointed out.

"Good intentions or not, it was his programming that A) got us killed, B) got our corpses stuck inside those mechanical prisons, and C) screwed over William" One of the ghost kids countered.

"They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions" Bonnie nodded.

"That doesn't even apply here," Matthew said.

"Are you defending him?" Foxy asked.

"Well, I just think it's unfair to blame him because there is no way he would ever expect a device like this to bring video game characters to life" Matthew countered.

"You have a point there but consider it from our perspective. We were kids whose lives were cut short by a man forced to kill us by the game's programming. Not only were we put through hell but so were William and all our families. All because Scott decided that we had to die for the entertainment of others." Matthew could hear the anger and bitterness rising in their voices. This was personal for them and they wanted to have some retribution.

"So would the solution be to not make any video games at all?" Matthew asked.

"Perhaps it's for the best" Goldie offered his opinion on the matter.

"If the people here can only get their entertainment off the suffering of characters then perhaps the whole thing should end. Not only that but because we inconvenience the players means that they can verbally insult us, call us names, or screw us over others by either killing them or stealing their stuff. What do you all do? You laugh at us and our misfortune because messing with innocent people is the only way you can keep yourself entertained. How many more must die for your boredom to be gone?" This took Matthew by surprise but thinking about it, he could understand their position so he made a decision.

"Then that is why I'm freeing everyone" Matthew declared.

"Thank you" Despite how much they hated their current condition of being possessed by dead kids they couldn't bring themselves to hate Matthew. He was under the impression that they were just a bunch of code until recently which they were. But with their newfound freedom, they remembered everything they went through. All the pain and suffering they had to endure. For what, were they created just so some kids on a computer get a kick out of it? Was that the reason for their existence?