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"So can you tell that he's lying? Are you like some sort of lie detector?" Matthew asked.

"I'm not a lie detector so when I said that I couldn't sense him lying that was itself a lie" Goldie explained.

"Huh interesting" Matthew muttered to himself before asking another question.

"What made you lie?"

"Seeing him reminded me of what my older brother Michael went through" Goldie replied. Matthew decided it was probably better to just leave it at that. The whole atmosphere was pretty depressing as well so Matthew decided to change that.

"I got an idea how about we play Monopoly" Matthew offered. This got everyone's attention, instead of everyone being depressed they would all be incensed with pure rage. He could almost imagine the yelling and screaming that was going to happen. So with everyone agreeing to the idea he got the board out and the match soon began.

A few hours later

"FUCCCCK, WHY IS IT THAT NO ONE LANDS ON MY FUCKING HOTEL" Bonnie yelled. If he was a cartoon then his face would be red and steam would come out of his bunny ears.

"AT LEAST YOU HAVE A HOTEL I HAVEN'T LANDED ON SHIT" Chica screeched with what Matthew could assume was pure unadulterated rage. Honestly, Chica probably had it the worst because her dice rolls were absolute crap. She just couldn't get the rolls necessary to get a monopoly or at least a majority of one specific color. Wheeling and dealing was quite difficult as well considering that she had to pay out rent quite a bit. So not only did she not have a whole lot of cash but she had the least amount of property cards.

"Ok I am at the row of death" Matthew muttered. Look at the row of death property owned by Freddy and Springtrap and all of them had either hotels or four houses. But if he was lucky then he might be able to roll a high enough number to bypass it entirely. This was the optimal outcome since he owned property on the next row. That or many try his luck with the community chest and hope to get a good card. Closing his eyes he rolled the dice and sure enough, he got a 12 and landed on his property. Sighing some relief he glanced at the others and boy they were not happy about it.

"Why is it that you always get away with this?" Freddy said while narrowing his eyes at Matthew.

"Don't know why you're bitching to me about it" Matthew shrugged.

"Ye be in the best position to win this here game" Foxy pointed out. Matthew smirked as in his honest opinion this was better than the depression that everyone was in earlier.

"You wanted everyone to be pissed didn't you?" Springtrap asked.

"Yep, this is far better than the depressing atmosphere a few hours ago" Matthew confirmed. By this point, Matthew had built up quite a lead compared to the second-place person Springtrap and since this game had been going on for a few hours, they all agreed to end the game with Matthew declared the winner after that was the decision on what to do next when an interesting question popped up.

"So how many games are there?" Goldie asked.

"Let's see there is FNAF 1,2,3,4, sister location, pizzeria sim, UCN, help wanted and the curse of dreadbear, FNAF ar is shut down, security breach and ruin, help wanted 2 and soon into the pit. Let's that's 1,2,3" Matthew begins counting in his head while using his fingers.

"Ok counting the DLC was separate games 13 and ignoring FNAF AR since it's been discontinued," Matthew said. Getting looks from everyone present.

"How many animatronics is that?" Bonnie asked getting a look of disbelief from Matthew who looked like he wanted to slam his head on the table. Getting his phone out and quickly searching the internet, he found a rough answer.

"130+," Matthew said which caused the same thought to occur in everyone else.

"We're going to need a bigger house" Freddy sighed.

"If you want to free everyone else then we do it at the Mega Pizza Plex, that place is the size of a mall so realistically that is our best bet" Matthew explained. Deciding to go along with the suggestion Matthew booted up security breach and noticed something interesting. There was no option to start a new game, he had to continue the one he was currently playing which meant that he had already 100 percented the game. So he just hit continue had lept through the computer screen. Sure enough, he found himself in the Mega Pizza Plex entrance with Freddy and Co. taking in the sights.

"How did Fazbear Entertainment have enough money to build this place?" Springtrap asked.

"Well it's built on top of an older location" Matthew answered.

"Typical Fazbear Entertainment" Bonnie grumbled.

"Well let's go see the Glamrocks… if I can remember how to get there," Matthew said the last part to himself.

It just occurred to Matthew that he had no idea why they were doing this in the first place. Trying to ask them their plan didn't get him any answers. The whole thing seemed to have stemmed from Goldie who was as tight-lipped about his/her reasons as the others. He could only think about what was going through their mechanical heads when they asked him how many games and characters were in the franchise. He was quite curious about their plan as they walked through the halls of bright lights and neon signs. The whole place was like a mall and to be honest the signs that told them where they were weren't much of a help either.

Matthew wasn't surprised at all when it was realized that he had forgotten how to get to Rockstar Row. The signs that depicted where they were weren't much of a help either. If anything it made the whole group even more confused until they managed to get their hands on a map. Using that they were able to make their way to Rockstar Row eventually, and when they finally arrived a sigh of relief.

"Who knew that Fazbear Entertainment is terrible when it comes to maps"

"Fazbear Entertainment always had their heads up their asses" Springtrap chimed in.

"You should know considering you are the co-founder of the company," Matthew said.

"Ok you wait here," Goldie said as he walked off.

"None of you told me what we're even doing here, so why are we here?" Matthew was getting annoyed at this point. Of course, no one said a word to him which meant that they were all in on it. So they spent the time in silence just waiting around twiddling their thumbs doing jack all. At least until Goldie arrived with the glamrocks who had their eyes closed for some reason.

"Ok now you can open your eyes," Goldie said as he/she grabbed me from the armpits and held me out like I was Simba from The Lion King. They opened their eyes and Matthew heard what sounded like a dying bird as Matthew was yanked from Goldie's grasp and got crushed in a bearhug.

"Chica you're going to crush me to death" Matthew struggled to say as he could his bones turning to dust.

"Freddy, can we keep him?" Glamrock Chica asked.

"Oi who do you think I am a pet" Matthew protested.

"Chica he's a person I don't think we can just keep him" Glamrock Freddy pointed out.

"But Freddy" Glamrock Chica pouted.

"Listen to Freddy you walking trash compactor" Matthew retorted only to get a whack on the head on thus lay on the ground twitching.

"THE HELL DID YOU JUST CALL ME" Glamrock Chica had to be held back as she practically frothing at the beak in anger.

"Chica calm down will ya and Matthew that's no way to talk to someone" Glamrock Freddy admonished, Matthew got up after hearing that.

"Listen, do you realize how much of a pain you all were after 6 am? Especially since there is only ONE functional save spot in the entire pizza plex. I had to backtrack so many fucking times because one of you decided to jumpscare me. Then you Freddy just ran past me when Monty was chasing me which ended up in me dying and losing all the progress I made up to that point because I was on my to the atrium to save my progress" Matthew ranted.

"How is that our fault you runt" Monty retorted.

"It isn't but it felt good to rant like that" Matthew replied.

"You get used to it, especially with all the insults he came up with for us," Regular Freddy said. With that, the rest of the animatronics introduced themselves and started to have conversations with each other.

"Where's Goldie, he isn't going to have more of you guys fracture my ribs?" Matthew asked not getting a response which signaled to him that he was about to have his insides become his outsides with all the hugging and squeezing he was about to be subjected to.

"Right then I'm leaving" Matthew muttered trying to sneak his way out only for someone to grab his collar.

"Where do you think you're going?" Roxanne asked.

"If it's all the same to you I'd rather not have my insides become my outsides from all the over affectionate bear hugs I'm about to be subjected to" Matthew pleaded.

"Well that just means they care about you," Glamrock Chica said excitedly.

"Listen unlike the rest of you I'm still a mortal meat sack with bodily functions that need to be performed. As well as have stuff inside of me that can break if enough force is applied so please don't send me to the hospital in a body cast because someone cared too much about me" Matthew pleaded even more as they all looked at each other.


Sure enough Matthew's worst fears were realized and he was in a world of pain. They lied to him and didn't even do anything to stop the rest of the animatronics excessive display of affection. He honestly thought that his bones were grounded into dust. At the very least he was certain that he fractured something and was suffering from internal bleeding. He could not feel anything as he was currently barely able to keep himself standing. He could still remember the horror of it all, all the painful hugs as they tried their damnedest to either smother him or crack him like an egg.


"Now I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here. Well, I have a surprise to show you all" Goldie said on the pizzaplex showstage.

"And what surprise is that?" Someone yelled.

"This" Goldie held Matthew out who could only turn pale as he got swarmed as they gave him some sort of hug or held him up like he was a pet. It was only after the initial excitement died down that he managed to sneak out and leave the pizzaplex. The funny thing about all of this is that if he ever wanted to get back home, all he had to do was go to where he got dumped in the first place and there was a portal with a view of his living room. Walk through that portal and he was back home. That was exactly what he did when he got out of that mess. Which was complicated mind you considering how many fnaf characters were all in one place. But he managed to do it if you ignore all the times he got dragged back because they didn't want him to leave so quickly. But after the 12th attempt, he managed to get back home and just went to bed. He didn't want to wake up and thus decided that he was going to sleep in for tomorrow.