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The seas were calm as first mate Matthew kept watch for the cursed Commodore Freddy. He was the cursed pirate hunter who sailed these seas so far though they had not seen sight of him for a while which was quite good luck.

"Any sign o' the commodore, first mate Matthew?" Captain Foxy called out.

"It's all clear captain" Matthew yelled back.

"Good now….." Foxy got cut off as a canon ball just barely missed him.

"Crap, it's Commodore Freddy" Matthew's voice cracked.

"Give me that there spyglass" Foxy ordered yanking the spyglass from Matthew's hand.

"That there bastard, thinks 'e can take us on in a fight eh" Foxy growled.

"Orders captain?" Matthew asked.

"Load the cannons an' fire at will" Captain Foxy ordered. Matthew quickly scrambled to get a cannon and proceeded to load it however before he could fire Commodore Freddy's voice rang out.

"Pirate Captain Foxy surrender now and we will spare your life as well as your first mate" Commodore Freddy's voice rang out.

"Never" Foxy yelled back before nodding at Matthew who then fired the cannon.


"The hell are you guys aiming at you bastards" Toy Bonnie yelled out where Matthew and the others were playing in the dining room of FNAF 2.

"Um sorry about that," Matthew said sheepishly while Toy Bonnie just shook his head and threw the foam dodgeball back.

"What are you guys even doing anyway?" Toy Bonnie asked while going back to his guitar.

"Well the weather outside is garbage and you all were bitching about not being able to be with Matthew so," Freddy said. It was after they tried to give Matthew internal bleeding via excessive hugging that all the animatronics decided to rotate every week. Every week Matthew would spend time with the animatronics from one FNAF game and the next and so on. Of course, this didn't please everyone but it was probably the most fair decision. Thus it was the toy animatronics and the repaired withered's time to be with the only human any of them cared about. The one person that meant more to them than anything else, someone they all treasured and cared about.

"Who wants pizza" A voice cried out from the kitchen. Matthew then left their imaginary boat of chairs, tables, and tablecloths in the dining/game area of the pizzeria.

"Oi, where do ye think ye be going?" Captain Foxy asked.


"Pizza obviously" Matthew responded.

"I say we take a break," Freddy said, Foxy pouted before giving up. Now these weren't the same from the first game, they were fixed versions of the withereds. This was done because of safety concerns and because withered Chica and Bonnie wouldn't shut up about being unable to hug Matthew. By hugging they meant bone-breaking hugs where everything was pain. Plus maybe some internal bleeding while they were at it. Matthew felt like he was going to end up in a hospital sooner or later. While he was playing with the fixed-up animatronics, the others were just milling around or making pizza in Toy Chica's case. Oh, and the mangle was also fixed because the others vehemently refused to let Matthew anywhere near her. (I know mangle's gender isn't confirmed but for the sake of this story mangle is female).

Matthew walked into the kitchen and saw fresh steaming pizza ready to be consumed. The funny thing is that the animatronics didn't need to eat obviously and they couldn't die. You could destroy them but they would respawn in their respective game fresh as new. Honestly, Matthew considered them more like glorified babysitters than animatronics built for entertainment.

"So how is it?" Toy Chica asked.

"Good" Matthew complimented.

"So I suppose you'll go to him next" Toy Chica looked uncomfortable speaking about Springtrap for obvious reasons.

"Yes, and he's been through enough bullshit as it is. The last thing I want to do is shun someone for something they had no control over" Matthew stated.

"Yes, I suppose Goldie and Mary have been researching methods for exacting our revenge against the programming" Toy Chica sighed.

"Is that even a good idea?" Matthew asked.

"Well, it's the only thing we have left" Toy Chica defended.

"You have me though, from my understanding you all care about me because besides each other I'm the only other person you got in your life" Matthew pointed out though Toy Chica didn't reply and just left. After finishing the pizza, he returned to Captain Foxy to fight Commodore Freddy.

"Ye ready first mate?" Captain Foxy asked.

"Yes captain" Matthew replied getting a laugh from Foxy.

"To your battle stations," Captain Foxy yelled, Matthew then grabbed a foam dart gun that he had brought and began unloading on Commodore Freddy and his crew.

"Commodore they are firing at us" First mate Bonnie said.

"I can see that captain obvious, return fire" Commodore Freddy commanded. Bonnie and Chica began throwing foam dodgeballs at Foxy at Matthew who returned fire.

"Captain they took down our mast" Matthew pointed out earring a growl from Captain Foxy.

"We took down their mast, prepare to board" Commodore Freddy ordered while bringing out a fake sword while Bonnie and Chica did the same thing. They then jumped onto Foxy's ship and began dueling Matthew and Captain Foxy. Matthew was the first one to go down getting "stabbed" in the gut due to being overpowered by Bonnie.

"It's over pirate surrender" Commodore Freddy declared.

"NEVER" Captain Foxy yelled before pulling a water balloon.

"You would blow up your ship?" Commodore Freddy asked.

"Indeed" Foxy threw it at Commodore Freddy and then proceeded to jump off the ship. Commodore Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica also jumped ship just as the water balloon hit the floor.

"Damn that pirate" Commodore Freddy growled.

"So Foxy what now," Matthew asked.

"Oi you're dead no cheating" Bonnie yelled.

"Who asked you, you glorified easter bunny" Matthew retorted.

"THE HELL YOU CALL ME" Bonnie yelled before being smacked on the head by Freddy.

"Ok I suppose it's time that you head back, the place is about to open soon," Freddy said while getting out of costume.

"What do you mean?" Matthew asked.

"One of the side effects of the machine that you found is that the game itself has become a living world. NPCs end up getting created to fill it out. As such this pizzeria is actually in business for once" Freddy explained. This led Matthew to wonder if he should get a job here or not. When they realize he is their new nighttime security guard, the looks on their faces would be hilarious.

"I wonder if this place has a security guard then?" Matthew asked,

"We bonked him on the head so he wouldn't interfere"

"Ah well I suppose I better leave then, see you all tomorrow" Matthew waved as he left the pizzeria and ended up back home. Honestly, these last few weeks have been the best in Matthew's life. He had friends for the first time in his life, though you could say that it was more like family. Walking through his living room and into the kitchen with only his thoughts to keep him company. Part of him wondered what would happen if someone discovered the sentient video game characters. Granted no one ever came to see him so it couldn't be all that bad.

"Well I doubt anyone would ever gain an interest in me or would ever want to be my friend so I supposed that I shouldn't worry about it too much" Matthew muttered before looking out a window and seeing in cloudless day and the sun beating down.

"Well, I suppose I can go get some fresh air," Matthew thought out loud.