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William Afton

A long sigh escaped his mouth as he looked at the security guard who was knocked out. This had happened constantly and was getting pretty annoying to deal with. He was worried that one of these days he would be sued.

"Why are they doing this?" William asked himself. He suspected it was due to the young adult they saw on the security cameras when this happened. To make it even weirder the animatronics played with him and seemed caring towards him. Henry had his suspicions about who he was but wasn't entirely sure. Then there were the animatronics doing things that were supposed to be outside their programming.

"Something's wrong with them" William muttered until he heard the footsteps of Henry enter. Since this was FNAF 2 that meant that there were multiple existences of William not that they know that right now.

"The police finished their background check of the fingerprints," Henry said

"And" William replied

"They have no idea who he is" Henry shrugged

"Shit" Just what they needed right now was a brat messing with the animatronics who would also go missing at times.

"Do we even know how he got in?" William asked.

"No sign of forced entry so it's possible he found a place to hide and then waited for everyone to leave" "Henry suggested

"Well at least he didn't kill anyone yet" Henry sighed

"Another thing is that he hasn't stolen anything either" Henry was relieved that no one got hurt yet

"Then why is he doing this?" William asked.

"That's the million dollar question aint it" Henry was just as confused

"Well in that case I'll take the night shift myself," William said

"Are you sure about that?" Henry was unsure of this idea.

"I'm sure I just need to find out what the hell is going on," William replied.

"Well then I suppose I'll leave it to you" Henry waved as he left the building leaving Henry all alone. Henry was confused about this whole thing and what happened to the animatronics to make them disappear like that. Willaim then looked at his watch and saw that it was almost time for the night shift to start. So he quickly went to work and set up more cameras, especially in the security room. After testing them to ensure they worked, William set up a small viewing area in the one place the animatronics couldn't get to or a place that anyone, not an employee wouldn't know, the safe room. Thus with the screens ready and the cameras turned on as well as grabbing the tablet from the security room he waited. It wasn't until after midnight that he noticed that the animatronics started to move. The toys moved from the stage and made a beeline to the security room. Following them through the CCTV cameras William noticed something that wasn't there before. The wall opposite the opening that led to the hallway had a pulsating circular appearance.

"It looks like the wall is moving, what the hell is going on?" William asked himself. Then he noticed that the animatronics disappeared through the portal thingy and then a stranger would appear with them. Next thing he knew they were making ships out of the chairs and tables and playing make-believe. Throwing dodgeballs at each other or trying to shoot each other with foam dart guns.

"All right time to get some answers" William then left the safe room and walked into the diner.


Matthew POV

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON" Matthew heard a voice yell out getting everyone's attention.

"Uh, who are you?" Matthew asked.


"Oh shit" Matthew gulped.

"Now who are you, trespasser?" William asked as he stepped closer to Matthew only for the animatronics to get between the two.

"Take one more step and I'll gut you like a fish," Mangle growled.

"Mangle I was wondering who repaired you" William commented while observing the scene before him.

"So why are all of you protecting him?" William asked.

"You know we would all very much like to kill you right now child killer" The look on William's face was priceless.

"Fuck" William muttered.

"Except that killing you wouldn't change anything considering that you didn't have a choice" Toy Freddy pointed out. Matthew took great care to explain the whole thing that happened with Springtrap. It didn't sit well with them but at this point, you couldn't deny that William was as much a victim as the rest.


"And why are all of you protecting him?" William asked.

"Well first off you are a fictional video game character given life by a machine I found in an abandoned mall. I brought the machine home and now you are all sentient and have physical bodies. I own the video games and these Disney rejects are very protective of me. Considering it took me 10 fucking hours IRL to beat night 7 on the hardest difficulty I find their protectiveness a bit hard to believe" Matthew got whacked on the head after finishing.

"Even after all this time you are still a little shit" Toy Chica grumbled.

"You expect me to believe that we are in a video game," William said in disbelief.

"Ah yes, you are an NPC created to fill this world with people. NPCs don't know that they are in a video game" Mangle said.

"Whether you believe it or not is not my concern" Matthew shrugged while getting back on his feet.

"So why are you trespassing then?" William asked.

"Listen I own FNAF 2 so I can enter the pizzeria whenever I feel like it and these guys refuse to leave me by myself" Matthew replied.

"Because one you cut yourself while cutting a pizza, and two you tried to enter the safe room where the spring lock suits are located. After the pizza-cutting incident we all decided it would be better for our mental health if we kept an eye on you" Toy Bonnie pointed out.

"It's not my fault that the pizza cutter was so sharp" Matthew defended

"How the hell did you even cut yourself on a pizza cutter in the first place" Toy Bonnie scoffed

"Listen you glorified easter bunny" Matthew snapped.

"Did you just call me easter bunny" Toy Bonnie grabbed Matthew by the collar while yelling in his face before getting smacked by Toy Freddy. Meanwhile, William watched the whole thing play out before a thought occurred.

"So let's put the whole video game conversation to the side for a minute. What's your name kid?" William asked.

"Matthew and I ain't a kid" Matthew grumbled.

"How would you like to be hired as the new security guard?" William asked. This got everyone's attention and the animatronics as soon as they heard this tried to get Matthew to agree. If Matthew came to the security guard they could spend more time with him and get one over the others. The time when they all met was a shock to the system and Matthew couldn't help but laugh his ass off. Reactions varied from shock to hatred, but things settled down after a few hours.

"Will I get paid for this?" Matthew asked.

"Of course," William nodded.

"Are you doing this so you can try and kill me later?" Matthew asked.

"I have never killed anyone before," William replied.

"Fine but only so that I can see the other's reaction to the news" Matthew smiled at the thought.

"Welcome to the family then, also if you declined then I would have had the police come and arrest you for theft and trespassing" William mentioned as he left.

"Wait what" Matthew blurted out. He never thought about what the NPCs would think about all of this. Technically he owned the game so he assumed that he owned the pizzeria by extension. But that was not the case here so he could only thank his lucky stars that nothing escalated. The animatronics would not take the police trying to arrest him lying down and would retaliate instead. How many people would be torn to shreds by sentient robots who can't be killed thanks to them respawning immediately after death or the ghost kids who have no qualms about ending someone's life? Then again the programming might make everyone come to the pizzeria whether they want to or not.

"I wonder how the others will react to this" Matthew muttered while looking up at the ceiling.

"Their loss" That answer said everything to him in that they didn't care how the others reacted.

"Well, it should be interesting to see nonetheless" Matthew added before turning and leaving the pizzeria.